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Found 61 results

  1. bzerkur

    Battleship RNG

    Hi all, I play alot of battleships and for the most games seem to do jack damage and scoring very few to none at all citadels on cruisers sitting between 5 and 15km away even with most of my ap shots hitting (ie: in the montana fired 3 volleys at a broadside hind at 10km scored 18 pens with 8k damage total). But then there are those game occasionally where it doesn't matter how bad my shooting may be I will pretty much score a citadel with every volley. is this happening to anyone else and am i doing something wrong?
  2. Hey Leute, da ich hier in der Provinz nun endlich nach Jahren ein Upgrade auf meine 6Mbit Leitung bekommen habe (100Mbit nun ), wollte ich auch mal aktiv ein paar Plays zeigen. Anbei also das erste Video und einige folgen sicher noch. Untermalt wird dieses momentan nur von der üblichen Musik und dem Sound von WG. ^^ Also nix mit diversen Kommentaren. Die Videos sollen nicht als Referenz oder Anleitung dienen und wie wir alle wissen, gibt es auch genügend miese Runden. Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge sind gern gesehen. Ansonsten viel Spaß. LG Seaman80 In dem ersten Video geht es um die Belfast. Am Ende wird es ein wenig knapp, und unter gütiger Mithilfe des Gegners ist auch einiges an Schaden drin.
  3. I played WoWS as a casual gamer since the release from now-and-then, had some good moments, but after a year I fell the game became unplayable. AFK players, toxic players, blaming each other... I am sorry to say but this is totally unacceptable. Overpriced ships, unpunished behavior led me to just quit this game. Maybe one day I will revisit. But I had enough for a while. Fair seas to all of you.
  4. naztb

