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Found 23 results

  1. HerMajestysShipGuide: Japanese Cruisers Tier V-IX June2020 version 0.9.5 Be welcome to the second of our guides. Last time we did the Russian tech tree cruisers, and as we are currently grinding our way through the Japanese for a second time, we thought why not just make a guide out of it? So here it is the guide about how we love to play the nippon fun machines. “At this point we really have to talk about a thing that occurs from time to time while having fun with the MM. Often times while playing tier VII we have games in which we meet so called “fail-divisions”, divisions in which for example one player has a tier V New York and one or two others use tier IV cruisers. What happens is that the matchmaker cannot handle these squads and ends up putting them in one team so that team with normally tier V to VII ships is stuck having two tier IV instead of tier V and the other having normal tier V to VII ships. This cripples the team with the tier IV ships so much and they end up losing much of their offensive power, as a tier IV in most cases has no chance of being offensive against the tier VII that sit on the other side. This happens because the Power difference when jumping form IV to V is enormous. For example, Kuma is not a bat ship, but Furutaka is better in any point, better guns, better speed better armour, and so on. This is also the case in most other nations. So, in most cases if the “normal team” does really big mistakes, the “fail team” will end up losing. There for we do ask you, just don’t do Tier IV/V or V/VI squads, it is for your own good.” So, let us begin with the guide: The characteristics stay the same on all ships of this tree, with only Mogami being an exception depending on the guns that are used. Therefore, we will write one guide on how we played the Ships and only make a small exception for Mogami’s gun choice. All of them can get pretty decent detection range when maxed out so they are quite stealthy. All of them are using or can use the famous Japanese 8-inch naval guns. These have decent AP which can devastate broadsiding cruisers and do good damage on broadside BBs when fired on their upper belt. The HE has high damage an incredibly good fire chance and like all 8-inches after the IFHE rework they have 34mm pen so you wont need IFHE. The range on the other hand varies a little bit as Furutaka (T V) only has 13.9km range but it gets constantly better from ship to ship until we reach the peak of 16.5 at the tier IX Ibuki. The range is enough to keep enemies at a comfortable distance while engaging or kiting away but do note that there are lot of cruisers who get much more range. Their downside is that their main guns take ages to turn which makes it mandatory to plan ahead while moving and fighting. They have very powerful torpedoes which do much damage, are travelling at a good speed, and have longer ranges than all other cruisers. They are all able to fire torpedoes at enemies while kiting them and getting a good chance for the enemy to get into the range of the fired torpedoes as they all have a very small gap between getting detected and getting in torpedo range. Some of them are even able to stealth fire their torpedoes as them have less detection than torpedo range. However nearly all of them are only able to fire broadside and backwards so facing away from the enemy is mandatory for torpedoing. Their AA is really crappy until you get to the tier IX Ibuki and tier X Zao they have at least okayish AA power. The fact that your AA will not stop any CV from attacking, makes it necessary to dodge their Attacks and getting a good routine at doing this. Armor wise they do behave more like light cruisers, so there is no scenario in which you can bow tank fire from enemy BBs. However, your armour is enough to angle and bow tank cruiser AP and most of them have enough belt armour to prevent BB shells from penetrating their citadel through it while the ship is angled. They all can move at high speeds and have good rudder shift times, but they also have turning circles that are over 700m which makes it impossible to turn in front of an enemy without giving them a good opportunity of just deleting the entire ship. Because as mentioned above, their belt armour is not enough to protect the citadel against incoming fire when not angled correctly. Consumables: From tier VI on all of them get the choice between Hydro or def AA for their first slot, while Furutaka has no choice and mounts the Hydro. Which to choose depends on your play