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Found 43 results

  1. The German Navy until 1989 This is a video from the Bundeswehr. Unfortunately only in German, you can enjoy the picures or you can use the automatic translator from youtube. Source:
  2. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    German BB dispersion

    Quick rant as I`m pissed off! Finally got myself the T10 German BB, been a long and sometimes ball achingly shite grind. And guess what?!?! The dispersion is awful, bloody awful even. Expect that at max range on any BB, but firng all twelve guns at a Zao at 6.1km and ONE hit!! and it was an overpen! Now he was angled away, but seriously...one hit? I`m barley hanging on to a 52% WR so that makes me average(at best), but come on..at that range even an angled ship should be taking a paddlin! Feel free to troll etc etc, not expecting many serious replies. Am expecting the usual "learn to shoot" "learn to play" etc etc, and the "don`t play a BB then". Doesn't alter the fact that at 6.1km range rng should be on your side, not taking the piss. Rant over.
  3. So, i thought it'd be fun to write a little post on one of the largest fleets during WW1: the german High Seas Fleet, or Hochseeflotte. Enjoy, but LONG POST WARNING! The German Hochseeflotte Origins At the end of the 19th century, Brittain was the undisputed ruler of the waves. Many countries tried to compete, but all failed in the end. The Royal Navies ships were many, her crews well trained and her deeds and heroes were legendary. But in the middle of that same century, a new european power arose. After two wars with Austria-Hungary and France the German states were united under the rule of Kaiser Wilhelm the first, the first Kaiser (Emperor) of das Deutches Reich, the German Empire. Under Kaiser Wilhelm I and his Chancellor Otto von Bismarck the German Empire quickly evolved into a economic and industrial powerhouse. Creating a vast rail network, industrial sites and implemented laws to create one of the first welfare states. So you could say life was good for the Germans...this changed when Wilhem I died, aged 91. He was succeeded by his son, Frederick III, which died only 99 days later of cancer at the age of 56. So here we introduce Kaiser Wilhelm II, son of Frederick and Princess Victoria (yes, the one from the UK), and grandson of Queen Victoria, the ruler of the British Empire. And to be honest: he was a bit of a loony. He turned out to be a militaristic, reckless and autoritarion ruler who had a habit of turning friends into enemies.He was also jealous, jealous of the British Empire and the Royal Navy to be exact. Under his rule Germany aquired colonies in Africa and Asia and...fully supported Admiral von Tirpitz in the creation of a navy to "secure Germanies survival". Tirpitz came with a "risk theory", stating that if Germany built ships to a ration of 2:3 when compared to the Royal Navy, it would be strong enough to damage the RN in such a way that even when defeated it would cause the Royal navy to lose its place as strongest navy in the world. But being German, he didnt concider losing to be an option anyway. In 1898 the first German naval law was passed by the Reichstag (the German government), allowing the construction of 19 battleships (pre-dreadnoughts), 8 coastal defence ships, 6 large- and 18 small cruisers and 12 divisions of torpedo boats. After the Boer war and Boxer rebellion the second naval law was passed, allowing these numbers to be doubled to 38 battleships, 20 large cruisers and 38 small cruisers. Quite ambitious, no? Dreadnoughts? Yes please! So, Germany started building ships. The British reaction? Initially not really impressed, they were more busy with the French and Russian navies of the time...until the moment that the British public got wind of the German plans (and having heard of Germany's industrial capacity) they were genuinely concerned. At this time Admiral John Fisher took over as the First Sea Lord and greatly reformed the navy. Brittain formed alliances with France and Japan so it could move more battleships to the North Sea and stated "Our only probable enemy is Germany. Germany keeps her whole Fleet always concentrated within a few hours of England. We must therefore keep a Fleet twice as powerful concentrated within a few hours of Germany." And if this didnt mess up German plans for naval supremacy, the launch of HMS Dreadnought messed it up even more. Tirpitz's response? Three amendments to his naval laws, ordering the construction of 24 battleships (dreadnoughts), 8 battlecruisers and 18 light cruisers. Note that up to 1912 (when the last amendment was passed) Germany and Great Brittain tried to reach a compromise in an effort to de-escalate this arms race, but both nations refused to back down. It is interesting to note that Brittain at this point had lost interest in a classic "decisive battle" and had already made plans to blockade German ports, as they actually did during the war. So, what capital ships did they actually build? (up to 1918) In a short time, the Germans managed to build a remarkable amount of ships including a whole lot of torpedoboats, destroyers and various cruisers. But as these are too numerous, i'll just stick with the capital ships. For a full list. see HERE Pre-Dreadnoughts Brandenburg class: 4 built Kaiser Friedrich III class: 5 built Wittelsbach class: 5 built Braunschweig class: 5 built Deutschland class: 5 built Dreadnoughts Nassau class: 4 built Helgoland class: 4 built Kaiser class: 5 built Köning class: 4 built Bayern class: 4 planned, 2 built Battlecruisers Von der Tann class: 1 built Moltke class: 2 built Seydlitz class: 1 built Derfflinger class: 3 built Further planned capital ships Mackensen