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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Our clan is coming back onto the surface, you can read about us more in here. Basically our idea was to use nice and smart set ups and fair play (instead of smart and cheeky one), so being bold and supportive as a team (and rather reflecting the true nature of naval warfare than exploiting game loopholes). Above all our purpose was to have good fun and laugh, and keep up a good atmosphere among us during the battle. And the last but important was to allow each other to grow together (not just to focus on and select top arsy snobs with the best results and mastrubate over that). So we provide assistance to those who want to pull their pants up and develop. The key thing binding us is team spirit - so communication communication communication. === Anyone with winrate 48% or higher and avg exp coming towards 1000 + at least understanding basic English and willing to come up to the team speak to hear others, is W-e-l-c-o-m-e. === You can find us here or through the game server (in-game) - [GPC] Good Packs Clan (or you can contact me in person through my forum profile /send message/ or in the game panel /contacts/). All the best
  2. Hi, as we reached close to 30 in number, and soon will have 40 seats available altogether, we welcome any good players, willing to become co-commanders of our clan, and to exploit this good pack. So, if you have any good/cool ideas about developing a clan, and want to put them in place, using this ready made crowd of pretty good players... than feel free to apply for this position and blitz promotion and join. If it's the case that you are part of some other clan already or even a commander amd would consider some kind of merge... that's even cooler. So All, feel free to take it up into your minds. To know a bit more about our clan you can look up int oour previous threads on this forum:
  3. (you can always try to find us on our TS: eurots2.gameservers.com:9161) Criteria: >45% win rate and ~or>800 avg exp, use of English (doesn't have to perfect), TS. ==== So, after suddenly people started storming in our benches, and we started running out of seats (few days ago we were struggling to get the numbers for our 1st team)... now we decided to set up 2nd team!... So we have GOOD NEWS for all who are still interested in us and want to join and didn't find their place in GPC1....: We had just set up a GPC 2 team.! What will that do?: Well, it will play few functions and be a part of a larger concept of growing us into Good Packs Clan - a tribe of people enjoying playing with each other, supporting each other and letting the weaker grow with them (not predators interested only in the most tight aasss snobs gamestyle madafaka): 1) First of all it will allow those who were willing to play with us in the team (but haven't reached in time for those few provided by WG seats) and whom support us now as mercenaries, to have the joy of playing in the team of their own, experience the struggles and the hardship of taking partial responsibility of managing the team (in this awkwardly designed panel and set of functions) /so to appreciate our effort and were we got to :-) / So this will be a kind of nursery to try things out for everyone who is fond of us, and to hang around, and to gain some experience, and to do it at no cost of GPC 1 :-). 2) Also so GPC 2 members and GPC 2 mercenaries can play (e.g. with players from GPC 1) when I am not around (cause restriction on GPC1 is "no battles without me" - which I won't put on GPC 2) To be able to play team battles when I am not online - as in GPC 1 the clear restriction for now is that there are no battles when I am not online, and even then on I am calling them in, and there's no such restriction being put on GPC 2; So if I am not online (GPC 1 is not playing) GPC 2 "nursery" members will be allowed and encouraged actually to invite GPC 1 members as mercenaries (so not only they will got support, shared wisdom and experience in the battle, but will give opportunity to GPC 1 members to enjoy team battle, when it's impossible for GPC 1, without leaving the clan... :-)) ). 3) This will also work the other way round for now (which means, that, until we'll grow to even larger numbers /GPC 3 and so on.../, Members of GPC 2 will be able to support efforts of GPC 1, when their team themselves won't have sufficient numbers (and gain experience this way) ...And, in the future, this team might turn up into being a real full on team, with respectable players (then we'll make GPC 3 and so on...) == So altogether all those aspiring but not finding full seated seats at the centre of anything yet, will feel and see that we are going somewhere with [all of] you, and won't think "oh, [edited]being this mercenary all the time, I want to be part of something real and bigger" - answer to your thoughts will be: "so here you have, here you got it, we are even making it for you to make it easier [for you] and avoid some pain aass hardships of this team panel designed by WG :-) and we've even helped you out with it and will introduce you to it". === But there's another thing: in opposition to the GPC 1 criteria (>48% win rate, ~1000 avg exp) we'll make the threshold for you a bit lower - so this area a bit more accessible (at least until GPC 3 won't get created). And this is: >45% win rate and ~or>800 avg exp, use of English (doesn't have to perfect), TS. So storm in!... :-)) and enroll here (or click on my nickname in the left upper corner of this post, above unpresent photo, to "send me a message"). === Thread of the original GPC 1 Team (first team of Good Pack Clan) - to read a bit more about the whole development and the progress of the Packs' forefrontiers: here