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Found 18 results

  1. Bevor ich zu den üblichen, längst bekannten Paketen komme, ist zunächst das Wochenendsortiment dran: Admiral Graf Spee - Bestes Angebot 4.700 Dublonen (Graf Spee, Preisquelle) + 300 (Liegeplatz) + 5.500 (in "bar" ) [nicht bezifferbar: besondere "Graf Spee"-Flagge] + 1.000 (besonderes Tarnmuster, Schätzpreis) = 11.500 Dublonen, bei EUR 34,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 328,67 Dublonen/EUR. Admiral Graf Spee - Standard 4.700 Dublonen (Graf Spee, Preisquelle) + 300 (Liegeplatz) = 5.000 Dublonen, bei EUR 18,85 ergibt sich ein Wert von 265,25 Dublonen/EUR. Tarnung für den St. Patrick's Day - Bestes Angebot 8.000 Dublonen (200x Tarnmuster "St. Patrick's Day 2017", je 40 Dubl.), bei EUR 19.99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 400,20 Dublonen/EUR. Tarnung für den St. Patrick's Day - Standard 2.600 Dublonen (65x Tarnmuster "St. Patrick's Day 2017", je 40 Dubl.), bei EUR 9.99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 260,26 Dublonen/EUR. Das Tarnmuster "St. Patrick's Day 2017" ist auch ingame erhältlich und gibt folgende Boni: +100% im Gefecht verdiente Kapitäns-EP, +4% max. Streuung der Granaten, die von Gegnern auf Ihr Schiff abgefeuert werden, -3% Erkennbarkeitsreichweite zu Wasser, +100% im Gefecht verdiente EP. Zu den bekannten Paketen: Manila-Galeone 15.500 Dublonen (in "bar" ) + 25.000 (= 37,5 Mio Credits bei 1D=1.500Cr) = 40.500 Dublonen, bei EUR 99,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 405,04 Dublonen/EUR. Piratenpaket 5.500 Dublonen (in "bar" ) + 10.000 (= 15 Mio Credits bei 1D=1.500Cr) = 15.500 Dublonen, bei EUR 49,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 310,06 Dublonen/EUR. Glückskiste 5.000 Dublonen (in "bar" ) + 7.000 (= 10,5 Mio Credits bei 1D=1.500Cr) = 12.000 Dublonen, bei EUR 39,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 300,08 Dublonen/EUR. Zum Schluss noch die Fortsetzung der musikalischen Weltreise. Heute Korea.
  2. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/09/wows-graf-spee-stats/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/09/wows-german-dds-revealed/ I'm looking forward to the German DD Line, but I must say I also look very much forward to finally seeing the Graf Spee in the game! What are your thoughts and opinions?
  3. Es läuft im Moment eine Herausforderung (dies bedeutet, ihr könnt sie so oft wie ihr wollt/könnt jeden Tag erledigen!) für die Graf Spee im Spiel - sie läuft ab heute 23.12. bis zum 19.1. und sieht folgendermaßen aus: Auftrag: Gewinnt ein Gefecht in der Graf Spee (Coop-, Zufallsgefecht) Belohnungen: 2x Neujahrstarnung 2017 100% zusätzliche Kommandantenerfahrung Viel Spaß dabei! Euer Community-Team
  4. Greytest

    Feeling screwed over!

    I grinded those already queationable missions for the Graf Spee where you have to do one of them over again to be able to unlock the next one (Like wtf WG? Could you not come up with a third mission or just leave it at two for each rank?) for the last few weeks as good as i could and yesterday night i only had 8k exp left to finally get the ship. It was late so i quit it and was looking forward to finishing it today, since it said the mission was running till the 19th i had no worries what so ever. But behold, today i launch the game, receive the update and the mission is gone!!! just like that! Thank you so much WG for the heads up! Since when does it exclude the 19th when it says ...-19.01.??? I'm fed up right now and won't play the game for a while, especially with the new skill mess.
  5. Hi all, Is there any difference (except visual one) between regular "Graf Spee" Type 10 Premium cammo and Type 12 Premium Cammo? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. I assumed that "Santa's Convoy" special cammo for "Graf Spee" would be same as "Tirpitz" special cammo... argh...
  6. Hi All, A little help for me if someone can be so kind and hopefully definitively authoratative: The Graf Spee misisons unlock by date. Mission 3 final task unlocks on 9th January. However, in the game client when you mouse over Mission 4 there is no date. Does this mean that you can complete Mission 4 any time thereafter? So, if therefore you secure the necessary 3 pins to unlock the final task in Mission 4 on the 9th January can you then complete the final task and get the Graf Spee? Having done so do you then have 6/7 days to complete the "Santa's Christmas Convoys" mission set or is there some time locking on the award of the Graf Spee even if you complete the final mission which would bar you from attempting the Convoy missions? I understand from the announcements that you can buy the Graf Spee and complete "The Hunt for Graf Spee" mission set and then get the in game credit value of the Graf Spee (approx. 3,000,000 credits) which seems fair enough. Not sure whether to stick (buy Graf Spee, unlock missions from 2nd Jan) or twist (go for broke & try to do both sets of missions assuming Graf Spee can be unlocked and awarded as quickly as you can complete Graf Spee hunt from 9th January) on this so some good guidance would be much appreciated. One more question that is unclear from what I have read thus far: I already have a Leander and a Bayern. If I "win" these during the Santa's Convoy missions, do I get the full value of the ship (3,000,000 Cr.) plus the permanent camo or do I get the sale value (50% / 1,500,000 Cr) of the ship? Thanks in advance for the input!
  7. who_dares_wins


    Wargaming, I think you need to relearn how to count: 1+1=2, not 3 Edit: on a more serious note, I'm sure this was a typo.
  8. Salkeaner

    Graf Spee zu Gewinnen

    Hi Leute, falls ihr es noch nicht mitbekommen habt, man wird bald die Graf Spee gewinnen können. WG veranstaltet dafür ein Turnier. Meine Frage richtet sich nun an die etwas erfahreneren Spieler. Da ich keine 12 Leute für ein Team kenne und sowiso zu schlecht bin um irgendwas reißen zu können frage ich mich nun, ob es die Graf Spee in den Premiumladen schaffen wird oder ich wohl als Sammler auf das Schiff verzichten muss, Weiß einer von ähnlichen Fällen aus der Vergangenheit zu berichten? Gruß Salkeaner
  9. We have read about them - we have seen pictures of them - there have been youtube videos made about them! The Admiral Graf Spee, ruthless raider, scourge of the Atlantic and terror of the allied shipping! Every warship that could catch her, she could sink - and any ship that could fight her, she could run away from! A Teutonic Terror of mythical proportions, she feared nothing that moved on face of the ocean. Nothing, that is, except the mighty Dunkerque. Faster than the Graf Spee, boasting more and bigger guns than the Graf Spee, and cunningly constructed so that retreat was not an option, the French Fury was straining against her anchors, eager to do battle with her Aryan Adversary! But that battle never took place. The fickle gods of war decided otherwise, and the ships met their separate ends without ever having trained their rangefinders on each other. For decades, naval historians have debated on what would have happened, if such a momentous meeting had taken place. Who would have emerged victorious? It was impossible to say. It was impossible - but no longer! Thanks to recent developments in modern computer gaming technology, those great ships now sail again, and we will soon see it. We will soon see the outcome... ..the outcome of the Greatest Battle that Was Never Fought! What do YOU think will happen?