    The problem with the game today

    Ok so we have a new patch thats supposed to fix everything and achieve balance personally I think it all went wrong when the IJN DD got nerfed and was made the worst DD line at high tiers with the constant moaning about long range torpedo spam which to be fair could be an issue the Shima could have had its torps max range at 15 km to save the campers moaning. Now that the IJN DDs are nerfed due to spotting range of torpedoes being increased on Shimakaze .The funny thing is the Gearing has longer range torps 16.5 km ( the shima 20k m torps are spotted before you launch them and are no use what so ever and a refund should be given for the research) are 1 knot slower speed but have more stealth it also reloads faster than the Shima and we wont even compare the guns so why if that''s the case why didn't the Shima receive some kind of buff to its guns ? the other DDs are now way ahead on fire power and stealth means nothing now. CV perma spots DDs with its fighter and most ships have spotter planes or fighters to add spotting range Radar now has a faster reload but to be honest since the patch I have seen very few CA in matches it is normally a CV 6 bbs 2 or 3 CA and 5 DD and we all know the reason why No one really likes playing CA anymore they are floating citadels and get wrecked very easy by BBs before CA used to hunt DDs as there were normally around 5 or 6 in a match now with the numbers dwindling a CA doesn't want to go up against 2 or 3 DDs alone as he will most likely Die depending on the DD captain skill and the CA captain skill and whilst they are DD hunting they are spotted (unless a CV spots for them) and getting shot at from the other side of the map by BBs or by an invisible DD. So now no one wants to play CA the novelty of KM BBS flotillas in every match has worn off and has settled down but still not many CA the Scharnhorst basic function is a CA killer and this point was used in promoting the ship prior to sale.again more grief for CA. not to mention that the Tirpitz and Bismarck are also good CA killers So what we have left now is games with around 5 DDs all with torpedos if there are CA in the match they could have torpedoes and we have BB with torpedoes not to mention Torpedo bombers we have more torpedoes in a game than we did before and they are all pretty deadly except the Shimakaze torpedoes which even Stevie Wonder would spot. So to use your phrase torpedoes on IJN will be nerfed to prevent good players at high tiers being hit by long range torpedo spam. if someone gets hit by torpedoes from 20 km away they deserved it and weren't what i would class a good player. Shorter range torpedoies will promote more aggressive game play but is only required on IJN DD. The Gearing doesn't have to be aggressive as it has 16.5km torps and 15km stealth fire capability and even good AA depending on configrastion and can use Defensive fire instaed of speed boost. Now thats balance for you. So now BBs are fair game as there are plenty of therm and plenty DDs in the game if there is no CV its a turkey shoot when you are in A Gearing or Khabarovsk even now a shima can be used for stealth fire even if it is only 13.7 km range (its about all its good for) If you want balance put the torpedoes back the way they were speed reload and detection wise make maximum distance of torps 15km max for all nations. keep the radar and hydro (but fix it properly it should not see through islands) and maybe get more CA back in game. getting back to the original problem BBs getting hit from long range when playing a whole match in sniper view they could have easily equipped the 3 point vigilance skill which would have added 25% to the detection range of torpedoes if they were having a problem. Now all the BBs are moaning about HE spam and how easy they get set on fire. by so called HE spammers perhaps everyone should spam AP at the me and watch it bounce? Maybe the RN CA will change things as people grind them but i think by looking at them they are glass cannons under gunned at nearly every tier and the only way for them is high rate of fire like the Atlanta which is more HE spam and will no doubt cause a flood of tiers from BBs. Another thing you could nerf the dispersion of BBs when they fire above 20km range which may make them move in a bit.and prevent camping Alternatively you can make BB only matches as an option and they can camp their little hearts out and only have 1 cap in the middle which only the bravest will try for. DDs hunting BBs CAs hunting DDs and BBs hunting CA that's how you achieve a balance as long as the teams are balanced with 3 DDs Max 4 BB max 1 CV and the rest CA this is just my view no doubt I will get flamed by everyone for my view and they will tell me i am wrong but if you ask most players except the BB captains prior to the arrival of torpedo nerf and KM BBs things weren't that bad compared to now. One other thing the team kill is now ridiculous someone rams you you get a penalty even if its not your fault it would be much easier to make it reflective damage if you fire at your own team they take no damage you take the damage you would have given to them so you shoot at someone instead of them getting 10k damage you get 10 k of your own health taken away. ok you get accidents when some one you dont see comes from behind an island after you have fired your torpedoes if its large amount of damage and could kill you you could be left on 100 hp this may discourage random torpedo spam.
  5. Salut, Je fais ce post sur ce topic car je pense que c'est le meilleur topic pour parler du gameplay qui devrais être modifier pour etre plus réaliste et rendre le jeu un peu plus complexe car pour le moment je le trouve largement trop basic. Je précise que ce post est pour bute de donné quelques idées qui me semble pourtant logique et que je ne vois pas. Donc pour commencer je voudrais parler de la classe cuirassé. En tout cas de ce que j'ai pue voir du seul cuirassé que je posséde car je ne suis pas vraiment avancer vu que je suis très déssus de la simplisité du jeu comparément a world of tank qui est bien plus avancer au niveau de la balistique, des détails des tanks (j'entend par la les possitions de chaque chose comme les munitions, l'équipage, l'armement et tout autres appareils). Puisque je suis parti dans la conseption je vais parler du fait qu'un navire coule trop facilement, si c'est le therme que je peu utilisé. J'entend par la je fais que temps que la coque sous le niveau de l'eau n'est pas persé il est impossible pour un navire de couler sauf en cas d'explosion de réserve de munitions qui ouvre une bréche dans la partie rouge de la coque et permet une infiltration de l'eau. Dans un navir le plus grand danger n'a jamais était une bréche dans la coque mais le feu car une bréche peu etre contenu par les multiples portes étanches faite pour cela. Pour revenir au cuirassé, la rotation des tourelles est vraiment ridicule au niveau gameplay mais aussi sur les vrais ship. En effet elles sont très lourd mais cela ne veut stictement rien dire, c'est meme ridicule que la rotation soit calculé sur cette vision la. Par la suite les degas ne sont pas réalistes, une salve de tout ces canons peu détruire un ship sans probléme. Ce qui vien compensé et faire tout le challenge c'est le temps de rechargement et la faible précision. Ce qui est a revoir a mon avis et dans la logique des choses c'est totalement suprimé cette ridicule vision des choses qu'un ship a des points de vie je me suis vraiment marré... Un ship coule quand il est inondé et non quand il n'a plus de vie mais qu'il est encore neuf... Même si tout est détrut au dessus du niveau de l'eau il va pas couler. Il y aura juste une grande partie de l'équipage mort ainsi que tout ceux qui gére l'armement ainsi que le capitaine ou commandant en français, et la c'est game over. Aussi un détails, toutes les cheminé ne sont pas la pour évacué la fumé des moteur, il y a la plus grande partie qui est pour l'aération car oui je vais l'apprendre a certain; un navire de guerre est hermétique ! PS: Je trouve les gaphismes très légé. Cordialement.
  6. MjolnirGaming

    Frame rate issues (reposted in right forum)

