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Found 11 results

  1. VOET

    Game Crash After New Update

    Game keeps on crashing after the battle start and I can only get back into the game once the battle is done. And then I have a pink status with a violation warning. Who else have the sam problem?
  2. Dusan_The_Mighty

    WOW EU Wont Open for me

    My game crashed, and once I returned, instead of getting me back in to battle, I received penalty for "Idle time"(I was out 1min). Now I cant even open World of Warships EU official page. Is anyone else have this problem? And can anyone tell me can this penalty be removed? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, Do you guys experience WoWs crash with latest v0.7.3 (i.e. after last patch and "fix") if you play lots of games in a row? I twisted my ankle and have to stay put (2 weeks in orthopedic plaster cast and now without it but still staying put). Therefore I have (extremely rare) opportunity to play a bit more than usual... But every single day I have WoWs crash in the middle of the game when WoWs is started for long long time and after many many battles are played... Is anyone else experiencing this as well? Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Thread on Reddit:
  4. So since update 0.7.4 I have not been able to join a division or create one as when I do my game freezes for 5 seconds then closes itself with no "Critical Error" window or even a "World of Warships has stopped working" window. This is confusing as it has never done this before (but has with critical error message) and has something to do with the Aslains Modpack I use, I have tried reinstalling mod or waiting for it to be updated and install but that's no use. I can create and join a division without the mod but its such a shame as I dont enjoy the game unless I have the modpack, so I cant play with friends. I hoped that the new 0.7.5 update would solve this issue but it has not and is frustrating. What would anyone recommend doing ?
  5. Anyone else experiencing some stability issues in game like constant game crases, unable to load ships or something else? This sh1tfest started with new patch and its question when it will be fixed. Have no plan to grind anything when I can expect game crash in any battle... Last patch had a lot of bugs but seems WG have to keep this tradition of annoying bugs and in new patch. GG...
  6. Okinii_1

    Critical Error Occured

    Hallo, Heute erst installiert und schon funktioniert das Spiel nicht mehr. Das erste Coop game ging noch, danach hatte ich jedes game mindestens einen crash, manchmal sogar 2. Meistens schaffe ich es auch garnicht mehr zu reconnecten da ich im Ladescreen "synchronisiere..." hänge und sich nichts tut bis ich das game wieder neustarte. Ich habe mich auch schon durch ein paar Foreneinträge gelesen aber keine wirkliche Lösung gefunden. Treiber ist aktuell und das game jetzt als 1. Lösungsansatz zu reinstallieren habe ich jetzt nicht gemacht da ich es vor ein paar Stunden ja erst runtergeladen hab. Achja, was mir aufgefallen ist: Manchmal passiert es zwar mitten im Game, aber scheinbar JEDES mal wenn ich sterbe. Dann gibt es sofort nen crash. >Den Crash im Menü habe ich scheinbar damit behoben das Game nicht mehr in Vollbild sondern im Fenster-modus zu spielen.< Falsch gedacht! -> Das Game mag es einfach gar nicht wenn ich raus-tabbe! (was ich nicht mitten im Spiel mache) Hilfe!
  7. HMCite

    Critical Error

    While playing world of warships today, my game crased twice in first game giving an error. Any one Else having same problem? And if any one has a solution, please respond. Thanks
  8. CzSkileer

    Padání hry

    Zdravím, po 2 měsicích nehraní jsem si aktualizoval hru, spustil ji a po chvilce hraní mi vyskoší tato chyba, nevíte někdo co s tím ? Mám notebook Acer Aspire 5742G 4 GB RAM Intel core i3-370M 2.4GHz (2jádro) Nvidia GeForce GT 540M 1GB je to slabší notebook ale hru jsem naněm normálně vždy rozjel
  9. Fonfalks

    Game crash

    Hi guys, i was wondering if i am only one who has this, but after last patch there have been some strange things happening game stability wise. Sometimes ships just starts to flicker and suddenly i am like stuck in water for few seconds, and sometimes ship even disappears. Last game was really bad, ship started to flicker, scree froze, only sounds were available and then after it unfroze (freezing lasted for about 8 seconds) i was dead. I dont think it is my PCs fault, because everything worked perfect, every other process worked perfect, my internet connection is about 100MBs and very stable so i can only assume it was servers fault. In that last game it was really strange - all fleets were on same side of map and we had 4 carriers and all planes were on same side too, i wonder if that can cause server crash.
  10. Devil_Poul

    game crash

    no i jest problem. nie zdarza się to często bo dwa, czasem trzy razy dziennie, ale... w czasie bitwy wyskakuje informacja o tym że gra przestała działać, system zbiera informacje i.... to tyle, kolejne próby uruchomienia gry. próby, bo czasem przy odpalaniu gry potrafi zawiesić się cały system i nie działa nic, poza odcięciem zasilania.
  11. Flavio1997

    Game crashing

    Since i'm playing, from February, i had only 1 game crash out of more than 1k of games, until today when I firstly play wows with the 3.1 update. In 1 hour the game had crashed 8-10 times; after the first, that was after around 10 minutes of gaming, all the others arrived even before that i could reload the battle screen, i have also tryed to restart the computer about 3 times, but nothing happened. After the first 3 crashes Iopened the afterburner to see if something was wrong with the temperatures or the frequencies, but I've seen that all the parameters were good, even while I was loading the game I was awais below the 60% of usage and 60° of heat for both cpu and gpu (in fact the gpu's fans weren't even spinning). I have noticed that the problem appeared when i bought the premium accont, because before it didn't do that. I play the game with everything maxed out. My pc is a self-made pc ( built less tha 3 months ago) with theese specs: Processor: i7-4790k 4.4ghz GPU: msi gtx 970 gaming Power Supply: corsair 850W Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97x gaming 7 Hard disk: Toshiba 1tb Windows 8.1 I hope you will find the trouble, right now i'm doing a clean download of the full game. Reply me if you need more info Tryed now with the clean game...it happened again... hope you are going to find the problem soon, i don't want to waste the 30 days of premium i bought today