stile. If you are really annoyed about CVs def AA at least helps to shoot down a few of their Planes although it really is no game changer for their AA. Thy hydro however while not being German is still good enough to help if you must engage a DD. All of them get a catapult fighter whose effect is very rng dependent. Zao gets the option to change this catapult fighter for a spotter which I really encourage you to do so. From tier IX you get a standard cruiser heal which also helps staying afloat as long as you don’t eat citadels. Our little Furutaka and Mogami Gun special: These two are the only ships we get with multiple options for our main battery. For Furutaka its very simple, just get the 8 inch guns as soon as you can, the 200 guns are just crap and inferior in every aspect. With Mogami it’s a little bit different, she can choose between the 155mm guns she had historically first, or she can use the 8-inch guns she was refitted with. We prefer the 8-inch guns, as they do have far less HE damage per minute, but they do have 34mm of HE pen. The 155mm only have 31mm He pen so in order to make them more comfortable when fighting BBs which have 32mm plating it is needed to use the IFHE skill. But this will drastically decrease the chance to set fires whereas the 8-inch guns already get a better chance of setting fires than the 155mm. Also, the longer reload on the 8-inch guns decreases the times we have to overextend when kiting away. Also the 8 inch guns turn faster than the 155mm guns and for the last point they get much better angle when firing backwards than the 155mm which again leads to more comfortable kiting. Our play style: The good concealment allows us to get a little bit closer than we could do with the Russian cruisers. But we don’t really push in before we have the intel on where each enemy is. The good torpedo armament often tempts players into trying early torpedo attacks. Don’t do that. See the Torpedoes of these ships more as a bonus tool for specific situations. If an enemy follows you can set a trap with your torps. Also torps are most effective when you are unspotted. And especially with Japanese cruisers, as your limited arcs let your enemy see by your movement if you have torpedoed, therefore take your time and torp when unspotted. If we face BBs we try to roll with our mates but are careful not to attract focus fire. In most situations kiting against enemy BBs is the easiest way to dodge incoming fire. And never forget that they can overmatch you. If you have to decide, nose in is the better option than making an open turn in front of a BB, but our aim is always not to get trapped into such situations. When there is no BB endangering us and we get only faced by cruisers we tend to play very aggressive. If they seem to open up we fire ap but if they try to nose tank we just spam them with HE. While fighting cruisers it is always important not to overextend, as they can devastate us when doing so the same way we punish every overextension. If we have to choose between overextending to bring in the rear guns and not doing so, don’t using the rear guns is often the better option. When we start getting focused by multiple enemies, we just stop shooting at them to get unspotted and get more distance. For this to work you need to always keep more distance to your enemy then your detection range. In the sum we really love this ships as they reward tactical and calm gameplay and with the torpedoes always keep an ace in the backhand. Our upgrade choices: Tier V Furutaka: Tier VI Aoba: Tier VII Myoko: Tier VIII Mogami: Tier IX Ibuki: Captain Build: This are the builds we are running across this line. Note that there is a variety of builds that can be used on this line especially for kiting/ He spam. For example preventive maintenance can also help very much. We use incoming fire alert to further support our kiting and dodging. Last stand is very important to keep mobile when kiting away even when modules are damaged. From tier IX on he superintendent is useful to get the extra heal but for the lower tears its not that useful. Survivability expert is very useful for cruisers as often times that last HP keeps us longer afloat than anyone would believe. The demo expert is very useful as it just buffs the already quite high fire chance on the 8-inch guns. Radiolocation is big help against enemies that have better concealment than us. And concealment expert is mandatory to improve the gap between detection and torpedo range. And now that you are finished, sail out and get you that Zao! Yar Majesty
  2. conceited

