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Found 5 results

  1. Adm_Ballsey

    How to Play HMS Belfast Review Guide

    Hey again everyone and welcome to my latest video on the royal navy cruiser line. I do realise that wargaming has removed the Belfast from the premium store and that it's now only available to be won in a supercontainer but to leave it out of the series on how to play british cruisers would do this majestic ship a great disservice. It's still in the game and those that are lucky enough to have it still love it. I hope you all enjoy my how to play premium tier 7 British cruiser Hms Belfast wows World of Warships review gameplay guide, it includes the full ship build including ship upgrades and captain skills and commentary of a closely fought match with carriers as the game is full of them these days.
  2. ID_79

    HMS Belfast - eure Eindrücke

    Moin, heute ist mein absolutes lieblings Schiff nach langem Warten endlich rausgekommen *_* . Leider bin ich derzeit etwas skeptisch: sie verliert unheimlich schnell an HP. Eine Salve von ner Tirpitz oder Scharnhorst reicht aus, damit sich die Belfast den Meeresgrund anschauen kann. Was haltet ihr von diesem majestätischem Schiff? Gruß ID_79 PS: Ich suche einen maritimen Clan also könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben ;)
  3. Spearfish_Psychonaut

    HMS Belfast discontinued

    Ahoy. (omg right!! ) So, I still have my Belfast... I like it, so shoot me (seriously shoot me). Why was it withdrawn from sale? I know many felt it was over powered compare to tier VII FIJI for example. Still, the same might be said of many aspects of the game. I just can't remember, why WG thought to discontinue Belfast. Anyone know or point me to the relevant article Please. Thanks (tia)
  4. herman89

    Belfast torpedo's missing

    On the HMS Belfast in the game, can someone tell me were the torpedo are ? if the balfast in the game is from the 1939s it had tropedos,or is it the one from 1959 as her torpedo armament was removed then?
  5. Lynexton

    6 June HMS Belfast?

    Lets be honest wargaming, you're ignoring the Royal Navy, and it needs to stop. Hence you should most definitely on the 6th of June (D-day) you should give us HMS Belfast, the ship that (was supposed to) fire the first naval shots of D-day. HMS Belfast was a large light cruiser of the Royal Navy, it had 12 6" guns in four turrets and still exists today moored in London. It missed a large section of the war as it was taken out by a magnetic mine but, when it did serve, it assisted in sinking the scharnhorst alongside other cruisers and HMS Duke of York. Also lets not forget that the Mogami inspired the creation of the Belfast so it fits in the wows world. I know wargaming won't see this and if they do nothing will happen but what do other players think of this should it happen? what tier? or any other ships that you think should be included?