class battlecruiser: 4 planned and under construction Ersatz Yorck class battlecruiser:3 planned, 1 under construction Note that it was German (and Austian) policy not to name ships before they are launched, "ersatz" means "replacement", therefore the Ersatz Yorck class were replacements for the older Yorck class armored cruisers. This adds up to 24 pre-dreadnoughts, 14 dreadnoughts (with 2 under construction) and 7 battlecruisers (with 5 under construction and 2 more planned). Not exactly the numbers Tirpitz wanted, but still quite an achievement, considering Germany didn't have the number of shipyards Brittain had. Differences from British Dreadnoughts Generally speaking, the German dreadnoughts were roughly equals to their British counterparts. The major difference is that German ships were more heavily armored, sacrificing speed and firepower for durability. This was probably done to compensate for the smaller number of ships Germany could field against Brittain, but at this moment i can't find a reliable source to back this up. Anyway, because of this earlier German dreadnought generally had smaller guns than their British counterparts, putting 11" guns against British 12" guns and 12" guns against 13.5" guns. Only the Bayern class was (gun-wise) an equal to the British Queen Elizabeth and Revenge classes, but was heavily outnumbered by them (2 Bayerns against a total of 10 QE's and Revenges). However, as the battle of Jutland and the battle of the Falklands proved, German gunnery was more accurate and their shells more reliable, which negated this difference somewhat. The fleet in action I will not go in detail with all the actions undertaken by the Highseas fleet, but will list the most important ones: First Battle of Heligoland Bight: First naval battle of the war, German defeat with the loss of 1 destroyer Action of 22 September 1914: Destruction of 3 British cruisers by 1 u-boat Raid on the British coast: bombardment of 3 British towns, caused quite a fuss in the UK. Firstbattle of Dogger Bank: The first action involving battlecruisers from both sides. And ofcourse the battle of Jutland: the battle which had to decide naval supremacy in the North Sea, but ended in the same stalemate. Usually seen as a German tacical victory (more ships sunk), but a British strategic victory as the British could maintain their blockade of German ports. Also worthy of note are the actions of Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee, namely the Battle of Coronel and The battle of the Falkland Islands The end of a fleet At the end of the war the fleet did not fulfill its desired goal: gain supremacy over the North Sea from the Royal Navy. The policy of the Kaiser didn't help much either: for any major fleet action he had to personally give his approval. This resulted in the fleet being more in port than out of it. This combined with the overall progress of the war resulted in passive resistance onboard ships in 1917 to a full mutiny in the last days before the armistice of 1918, preventing one final fleet action. After the armistice, the entire hochseeflotte was escorted to the British naval base of Scapa Flow (under the escort of a massive allied fleet of 370 warships) where the ships, together with a skeleton crew, were held captive until the victorious nations had decided wat to do with them. On the 21st of June 1919, while the bulk of the British fleet were out on maneuvers, read admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered all ships to be scuttled, to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. (as two days later the formal peace treaty was signed, formally handing over the entire fleet to the British. Exactly that which von Reuter wished to avoid, but he was unaware that it had been delayed by two days, the 21st was the original deadline of the treaty) This caused the allies to call German navy personel cowards and "men without honor", but British Admiral Wemyss later said: "I look upon the sinking of the German fleet as a real blessing. It disposes once and for all the thorny question of the redistribution of these ships" When Admiral van Reuter and his men returned to Germany they were recieved as heroes, with Admiral Scheer (the German commander of the Battle of Jutland) saying: "I rejoice. The stain of surrender has been wiped from the escutcheon of the German Fleet. The sinking of these ships has proved that the spirit of the fleet is not dead. This last act is true to the best traditions of the German navy." Was it worth it? Was it worth it to build such a grand fleet? In my opinion: no. The German fleet would always have been outnumbered by the British, no matter how many hig quality ships they build. Also the creation of the hochseeflotte put a tremendous strain on the German economy. It was the first time in Germany's history that it had to borrow money, just for some warships. However, did this fleet start the war? Yes and no. Yes, it did start an naval armsrace which still has no equal. However, it was the militaristic an authoritarian rule of Kaiser Wilhelm II that actually did the most damage. He destroyed all friendly ties Germany had with Brittain (as they were quite friendly during the reign of Wilhelm I) out of jealousy and, more or less, forced Austria-Hungary to invade Serbia after the assasination of Franz-Ferdinant. And the rest is history.