  10. Antikythera

    How dare you!

    I was Mid Campaign about to finish the Very last Campain missions to recieve Graf Spee only to have the entire thing cancelled during progress .... Unlike other Players, i don't get the freedom of playing Every night due to myself working full time.... it was a painful grind given how much time i'm allowed to allocate to this. This is outrageous... how dare you take away my change of being within Reaching distance of a Limited ship by cancelling the missions at the very last step. AND before the patch.... Truly unacceptable!
  11. Sonic_157

    Question about Graf Spee

    Hey guys. Can anyone please answer me what happens if you already have the Graf Spee and then earn it through the campaign? Do you get its value back in doubloons or credits? If anyone knows for sure, please tell me! Thank you all in advance!
  12. Gerade noch rechtzeitig zum Fest im Shop: der neue Premium-Kreuzer! Admiral Graf Spee - Superlativ 4.700 Dublonen (Graf Spee, Preisquelle) + 300 (Liegeplatz) + 19.500 (in "bar" ) + 6.667 (= 10 Mio Credits bei 1D=1.500Cr) [nicht bezifferbar: besondere "Graf Spee"-Flagge] + 1.000 (besonderes Tarnmuster, Schätzpreis) + 3.260 (200x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16,3 Dubl.) + 1.080 (200x Zulu Hotel, je 5,4 Dubl.) + 83 (= 125.000 Credits für Hauptbew.-Mod. 1 bei 1D=1.500Cr) + 167 (= 250.000 Credits für Schadensbegr.-Mod. 1) + 333 (= 500.000 Credits für Sekundärbatt.-Mod. 2) + 667 (= 1 Mio Credits für Steuergetr.-Mod. 2) + 750 (50x Schadensbegr.-Team II, je 15 Dubl.) + 750 (50x Reparaturmannsch. II) + 750 (50x Hydroak. Suche II) + 750 (50x Katapultjäger II) = 40.757 Dublonen, bei EUR 99,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 407,61 Dublonen/EUR. Hoher Preis, aber beachtlicher Gegenwert. Admiral Graf Spee - ultimativ 4.700 Dublonen (Graf Spee, Preisquelle) + 300 (Liegeplatz) + 5.850 (in "bar" ) + 1.000 (besonderes Tarnmuster, Schätzpreis) + 815 (50x Equal Speed Charlie London, je 16,3 Dubl.) = 12.665 Dublonen, bei EUR 39,99 ergibt sich ein Wert von 316,70 Dublonen/EUR. Admiral Graf Spee - Standard 4.700 Dublonen (Graf Spee, Preisquelle) + 300 (Liegeplatz) = 5.000 Dublonen, bei EUR 18,85 ergibt sich ein Wert von 265,25 Dublonen/EUR. Der Graf in der bekannten und bewährten Auswahl von Alternativpaketen, sehr gut. Halt, da fehlt noch was, genau: die Farbeimer der Tirpitz! Einzigartige Tarnung für Tirpitz (auch ingame zu haben, Achtung: Paket wird nur angezeigt, wenn man den Fjordschattenparker im eigenen Hafen liegen hat) 3.000 Dublonen (alternatives Tarnmuster für die Tirpitz, Wirkung: zusätzlich zu den Boni der normalen Tarnung kommen +100% im Gefecht verdiente freie XP) + 1.000 (in "bar" ) = 4.000 Dublonen, bei EUR 15,35 ergibt sich ein Wert von 260,59 Dublonen/EUR. Puh, jetzt darf Weihnachten aber bald mal kommen. Aber was ist das denn? Wer hat denn die Belfast einfach so reingelassen hier?
  13. Je pense que les vitesses des torpilles allemandes ne sont pas celles annoncées! Positionné quasiment dans les 2 heures du North Carolina (presque trois quart avant gauche du navire), je suis à plein régime, à moins de quatre kms, il est caché derrière un rocher et vient à ma rencontre, le North n'est pas en mesure de me détecter, pas d'avion, ni d'ennemi entre nous, ni à courte portée, je lance mes torpilles de tribord alors même qu'il n'a pas encore eu le plaisir de me voir, je me fie au cône de tir... Torpedo loss! Et là, stupeur, mes torpilles mettent des plombes à arriver, laissant cet %@!# changer de cap et esquiver mes torpilles! Elles sont passées derrière lui, le cône de visée était formel, j'allais le couler, j'étais A moins de quatre kilomètres! Ce foutu NC a pu esquiver cette salve de torpilles comme par enchantement, ensuite patatra, j'ai pris dans les dents sa seconde bordée et au revoir le Graf Spee! Comment se fait il que je suis avec mes jumelles, que je vois sa foutue étrave apparaître et qu'ensuite, ce beau navire vire de bord légèrement et s'évade alors que mes torpilles ont fait plus de la moitié du trajet et lui passent au ras! sa vitesse de braquage lui permet pas, à ce gros cul, de virer si vite et d'éviter! C'est pas honnête de laisser ces navires s'évader si vite à ces distances, il aurait du en prendre au moins UNE! Déjà que les dommages de torpilles ne sont plus réalistes... Les râleurs changent de camp maintenant! Avant c'était les cuirassés, mais là, c'est pas cool pour les destroyers! J'ai eu le Shimakase, le Tashkent... Vendus, j'apprécie plus ces navires. J'ai le Gearing, Akisuki et Yogumo... J'adore! Ne cherchez pas des excuses ou ne me mettez pas en faute, je sais comment on tire ces foutues torpilles mais là, c'est inexplicable! Je pense donc, que les torpilles ne sont plus celles qu'elles étaient, à moins que ce soit fait exprès pour que les BB soient à la fête
  14. Hi, I did not manage to start on the first stage of the Graf Spee hunt until yesterday, so I am not sure if there is still a chance to finish it. I can still join the campaign, but in the first stage I only see tasks worth 2 pins. In this video ( ...sorry it is in German) the guy says you can still achieve tasks in all of the missions from the 9.1. on, but I did not find any official info on that. Can you still catch up on the hunt? Thanks for your help!