    (I've reposted this from the General Discussion as I forgot this forum was here) Has anyone had massive FPS issues recently? I was on WOWS last night and I was steadily running the game at 60FPS on high setting, with the GPU being used upto 100% of it's capabilities. I logged in today and my FPS doesn't go above 30 in matches, with the game only using 30-50% of the GPU's capabilities. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  7. Hey! A short time ago I started my World of Warships youtube channel. This is the thread I will use to post my videos. Videos will include such things as Epic games, guides and what I call LoL games, games that just go out of the ordinary inte to random crap. I hope you will enjoy it! Youtube channel Recently uploaded replay: WoWS: Hindenburg - Wrecking the enemy with the Hindenburg
  8. Every Time i get Polls and Surveys, how to Improve the Gameplay, or the Game or Battles. Its about the Chat in total. Just saying the Community is very "friendly" but sometimes there are Trolls and Racist (Bastards) in the Chat and there is only one Moderator "BigBadVuk" maybe some Guys know him? At least he do his Job, if he is available - but as all Moderators, he got a Real Life as well. In every Survey I suggest to pay attention on this Problem. At least Wargaming should employ more Moderators in the Game, at least in World of Warships, i dont mean the Forum - here are enough. And also this Moderator should be English and German speaking... you Guys know why? Because sadly MOST of the Trolls and Insults are German... Sadly i send enough Reports to the Customer Service to make them aware of the Problem, at least they quiet agree to Punish them harder and Chatban them or Permanent Ban them. I dont mean the Guys, saying "Look your Stats Noob!" I mean the Guys saying f*** Nazi and much more... I take one of the Words BigBadVuk uses to write - "We are Sailors no Dirty Tankers, if you dont follow the Rules - you walk the Plank" and this Plank is sometimes very Slippery. On the End, the Hope dies last... that Wargaming chances that - because i left World of Tanks because of the Toxic Chat and started playing Ships and its complete calm. AND ALSO - They should be able to fix the ChatBugs, Chatbugs which causes you empty Chat Windows, empty Private Chats and that is a know Issue since the Closed Alpha. You can reply on this Topic - you can leave it, but at least i wrote my Words down... whats in my Mind. Regards Skycat79
  9. Hello everyone! I am a former World of Tanks and War Thunder player who has latched onto World of Warships dating back to about 3 months ago. I am really loving the game and I created a YouTube channel to share some of my fun experiences. Feel free to drop in and say hello from time to time. I just put up a video pertaining to the upcoming patch and I would be interested to see everyone's thoughts on it. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w/feed
  10. Hello all, since we are having official OBT very soon, let’s have another wall of text of mine, shall we? There are couple of things that I believe should be addressed by devs regarding CVs in this patch and sorting it in one place might be beneficial for discussion. So let’s start. Obvious one is MM but I don’t really want to talk about it too much. 1. ) Strike setups were not balanced in CBT so they should no be present in the OBT. This is main thing I would like to talk about. When we had CBT I was often defending full strike and full fighter setups as I believed that WG might be able to balance them against each other and against surface ships. Concept is great and I will still defend the idea itself. Problem is that WG simply did not have enough time to do it, because of their state both setups are creating multiple balance problems. Let’s look at it closer. Biggest problem of fighter setups was that on their own they do not give any significant advantage to their team. Please go see my topic about fighters for more detailed opinion about fighters. Shoft version: no skill involved and their role is not to benefit team, but to hinder enemy which you cannot stop fully and you can’t ensure it will be there in the first place. Strike setups on the other hand give the player extreme firepower. Players who are able to use them will change the tides of battles. By sacrificing defence they get biggest carry potential in the game. Because of the random nature of MM this setup became most optimal and obvious pick for anyone who knows this class inside out. Because of this dominant strategy recently we have seen increased number of CV snipe tactic in which you crawl around map edge and get rid off most powerful enemy unit before it can help his team. This tactic started being popular after introduction of tier IX and X. Both of those ships had significantly higher firepower while also being even more prone to airstrikes than CV in lower tiers. It was the best choice to simply pick off this easy and very dangerous target. Because those ships were so fragile, people started sacrificing CA presence on the frontline just so they can defend heart of their fleet. While there is nothing wrong with that in itself, other selfdefence tactic was to use map edge to make enemy approach more difficult. You can not send planes behind the edge