  4. Today we will take a look at the WWI German battleships. Germany did also develop a variety of battlecruisers, but to keep this post in a reasonable length they will be covered in a different post. Nassau-Class: Germany’s first Dreadnoughts. 146m long, 26,9m beam, 21000 tons displacement and 20 knots top speed. Although they are 15m shorter than the Dreadnought class they have the same displacement due to more armor. The belt was 80-300mm, the deck 55-80mm thick. A 30 mm torpedo bulkhead was the underwater protection. The conning tower was shielded by 400mm armor at the sides and 80 at the roof. The main battery consisted of 12 280mm (11 inch) guns in dual turrets with the same hexagonal layout as the Kawachi (but the one on the Kawachi was inspired by the Nassau class). 12x150mm (5.9 inch) and 16x88mm (3.5 inch) were mounted in casemates at the sides. During their careers the 88mm guns were removed and 2 two AA guns of the same calibre were installed. Additionally the ships were not very stable and many measures were taken to improve it with little success. Despite the tendency to roll she was considered maneuverable. An notable tale is a encounter with the British destroyer HMS Spitfire(1912) during the Battle of Jutland. In the confusion of the battle Nassau rammed Spitfire and tried to take her out with her A turret but could not depress the gun enough to score a hit. Nevertheless the gun blast destroyed Spitfire’s bridge but she managed to break free and rip a 30 foot (7m) hole in the Nassau’s side armor. Both ships survived the battle damaged and limped home with reduced speed. Picture In WoWs: A slow ship, but you have to start somewhere. Expect it to have more survivability than other battleships but less firepower. In fact this can be said about most German Capital ships. You are there to take a beating for your team and your guns, while lacking damage are still deadly to most ships. You may need longer to destroy other ships, but you can afford to stay in contact longer. Your preferred playstyle should be getting in close so your strong belt can soak up the damage. Helgoland-Class: An improved Nassau-class. Bigger, better, (a little) faster. The ships featured nearly the same armor layout, with improvements to casemate armor and the conn tower roof. The length was increased to 167m and the main battery calibre to 305mm (12 inch). 2 150mm guns were added at the cost of 2 88mm guns. AA was later added in the form of 2 88mm guns. Speed was improved to 21,2 knots. Handling was considered better, too. There was a debate about the turret layout but it was deemed that the hexagonal layout was safer because a superfiring pair could easier be disabled with one hit. Picture In WoWs: You get the same ship just bigger and better armed. Still a slow tank. Still smaller caliber than other ships on your tier. Still relatively maneuverable. You get better used to it because that won’t change so soon. Kaiser-Class: 172 long, 29m beam and with 27000 tons displacement the Kaiser-class was the next step in German Capital ship design. Protection was increased to 180-350 mm at the belt and 60-100 mm at the armored deck. The gun layout was changed to 305 mm (12 inch) guns in 5 dual turrets. One was located at the front, two en echelon amidships and a superfiring pair aft. An improved turret design was installed which allowed 4,1 km more range (to 20,4 km). 14 medium calibre (150mm) and 8 small calibre (88mm) guns were installed in casemates. Kaiser was the first German capital ship to be propulsed by turbines but she could only sail at 23,4 knots. AA consisted of up to four 88mm Flak guns. Picture Schematic In WoWs: You get an upgrade in every aspect. Your broadside punch stays the same but you can deliver it at longer range. You get more armor and speed. However, your gun calibre is now (expect Kaiser around T5) significantly lower than that of your counterparts. This can however be compensated with accuracy and rate of fire. And WG needs to invent some serious AA upgrade. The historical AA should give you a DPS of around 10, which is severely lacking for a T5 battleship at T5. See below for additional insight. König-class: A similar design to the Kaiser-class. The turret layout was changed again to 2-1-2 (like a Fuso without the third turret). Otherwise pretty similar to the Kaiser. 175m long, 30m beam and 28600 tons displacement. The Germans considered them to be "very good sea-boats". 2 additional 88mm guns were fitted as well. Schematic Picture In WoWs: A slightly bigger Kaiser with increased broadside punch. The AA is still massively lacking. I find it difficult to fit her in the game. We already have a T5, but at the same time she is too weak to be T6. Compared to the other T6 BBs she is outgunned, out speeded and has neglectable AA. You could make her another option at T5 but she is superior to the Kaiser-class in almost every aspect. The best solution would be to make the Kaiser-class class a premium and to put the König in the tree at T5. Bayern-Class: Another step in the same direction the Bayern-Class was a further improvement. Increasing the main battery calibre to 380mm (15 inch) 8 guns in 4 turrets were fitted, two at the bow and two at the stern. 16x150mm guns in casemates give you a strong short range armament. The armored belt was thickened to 170-350 mm, the deck armor remained at 60-100 mm. The ships were capable of up to 22,5 knots with an engine. The reload was quite fast (23 seconds) but according to British post war trials the accuracy was lacking. Armor scheme Picture In WoWs: Still a slow and well protected ship. The armament gets beefed up massively to competitive 15 inch. Makes it a solid T6. Good alpha and penetration but only a limited amount of guns. Something must be done with the AA, maybe do a Fuso and put 20mm and 37mm Flak guns everywhere where you can fit one. They won't have much range but better than nothing and a logical design step compared to other navies as well as to German WWII AA upgrades. L20/24 alpha: A big step forward in German Capital ship design. Developed with the experience from the Battle of Jutland