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    I`d like to thank wargaming for making the furutaka. Thanks to the furutaka... I uninstalled the game and gained soo much free time to study for my medical exams! Thanks wargaming! If the worst battleship and worst destroyer had a baby.. it would be the furutaka. Youll be outgunned by cruisers a tier below you... and your reload rate is no where good enough to be accurate. You`ll spend ur time change your ship direction because u`ll get killed, each time you fire is essentially like making that very first shot. avoid this ship at all costs. I dont post but i log on just to express my anger at those [edited]idiots we call wargaming
  3. BigBadBeef

    Right... so... this happened...

    After a whole sunday of being plagued by bad RNGeesus concerning my German secondaries, this happened. I haven't done enough battles yet to ascertain anything about this incident, so I'll just plain ask it - is it even funny?
  4. Hey there! So I recently decided to come back to the game after a very long break, that being that I mostly played in the alpha/beta and have only casually played the odd game since then. Since I moved to the UK recently I decided to totally remake my account on EU and start fresh - I've been having a lot of fun! ... But I have some questions and concerns I'd quite like to get some answers to that have been causing me some issues. Firstly, unless my memory fails me, it seems like there are oh-so-many more Battleships in every match than there was back when I used to play, like i'm talking at least 5-7 players per team will be battleships with maybe 1 or 2 cruisers max (like really where have all the cruisers gone? O.o) and a few destroyers. The thing is I like to play Cruisers but the whole "everyone's a battleship" is causing me a lot of headaches. As far as i'm aware Cruisers are countered by Battleships, so how is one wanting to play a cruiser supposed to be competitive when almost all the enemies are your counter? Am I playing wrong, is this an issue with me or are cruisers just in a naturally bad place with matchmaking like this? Are Cruisers struggling right now because of this or are they as good as ever? If this is the case, is there any reason for this Battleship spam and is it likely to subside? (I'm currently playing tier III-VI ships right now so i'm not sure if it's the same at tier IX to X). My second concern is that I'm currently on the Furutaka and i've read peoples suggestions and advice on how to play it but I just don't seem to be able to make it work. I hear this ship is actually a really good so It leaves me a bit disheartened for continuing the rest of the IJN cruiser line. Is this more-or-less the play-style of the rest of the ship line or does it get better? Is the Furutaka an oddball IJN cruiser that doesn't really play much like the others or is she a good indicator of the rest of the line of those ships? I have issues with the whole "you gotta keep your front towards the enemy at all times and never expose broadside thing." like how does one actually maneuver around the battlefield if you have to be head-on all the time? People say "you gotta play it like a Battleship" but I can't stand Battleship gameplay, it's far too slow and non-adaptive for me, so is the rest of the line like this ethos? Or could my issues be due to my aforementioned Battleship spam? Another thing is that I've been thinking of giving the Frenchie cruisers a go; However I recall when I was watching Jingles' review video of them on Youtube when they were in the test server that the tier 10 was rather underwhelming and not very competitive, did this change before release? Or is it still rather mediocre? I got the tier VI De Grasse premium cruiser and I really like how it plays, is the rest of the line similar? Also, i've been thinking of trying the German Destroyers. I love the guns on the Russian DD's and the amazing, long range, Torps' of IJN ones - and I hear the Germans are somewhat of a middleground? How is that line, is the tier 10 good? Sorry for the question spam - i'm just really getting into the game but feel a little bit lost on some fronts and would like to find a line of ships to really focus on as well as get some clarification on some concerns of mine. As I last played the game seriously in alpha/beta I think I had a Fubuki and Mogami (when those were tier 7) and remember liking the Myoko but not the Fubuki so much but I think that was mainly because I needed to learn how to play it xD. I remember wishing it had way better guns so I had something to do between torps' though. Thanks to anyone who can answer me i'll make sure to monitor the thread and I look forward to some responses :)
  5. Sargento_Rico


    No entiendo muchas quejas que leo sobre el crucero japonés Furutaka cuando es una máquina para destrozar barcos (al menos desde mi punto de vista) Alguien me puede decir que tiene de bueno y de malo?
  6. SgtBarnes75

    Struggling with the FurryTaco

    I 'am really struggling with this ship. I don't seem to have any impact on the game a even if I stay alive long enough. I 'am no ace player but I seem to be totally useless in this ship. It's fun enough to play but I 'am just potato in it. Is there something I 'am missing ? any tips etc. I realise it not the same play style as the lower tier Jap cruisers but I just cannot sus its style out. Should I just blow past it or are the Jap cruisers all the same from this point ? I would like to get this sorted so I can have a go at ranked battles but not how I play it now. Cheers Me Hearties !
  7. http://wowreplays.com/Replay/7695-duoinvasion-Furutaka-Two-Brothers as i dont know how to upload replays to youtube this will have to do, the aoba style hull is so good, stopped playing zao to play this, am not disappointed. if someone knows how to upload replays to youtube i would be grateful for the help
  8. People have been asking me to do some lower tier commentaries, requesting a bunch of ships ranging from DDs to cruiser to BBs. Anyway decided to post the two cruiser commentaries I've done so far, the Furutaka and the Cleveland.
  9. willsanders84

    Furutaka's my favourite...