so doing manual drop against enemy who is sailing near it is much more difficult. Highest tier games became CV snipe games with people doing anything to give them edge. If you don’t use map edge you are just too easy target and could be picked off by anyone. Game of "Snipe a CV" was and sin't fun. WG tried to balance the power of those strike CVs, but it was pointless. Finally they droped the idea and introduced all balanced setups. All top carriers can defend themselves against strike on open water if played right. WG also acknowledged this problem on low tiers and how powerful first CVs were and forced Lagley and Hosho to go with balanced setups creating much more interesting games on that tier if those two ships are thrown against each other. Problem is that other tiers were untouched and with some other changes CV sniping is actually dominant tactic on middle tiers. What changes you say? Why it was not popular before? Rudder shift, turning circle nerf to whole CV line and fact that low tiers do not have access right now to the turning upgrade. In earlier CBT patches all light CVs (from tier IV to VI) were turning more like crusiers or destroyers. If the CV skipper was good, he was able to maneuver between torp waves and was very hard to get. Right now they are turning like higher tier BBs and whole class has worst turning characteristics in game. While I do think that big CVs (tier VII-X) should act like that, but light class was overnerfed. So what we have as result? Even at tier V I have seen people using map edge to their advantage simply because their ships are not able to defend themselves. At the same time full strike setup is still most optimal one, especially with very lacking MM. To put it simply. Specialised decks are great idea, but in the situation where they were not polished (not even close) in the closed beta, they should be scrapped and they should not show up in the open version. Force balanced setups on everyone and adjust numbers accordingly. Sniping enemy CV should not be dominant strategy but opportunistic. Most CVs with the mobility nerfs simply do not have tools to survive snipes and while I think mobility should be buffed on tiers IV-VI, it in itself is not the issue. Issue is that the best choice of deck is strike deck and balancing them is a difficult task. Don’t do that in OBT, we need heathy gameplay here. 2. ) Map edge issues While I am thankful that WG said they will address this issue in the future, fact is that this form of CV defence is breaking the game. Just because people are forced to use it doesn’t mean it is something good. It needs to be addressed with small quick fix. Which is: Create another edge only for planes which would be few km beyond normal map edge. Biggest benefit of using map edge is that it significantly hinders control of enemy TB approach. You don’t have to grind the map, just being close will create enough problems for the enemy CV. If CV skippers were able to fully control their planes even beyond map edge it would completely solve this problem. Ofc there needs to be a limit, so creating new map edge that would work only or aircraft would stop anything silly like going beyond the map. This is very simple fix, but it is needed. You can address whole map edge in the far future, but this would lessen current impact of this problem. Last words: Those in my opinion are 2 biggest issues with CVs right now. Damage balance is less important. Torp damage progression is also something that can be added later. Earlier in CBT one of the biggest problems in CVs was that with each tier all of their statistics were being upgraded. Planes were faster, more though, dealt more damage, you had more of them and you had more spares. It is difficult to balnce something when each stat goes up, so I kinda understand why they have decided for the moment for all IJN torps to deal the same damage. We need balanced setups for everyone, then see how they perform and then devs can think about giving more progression from tier to tier. Those two on the other hand need to be addressed ASAP as they do impact how healthy and by extension “fun” gameplay is. I hope most of you agree with me on that and If not, feel free to present some counterarguments. Cheers
  11. Hallo, ich bin ein Normaler WOWS Gamer und hab einen eigenen YouTube Kanal wo ich selbst gute World of Warships Trailer und Gameplay hochgeladen habe. Es lohnt sich mal die selbst gemachten WOWS Trailer an zu schauen, da ich die Epic Musik für die Trailer verwendet habe. Würde mich freuen wenn euch die Trailer gefallen und nen Daumen da last und es weiter Teilt ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYRGYJdcXEtnIkqVDRmdutQ der Link zum YouTube Kanal und zwei meiner besten Videos vom Kanal. Mit Freundlichen Grüßen euer leutien