the project was supposed to be 238m long, have 33,5m beam and displace 48500 tons. 4x2x420mm (16,5 inch) was the planned primary battery while 12x150mm in casemats were the projected secondaries. AAA was planned to be either 8x88 mm or 8x105 mm guns. The difference between the L20 and the L24 was the placement of torpedo tubes. L20 carried submerged tubes while L24 was planned with deck mounted launchers. Armor plating below the waterline was cancelled in favor of additional speed, theoretically allowing the ships to travel with 26 knots. The armored deck which was 50-120mm thick was additionally protected by a 20-40mm forecastle deck. The belt thickness was not changed and therefore up to 350mm. The medium calibre artillery was reduced to 12x150 mm guns. Schematic In WoWs: A slightly bigger Nagato with half an inch more calibre, more side- but less deck armor. The AA is still weak (this must sound like a broken record). Otherwise a solid T7. Although you probably need to get closer to your enemies even more because at T7 your deck armor gets outclassed by other battleships while your belt still is your strong point. And you have reduced secondaries compared to previous ships and to the Nagato. Tech Tree: You can expect the German WWI battleships to be slow tanks with weaker guns up to tier 6. From there you get a good upgrade in firepower but your accuracy starts to suffer. You generally prefer short range engagements due to your strong belt armor and sufficient maneuverability to dodge torpedos (unless at point blank range). Your secondary batteries are quite strong up to the L20 alpha. Either WG invent some fictional AA upgrades or you will need air defence from allied ships. Theoretically you can balance the German BBs around this, making them quite strong against ships but keep them vulnerable against planes. Together with my other posts (and the upcoming posts) you get the following tech tree
  5. Due to the really bad performance of the KM DDs I decided to stop at T7 as I can't find any reason in continuing the line and I agree with every single point mentioned in this review. Oh, And thanks for the hydro!
  6. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/09/wows-graf-spee-stats/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/09/wows-german-dds-revealed/ I'm looking forward to the German DD Line, but I must say I also look very much forward to finally seeing the Graf Spee in the game! What are your thoughts and opinions?
  7. Hello! When are the British and German battleships going to arrive in World of Warships! I would like to see both British and German battleships in the game. Such as The Bismarck and The Scharnhorst for the German battleships, and for the British battleships, The Hood and the Prince of Wales, and also King George V. Would be Very Happy and Greatfull for this. So please concider this. With best regards: Medic85.
  8. Fellow sailors, the first German Battleships have been leaked through a chinese Website: http://bbs.ngacn.cc/read.php?tid=9471962&_ff=441 We can see: - KÖNIG ALBERT (last of the 5 Kaisers) on Tier 3 with 10.8km main artillery range (remember Kawachi...?) - potential premium? - KAISER with HORSESHIT fantasy upgrades that look like sh**** Even though I know this is preliminary and only a snapshot I am hugely disappointed. Why is it so difficult to implement these ships in a state as they where in 1919? Nerf König Albert to death to shoehorn into 3 and making Kaiser ugly as hell with stupid funnel caps, huge Bridge, new bow section misfit and 1930s antennas and rangefinders? I am really sad about the way WG is apparently taking here! I enjoy the game a lot but this is spoiling a lot for me. In my opinion there is absolutely NO need for this paper-sh*** up to Tier 6 or above. WG please go back to the drawing board and redo this line - even if it takes more time. Is it just me?
  9. A very warm welcome to our recruitment thread. [K-T-E] Killer Team Elite Here you will find details about our World of Warships recruitment drives and various bits of information about our clan. We are seeking players to join our fold as we expand and increase our presence in World of Warships. We want people who want more than to be in just another community for just another game. Our clan is new Dutch , yet we have a community from all around Europe. Everyone is welcome to join our clan. Via our Facebook Group. We offer a friendly atmosphere with room for both having a laugh in small divisions and serious large-scale warfare. We have friendly members willing to train you to become better in your endeavors. We aim to have fun and build a clan which all members enjoy being a part of. We provide training sessions where members can improve their gameplay Above all we encourage the building of friendships. All we ask is when you apply to join us is. You can speak and understand Dutch , English , German. Best Contact is whit one of our Admins Leaders. For Dutch = KTE_ELITE For English we look for a admin For German we look for a admin Over 18 years of age. Have at least reached tier V(5). Meet our minimum stats. 40 + our more % winrate our more Are active and willing to participate in clan activities For random batlle CO-Ops Batlle all other Batlle for team batlle is a R-T-E team. for join here also contact me. And lastly play on the EU server. And above all, have fun blowing up ships. Who doesn't. 2017-01-26 7 Members 2017-01-26 1 Teamspeak TS3. 10 slot , so far, more slots must donate TS is expensive. 2017-01-26 We looking for some Helpers. - Admins and channel admins for Team speak. Dutch, Ger and Eng. - One person wot can make a Webside . - Translate Dutch to ger, Eng. Conact us via forum or via Facebook links. PS MEMBERS JOIN US ALSO ON FACEBOOK GROUP LINK BELOW. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469314503080254/?fref=ts FOR NEWS AND MORE. "NOTE 2 X DAYS WE WILL ACCEPT OR REJECT MEMBERS, 2X EACH 24 HOURS +2 GMT" K-T-E FB page https://www.facebook.com/KteElite/ K-T-E FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1469314503080254/?fref=ts