  15. asertui

    Deutsches Panzerschiff

    Als ich mir eben die Liste mit denn schiffen für die Deutschen durchgelesen habe ist mir aufgefallen das ein wichtiges schiff fehlt und zwar das Panzerschiff Graf Spee meiner Meinung nach eins der drei Wichtigsten Schiffe in der Deutschen Kriegsmarine damals im zweiten Weltkrieg wenn ihr mich fragt muss die Graf Spee rein da es bestimmt vielen Leuten Spaß macht wenn sie auch ein bisschen Geschichte über das schiff Bekommen das Kapitän Hans Langsdorf damals Kommandiert hat. P.s Freue mich schon auf die Open Beta Viel Spaß und noch ein Ahoi für eine gute Feindfahrt in WOWS
  16. Guten Abend zusammen, hier mal etwas mehr Text von mir 0. Motivation Wie in jeder größeren Arbeit eine kurze Übersicht, warum es diesen Text gibt. In letzten Wochen bin ich hier im Forum einigen Diskussionen begegnet in denen die Spielmechaniken von einigen mehr als argwöhnisch beäugt wurden. Grundsätzlich ist das natürlich nicht verkehrt jede von WG angegebene Mechanik zu hinterfragen. Schwierig wird es wenn alteingesessene Forumteilnehmer sich auch nach darlegen der Mechaniken anhören müssen, dass man dieser Darlegung nicht glaubt und überhaupt kann das ja so nicht funktionieren. Nach etwas hin und her überlegen kam mir ein Gedanke warum das der Fall ist: Viele Neulinge, aber auch solche die sich die Mechaniken aneignen wollen oder diese gar leugnen wissen möglicherweise gar nicht wie manch "erleuchteter" Forumteilnehmer zu dem Wissen über die Spielmechaniken kommt. Deshalb dieser Text hier um euch allen mal darzulegen wie ich (und vermutlich einige andere auch) sich ihr Wissen über die Mechanik aneignen. Besonders dann wenn es Wissenslücken gibt und alle Mitspieler davon Profitieren. Zum Glück bin ich vorgestern über eine Diskussion auf reddit gestolpert welche es ermöglicht diesen Prozess an einem kleinen Beispiel zu erläutern. Nämlich: Profitiert die Admiral Graf Spee als Kreuzer von derselben HE Penetration wie die deutschen Schlachtschiffe. Mein Ziel ist also: Euch zu erklären ob und wie die Graf Spee von Trägheitszünder für Sprenggranaten (oder kurz IFHE) profitiert und wie ich zu diesem Wissen gekommen bin 1. Einleitung Um eine kurze, theoretische Erläuterung zum HE Mechanismus in diesem Spiel kommt man nicht herum. Ich versuche es kurz zu machen. Grundsätzlich gilt: Der einzig entscheidende Faktor ob eine HE Granate an einem Ziel Schaden anbringt ist die Dicke der Panzerung am Ziel. Ist diese Dünn genug, schlägt die HE Granate ein und richtet Schaden an. Sobald die Panzerung einen bestimmten Wert überschreitet, zerbricht die HE Granate bei Aufschlag es besteht nur die Möglichkeit Feuer zu legen. Dieser Wert wird folgendermaßen bestimmt: Den einzige Linie für dieser Faktor 1/6 nicht gilt, sind die deutschen BBs. Für diese gilt der Faktor 1/4. Die Quelle hierfür ist Wargamings offizielles Wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gunnery_%26_Armor_Penetration 2. Theorie Da die Graf Spee dieselben Türme wie die Scharnhorst hat und die Scharnhorst im Spiel als Schlachtschiff zählt kam in der Diskussion die Frage auf, ob die Spee ebenfalls den Faktor 1/4 erhält (da Schlachtschiff Geschütze/Türme) oder 1/6 hat (da Kreuzer). Sollte die Graf Spee den Faktor 1/4 besitzen bedeutet das darüber hinaus, dass die Graf Spee mit IFHE einige Kreuzer denen sie im Gefecht begegnen kann, mit HE zitadellen kann. Für den Fall, dass die Graf Spee nur den Faktor 1/6 hat wäre es also nicht möglich die zum Test ausgewählten Schiffe mit Gürtelpanzerungen zwischen 65mm und 76mm zu zitadellen. 3. Testen (oder auch Validierung) Prinzipiell gibt es zwei Möglichkeiten das zu testen. Entweder nimmt man die Graf Spee ohne einen IFHE Kapitän und schießt auf ausgewählte Kreuzer. Sollte dies ergebnislos bleiben, skillt man IFHE und wiederholt den Test. Der Grund für die Wahl von IFHE liegt daran, dass ohne IFHE (aber mit dem Faktor von 1/4) eigentlich nur die Kuma und die Karlsruhe HE zitadellt werden können. Und selbst diese beiden Kreuzer trifft man nur dann, wenn der Gegner eine Fail Div. Alle anderen Schiffe die man von T5 bis T6 trifft haben entweder sehr viel weniger Panzerung (<32mm) oder größer (>76mm). Alternativ kann man die beiden Testszenarien auch umdrehen (also erst eine IFHE Testrunde, falls ergebnislos eine zweite Testrunde ohne IFHE). Dies hat den positiven Nebeneffekt, dass wenn sich die Theorie bestätigt, man nur einmal testen muss. Fragt sich nur welche Ziele sich überhaupt anbieten? Hierzu genügt bereits ein kurzer Blick auf den Armour Viewer im Spiel. Es bieten sich an: Omaha (mit Schwesterschiffen), Emerald und Pensacola an (= 5 Schiffe). Alle haben eine Panzerung von 76mm an der Zitadelle. Sie dürften also ohne IFHE nicht zu durchbrechen sein. Für den Test habe ich noch eine Kuma mit dazu genommen (65mm) und auch Fail Divisions abzudecken (eine Karlsruhe oder Svietlana hätte es auch getan). Hier die Ergebnisse: Omaha frisst gleichmal ordentlich Auch die Kuma ist nicht geschützt Good bye Pensacola Ebenso die Emerald. Link zu den Bildern: 4. Zusammenfassung Was haben wir hier gesehen: Mit IFHE war es möglich Zielen eine Zitadelle zu verpassen die eine Gürtelpanzerung von 65mm bis 76mm haben. Die Mathematik macht auch deutlich, dass es ohne IFHE nicht möglich wäre die T5+ Kreuzer zu zitadellen (und somit nur die T4 Kreuzer bleiben). Darüber hinaus - und das war ja das eigentliche Ziel - gilt die 1/4 Regelung auch für die Graf Spee obwohl sie kein Schlachtschiff ist. Dieser Wert wurde mittlerweile auch von einer Dataminerin auf reddit bestätigt: Bevor jetzt alle aber ihre Kapitäne umskillen bedenkt, dass die Schiffe die ihr mit IHFE zitadellen könnt in der Minderheit sind gegenüber den Schiffen bei denen es nicht möglich ist. Praktisch ist das jeder nicht gelistete T5+ Kreuzer! Da muss man sich schon schwer überlegen ob das einem vier Punkte wert sind. Auch hoffe ich, dass ich allen "Zweiflern" mal näher bringen konnte wie schnell man manche Sachen auch selbst testen kann um sich zu überzeugen, dass einem im Forum kein Schmarrn erzählt wurde. Alles was in Punkt 3 beschrieben wurde kann jeder nachprüfen, der sich das offizielle Modpack installiert (für den Trainingsraum) und die Graf Spee besitzt (dank Weihnachtskonvoi dürften dass ja einige sein). Ihr braucht noch nicht mal einen Kapitän mit IFHE (falls ihr keine Dublonen für das umskillen ausgeben wollt). Dann müsst ihr nur mehr T4 Kreuzer nehmen (Kuma und Karlsruhe). Hat mich alles in allem 20 Minuten gekostet. Da wird dann auch mal wieder deutlich, dass anständige Dokumentation viel mehr Zeit in Anspruch nimmt, als das eigentliche Testen. 5. Epilog Nun auf zum fröhlichen diskutieren. Mir ist bewusst, dass das Thema sehr Schiffsspezifisch ist. Mein Hauptaugenmerk liegt jedoch auf der Ermittlung von Wissen über die Spielmachaniken. Deswegen: Sollte der Post so nicht hierher passen, bitte gebt Bescheid, dann ändere ich ihn ab so dass er passt. Greetings
