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Found 14 results

  1. __Ashley__

    Suggestion that can work out

    Please forgive me if this question offends you: Can you like please consider putting German submarines in game instead of destroyers (you don't have to give them diving ability's) just to have them in game would be great even if they were only be available to sail on surface,I though since Destoryers have "smoke" ability you can give submarines ability to "dive" (they become invisible to enemy for 10 seconds) with cooldown at 1 minute or less.Please don't think I am trolling or something like that I find that you do really good job, I hope we can make even game better with feedbacksAnyway I am waiting for your reply
  2. Hey everyone, to start off this topic i just gonna say that i think they should try to add germany as fast as possible heres some plans for the german battleships information info source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_battleships_of_Germany on this wikipedia page is further information about the ships im thinking off For tier 3 SMS Kaiser For tier 4 SMS König For tier 5 SMS Bayern For tier 6 i was thinking about the bismarck For tier 7 the H39 For tier 8 the H41 For tier 9 the H43 For tier 10 the H44 These ships are mainly plans but they would be great to have in the game, also i feel like they should use the huge [edited]508mm guns H44 but give it a really long reload sothat they dont become to overpowered but they should be able to fire quit far
  3. Hello chaps. I apologise for leaving an official suggestion here, but I could not find the appropriate area on the EU forum (though the US forums seem to have a 'suggestions' section). When the Russians came out, I was pleasantly surprised to see that all First World War Russian ships had the Ensign of the Imperial Russian Navy, instead of that of the Soviet era. I thought this was a really nice touch and a nod to the history and service of those individual vessel classes. (It may also have been done because it's the same flag used by the modern Russian navy.) The Germans, however, did not receive the same treatment. I think it would be a very nice touch if German ships in service before 1918 flew the ensign of the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy) shown below instead of the WW2-based red Kreigsmarine flag which WW1 vessels never flew: The affected ships would, by the time this thread began, probably be the Dresden, the Kolburg, and the Karlsrue, As the German tech tree expands, certainly we'll see more vessels that served in that time period. What do you chaps think? Do leave a message.
  4. cosmin

    German Aircraft Carriers

    Do you guys know something about German aircraft carriers ? I read something about the Graf Zeppelin class , and it says that only one was commissioned . (What tier do you think it can fit in ? As a premium or special ship )
  5. The first part of a series about the hunt for the Bismarck. The video is sponsored by Wargaming. Quote video text box: During World War II, the Bismarck was the pride of the German navy - and the nightmare of Great Britain. It was enormous, overpowered, and a constant threat to the seas. So when they got word that the Bismarck had mobilized, the British raced to stop it.
  6. I wasn't playing ships for the Emden event and to be honest I wasn't to buy a tier 8 BB when it was sold so I can't see any chance of me starting the German tree, if it means all the captain retraining needs to be done in coop. I think it would be sensible for WG to find a Tier 2-4 Premium of some sort (preferably a CA) so new players can get on with these the lines?
  7. who_dares_wins