  10. - for those that lacks or dont have pacience to either go PT or find it at forum/youtube. So far pics where all been posted here and i apologise if this link was puted alredy, All credits for BaronVonGamez , thx for sharing.
  11. German battleships of war patrol I've found a film witch published from the propaganda group of the Wehrmacht.It's in German but for who can not speak German it is also interesting. The film is about a surgery of the German naval forces in the North Sea where they sank British units. On the German side were e.g. the battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. I hope it is interesting for you! :Smile_honoring:
  12. Frigate class F125 - A new ship for new tasks New framework: The Bundeswehr Concept sets out the framework for the development of the armed forces. Missions to international conflict prevention and crisis management, including the fight against international terrorism, determine the structure and equipment of the Bundeswehr. As a result, the armed forces are categorized into engaging, stabilization and support forces. Stabilization forces operate in stabilizing peace missions of long duration in multinational joint. Their tasks include enforcement of embargoes, the monitoring of sea and air space and the support of evacuation procedures. The Navy followed in terms of transformation of the Bundeswehr, the aim of developing the maritime capabilities of the Bundeswehr operationally focused. To meet the requirements in the Marine stabilizing peace missions with an innovative type frigate, with the previous ships has little in common. The conceptual differences range from the type of effectors (weapons) to use parameters such as duration and crew size. The task profile requires completely new approaches in business organization and in the technical design. Improving the armed forces joint combat effectiveness: In the center of the conceptual claims, is the armed forces joint combat effectiveness to increase significantly. Characteristic of the new F125 frigate type therefore are able to: Capacity for tactical fire support from sea to land (land of targets) Ability to use special support and specialized forces (eg evacuation operations), Ability to network-centric warfare with land and air forces and Prolonged availability in the field. Flexible options for action: For use in stabilization operations through a novel sensor-weapon approach to flexible policy options will be provided. Taking the basic qualifications for the permanent monitoring of sea areas need F125 selective, graded and precise action skills that match the operating environment. The ability to in any position by use of appropriate means can act both as a de-escalating escalating is crucial. In addition, F125 marked protective and active capabilities against asymmetric threats received. Protection generated here from information superiority, rapid, flexible response options on board and a suitable ship construction. There are also automated monitoring systems on board as well as the expansion of the direct monitoring area of the ship at anchor in the harbor and through the use of boats and underwater drones. This sector in particular requires intense study and application of coordinated approach, in order to achieve an effective and technically manageable concept. The mission required flexibility to be supported by capacity for embarkation aboard helicopters, special forces, with bar association leaders, naval forces as well as protection through the integration of several boats statement. Intensive use and two crew concept: From the requirement for a long-lasting availability in theater also follows a fundamentally different technical, logistical and economic interpretation of the ships. What is required here is an up to two-year time bar of the ship in the mission area without a scheduled shipyard repair or return to home port. This technique, known as intensive use concept of the F125 frigate requires in comparison with the service units located in the Navy to double the operating hours of the repair phase. The increased availability of vessels follows - because of not increased at the same way staff requirements - the need for a new crew concept. What is required is the design of the vessel for a man about 100 full crew which will be replaced in the four-month intervals, in theater (two-crew concept). The doubling of the operating hours of these approaches, along with significant reduction of staff due for maintenance, operation and use of the vessel for additional technical solutions. Automation and the technical interplay of various equipment and systems gain in comparison to the current lifestyle, labor-intensive operation, a new and much bigger role. So far in the construction of naval ships pursued approaches are not suitable. Conclusion: With the F125 frigate it is therefore in no way thinking about a successor for existing vessels, but the consistent implementation of altered conditions in a large maritime projects. Currently, there are no maritime platform designed for the beginning of tasks is shown. It will not arrive in F125 forward to realize everything that is technically possible. Rather, the industry is called upon to combine the technological possibilities to the concerted, required capabilities into an overall design. Source: (Weapons, drive, crew and everything else are a state secret!)
  13. JagEngland