  17. According to the website the Armored Patrol (https://thearmoredpatrol.com/category/world-of-warships/) there will soon be a new cruiser in WOWS: Italian Tier 6 Premium Cruiser Duca d’Aosta. This is nice, to finally have an Italian warship in WOWS, which in 2017 will purportedly be also joined by the fine Italian battleship "Roma". But that is not what this topic is about. One thing triggered me from the description of Duca d'Aosta: Consumables(3rd slot) Repair Team So there we have it. Another Premium Cruiser with the Repair Party Consumable, allowing the ship to regain vital Hit Points. This is nice to have on a ship which will presumably cost around 20 Euros. We have the following Premium Cruisers with the Repair Party Consumable, I might forget to mention one, but here we go: - "Graf Spee" (Germany, Tier 6) - "Duca d'Aosta" (Italy, Tier 6) (Edit: corrected, she does not or will not have it, according to "The Armored Patrol") - "Belfast" (Great Britain, Tier 7) (Edit: corrected, she does not have it (yet?), but British Tier 8 Edinburgh does have an enhanced Repair Party Consumable) - "Atago" (Japan, Tier 8) Next to that we have regular line Cruisers and even Destroyers (USSR ones, of course) with the Repair Party Consumable: - All British cruisers from Tier 3 to Tier 10 - USSR destroyers at Tier 9 and Tier 10 - All Tier 9 and 10 cruisers in WOWS (including the upcoming French cruisers) There is however one important ship missing in the list of Repair Party Consumable (Premium) cruisers which incidentally is the most expensive heavy cruiser in the game: the Tier 8 heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" which costs 41 Euros rounded up. If one goes over to: https://eu.warships.today/vehicles And selects Tier 8 Cruisers and looks at the stats of the last 2 weeks, then the Tier 7 heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" is: - the worst in survivability - the worst in damage inflicted - in the bottom two in kill/death ratio - in the bottom two in average kills - in the bottom three in win rate - in the bottom four in experience (XP) The only category in WOWS where "Prinz Eugen" does fairly well is in plane kills, although even in that category she is beaten by and quite a bit below the USSR Premium cruiser Tier 8 "Mikhail Kutuzow". The real world "Prinz Eugen" was easily the largest heavy cruiser (19,042 tons!) of WW2 and, looking at her total equipment suite, by far the heavy cruiser with the highest level of technical sophistication. Late in the war the "Prinz Eugen" and "Tirpitz" were the ships equipped with the most advanced German naval radar which was second to no radar used on any allied warship. One particularly well placed torpedo in WW2 severely damaged part of the stern of the ship, but she still remained afloat and could be steered to safety. The plentiful gunnery of "Prinz Eugen" in the Baltic at the end of the war was crucially important for several military operations and demonstrably accurate. The ship and her crew was honourably mentioned twice by the government for her service. Next to that this rather unique heavy cruiser after WW2 survived two atomic bomb tests (!) in which she was involved. No ship of her class can lay claim to that. So there are enough historical reasons to give this unique and largest heavy cruiser of WW2 a decent treatment in WOWS. There really are no historical or even logical reasons to represent "Prinz Eugen" so badly as has been done in WOWS, and asking 41 Euros for her in WOWS in the poor condition WOWS has chosen to represent her borders on insanity. In WOWS the "Prinz Eugen" is not only the most expensive WOWS cruiser in Euros, it is also the least impressive cruiser to meet as an adversary in any tier 8, 9, 10 match. This is both from an historical and commercial point of view rather stupid. I for one am interested in buying the ship in WOWS, but the way she is presented in WOWS makes her such a "loser" that I cannot justify buying a bad ship like that for any price, let alone 41 Euros. Sure there are some people that bought her for "emotional" reasons, but that is fortunately an exception because I rarely see the ship in matches. No doubt many of the players which have a "Prinz Eugen" choose to leave her in port, where she looks great but that is about it. It appears that from time to time the good folks at WOWS seem to listen to what is written on the forum, but it appears that this is only the case when a lot of people "complain" about things, the more people virtually "shout" on the forum the more likely it is that people at WOWS sit up and take attention. And from what I see the English language part of the forum seems rather oblivious to the newly released German destroyers being generally mediocre/bad at best and the largest WW2 cruiser "Prinz Eugen" being not only really, really bad in WOWS but also the most expensive cruiser at a whopping 41 Euros, and that for inferiority incarnate. It is amazing how many forum "complaints" topics there were about the "Hydro Acoustics Search Equipment" consumable on "Bismarck", which in my opinion had no game changing effect on WOWS. In stark contrast to the really insignificant impact of that "Hydro Acoustics Search Equipment" consumable on "Bismarck", I have seen "Belfast" in action over the past few weeks and she indeed has quite an impact on matches from random to ranked. I have even seen matches with three "Belfasts" in a division, sailing together in a tight unit in formation, erasing everything in front of them with their combined fire and smoke screens making them virtually untouchable. The impact of the latest USSR destroyer changes (unnecessary "buffs" only really) and the latest added USSR destroyers is clearly for all to see far greater in both random and ranked matches, but this too does not gather much "complaining" on the forum. Not compared to all the "complaints" over the past few weeks on the English language forum about the "Hydro Acoustics Search Equipment" consumable on "Bismarck", this complaining however was eventually rewarded by WOWS by "nerfing" "Bismarck". "Belfast" and especially "Mikhail Kutuzow" have not and probably will never been "nerfed" however, no matter how good their in game performance stats are. It is easy to suspect that (British and other nationality) forum users are quite (and understandably) happy that "Belfast" is as clearly overpowered as she is, and that the English language forum users are by now so used to USSR ships over performing for their class that they no longer object to it. Maybe the English language forum users are also just as used to that as to German cruisers and destroyers in WOWS generally being generally presented as unremarkable, insignificant and under performing compared to their real world equivalents. That does not make it right or fair though. In like manner I pointed out in another topic about the growing inferiority of the Premium battleship "Tirpitz", of which the "last two weeks" stats can every