  12. Hallo vereehrte Kapitäne und Leser von Wargaming,da mir schon seit geraumer Zeit diverse Verbesserungsvorschläge im Kopf herumspucken werde ich sie hier nun mal kund tun und hoffe das der ein oder andere wenn von Wargaming gelesen vllt sogar ins Spiel umgesetzt wird. Verbesserungsvorschläge zum Thema Wettereffekte im Spiel: Es gibt ja schon den Wetterffekt "Sturm" bei welchem die Sichtweite auf 8KM herunter gesetzt wird.Zusätzlich dazu dachte ich mir,das man dem Setting der Karte entsprechend weitere Wettereffekte einführen könnte. Sprich: "Hitzeeffekte" oder "Frosteffekte". Hitzeeffekte:Zum Beispiel für eine Wüstenmap wie "Tränen der Wüste" könnte man Hitzeflimmer hinzufügen welches auf weite Distanzen Phatamorganas von Schiffen erzeugt so das ein einzelnes Schiff welches am Horizont erscheint vllt doppelt erscheint(echtes und fakeschiff wabern und flimmernd dargestellt),wobei das zweite nur eine illusion/Phatamorgana ist.Sprich wenn man zu weit weg ist muss man raten welches nun das echte ist,wenn man Pech hat trifft man nur die illusion.Dieser Effekt könnte genau wie der Sturm per Timer angekündigt werden und das ganze heist dann "Hitzewelle" Dazu sei noch erwähnt das wenn "Hitzewelle" auftritt das alle Schiffe auf weite Distanz durch das Hitzeflimmern leicht wabbernt und verschwommen erscheinen,dieser Effekt wird weniger je näher die Schiffe einem kommen.Ab zb 12 km kann man dann trotz "Hitzwelle" sagen welches schiff echt ist und welches nicht. Oder als zweiter mögliche Hitzeeffekt könnte es beim nutzen des Turboboost hin und wieder zu einer überhitzung des Schiffsmotors bei Zerstörern kommen,welcher erst repariert werden muss.Man kann diesen effekt natürlich auf alle Schiffsklassen erweitern so das Vollgas bei "Hitzewelle" ebenfalls Motorausfälle hervorrufen kann. Frosteffekte: Zum Beispiel für die Map "Eisinseln" könnte man Packeis einführen welches sich in folge eine Kältewelle auf dem Wasser bilded oder welches sich von Inseln ablöst welche von dicken Packeis ohnehin schon eingeschloßen worden sind. Schiffe die in solch eine Eisscholle geraten würde auf halbe geschwindigkeit abgebremmst oder bleiben evtl sogar stecken. Eine weitere wirkung von Frost könnte sein das zb die Nebelwerfer nur halbherzig arbeiten oder gar nicht mehr auslösen können,weil sie zugefroren sind.Frost kann natürlich auch andere Schiffssysteme Zeitweise oder ganz lahm legen. Ubootgameplay: so nun zum ewigen Leidensthema Uboote.Ja ich will sie haben und ich denke sie wären nur eine bereicherung für das Spiel. hierzu habe ich ein paar lose Ideen fürs Gameplay mit Ubooten: -Zweit mögliche Tauchtiefen,Periskotiefe und eine weitere Stufe noch weiter unten,in der zweiten tauchstufe können wasserbomben nicht soviel schaden anrichten aber das Uboot hingegen kann keine torpedos abfeuern,zu lange tief tauchen führt zu schäden am Uboot wegen zu hohem Wasserdruck.Zeitbegrenzung ähnlich wie bei dem Verbrauchsmaterial Nebelwand -Tauchzeit für Uboote könnte begrenzt werden -getauchte Uboote auf Periskoptiefe welche das Periskop ausgefahren haben können anhand des selben endeckt werden,außerdem sieht der Ubootkapitän nur durch sein Periskop selbst,sprich die gewohnte third person ansicht der Schiffe fällt bei tauchgang weg.Man sieht nur in die Richtung in die das Periskop zeigt. -ein getauchte Uboot ohne ausgefahrenens Periskop kann sich nur anhand einer eingeschränkten Minimap orientieren(zeigt nur letzte bekannte Schiffspositionen an) + dem was das Sonar an Schiffsgeräuschen aufspürt,sprich je schneller ein Schiff fährt,je lauter der Schiffsmotor,je eher kann das Uboot den Feind orten. -Schiffe können Uboote unter Wasser mit Sonar/Radar orten,ebenfalls je schneller das Uboot fährt und je häufiger es den Kurs wechselt um so eher kann man präzise Orten und Wasserbomben abwerfen,ebenfalls das abfeuern von Uboottorpedos sollte die Position von Ubooten Preis geben -Was die Geschwindigkeit der Uboote angeht so wäre mein Vorschlag sich in diesem Fall nicht ganz so sehr auf Realismus zu setzen,sondern zum wohle das Balancing die KNT soweit hochzuschrauben wie nötig. -Ähnlich wie die Flugzeugträger könnten Uboote auf maximal 1-2 Stück pro gefecht begrenzt werden -Uboote wären auch für Flottenbäume wie Deutschland sehr von Vorteil da ja angesichts des realen Hintergrunds,Deutschland nicht wirklich viele Flugzeugträger hatte,so könnte Deutschland ersatzweise einen Ubootforschungbaum bekommen. -getauchte Uboote mit eingefahrenen Periskop bekommen eine Innenansicht in der man auf einen Schreibtisch im ubootinnenraum sieht und größtenteils nur die Minimap sieht welche lediglich,wie schon erwähnt,nur die geografische aspekte der karte zeigt + das was das Sonar ausmachen kann+die letzten bekannten Schiffspositionen,wobei es überlegenswert wäre ob man das Geräusch was man per Sonar ortet vllt erst noch per periskop überprüft werden muss,sprich überprüfen ob das was man ortet ein Freund oder Feindschiff ist. wenn man nur per Sonar schießt könnte man versehentlich ein verbündetes Schiff torpedieren. Je nachdem wieviel Zeit seit dem abtauchen vergangen ist muss man abschätzen ob die ortung zwangsläufig ein gegner ist oder evtl ein verbündeter der bereits weiter vorgerückt ist. Worauf ich hinaus will ist folgendes,wenn man die art und weise wie Uboote und Zerstörer einander Orten können entsprechend einschränkt könnte es vom balancing funktionieren. Ich wünsche mir richtig spannende hetzjagten per Radar,Sonar,Periskop,Wasserbomben ect,zwischen Ubooten und Schiffen.Wobei natürlich auch Kreuzer,Schlachtschiffe und Flugzeugträger die möglichkeit haben sollten sich gegen Uboote zur wehr zu setzen.Flugzeugträger zb mit einem Spezialflugzeug welches Sonarbojen aussetz und so in bestimmten Bereichen alles ubootbewegungen in einem bestimmten Umkreis orten kann.
  13. Turion1979

