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Found 4 results

  1. affondalaflotta

    Which game do you go for?

    I just recently got back my PC laptop I use to play WoWs, and almost nothing else. For a long time I had to play on my Mac book and it (as you probably know) drove me near crazy. It was just impossible to play the only battle I deemed worth playing, Random, kicking me out several times per battle and making myself a huge nuisance for my team. The only relief was playing ranked -but sometimes it didn't worked as well- but you cannot play it anytime So I ended up giving a try to Co-Ops, which i never played after T1. Boring as hell, *edited*from anything you find in your path. But better than reload 6 times to see the belly of your upturned ship, and no hits, so i did a bit of it and noticed a LOT of experienced player also do Co-ops. Now I wonder, is there something I miss? why some good player with no technical issue should play an inferior game? Can the experienced guys give me some insight?
  2. Hi all, Im new to WoW and compared to WoT I find it much more "friendly" - Im having good results with guns, bad with torps but I am wondering what ships are "known" to be keepers or slightly OP. Ive ket the Orlan from Tier 1, I love the wickes and most of the battleships except their tortoise speed. I hate the Friant and Caledon - am I in the right ballpark with these choices or am I mad ?? I have tier 4 max at the moment and intend to research every ship as I go. Thanks
  3. If you own a ship and have grinded up to the next ship in the tree, and sell the ship for the port to buy the next ship, is the previous (sold) ship' research researched/owned status and xp supposed to vanish and revert to an 'un-researched' ship with xp and upgrades removed? This confusing for WoWT or WoWp players as if you sell a vehicle, it remains "researched" and previously "owned" , you can buy it back for credits at any time . and its xp remains on the vehicle (even shown in the tech tree..)
  4. Hey Guys, I want to make another suggestion. It's about the captains skills.. Problem is this: As you see, I have 3 Skillpoints which I basically cannot use since I am grinding towards the next set of skills (which all need 4 Points). This is taking a very long time and let's be honest, it's not really fun to grind that long for an improvement. On top: Sometimes getting that next skillpoint (for which you have grinded hours) is meaningless to us since we have to get to a certain threshold of points to make use of them. This creates a motivational issue: So why not changing the skill system to smaller increases of abilties instead of such a hard increase. For instance: Advanced Firing Training +20% to secondary armament attack distance +20% to AA engangement area radius +10% to attack distance of Destroyer main armament Yeah, this is a cool skill and once you obtain it you get a huge bonus. But it takes 4 skill points and that takes a lot of time and most people are frustrated or at least annoyed with this kind of delayed gratification. Why not improve it to something like this: Advanced Firing Training (0/4) +5/10/15/20% to secondary armament attack distance +5/10/15/20% to AA engangement area radius +2.5/5/7.5/10% to attack distance of Destroyer main armament So each time you get a new Skillpoint you can immediatelly spend it and get at least a small reward instead of sitting on 3 totally useless points and having grind for ages to get some use out of them. This would work with almost all of the skills because instead of having a hard increase you could have a soft increase which keeps players motivated to grind more XP to get the full effect. It also creates more diverse options of skilling your captain because you wouldnt have to worry about spending that many points in one ability and having to miss out on the other option for a long time because you have to grind that many points again.. if you know what I mean. What do you think guys? Cheers