    Hi all, nice community, love the game I've hit the credit wall (tier 8s...) and so I started looking for a ship I can make credits with. I didn't want to buy a premium ship (none of them took my fancy, and I didn't particularly want to spend the money...) and I can't afford to keep buying premium. Tried low tier BBs, spammy cruisers, suicide DDs, and all the time I felt like I was farming credits, rather than enjoying the game. (I enjoy the higher tier ships I have because at that level you HAVE to concentrate, or it's game over). Finally went back to Furutaka. I remembered having enjoyed it. And my goodness. It makes you play. Are there any other Furutaka hardcore out there? If so, I wonder how you've set up your ships? I've gone for all upgraded modules, and; Captain skills: Situational awareness Expert marksman High alert (yet to gain) Last stand (yet to gain) Concealment expert Upgrades: Main battery mod 1 Main battery mod 2 (curious to know if people prefer Gun fire control system mod 1 - would it make that much difference under 13km?) Propulsion mod 1 Thanks in advance for any input from fellow Furutaka lovers. I'm having more fun playing it than I have in any other ship. Will
  10. SAVO ISLAND ORDER OF BATTLE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY 8th Fleet Striking Force --- Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi Flagship Heavy cruiser Chokai Sentai 6 --- Rear Admiral Goto Aritomo Heavy cruisers Aoba, Kinugasa, Kako, Furutaka Sentai 18 Light cruisers Tenryu, Yubari Destroyer Yunagi UNITED STATES NAVY Task Force 62 --- Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner Southern Group --- Rear Admiral Victor Crutchley, RN Heavy cruisers Australia (RAN), Canberra (RAN) [versenkt], Chicago Destroyers Bagley, Patterson Northern Group Captain --- Frederick Riefkohl Heavy cruisers Astoria [versenkt], Quincy [versenkt], Vincennes [versenkt] Destroyers Helm, Wilson Eastern Group ---- Rear Admiral Norman Scott Light cruisers San Juan, Hobart(RAN) Destroyers Monssen, Buchanan Picket Ships Destroyers Blue, Ralph Talbot The Battle of Savo Island (HBO) Quellen: + www + http://pwencycl.kgbudge.com/S/a/Savo_Island.htm + https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlacht_vor_Savo_Island + Fight to the Death - Battle of Guadalcanal (Graphic History) + THE NAVAL BATTLES FOR GUADALCANAL 1942 Clash for supremacy in the Pacific + http://www.welt.de/kultur/history/article108496055/Savo-Die-schlimmste-Niederlage-der-US-Navy.html
  11. In the OBT, I disliked the Furutaka so much that just seeing it on my screen made me cringe. But so far, in the Furu, I was able to play pretty consistent good games, dealing multiple citadel hits each game easy. Fighting the Omaha and Konigsberg, or any other cruiser it seems, became just a matter of a few salvos. Because the Furu is so skinny, I often find myself fighting off 2 battleships successfully. Did the Furu get a buff I didn't know about? Is the furutaka hate still ongoing? Now that I'm almost getting the Aoba back, I kinda want to keep the Furu, but also need the captain for his skills.... kinda a dilemma.
  12. Praecanatus

    Šílenost jménem Furutaka.

    Zdravím všechny. Teď se mi kromě mé milované Kongō dostala pod ruku loď jménem Furutaka. Napadlo mě, že to nebude moc rozdíl oproti křižníku Aoba ,který je na tieru VI a se kterým jsem měl tu čest se prohánět po moři v uzavřené betě. Byl jsem velice nemile překvapen, když jsem zjistil, že ta loď přebíjí 21 sekund. Momentálně se potkává s loděmi jako je cleaveland, který přebíjí necelých 7 sekund má dvojnásobný počet děl. I když je zde možnost upgradu který zvyšuje rychlost střelby o 0,8/m (stále naprosto nedostatečné) Furutaka není schopna konkurovat lodím na své úrovni a na úrovních, které potkává. (převážne proto, že mají 1/3nový reload) Navrhuji výrazný DPM buff této lodě, protože kapitáni lodí Furutaka nemají možnost mít nějaký přínos v bitvě. :/
  13. TheDarkUnicorn

    Furutaka uncontrollable ammo changing

    sometimes when i am shooting AP shell ,the ship will change the ammo to HE without my operating. it happened several times already. anyone else has such a problem?
  14. PlPPlN


    Hello everyone. Some of you may be reading this thinking 'yet another person complaining about the furutaka' YOU SIR ARE WRONG! So, pre patch it was a crock of crap. We all know that. Those that argued it wasnt clearly didnt play it. But after the patch it is fairly good. I am getting some nice citadel hits and finding my stride. However, I rarely get over 20 hits a game. This is down to the fairly slow firing nature of the guns and the traverse time of the turrets. I would like to suggest one improvement. 1km extra range. Considering the calibre and the rate of fire I can only see this being a one salvo against same tier ships. I believe this would completely level the playing fields as the guns while a larger calibre are also slow firing and dont do that much extra damage than a 152mm gun. So I am suggesting this extra 1km range. I would appreciate it if people kept it clean in the comments, nothing rude or derogatory. We dont need the wot community here too. Thaks
  15. KapteinSabeltann

    I can't wait till the new patch.

