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Found 9 results

  1. What the actual **** WG? Why does my Yamato sound like hes shooting airsoft guns, and not a massive roaring monstrosities? Imagine my face when I started playing Yamato and heard (literary) "pfffft pffft pfffft" when I fired my guns Audio Ambient sounds will now be chosen for playback depending on the map Improved sounds of main gun shots for some ships "improved"
  2. HeliPilot_UK

    Secondary Guns - need a buff?

    Considering battleships have long reloads and a long firing range, the close quarters combat capabilities (I think) should be increased. Recently they have had Main Battery buff making them accuracy much better at close range, but they have long reloads. The secondary guns on most BB's are mostly a joke unless you acquire both commander upgrades and have the Accuracy and Range upgrade mounted on your ship. However, many BB's need the Main Battery Accuracy upgrade in order to be effective, which then prohibits the use of the alternative Secondary Upgrade, I propose that Secondary Gun Firing Accuracy should get better the longer a target stays within it's range. (this would makes sence, as if the crews were acquiring their range on the target) This is because the accuracy is stupendously inaccurate, and only is useful for incapacitating ships or setting them on fire with lucky hits. Their range I believe should stay as they are, as this can be significantly increased to up 40% (if the BB is capable of mounting the Secondary Upgrade). However, my main reason for this is because BB's have to deal with constant fire's, massive attention from carriers, and deal with pesky long range torpedoes. With my experience with BB's from tier 2 (Mikasa) to the Nagato & Tirpitz, they have to much on their plate to worry about, so this proposal should not effect game play too much, and offer BB's a second chance to surprise ships (not just DD's).
  3. Boold

    New Orleans Guns.

    Hi guys. Is there any reason to buy second guns on New Orleans ? I know they got little more RoF But is there any hidden stats that is improved ? ( accuracy or something ) Or they just got more RoF and slower turning time ? Regards Boold
  4. SHDRKN4792

    Tachibana useless?

    Since the normalization changes for shells (not sure if its because of that but I started to notice that then) I played my Tachibana a few times and I noticed that now Tachibana can do 0 damage with HE against other DDs. I remember that in last patches Tachibana aparently had her AP bugged and was almost able to citadel any cruiser at almost any angle and it was so fun to play because of that, but now the HE does nothing. DDs can angle against the HE and took 0 damage if a fire doesn't start. I know that Tachibana has this punny pew pews of 76 mm so maybe it's logical that even DDs with their awesome armor can block those shells like I see a lot but then why does WG put a ship ingame that isn't capable of doing damage? Sure, Tachibana has torps to but if I wanted to use torps I'd be better with any other IJN DD. I liked Tachibana because she can be used as a gunboat and I personally like more IJN DDs than USN or RU ones and I like to shoot more than to spam torps so it was nice to have an IJN gunboat but now aparently the ability to do something with the guns has been denied for Tachibana. I mean... 25 shells to an Umikaze for a demolishing 1273 damage. That Umikaze tanked my shells like a Yamato and spoted me so I just got focused by cruisers, not big deal, I just started to dodge shells and continued to hammer that Umikaze but to no avail. GG WG. Edit: I should have posted this in the DD section. Sorry about that. Maybe BBV will come soon to move it there. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Sticky_Icky

    Dispersion - Deviation?

    I havent found anything like that, and i was really wondering..... We all know about max dispersion and we have probably seen the graphs with the differences between IJN BB max dispersion and USN BB max dispersion, but i have an important question to make..... does Standard Deviation change from ship to ship or tier to tier? or does it stay the same? is it just placebo e.g. saying that the Amagi is more Accurate than the Nagato? because max Dispersion doesnt mean a lot without knowing about Standard Deviation... if 1000 shots land with a maximum dispersion of 240m for two battleships, but BB No.1 has a tighter spread close to the middle than No.2, then we can safely say that the No.1 is more accurate than the No.2 does this kind of mechanic exist like a hidden stat, or it is universally the same for all USN BBs and the same for all IJN BBs? if it does, can modules affect it, like a Hull upgrade, or a Gun Fire Control System upgrade?
  6. dunrankin

    Guns Fore and Aft

    Please, Please, Please give a key to lock the turrets fore and aft. Gun training can be awfully slow if you choose the wrong side to aim your guns and need to train them to the other side of the ship. We need a key to lock the guns fore and aft and then to unlock them to aim the guns.
  7. BabyAdmiral

    Let's talk about Soviet battleships.

    So, I've really come to love the awesome shell velocity and trajectory of the Soviet cruiser guns. What about Soviet battleships? Will they have the same kind of characteristics as their cruiser counterpart, or was the design philosophy something else behind the Soviet battleship projects? What are your predictions? (Oh, and no "Russian bias" bullcrap please, I'm genuinely interested in this from a gameplay perspective.)
  8. The Scharnhorst is easily one of my favourite ships. I have played her a lot lately, and I have been following a lot of threads on this forum, in order to come to grips with my main question regarding this awesome ship: Just how am I supposed to handle her guns? When do I use AP, and when do I use HE? I was in a shoot-out with a Bismarck and a Hipper this very morning, and kept switching between ammunition types, and after the battle I looked at the result screen. On the Bismarck: 23 hits with HE for 11 000 damage, 7 hits with AP for 7000 damage. On the Hipper: I don't recall the exact numbers, but the AP damage was surprisingly low compared to that of the HE shells. Possibly due to some overpenetrations, I guess, but still. This is more or less typical for how my battles in the Scharnhorst tend to turn out. Unless I can get some AP citadel hits on cruisers, there is no real consistency in how much damage is done with AP and HE respectively. I have had some success with lobbing HE right and left and hoping for fires, but then again, there have been those games where a few good AP salvoes have made the big difference. Quite simply, I don't see a pattern and I have no basis for a clear ammunition choice. I am tempted to try shooting AP only for a dozen games or so, trust to RNG as the great equalizer, and see how that turns out. Meanwhile I am starting this thread; although the matter has been discussed before, with lots of good advice from many forumites, I feel that it deserves a recap. The ship has been in play for quite a while now, and there must be a lot of accumulated experience to tap from!
  9. trucane

    Where to shoot with which ammo?

    I'm almost certain that a loading screen told me to use HE on superstructure and AP on guns and torpedo tubes. Shouldn't it be the other way around?