month be regularly checked at: https://eu.warships.today/vehicles This Premium battleship in 2016 has suffered from successive "Tirpitz" specific "nerfs" to rudder response rate, (horizontal) armour thickness, accuracy (sigma value), torpedo attack angles, main gun range, main gun turret traverse speed etc. and only receiving few "buffs" in return which were not particular to her but were part of general battleship class "buffs". Other line and Premium battleships over the past year have seen important and successive "buffs" to their accuracy (sigma) which are indirect "nerfs" of "Tirpitz" because she was left out of these "buffs" that some of her key adversaries received. By regularly checking the "last two weeks" stats over a period of months on the https://eu.warships.today/vehicles site it becomes apparent that "Tirpitz" clearly is - compared to other Premium battleships - stat wise the worst performing Premium battleship and even the worst performing battleship in her Tier unlike other Premium battleships which are always the best performers in their Tiers. In fact "Tirpitz" is the only Premium battleship in WOWS which performs considerably worse than her line equivalent (in WOWS "Bismarck" has unjustly and unauthentically received longer ranged secondary and tertiary weaponry, has more accurate main guns and has better AAA and even more consumables compared to "Tirpitz") where in real life "Tirpitz" her equipment state, horizontal armour protection and general performance was superior to her older and smaller sister ship "Bismarck". And "Tirpitz" is also the only Premium battleship which is not displayed in her final wartime (1944) equipment state unlike ALL other Premium battleships in WOWS which are ALL displayed in their final wartime equipment state in WOWS. Instead "Tirpitz" is displayed in WOWS in her early wartime (1942) equipment state, making her even weaker by comparison to other (Premium) battleships which are ALL displayed in their final wartime (1944) equipment state. In real life a total of 26 (!) Allied air attacks were launched against the real world “Tirpitz” by well over 1,101 (!) Allied aircraft. No ship in history was attacked so many times and by so many aircraft in military history. Nor did any other ship in history sustain hits by "ship killer" 5.4 ton monster bombs and survive two such hits and several near misses which are at least just as dangerous if not more so due to shock waves etc. Those 1,101 Allied aircraft only managed to score about 21 hits on “Tirpitz” and even attacks by three allied aircraft carriers all at once could not sink "Tirpitz". The Allies admitted the loss of at least 37+ aircraft (no battleship in WW2 shot down more aircraft than "Tirpitz") to the generally solitary “Tirpitz”, whose AAA was severely handicapped because she could not even use her main AAA guns, the hard hitting long range 10.5 cm AAA guns, due to the Norwegian fjords/mountains blocking their field of fire while at anchor. In WOWS however the best AAA effectiveness and highest air attack survivability goes not to "Tirpitz" which deserves it due to her historical war record, but to USA battleships which never fought solitary and which never came close to demonstrating the resilience to air attacks of "Tirpitz" nor matched the effectiveness of her radar guided and computer controlled AAA armament in solitary combat. The newly released WOWS ship lines and Premium ships (USSR, British, USA) of the last six or so months are generally stronger/superior in performance stat and equipment wise (except for of course the "new" German destroyers), and other already existing older ships keep getting buffed (USSR destroyers etc.) without "Tirpitz" and "Prinz Eugen" enjoying the same "buff" benefit and instead being "left behind". The end effect is that both "Tirpitz" and "Prinz Eugen" keep getting worse stats and in game performance over the past few months. Apparently it does not have to be so for all ships however. Some are more equal than others it seems. Premium battleship "Missouri" for example is superior to line "Iowa" (her sister) in WOWS, not because her real life gun range, accuracy and equipment state was superior but because she is a Premium and WOWS chooses to display her as superior to "Iowa". But for "Tirpitz" and "Prinz Eugen" it is the other way round with these ships being displayed unhistorical and unjustly inferior in performance and stats and equipment wise in WOWS compared to their line equivalents in WOWS ("Bismarck" and "Admiral Hipper") as well as to other ships which could not match their size, armour, general level of high tech equipment suite. And those sorry inferior stats and under performance of the WOWS "Tirpitz" can be bought for 45+Euros making "Tirpitz" the most expensive Premium ship to date, which of course draws a comparison with the equally inferior stats and under performance of "Prinz Eugen" in WOWS for 41 Euros. If the good people at WOWS think that their upcoming Premium German aircraft carrier "Graf Zeppelin" is going to be a good seller if it gets the same bad treatment as the WOWS "Tirpitz" and "Prinz Eugen", you better think again. Since we apparently do not have hundreds of people on the forum that "complain" about this sorry state of affairs, either because they have no in depth detailed knowledge of these historic ships, or maybe because they have no "emotional"/"national" investment in them, it seems to be OK for WOWS to display these ships in such a bad way. However, if a hundred people "complain", their numbers do not make them more "right" then when two or more people "complain". The weight of the arguments should be what counts for WOWS on the forum, not just the number of people selectively complaining for "emotional" or whatever reasons. I could just imagine the Russian language forum when the light cruiser "Mikhail Kutuzow" would have been presented as so utterly inept as heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" is in WOWS. Or how the British players would have reacted if the light cruiser "Belfast" would be as utterly inept as the heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen". Both "Mikhail Kutuzow" and "Belfast" are ships to be taken serious and therefore worth both the time to use them and thus buy them, and rightly so. It is more than a little strange however that both of the Premium light cruisers "Mikhail Kutuzow" (Tier 8) and "Belfast" (Tier 7) seriously outperform the Premium heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" (Tier 8) and Premium battleship "Tirpitz" (Tier 8) in all categories that matter. Let that sink in for a while, two Premium light cruisers (one USSR and one British) constantly and consistently seriously outperform the two most expensive Premium (German) heavy cruiser and battleship in WOWS in all categories that matter. And it does not end there, since USA Tier 9 Premium battleship "Missouri" also seriously outperforms the two