    the upcoming cruisers

    I did some research on the Dresden class being added in the next patch, and here are it's historical stats, which I hope give some idea of what it's going to be like. If you have any information on any other new cruiser, please put it in this thread. Tier: 2/3 Class: Cruiser Displacement: 4268t Propulsion: 15,000 HP Speed: 24 knots Primary armament: 8x 10.5 cm Range: 12.7 km Secondary armament: 8x 5.2 cm Torpedoes: 2x 410 mm twin Notes: while somewhat lacking in artillery, it does have a very long range for tier 2, and some light torpedoes. Very similar to the Chester.
  8. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Of course Germany did also built heavy cruisers so here we go: Admiral Hipper class: After the rejection the Versailles treaty Germany signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement, allowing Germany 51000 tons of heavy cruisers. These were splitted between 3 cruisers (Admiral Hipper, Blücher [sunk 1940] and Prinz Eugen) to be armed with 203mm guns in 4 twin turrets and 2, the Seydlitz (failed aircraft carrier refit) and the Lützow (sold to Russia before completion in 1939) with 150mm guns in 4 triple turrets. The first batch (Admiral Hipper and Blücher) was 202 m long, 21,3m beam and 7,7m draft, displacing 18200 tons, while the second batch (Prinz Eugen, Seydlitz and Lützow) was 215m long, 21,8m beam, 7,2m draft and had 18400 tons displacement. The engines produced 132000 shp and enabled speeds up to 32 knots (Second batch had 136000 shp and 33,5 knots top speed). 6x2x105mm DP guns formed the secondary battery. Short range AA was composed of 12x37mm and 8x20mm. Later 4 37mm guns were removed and 20 20mm guns were added. In late 1944 the remaining 3,7cm SK C/33 guns were replaced by 14x40mm Bofors. In 1945 only the Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen were still operational. Prinz Eugen had 20x40mm Flak28 (German name for the Bofors) and 18 20mm guns while Admiral Hipper had 16x40mm and 14x20mm. Additionally this class carried 4x3x533 torpedo tubes. The armored belt had a thickness between 70 and 80mm. The class had 2 armored decks, one 12-30mm and the main one 20-50mm thick. The conning tower was protected by 50-150mm and the turrets by 70-105mm of Wotan armor. Admiral Hipper: ONI information Picture Prinz Eugen: ONI information Picture In WoWs: Solid cruisers. Mobile, and with good guns and advanced fire control (better than the allied one, but optical and therefore not good at night fighting) you can expect accurate guns and a solid platform where said firepower is mounted on, but not a tank. The torpedos are the standard German G7a (40 knots speed, 8 km range, expect speed buffed to around 55 knots) so nothing to get excited about. The firing arc should be better than on the Japanese cruisers. The German are lacking possible ships suitable for T7. I checked WGs preliminary German tree and they either over-tier ships compared to the current tech trees or make stuff up. I can find no info on the “Super Eugen” for example.Therefore I would recommend making the 150mm armed version a T7. 12x150mm is nearly equal to the Mogami (soon T8 so making the 150mm Hipper T7 seems reasonable). The standard Hipper makes a good T8. However, the Prinz Eugen is a little better, but not better enough to justify making her T9. So therefore I would recommend using the Prinz Eugen as the T8 and making the Blüchner (first batch ship sunk in 1940) a premium. It would lack the upgraded AA and is therefore be a little worse, making it a good T8 premium. Deutschland-class: Now here things get complicated. These ships were initially classified Armored ships (Panzerschiff), the British referred to them as pocket battleships and the Germans reclassified them as heavy cruisers in 1940. Now to the ship itself. Since the Versailles treaty allowed the construction of a replacement for the aged armored ships (battleships with less than 10000 tons displacement) in 1922 first thoughts about this were made. Several designs were considered basically either strong armor but low speed or higher speed and weaker armor. In the end it was decided to go with later idea in 1929. A 182m long hull with 20,6m-21,6m beam, displacing 14500 tons (10000 officially) was fitted with two triple 280mm (11 inch) guns (2.5 rpm) and 8 15cm guns in single mounts. Two quadruple torpedo tubes were mounted at the stern. Initially AA consisted of 3x1x88mm guns from the first world war. Between 1938 and 1940 these were replaced by newer 105 mm Flak (DP) in dual turrets. Additionally 4x37mm Flak and 10x20mm guns. The AA was constantly improved up to 6x40mm Bofors, 8x37mm and 33 20 mm Flak. Armor was on the level of the Admiral Hipper class and the Deutschland-class was capable of 28,3 knots. In early 1945 the remaining 2 ships were providing ground support fire at the Eastern front which both the Germans and Russians deemed effective. According to one source the Russians were shelled so hard they thought the Germans were using a new Wunderwaffe or the V1 flying bombs. Picture ONI Information In WoWs: Basically a battlecruiser in the size of a light cruiser (Cleveland for example). That's why she was called pocket battleship. Although the 11 inch guns are weaker than your average battlecruiser it is stronger than any other cruiser in the game. The torpedoes have a limited arc of fire (like the Japanese) and the armor is light. Speed is low for a cruiser and you would have trouble keeping up with the action sometimes but you don't need to get as close as other cruisers. You cannot screen as effective against destroyers but you are a bigger threat to Battleships. T9 at most (partially because there is an improved version as a possible T-10) P-Class: An improved version of the Deutschland-class, part of the Z-Plan. Bigger, faster, better protected. 230m long, 26m beam and nearly 26000 tons displacement. The same main battery kept it's calibre and layout but was supposed to receive a newer version of the guns with a longer barrel used on the Scharnhorst class with a reload speed of 17 seconds. (other sources say that no changes were planned). Speed was calculated with 33-35 knots. The armored deck was thickened to 100 mm, the belt to 120mm. As torpedo armament 6 submerged tubes were considered. The 15 cm Secondary batteries were reduced to 2 dual turrets above the 11 inch guns. 4x105mm, and 4x37mm were the planned air defense. Picture In WoWs: If WG would pull out a 1945 hull version this would work as a T10. Throw in some 30mm or 40mm anti aircraft guns, or even a couple 55mm Gerät 58 you could make this a formidable opponent for everyone. The DPM would be weak (half a Des Moines) but your alpha damage and penetration would be stronger than any other cruiser. Think about all the sweet citadel penetrations against other cruisers. 600mm penetration should even do the trick against most battleships. This becomes more relevant when WG fixes the armor of some ships and when the AP nerf in 3.1 becomes active. Also you could play your range to your advantage. Expect at least average accuracy. It would certainly be an unique addition to the game and spice things up. Also you could tank some damage with your hp. My tech tree proposal so far
  9. JagEngland