    So I unlocked the Furutaka tonite. Had hoped I'd unlock it after the patch - assuming its going to be sorted somewhat in that. It's horrible, it's the hardest ship I have played since the kawachi. 2 reasons: Floating citadel and Turret rotation speed of a BB. Then we have the "nice" players in this game stating its a l2p issue and that it's an "awesome ship" no less... No it's not - it's the worst cruiser in the game is what it is: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/28176-some-more-eu-stats/ Ppl complain about the phoenix - but that IS an awesome ship. The kuma was a little bit hard to get used to - I play it very aggressively now as big stupd BBs don't get it. But this thing? No. When I see a Furutaka or an Aoba in my Cleveland I always load my ap just for that instantkill when you score 8 citadel hits with one salvo. At least the Aoba with some angling can fight back properly. Guns are accurate though - its just that rotation time. It's just too bad. Cleveland on the other side - I don't think its OP as far as the damage it can do. The Phoenix is as good a ship for it's tier, and the Omaha is arguably BETTER for it's tier. Where the cleveland is difficult to deal with is its elusive citadels in my opinion. I am sure they are there - but they are hard to find. And it got very thick armour too if the wiki is correct. Plz - change turret rot speed to something in the 30-s for the furutaka, and maybe do something about its ciatdels. Then it would be great - guns are very good.
  16. Buenas, gente. Hoy jugado una partida con el Furutaka no me dejaba mantener la munición AP, la cargaba, disparaba una salva y se cargaba la HE automaticamente sin tenerla seleccionada y esto en plena batalla es una putada. ¿os ha pasado a alguno?. Si ya de por si, es poco agradable de jugar, encima con bug.... Un saludo.
  17. Hello, So in CBT the Aoba was my very favourite ship from the lineup i played (which was IJN DDs, US + IJN Cruisers(up to tier8) and IJN BBs, with some occasional lowtier carrier play). So i was excited about this ship, i heard the frightening rumours but most IJN cruisers have that. Oh, Godess be gracious this time it hit the spot. Where do i start... - So, the ship is a heavy cruiser, alas the 203mm armament, which ends up in a very long reload. 20 seconds. Yes, thats only abuot 10 seconds short from a Battleship. And im gonna compare it to those a lot because it has all the typical BB sicknesses. - Very slow turret rotation: in themselves, they are not horribly slow, but the fact that they cant keep up with a full rudder has a huge negative impact on it often disorienting the guns for a noticeable amount of time. - Weak torpedo loadout. They have less range than on the Kuma, they come in triple tubes with only 1 on each side, however these have a rather convinient angle compared to the later ships. But still, the next note makes them useless.. - Citadel hits. Yes, they are all over the ship. Hits from stern to bow seem to do full AP damage, and that makes you keep a very safe distance away from even lower tiered cruisers. Heck even when i see one i load Ap for guaranteed thousands of damage. Now ofc the following Aoba gets citadel hits if not careful aswell, but when i played it you could actually do something about it by turning your port/starboard parts away from the enemy as angled as you can. - ...and the range doesnt make up for it either. The stock range is 11.8 km, which i immideately upgraded to the "top" 13.0 km range since i judged it unusable. And Phoenix classes outrange you along with some others with 6-inch guns that can and will do 3.1k dmg to you with every single Ap penetration, and they have lots of that since they fire about 3 or 4 times by the time you in your Furutaka load your second salvo. And i still did not count the Battleships which will most definitely wreck you like they should, except this time you cant really do much about it, due to the heavy cruiser's sluggishness. And AP incoming from Bow tends to penetrate too, which is quite awkward unlike broadside pens which should happen. - Very poor AA/AAA armament. Well, lets be honest the Kuma or the Aoba doesnt have much either, so thats not that big of a deal, just worth noting for when you see incoming fighters and often taking no casualties. Also, no defensive AA perk...i guess its not suitable in tier 5, whatever thats fine. For some reason the 120mm tripleA just doesnt shoot planes at distances more than 1.5-2 km for me which i find rather weird. (tooltip says 4km) o_O Just a thought: the Ap damage feels very underwhelming for the reload, but i can see its there to not kill any lower tiers too fast (i dont wuite understand why tho, it really should be 5000 in my opinion, then again, i dont know all the details) So thats all that i could set up in the first go, now lets see some positives: - it looks wonderful, hands down. - It has 6 guns, all 8-inch. No secondaries worth mentioning, they are 80mm(like wtf, those are AA-range of caliber seriously haha ) - It has torpedoes, with longer range than muricans. While this range is mediocre, its still a positive thing even if its only a mere 0.5km. - It turns alright after you finally get the rudder to reach the desired position. The rudder is rather slow. - Its an IJN Cruiser! \o/ It just feels like the Type59 syndrome all over again. Devs implement a new vehicle that is made out of a prety strong one, make a wonderful working thing and then bat its stats to the ground in fear of making something OP. In case you didnt get the reference, its the T-34-3 that was made as a tier8 chinese prem, and while being pretty usable, has been very carefully "adjusted" to not become OP in even the smallest of details. CONCLUSION! In my humblest of opinions, the ship has nothing going for her. Nothing. It inhabited the bad features from battleships, along with the bad features of cruisers, and somehow didnt manage to get anything good for compensation. I'd enjoy a 15 second reload with a turning speed just fast enough to keep up with a full rudder, since the ships turning speed isnt insane at all. I was thinking about the torpedoes but 1km isnt that big of a deal, 6 can be still useful i guess. In the meantime, i encourage anyone to leave their (preferrably productive) comments about it. (yeah im dreamin, i know )
  18. The Kuma had slow turning turrets, however it was manageable. The furutaka on the other hand has cripplingly slow turret rotation. The Kuma has a 21.5 rotation speed thats less than half of the Furutaka. The Omaha has a turret rotation speed of 24 seconds just over half the speed of the furutakas. Considering the calibre of the furutaka I can understand a slower rotation speed and reload but one or the other needs a buff. I for one think that the rotation speed should be sub 40 seconds. I would like it to be 32-34 seconds. which considering the jump in size is more than adequate, especially considering it fires so slowly.
  19. SerpentNLD