expensive German premiums at Tier 8. Anybody that regularly checks the "two weeks" stats on https://eu.warships.today/vehicles can plainly see that, as well as witness it in WOWS in generally every match. The upcoming release of USA Tier 8 Premium battleship "Alabama" no doubt will further lead to and add to "Tirpitz" and "Prinz Eugen" falling back even further in the in game performance stats. When it comes to "Prinz Eugen", "Tirpitz" and generally the German cruisers and destroyers there seems to be no virtual "shouting" on the forum so things will apparently remain as they are, no matter how bad their stats and how inept/mediocre their in game performance is compared to their Tier and/or Premium equivalent ships in WOWS, which is clear for all to see who face them in a match. Since I have two 19 level German ship commanders I really have no use for a 41 Euro bad ship to "train" commanders, so that too is not a selling point for me. Since so many Premium Cruisers and even line destroyers and cruisers have the Repair Party Consumable there really is no excuse not to also give it to "Prinz Eugen", unless WOWS does not want to sell her of course. But even the Repair Party Consumable is not enough to make "Prinz Eugen" worth 41 Euros. "Mikhail Kutuzow", "Belfast" and "Atago" have a "bite", they can hit and hit hard in a match. That is what "Prinz Eugen" cannot, and which WOWS could easily implement like done for other Premiums. As is, even the inept WOWS "Admiral Hipper" is better than the WOWS "Prinz Eugen". When I meet a "Prinz Eugen" in a match on the opposing side, she is not dangerous at all, even more so when compared to say a "Mikhael Kutuzow", "Atago" and "Belfast". All three of those Premium ships, which all cost less than "Prinz Eugen" are "special", they bring something "special" to a match and are dangerous foes to be respected generally. Not so the WOWS "Prinz Eugen", it is even painfully clear in matches that the equally unimpressive WOWS "Admiral Hipper" is a better ship than the WOWS "Prinz Eugen". Instead of taking this unauthentic approach to historic warships, I advocate that WOWS would strive to represent historic ships an "authentic" treatment. To be sure, I do NOT mean a "simulator" or "realistic" approach, but an "authentic" one. For those that do not understand the difference: Authentic - "Conforming to an original and/or the real world so as to reproduce essential features". Simulator - "A computer simulation (or "sim") is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer under real world conditions". Realistic - "Resembling or simulating real life (conditions)". WOWS is not striving to be realistic and neither do I advocate that it should be. But it can and should be authentic, because if WOWS is not even that, then one might as well start playing some fantasy space combat game and not a game featuring historic ships whose stats and performance are based on real world performance. For the largest and overall best equipped heavy cruiser of WW2 I think the people of WOWS can change things to make the ship better in WOWS and actually worth 41 Euros. Give "Prinz Eugen" some of that "Mikhail Kutuzow" and "Belfast" "special" treatment for example. Like an improvement in gunnery accuracy for example and also give her the Repair Party Consumable not only because many other Premium cruisers have it but also because surviving two atomic bomb blasts in the real world counts for something. Not to mention "Prinz Eugen's" exceptional advanced late war radar which should also count for something. If however the good people at WOWS do not want to sell their "Prinz Eugen" and rather keep her in the current utterly inept state, then by all means let the 41 Euro "Prinz Eugen" remain as inferior as she currently is in WOWS and release some more new and better less expensive Premiums instead. The same applies to "Tirpitz" either display the ship in an authentic manner making her worth 45 Euros, or keep displaying her in her currently inferior and authentic form which keeps becoming worse with each new superior Premium released and each successive "nerf" applied to her either directly or indirectly as has been the case since February 2016 up till now. Here is one overview of ship stat data of the past two weeks. To be sure, anyone who has had regularly checked the last "two weeks" on this website over the past few months can see that these stats have remained a constant. This is important, because the last "two weeks" weeds out all the stat data concerning the "Tirpitz" when she was first released in WOWS in 2015. Looking at the following stats it becomes quite clear that "Prinz Eugen" and "Tirpitz" are not only the most expensive Premium ships in WOWS but also the ONLY losers in their respective Tiers and classes. The price for "Missouri" is fictitious since one cannot directly buy the ship for Euros only as is the case with "Prinz Eugen" and "Tirpitz", because one needs to have 750,000 free XP first for the "Missouri". I can present many more of these data overviews. Instead of that I refer anyone to the "War Ships Today" website where one can easily check for oneself that generally EVERY PREMIUM cruiser and battleship is either the best performing ship in her Tier and class or among the top 3 in those cases where there is more than one Premium in a Tier and class, EXCEPT for "Prinz Eugen" and "Tirpitz". German cruisers and destroyers in WOWS are generally so badly depicted in WOWS that they generally are the stat losers in their respective Tiers and Classes, but the most expensive Premium cruiser "Prinz Eugen" is the ONLY Premium cruiser which actually is the worst performing cruiser in her Tier and class. If one only looks at the battleship Premiums (and ignoring the silly Arpeggio battleships), and battleships being the most played class, the fact that "Tirpitz" too is the only Premium battleship loser in her Tier and class becomes quite clear as well: - USA Premium battleships: 5 (all the publicly released ones are the top performing Premium battleships in their Tier) - German Premium battleships: 3 (3 of them are the only Premium battleships in their Tier, but only one of them is the worst performing battleship in her Tier ("TIRPITZ") and the ONLY Premium to do so in WOWS) - Japanese Premium battleships: 2 (1 ship is the only battleship in her Tier, and the other one is ranked behind the USA Premium in its Tier) - Russian Premium battleships: 1 (TOP PERFORMING BATTLESHIP IN HER TIER AHEAD OF THE USA PREMIUM, THE ONLY NON-USA PREMIUM WHERE THIS IS THE CASE) - British Premium battleships: 1 (Inferior to the USA and French Premium battleships in her Tier) - French Premium battleships: 1 (Inferior to the USA Premium battleship in her Tier) As can be seen the Premiums "Belfast", "Mikhail Kutuzow" and "Atago" not only are the clear winners in their respective Tiers and classes but Tier 7 Premium cruiser "Belfast" even outperforms the top Tier 8 Premium