    Feedback an Suggestions to Ranked

    I dont know if thats Correct in here, but i suggest Wargaming to review the Ranked Battles a bit. Because it should be controlled like the ammount of Ships, you can use in TeamBattles - maybe a "bit" improved. At least there are seven Slots free - which can be filled by Ships. So i would suggest to limit the ammount of Destroyers in the Game and as well they should improve the Matchmaking in Ranked Battles as well - which means if there are 2 Tier 7 Battleships in one Team, same ammount should be in Enemy Team, same goes for Carriers , Cruisers, Destroyers... what i mean is this sometimes you just play 2 Battleships vs 2 Battleships but 5 vs 5 Destroyers ruins your BB Life very fast... Im not sure, if Wargaming allows to Play Tier 8 or 9 in Ranked, but how about to split? at least that might gave other Players a Chance to play Ranked. And also i would suggest, that you might give the "Lower Tiers a Chance to play Ranked and at least give them some Camo or Flags so my suggestion would be maybe call it Junior Leage or such? Rank 25 - 20 Tier III and IV Rank 20 - 15 Tier V and VI, Rank 15 -10 Tier VI - VII Rank 10 - 5 Tier VIII - IX Rank 5 -1 Tier IX - X The same Issue goes for PremCarriers like the Saipan, which is just to Overpowered in Ranked Battles. Because it carry Tier 9 Planes and every Player - doesnt matter if its a Ranker or a Hiryu, will loose the Mood to play their Carriers in Ranked because a Saipan gets "ClearSky" almost every Game which means they are pretty wasted. And on the other Hand, its Tier 9 Divebombers are sometimes (not always) able to ONEShot a Destroyer or even deal huge Ammount of Damage to a Cruiser And just about Prem "Cruisers" the Indianapolis is able to carry Radar Consumable, in Ranked where you try to hide yourself in a DD - you are Toast. Maybe the Yorck or German Cruisers can use their Hydro but... Radar... well done... The same goes for the Maps in the Ranked Battles, Wargaming should really think about remove the Ocean Map from the Ranked Battles, if i remember correct - that Map is used to collect Data (while there was no Cap Points included in the Closed Beta Test) infact that Map is just "TO" Big for playing 7 vs 7 Ships. And almost its seems, that Players if they got no Rocks or some Obstacles as an Orientation, get lost in that Map. I can only say, thats my first Session i really try to Focus a bit on Ranks - on the Start it was fun on the End its more Frustration. Good Gameplay to the Guys who reached higher Ranks then the most... for myself thats it. I hope there are no Trolls in this Topic, we have enough of tham ALL Day in the Chat or inGame Chats. Oh and... Sorry if i miss some Words - im not a English Speaking Guy
  14. samanta1960