    Just a few newbie questions

    Hello anybody, It was back in 2010 when I played a lot of NavyField. Since then I've pretty much ignored ship games (even though I have great interest in ships) but came back for this - and I love it! I have, however, a few questions: 1. I chose the German tree. I really like their navy (and they have been the most important WW I navy in the game currently). Having unlocked the light cruiser Karlsruhe I realized how bad it is (Dresden seemed best so far). Is there a way to earn the 18.000 xp needed for the Konigsberg on another ship or do I have to grind it (making around 300 per lost and 600 per won match it takes ages)? 2. Is there any information when British ships will be released for the game? They are my favourite navy - and the most important. Thank you. Best Regards, Jag
  14. NorseBerserker

    German Aircraft Carrier

    Hi Do You plan make aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_Graf_Zeppelin Thank You
  15. Combat Support BERLIN-class (702) The Combat Support (EGV) Class 702 is a supply ship, its equipment, and crew skills are focused on the logistical and medical support a mixed use group going. The task force is made up of different task-oriented surface units.The main task of the logistics ship is to supply the units with supplies, consumer goods, food and ammunition.Home port of the first EGV, BERLIN, is Wilhelmshaven.The second ship has been named FRANKFURT AM MAIN and is based in Kiel. Technische Daten: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 174.0 m / 24.0 m / 7.4 m Load displacement: about 18,000 t Speed: 20 knots Capacity: 10,560 kW (14,357 hp) Arming: 4 x 27 mm Marine easily secured (MLG) Some anti-aircraft weapons Equipment: Navy rescue Centre application (MERZ) 2 x SEA KING MK 41 Crew:159 soldiers (+94) Units: UNITS SQUADRON AND LOCATIONS A 1411 BERLIN Tross-Squadron Wilhelmshaven A 1412 FRANKFURT AM MAIN Tross-Squadron Wilhelmshaven Helicopters aboard SEA KING MK 41 The WESTLAND SEA KING MK41 support in the evacuation of people in the context of the armed force of the Inter-inserts. He puts special forces from the Bundeswehr in crisis regions. Rescue injured by a SEA KING The first WESTLAND SEA KING MK 41 in 1975 to Navy aviator squadron 5 is submitted in Kiel Holtenau in service. Since then, the helicopter on a daily basis in support of the fleet in service connecting land / sea, and search and rescue services have (SAR) real value. Two SAR Support Centres on Helgoland and Warnemünde are always ready, another on Borkum. The helicopter uses special forces from the Bundeswehr in crisis regions. The SEA KING supports the evacuation of people in the context of different armed force across missions. In the long term the SEA KING by the navy Helicopter 90 (MH 90), or the navy helicopter 92 (MH 92) replaced. The MFG 5 takes a different armed force comprehensive approach to: Search and Rescue Air transport of materials and personnel Forces in emergency and disaster relief Tactical airlift at the interface sea / land Participation in evacuation operations Surveillance and reconnaissance Contribution to the war over water ​Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / height): 22.1 m / 4.9 m / 5.1 m max. Starting weight: 9.300 kg Speed ​​of 136 knots (252 km / h) Power: 2,200 KM (3,000 PS) Arming:12.7 mm heavy machine gun ​Crew: 2-4 soldiers ​Units: The navy Air Wing 5 has 21 helicopters in a Squadron. Videos: Source:
  16. at T2 most of the kills were detonation at T3, T4 detonation was less but still too much compared to IJN and USN at T5 oh boy, just got the Konigs went in front got detected <BOOOM detonation. i know using flags should help but give me a break i should not use those flags everytime i use a german ship, i played alot of battles on USN and IJN and out of 700 battles, 5 times got killed by detonation. This thing suppose to be rare and not in every match.
  17. ArkRoyal_R09