cruisers. And all three of them seriously and dramatically outperform the most expensive Premium cruiser in WOWS, the 41 Euro Tier 8 heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen". To add insult to injury even the clear Tier 8 cruiser class loser "Admiral Hipper" is still able to beat the Premium "Prinz Eugen" stat wise! In like manner Tier 8 silver doubloon line battleships "Amagi" and "Bismarck" seriously and dramatically outperform the most expensive Premium battleship in WOWS, the 45 Euro Tier 8 battleship "Tirpitz". That makes the "Tirpitz" the only Premium battleship which is not only beaten stat wise by silver doubloon battleships in her Tier and class but also the ONLY Premium battleship to finish dead last stat wise in her Tier and class, and that for 45 Euros! The Premium Tier 9 battleship "Missouri" however seriously and dramatically outperforms all other Tier 9 battleships. The "Missouri" however can be unlocked for "free" if a player has 750,000 free XP, this cannot be done for the 45 Euro "Tirpitz". There is NO valid reason, not commercially, not historically, nor from the point of game "balance" to have the two most expensive Premium ships underperform so badly compared to all other Premiums and silver doubloons ships in their respective Tiers and classes. That makes "Prinz Eugen" and "Tirpitz" not only the most expensive Premiums, but also the only PAY TO LOSE ships in WOWS, stat wise. ALL USA Premium battleships and even the British Premium battleship (Warspite, commissioned in 1915(!)) in WOWS are ALL given their end WW2 (1944-1945) equipment state, most specifically and most notably their Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) armament EXCEPT for “Tirpitz”. Take for example the 1914 (!) commissioned Premium Tier 5 USA battleship “USS Texas”. That Premium ship has the AAA equipment state of 1945! If you look up every USA and British battleship it is quite clear that their equipment state is generally based on what they historically had in 1944+. Instead the WOWS “Tirpitz” is in sort of a hybrid 1941-1942 equipment state, meaning its Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) is based on roughly the 1941-1942 equipment state. So "Tirpitz" on purpose is given a huge disadvantage compared to the USA and British Premium battleships and even compared to its line/tree equivalent “Bismarck”. Since “Tirpitz” in WOWS mostly faces Tier 8, 9 and 10 battles it means that more often than not its Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) cannot deal as effective with enemy aircraft as the WOWS “Bismarck”. This is even more ridiculous from an authenticity point of view since no real world battleship, or ship for that matter, ever endured more aircraft attacks directed to it personally and beat them off successfully for years AND additionally shot down more aircraft in the process than any other (battle)ship in history. And there is no reason for this state of affairs, simply also give the "TIRPITZ" her authentic mid-1944 AAA setup of: 6x2 150mm (which used special AAA burst ammunition) 8x2 105mm 8x1 20mm 18x4 20mm 8x2 37mm Now IF the current WOWS “TIRPITZ” was statistically performing superior to all other Tier 8 battleships then there MIGHT be an argument to not bring “TIRPITZ” in WOWS up to “BISMARCK” strength in terms of accuracy, gun range etc. But the fact is that “TIRPITZ” is the worst performing Tier 8 battleship in WOWS in terms of damage inflicted and kill/death ratio. That is simply unacceptable for a ship which was bought for on average 70 Euros by players/customers. And it could be easily fixed by implementing an authentic “TIRPITZ” instead of the "nerfed" to mediocrity one which we have now. I can analyse every single Premium battleship in WOWS compared to its line/tree equivalent and everyone single one is superior to its line/tree equivalent EXCEPT for “TIRPITZ”. Take FOR EXAMPLE the "USS MISSOURI" compared to the "USS IOWA", the "USS MISSOURI" in WOWS has: - Better armour in some areas. - Better Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) in terms of range and Damage Per Second. - Longer ranged heavy artillery and medium artillery. - Better consumable (Surveillance Radar). “TIRPITZ” is a WOWS Premium 2015 battleship and apparently it has not been "updated" to 2016+ Premium status compared to the other Premium battleships in their respective Tiers. This is unfair and unacceptable. For example, if the new standard for tier 8+ (Premiums or otherwise) is that they have special consumables that should be added to “TIRPITZ” as well. The “TIRPITZ” having torpedoes was an authentic historic fact and not a "consumable" or "flavour" so that does not compensate for “TIRPITZ” not having a "special" consumable like its sister “BISMARCK” or the “USS MISSOURI”. The Premium Tier 9 battleship “USS MISSOURI” in WOWS has better armour, better accuracy (without any real authentic real world justification for it) and several other extras which in WOWS puts “USS MISSOURI” way ahead of her sister ship Line Tier 9 battleship “USS IOWA”. The question beckons: why is Premium “TIRPITZ” inferior to “BISMARCK” in WOWS? Whereas Premium “USS MISSOURI” is superior to “USS IOWA” in WOWS, as indeed are all other Premium battleships compared to their line/tree equivalent. I can generally make comparisons like these between every Premium battleship and its line/tree equivalent in WOWS. EACH Premium battleship is superior in WOWS to its line/tree equivalent EXCEPT for “TIRPITZ”. Now if there were some "authentic" reason for “BISMARCK” being superior to “TIRPITZ” it would be fine with me and I would not waste one post or word on it. There is NO “authentic” reason for this state of affairs however. “TIRPITZ” in real life was superior to “BISMARCK” and so it should be in WOWS. That “BISMARCK” outperforms other Tier 8 ships is irrelevant. "TIRPITZ” is statistically not only severely outperformed by “BISMARCK” but also by generally all other Tier 8 line/tree battleships in the areas which matter the most (damage inflicted, kill/death ratio) as statistics make clear. And that makes “TIRPITZ” the ONLY Premium battleship in WOWS which is outperformed by generally all the other battleships in its Tier. And what has WOWS done to “TIRPITZ” compared to “BISMARCK”: “TIRPITZ” is less accurate (at best 257 meter dispersion) than “BISMARCK” with its heavy artillery (38 cm) (at best 255 meter dispersion). “TIRPITZ” has considerably less range on her secondary and tertiary sea target artillery. “TIRPITZ” has inferior 1941/1942 Anti Aircraft Artillery, both in range and in Damage Per second. “TIRPITZ” is slower than “BISMARCK”. “TIRPITZ” is inferior armoured compared to “BISMARCK” (the belt armour 315 to 320). “TIRPITZ” has no “Hydro Acoustic Search” consumable, meaning it has one less consumable than “BISMARCK”. Now compare that to what is “authentic” (= conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features): “TIRPITZ” was AT