    Blending of warships

    Hi all to make it more fun and realistic it would be fair to have: levels : 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 Best. By the way I do not have the "detected" flag appearing on my screen. And I do not have name, type of ship etc on each vessel on my screen despite having tried to tune my control panel..... Seem that on YouTube videos other landscapes and détails are available. Is it become I am located in EU and for America you have an other upgrade ? Best
  15. Hello Guys, im taking that Quote for the Q/A to the Community Topic: "Are there any improvements planned for the in-game report system?We are working on improvements to this system, even though currently we have bigger fish to fry (as you will see in few upcoming updates). And, of course, we are following the results of the report system all the time". Thats one Thing i want to ask as well, i mean about Christmas Convoy you make a nice Move after some Community Posts. About other Ships, you are trying to do that as well. Sadly you saying "you have bigger Fish to fry" but how it comes... that its possible to get Reported 8 Times from a Division (sometimes its the same Division) who just see you in the Enemy Team and bam there it goes. You get Reported if you play well - if you play NOT well, you get reported if you are shooting the wrong Guys, if you dont spot in a Carrier. "If you cant Play Carrier in your Allied Forces Eyes" and for some other Things as well. So really - when do you have fryd the Fish? And thats not one of the other Whiny Topics that i create like - i get ****** in a Game even if there are some Players outside who cant follow the Rules and still have more accuracy to hit the Report Button instead of hit the Firebutton and hit some Ships?! Seems like its happening the same as it happens in WoT, because some Players dont like SPG Players and Report them. Oh and just about my Updated Case "i get a 24hr Chat Ban by Complaints which means "Reported for missbehaviour in Chat" and why? Because this: You have been Reported 8 Times for a Battle that i endet in as a Defeat / Top Place of XP / Money and serval Badges (its a Prem Account btw) but look what Score Is that a Reason for Reporting a Player 8 Times - or 6 Times - or 4 / 2 Times? No... its not... But "that Causes me a 24 Hour Chatban" Thank you "Players" (i dont post the Names of the Division who reported me because its against the Rules, just saying, meet them again - Battle is over "You have been Reported 6 Times"
  16. shr84

    Formationen fördern

    ich fände es cool wenn mann schlachtformationen irgendwie belohnen würde.Z.b. das einer eine schlachtformation via formations-wheel auswählt (4 zur auswahl zb. Line, reihe,....) und dann die geisterhaften umrisse von schiffen anzeigen wo die teammitglieder sich befinden müssen das der belohnungszähler anfängt zu zählen.könnte capitains EP oder so geben, liegt ja nahe.
  17. Bueno aquí os dejo mi canal de Twitch twitch.tv/xenkxp. Podéis uniros a jugar conmigo mi nick en el juego es xenk Nos vemos en el juego chicos.
  18. Hello ladies and gentlemen (Sorry, couldn't think of a better intro ) I'm Tony, a Belgian gamer who set his youtube channel up quite recently. My channel's focus is World of Warships but I'm going to expand it to other games too. (This could literally be every gamegenre) I'm not going to claim I'm the best in the game (yet) and my English isn't the best either (that's propably not going to get better :p ) but I think I can offer a unique (unformal but still serious) look at the game. If you are interested please click the link below, it's a mod spotlight I made for a friend and at the moment it is my latest video. And if you were wondering. Yes I like to use brackets in texts. P.S.: Please add feadback so I can improve
  19. Potent_

    Check out my channel :)

    Hey guys, how you all doin'? I've been on YouTube for quite a while now and have only recently found out that I quite enjoy making videos. Because of which, I've started up my channel primarily focusing on Warships content. (However, I may throw in vids from other games just for laughs.) You can check out my channel trailer here: One of my recent uploads which you guys will no doubt enjoy: And to prove to you guys that i'm all in it for the laughs: I also have started doing guides: And finally a bonus video (900K credit game DD) If you've made it all the way down here, then sorry for the long post and thanks for checking my stuff out. - ArcticStrike.
  20. _Nordstern_