    I would like peoples thoughts on this

    I would like to ask some peoples thoughts on having German BB's Secondaries changed, Looking at some games (I've not played any of the German BB line so no stats on my end) but German BB's look like that get a good amount of damage from fires set but secondaries (We can look at maybe be an average if someone can find the stats) Now what I would like to purpose is that German BB's change from having mostly ( or in some case only) HE to having mainly AP just to cut down on the amount of overall damage that they can passively do thanks to the fires, keep the secondaries in all other aspects the same. I feel that this keeps the Germans "quirk" for lack of a better word of being AP orientated whilst not harming their brawling potential to much. What are peoples thoughts on this suggestion, what would you change about what I've suggested ? Would you not change it ?
  18. I dont know if you even listen to us but i want a new german ship that is not tier8 and also not tier 2. With the promised german battleships coming up it would be nice if you could put a new premium for KM line maybe 1-2 months after ? A destroyer would be nice. I dont want to buy tirpitz because tier 8 ships get in serious battles and i have suffered enough goofiness from premium tier 8s i dont want anyone else to suffer the same from me. So please add a new premium ship(possibly destroyer) which can be tier 6 for the kriegsmarine line
  19. Minehunter "Frankenthal" Class (MJ 332) As part of the further modernization of the German armed forces 12 new mine minehunters the "Frankenthal" class were asked (MJ 332) in service. Using the "Hameln" Class (SM 343) imported unit forms the platform in a reliable way, made of non-magnetizable steel hull form the basis for an optimized overall system on the Mine Warfare. In addition to a sonar system for locating mine similar objects includes a guide and information processing system (SATAM) and two remote-controlled via a cable mine hunting drone (type "penguin" B3), with high-resolution short-range sonar and video camera. Previously geortete underwater objects can be visually identified with the aid of the drone and destroyed locally via a fernzündbare carried explosives. In order to reach the mine countermeasures are difficult to access and tight spaces, such as scan to port entrances and wharves may include an operational mines diving group and a pressure chamber to divers. The clearance divers have specific training in ordnance disposal of all kinds are in the search, rescue and recovery service, as well as for the recovery of the flight recorders of crashed aircraft used. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 54,4 m / 9,2 m / 2,6 m Load displacement: 650 t Power: 4080 kW (5550 PS) Speed: 18 kn ​Arming: 1 x 27 mm Light Navy Gun 2 x 2 Stinger Minelaying equipment Equipment: 2x underwater mine hunting drone "Pinguin B3" Telescopic deck crane Diver pressure chamber Mine diving equipment Crew: 42 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport M 1058 „Fulda“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1059 „Weilheim“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1061 „Rottweil“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1062 „Sulzbach-Rosenberg“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1063 „Bad Bevensen“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1064 „Grömitz“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1065 „Dillingen“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1067 „Bad Rappenau“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1068 „Datteln“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1069 „Homburg“/Third Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel Video: (Sorry this is in German but you can understand it ,too) Source:
  20. NoobyHDonYT

    GermanTiger sucht dich!