LEAST as accurate as “BISMARCK” with its heavy artillery (38 cm). In fact “TIRPITZ” during its various gunnery trials built up an amazing and proven track record of accurate long range shooting unmatched by any other Kriegsmarine ship, including “BISMARCK”, or any other 1940s battleship for that matter. “TIRPITZ” had the EXCACT same secondary and tertiary sea target artillery as “BISMARCK” had. In fact the tertiary sea target artillery of “TIRPITZ” was better because all eight turrets were of the newer model, whereas in “BISMARCK” half of them were of the older model which led to them firing too long since the targeting computer was set to the newer model. “TIRPITZ” had the superior Anti Aircraft Artillery (AAA). The 15 cm secondary artillery had special “burst” ammunition which allowed them to fire on aircraft, something “BISMARCK” could never do because he never received that late war ammunition due to sinking. The 10.5 cm Anti Aircraft Artillery of “TIRPITZ” was better because all eight turrets were of the newer model, whereas in “BISMARCK” half of them were of the older model which led to them firing too long since the targeting computer was set to the newer model. No Kriegsmarine ship ever came close to how many aircraft were shot down by “TIRPITZ” (37+), least of all “BISMARCK” and no Kriegsmarine ship ever had a more powerful AAA armament than “TIRPITZ”. "TIRPITZ” was faster than “BISMARCK” and had significantly more powerful turbines. “TIRPITZ” did have thinner belt armour (horizontal protection) (315 mm) compared to “BISMARCK” (320 mm) BUT that was because “TIRPITZ” had superior deck armour (vertical protection) than “BISMARCK” had. “TIRPITZ” had the exact same “Hydro Acoustic” equipment on board as “BISMARCK”. Some more information on “TIRPITZ” heavy artillery (38 cm) gunnery accuracy comes from real world German wartime GKdos-100 files containing actual primary source gunnery training firing exercises data, which gives the “TIRPITZ” a dispersion of 112 meters at 21 km. This is a far cry from the base 276 meters (257 meters at best) which the “TIRPITZ” has been given in WOW. http://www.kbismarck.com/38cm.html Based on this primary source gunnery training firing exercises data “TIRPITZ” had the LEAST dispersion of any World War II battleship. Not only that but there are no Japanese, British or USA wartime gunnery training firing exercise records which demonstrate that any Japanese, British and/or USA battleship ever achieved a dispersion at 21 km of 112 meters during the 1940s. And that includes the “USS IOWA” class. “TIRPITZ” performed several live heavy artillery firing tests during her existence. For example in August 1941 it fired on the remote controlled target ship “HESSEN”, which was an old 140 meter long pre-dreadnought capital ship. Most interestingly, the “HESSEN” was hit 9 times by “TIRPITZ” with her 38 cm rounds at a range of 25 km (25000 meters, 27340 yards) during the tests for example. Those 9 hits at 25 km were the longest range consistent gun hits in the world by any battleship in the 1940s and this performance to my knowledge has never been equalled or outdone by any other battleship. “HESSEN” was a radio controlled target ship especially up-armoured and altered to use it for target practice. “HESSEN” could move up to 21 knots, and was turning during the gunnery practice to make it a more difficult target to hit for “TIRPITZ”. "HESSEN" could change speed, turn and actively smoke, all remote controlled. Here an image of "HESSEN" being targeted by "TIPITZ": To put the historic battleship gunnery accuracy data into perspective based on the German Kriegsmarine and US Navy real world training firing exercise evaluation figures the following comparison can be made: - a “USS NEW MEXICO” battleship firing twelve 14"/35.6 cm naval guns at her maximum 1.75 rounds per minute at a hit rate of .10 hits per gun per minute would have 2.10 hits per minute at a range of 30 km. - a “USS COLORADO” battleship firing eight 16"/40.6 cm naval guns at her maximum 1.5 rounds per minute at a hit rate of .10 hits per gun per minute would have 1.20 hits per minute at a range of 30 km. - a “ USS NORTH CAROLINA” battleship firing nine 16"/40.6 cm naval guns at her maximum 2 rounds per minute at a hit rate of .12 hits per gun per minute would have 2.16 hits per minute at a range of 30 km. - a “TIRPITZ” battleship firing eight 15"/38 cm naval guns at her maximum 3.3 rounds per minute at a hit rate of .225 hits per gun per minute would have 5.94 hits per minute at a range of 30 km. There are also US Navy estimates based on US Navy statistical data. A US Naval War College study performed during World War II which was not based on actual real world training firing exercises estimated that an “USS IOWA” Class (BB-61) battleship firing with top spot against a target the size of the German battleship “BISMARCK” would be (at best) expected to achieve the following hit percentage: - 2.7% "USS IOWA" hits at 30,000 yards (274 hm / 27 km) for “USS IOWA's” nine 16"/40.6 cm naval guns. This US Navy War College “USS IOWA” Class battleship World War II study hit percentage of 2.7% at 27 km against a target the size of “BISMARCK” is not exactly all that impressive compared to the: - 11.1% “TIRPITZ” hit percentage at 30 km; - 6.4% “SCHARNHORST” hit percentage at 30 km; - 4.8% “ADMIRAL SCHEER” hit percentage at 30 km; as described in the German wartime GKdos-100 files which are based on the evaluation of actual and repeated WW2 gunnery training firing exercises. The “USS IOWA” study figures are even less impressive compared to the actual German test results when one considers that the number of hits generally increase when the range is decreased, as is evident from both training and combat. In other words the "TIRPITZ", "SCHARNHORST" and "ADMIRAL SCHEER" hit percentages at 27 km are higher than the ones listed at 30 km above. Which is even more bad news for the "USS IOWA". And I have not even mentioned that for example all USA battleships have their theoretical highest rate of fire for their heavy artillery in WOWS which they never actually could attain in real life, neither during training nor in actual combat. Whereas "BISMARCK" and "TIRPITZ" with 38 cm heavy artillery demonstrably could fire an amazing 3.3 rounds per minute, these two ships however both have been given a low rate of fire of about only 2 rounds per minute which is in WOWS about equal to the best USA battleships at tier 7-10. And those USA battleships in real life could not even reach 2 rounds per minute during training, let alone in combat. For those hearty souls who are interested in the details of the AAA armament of the USA battleships compared to "Tirpitz" in WOWS, here is some of it:
  18. AnkorTV

    Graf Spee Fehler !

    Hi, Auf den Türmen der Admiral Graf Spee steht bei mir SMS (Seiner Majestäts Schiff) Scharnhorst. Ist das ein Fehler oder kann mir wer erklären ob das richtig ist ? Danke im Voraus, AnkorTV