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Found 2 results

  1. ZuiMelanieForno

    DS4/PS4 Controller with Xpadder (no Carriers)

    Hi Captain. I made a DS4 Controller Setup for Xpadder to use this Gamepad with World of Warships. I play this Game only with this Setup, no Mouse or Keyboard anymore. I already Posted in the Forum a XBOX360 Controller Setup, and it is a long Post so this time I created PDF-Files. I will post here the Complete Package. which contains a 6 Pages long PDF-File, the Xpadder Files (2) and a Screenshot of the WoWS Gamesettings. The PDF file is split in two parts. The first covers a Introduction and Quick-Setup for the DS4 Gamepad. The second Part covers the Button Layout and Combos in Sheets and contains a Table for Printout, if needed. In this Post will be the Xpadder Controller File as a seperate Download, the Xpadder Profile as Download and also the Profile as Plain Text for Copy Paste. (Xpadder users know howto use it...) Please Download the whole Package for Your convinience! DS4 Controller in WoWS with Xpadder.zip 5.38MB The Xpadder Controllerfile (not needed if DS4 Gamepad was setup already, Xpadder Veterans targeted here) DS4 on Windows.zip 196.08K This is the Magic file, the Xpaddder Profile World of Warships Sets DS4.zip 1.11K For Forum Guests the content of the .xpadderprofile as Text to Copy and Paste. Images of the PDF File only the Sheets. Please give me hints about Typos and faulty Xpadder Files, I will correct them as soon as possible. Worktime on this about 90 Hours. I spent mor time on creating all of this then Playing WoWS... I will reconsider... lol c.u. Zui from Hamburg Germany World of Warships Sets DS4.zip DS4 on Windows.zip DS4 Controller in WoWS with Xpadder.zip
  2. Bloody_Soul1

    World of Warships mit Gamepad?

    Hi liebe community Ich bin jetzt neu hier im forum und weiss deshalb nicht ob dieses thema schonmal irgendwie vorkam, aber ich wolte einfach mal fragen ob es möglich das spiel mit dem Gamepad zu spielen. Ich weiss das halt nicht weil ich noch kein beta key habe, aber ich würde es geil finden wenn es geht. Sollte es gehen habe ich auch schon die nächste frage. Und zwar wie lässt sich das so spielen mit Gamepad? Vielen dank schonmal mfg bloody_soul1