    Just a few newbie questions

    Hello anybody, It was back in 2010 when I played a lot of NavyField. Since then I've pretty much ignored ship games (even though I have great interest in ships) but came back for this - and I love it! I have, however, a few questions: 1. I chose the German tree. I really like their navy (and they have been the most important WW I navy in the game currently). Having unlocked the light cruiser Karlsruhe I realized how bad it is (Dresden seemed best so far). Is there a way to earn the 18.000 xp needed for the Konigsberg on another ship or do I have to grind it (making around 300 per lost and 600 per won match it takes ages)? 2. Is there any information when British ships will be released for the game? They are my favourite navy - and the most important. Thank you. Best Regards, Jag
  10. Italy was the first major Axis Country that surrended, on september 1943......but an italian ship was the last that scores a victory for axis navies! This appened with the "Sommergibile Luigi Torelli", a submarine of the succeful Marconi class oceanic vessels. Built in "Oto" shipyard of La Spezia - Italy, was launched in 1940. Sended to Bordeaux in the second half of 1940, it fought in the BETASOM flottilla in the Atlantic Ocean untill the end of 1942. It sunk 7 ships for a whole 42,968 GRT. In 1943 it was modified to trasport valuable strategical raw materials and tecnological devices from/to Japan. First mission started on march 1943 and in august 1943 it arrived in Singapore with a load of Mg 151/20 aircraft guns, samples of Wurzburg radars, plans and personal (japanese high officiers and a german engineer). On 8th of september 1943, suddenly, Kingdom of Italy surrended and the ship became the german U.IT.25 with a german commander and a mixed german/italian crew. It continued to works among japanese occupied islands untill may 1945, when Germany surrended. Japanese Navy continued to use the submarine as I-504 with his mixed crew of italian, german and, now, japanese sailors and on 30th of august 1945 tha AA gunnery of the submarine destroy an american B25 bomber. In the same day the ship surrended to allied forces in Kobe. This was the last victory scored by an axis vessels in Second World War. Displacement 1190 tons (1400 full loaded), leght 70,04 mt, speed 17,8 knots (8,2 submerged). Weapons: 8 torpedo tubes 21", 1x100 gun, 4 x 13,2 Breda AA MachineGun. Pics of the ship: "Esso Copenaghen" hitted and sunk in 1942 by the submarine Luigi Torelli Standard profile of the "Marconi" class submarines: Regards.....
  11. Hi, My first post! I´ve been building a tech tree for SMS/KMS and the Royal Navy. I´ve been trying to incorporate Battlecruisers in a way that makes them competetive in the game. Due to real ship design evolution I see no place for BC in tier 9-10, barely making it to tier 8 acctually. I also made a suggestion for how to handle heavy cruisers in the Royal Navy line. Some comments: Seydlitz as first premium for Germany, only ship in class, historically famous after the battle of Jutland. Deutchland class Panzershiff, I´ve classified it as at heavy cruiser, should be in the game but I don´t know if tier 5 is the right place? After the presentation of the Royal Navy light cruiser line I´ve tried to incorporate the heavy cruisers of Royal Navy in it. The Royal Navy acctually did not have that many heavy cruisers. Ive placed the York class before the County class (not historically correct) due to the amount of guns. York have 6 8-inch guns and County (and subclasses) 8 8-inch guns. Royal Navy BBs, so much to choose in the low tiers, made to lines to tier 6. Royal Navy BCs, I have the Admiral class in the line and Hood as premium. Hood should be the first BC in game as a premium, a way to present a new shipytype (yeah I know there are BCs in the Jap BB line but I mean as a "real BCs") So, comments? should I never post again?
  12. dukeofwellington86

    German Battleship Line,

    I am thinking of starting on the German Battleship line. What are the pros and cons of this line of ships and would the Cruiser line be a better choice? Are they enjoyable to play?
  13. BabyAdmiral

    Next batch of cruisers

    Hello, fellow forumites! Since I'm no expert on naval/military history, I thought I'd ask you guys about your thoughts on the Russian/Soviet cruisers. The way I understand it, is that the lower tiers will be made up of actual ships from tzarist Russia, while the higher tiers will mainly consist of blueprint Soviet ships and/or ship concepts. All is well and good so far, but what kind of cruisers are these? (I've looked up mr3awesome's thread http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/437-what-we-know-about-ships-updated-25062015/ to search for clues, but still not quite sure what to expect here.) Light cruisers or heavy cruisers? Compared to USA and Japan, what will their range, armor, speed, AA protection, etc. be? Any thoughts, or is it still 100% speculation at this point? I'm quite interested in heavy cruisers, but I might have to wait for German ships for that? - BabyAdmiral.
  14. SilentGunner13

    Starting the German Cruiser line. Any tips?

    Hi guys, I was thinking of diving back into the game and making a start into the German Cruiser line. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for someone who's used to playing US Cruisers (I usually play the Omaha, Marblehead and Cleveland) for low, mid and higher tiers? I want to get an idea of how German cruisers differ from their US counterparts. Many thanks and fair seas!