    Hakuryu Oynayış Videosu

    Bu maç, bu zamana kadar yapmış olduğum en zevkli bir kaç maçdan birisi oldu. Çünkü takımı 2 kişi sırtladık. Takım oyununun ne demek olduğunu bu videoda görebilirsiniz. İyi seyirler dilerim.
  21. Hello everyone, As so many of my viewers suggested that this is not only some gameplay, but a really helpfull guide in how to hit your torpedos more often, I will make a seperate topic out of it. It is basically a nice game on my Hatsuharu (something like 2700xp base) and I explain what my thought process is when I fire my torpedos. Hope this will help the captain that are struggling on the destroyers.
  22. Good day ladies and gentlemen, since I haven't seen much in terms of a in-depth guide on the Commander Skills and what exactly they mean to you as a newer player I decided to start a thread focusing on helping newer people decide what skills are the best/most viable to take and which one to ignore on the various ships that are available. Feel free to add in your own thoughts and opinions but keep in mind that I will only stay on the basics as to why you should take certain skills...so here goes: Level 1 Commander Skills: Priority Target (PT in short) The very first skill to pick and what I consider should be the bread and butter of every aspiring captain that doesn't want to play a carrier. This skill will let you know when you are being targeted by an enemy ship and by how many (CVs excluded since they don't have actual guns they can aim on you). What this essentially means is that you know when exactly people have eyes on you and plan of giving you the bad news which allows you to do evasive maneuvers more effectively and lets you know when to duck in and out of action provided you have the opportunity to. (It also acts as a "soft" counter against destroyers as they usually target you when dropping their torpedoes, provided you are not sitting in a smokescreen which makes it very obvious when they will attack you from stealth.) Preventive Maintenance (PM in short) A skill that I personally rate only decent at best for destroyers since their modules tend to get incapacitated easier than most other ships and rely on having the torpedos and guns ready to go incase of a emergency. On any other class I would rate this skill as bad if not even useless since the worst thing that can possibly happen as a cruiser or battleship is that the main guns get taken out, which should be rather rarely the case. Take note that secondaries and AA batteries are not affected by this skill so using it in conjunction with skills related to those roles is pretty much meaningless unless your main guns also act as AA defense. (only some DDs and a few cruisers) Expert Loader (EL in short) A skill that I personally rate as pretty much useless all the way since you should always fire all your guns before switching ammo types which clashes with this skill, on situations where you only have a limited time frame to deal damage it is almost always better to just shoot instead of letting all the guns reload first just to switch ammo types afterwards for half the orginal reloading time, in alot of ships that is about 15-40 seconds wasted just to get the proper ammo you want to use in a given situation which could've been used to just deal damage instead, it has some synergy with cruisers that focus on stealth to get a sneaky shot in when the opportunity presents itself but that still makes the skill not worth taking in my book, Aircraft Servicing Expert (ASE in short) Pretty straightforward Carrier pick, it ups the endurance of your planes and lets you reload your planes faster which means more actions can be taken as a CV, not much else to say about it other than it is useless on any other class if you couldn't tell by now. Direction Center for Catapult Aircraft (DCCA in short) A skill that in my opinion is a rather mixed bag to take, it allows you to have 2 catapult planes around which means more overall protection in the air helping you see torpedos or annoy CV Players trying to get a drop on you which can be life saving, but if you have proper awareness and stick close to a few teammates neither of the two instances are much to worry about. Especially since you should always adjust your speed and course every now and then if you know there are DDs around to throw off their aim. It is great to have as a added insurance, but not really nessecary to have since you can always spend that one captain point somewhere more overall usefull, your choice to make. Dogfighting Expert (DFE in short) A Carrier skill that in my opinion only exists anymore because the Saipan is a thing... (T9 planes as a T7 Carrier lul). The only thing worthwhile on this skill is that your fighters gain a little bit more ammo, the boost in damage against higher tier planes is neglible at best as higher tier planes both deal more damage and tank way more to begin with, so having it will not let you trade any better against higher tier planes in a direct fight and the damage boost does not work for strafing runs making it a pretty pointless pick. Incoming Fire Alert (IFA in short) This skill always has been on the edge of existance on any competetive player as it is essentially a watered down version of PT making it a questionable pick since it only lets you know that shots aimed at you directly are on the way which makes it pretty useless if you have said skill above, considering that most of the time your maneuvering before the enemy ship fires decide whether you evade or not this skill should just be forgotten all entirely, especially since it doesn't work with torps. (Would be OP as hell if it would.) Evasive Maneuvers (EVM in short) A Carrier skill that actively gimps your performance rather than helping you more often than not. This skill makes your planes less fragile and detectable when returning to the carrier which has a big catch to it. It also slows them down like crazy which really does not help you when trying to get work in your CV done (keep in mind your job as a CV is not dealing the big numbers all the time, but to support). It makes it near impossible to get fighters off your bombers after they dropped their payload since it basically negates their Speed Bonus and the added durability means nothing if you cannot get those planes out of a strafing run, meaning they will wind up dead either way. Just avoid that skill at all costs if you plan on taking up a Carrier. thats the first part of 4 parts done. (PHEW what a doozie) I will write up the other parts as time comes but for now I wanna have some feedback about what you think about the guide thus far and if I should continue this way. Just to clarify again, I will NOT include any kind of stats and number wizzardary in here and only keep it down to actual experiences and opinions about certain skills.
  23. CptCornDawg

    World of Warships with GourmetPlays

    Hey guys and gals ! Finally i broke and got World of Warships bundle to show you what this game is all about! So Far i'm lovin' it ! So i talk about the game and show summ replays.Help me get better and leave a comment with your suggestions. Also check out my World of Tanks content in the WoT Forums or on the channel ! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/364866-world-of-tanks-with-gourmetplays/ Cheers !
  24. Himbeerchen

    Do you encounter more static gameplay?

    Simple question. There are enough RPF-threads out there, i want to collect some informations from the playerbase. It is not about your position towards the skills, just the things you experience after patch 0.6.0.
  25. Happy New Year! Yesterday I purchased the Blyskawica and while it is still available for sale I thought that I would share my opinion on the ship. Feel free to check out my review, and let me know what you think!