    Was wir bieten:Teamspeak 3 Server Motivierte Spieler aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum ab 16 Erfahrung Hilfe und Anleitung gute Laune und Spaß am Spiel Was wir erwarten:min. Alter 16 Jahre Teamspeak3 (mit Headset) Teamfähigkeit Spaß an WoWs geistige Reife Lernbereitschaft Den Willen im Clanwar erfolgreich zu sein Aufnahmebedingungen:- mind. 100Gefechte - 1 x Tier5 Kontaktdaten: TS Adresse: GermanTiger.voiceserver.me Ansprechpartner: Nooby Bitte keine großartigen Bewerbungen schreiben, sondern einfach direkt auf unseren TS kommen!
  21. corny98

    WoWs German Community Facebook Page

    Hey I want to show you my WoWs German Community Page: There we will Post everything related to WoWs. But of cause we will only post things which are not illegal because of the NDA. Just legal things. For example German Q&A or Pictures of WoWs. Here the FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/WoWsGer?fref=ts
  22. Sys7ema

    Landkreuzer P-1000 Ratte spotted.

    This german "land" battleship is actually somewhere in the game. Thanks to WhiskeyWolf and Prinzessin_Eugen for recognizing this moving fortress at the first glance.
  23. CraftyVeteran

    Had to Log out Today, Long Wait Time

    I don't ever mind new ships added to the game. I love this game. However, ever since this release it's made getting a game unbearable. Nearly 5 minute wait times because everyone is running the new German BB's. Good for them. Not a complaint, but has this happened before? I even switched to cruisers since Im mostly a cruiser player but even then-I couldn't get a match under 3-4 minutes. I guess I'll go play something else for a while until the hype calms. Again, not a complaint but German BBs must be hugely popular. Anyone else feeling this?
  24. Fionia_DK

    Is German BB's brawling days over?

    I noticed that IJN and US BB's have found a way to deal with german BB's. They use HE. The fire on my FDG and Kurfurst is very intense, so much I usually die. It's not only CA's and DD's using HE, it's also Montana's and Yamato's. Add the bombs from AC and it's a constant fire. To counter this I have to fight on a longer distance. Thus not much brawling. I wonder if WG have seen that one comming? I do think the german BB's was intended to go in close. If they want me to brawl, they have to give me better fire protection. What is your opinion? Fionia
  25. Minehunter "Ensdorf" class (352) Minehunter the "Ensdorf" class (352) by converting the "Hameln" class to replace the minesweepers the "Lindau" Class (351) formed in the Bremen shipyards Friedrich Lürssen and Abeking & Rasmussen. For protection against magnetic mines and splinter protection properties due to better pass the hull and all the essential facilities from non-magnetic and shock-absorbing materials. Alle Anlagen und Geräte sind darüber hinaus schockgelagert. Die Hauptminenabwehrkomponente des Waffensystems stellen die „Seehunde“dar. Das Einsatzverfahren TROIKA PLUS sieht prinzipiell vor, bis zu vier dieser Drohnen einzusetzen. The drones operate remotely from the actual unit (the hollow stick steering boat or the guide platform) on predetermined paths. There they simulate typical vessel noise and magnetic fields ship. Mines are detonated, this is done without risk for the actual unit and the crew. Due to the robust construction of the "harbor seal" this remains largely unscathed. In addition, all boats "Ensdorf" class uses a sonar to detect mines in the area ahead (ADS Ankertaudetektionssonar DSQS 11A). Together with the one also on board-art disposable combat drone "Sea Chase" can (remotely operated drone mine action with an explosive charge) localized mines are removed by blasting. In addition, all units also have the ability to classic mechanical demining moored mines. In this case try the boat by a few hundred meters behind the boat yielded hergezogenen and reamer to cut their cables. The emerged, floating mine vessels are made safe on the water surface. Specifications: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 54.4 m / 9.2 m / 2.5 m Load displacement: 635 t Power: 4080 kW (5550 PS) Speed: 18 kn Seal: Dimensions (length / width / depth): 26.9 m / 4.6 m / 1.4 m Seal: load displacement: 99 t Seal: 328 kW (446 PS) Seal: Speed: 9 kn Arming: 2x 2 Stinger Demining equipment Minelaying equipment (60 mines) 1 x 27 mm Light Navy Gun Crew:38 Soldiers ​Units: Name/Squadron/Homeport M 1090 Pregnitz/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1092 Hameln/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1093 Auerbach-Oberfalz/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1094 Ensdorf/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel M 1098 Siegburg/fifth Minesweeper Squadron/Kiel Videos: On the occasion of the Kiel Week 2010, we take guests on board the minesweeper "Ensdorf". With excellent summer weather it is from Kiel to Eckernförde and back. We meet all kinds of sailing boats and historic vessels that participate in the different sailing.