    Ammo switch bug

    So I'm sailing rather happily in my Furutaka (for as much you can call it a happy sail, that "thing" is really underpowered). And shooting my AP shells on enemy ships, well guess what happens.. Apparently I have HE shells in another language or something because out of nowhere it switches my AP shells to HE shell selection.. I noticed this only in my Furutaka for now, but maybe there are other ships as well. So if this would be fixed I would be a bit less frustrated grinding that horrible ship.
  20. NecroFlex

    Furutaka...failure or not?

    So as the title says, what do u think of it? (had 2 games right after the patch then quite for a while since i had exams, now i'm back) i tried it out 3 times in co-op since in co-op u can stress the ship out to the limit and i must say, for me it's utter s**t the guns are mediocre, comparing them to both the Kuma and the Aoba, they are...just no... the turret turn time is worse than some BBs, the range is bad compared to the caliber and the damage isn't THAT great either now for the torps, unless the hull changes them to the middle, they aren't that good compared to the above 2 the whole ship is a downgrade from the Kuma and i just don't want to torture myself playing it to get the Aoba which i really want Thoughts?
  21. Hispano

    Error de mejora en el Furutaka

    Soy poseedor de este "complicado" crucero japonés y me he decidido a instalarle una mejora ( Modificación 2 de la batería principal) que consiste en: +10% al tiempo de carga de la batería principal. +15% al tiempo en apuntar de la batería principal. Si el tiempo de carga de la batería principal antes de la mejora era de 17 segundos, ahora se queda en ... 17 segundos. O_o . Y el tiempo en apuntar sigue el mismo. Ademas esta mal traducida la descripción de la mejora. Quisiera saber si este error ya es conocido o por el contrario no lo es, gracias.
  22. Thlurp

    Short Furutaka 'How to'

    I thought since this is a hard ship for most of us i'll put this here. It is cut out of another topic and credit goes fully to: Unintentional_submarine #10
  23. Bidule


    J'ai remarqué quelques soucis avec ce croiseur Japonais Tiers V Le premier c'est l'impossibilité d'utiliser Tir défensif avec si celui ci est débloqué sur le commandant ( la preuve en image ^^ ) Et comme on peut le voir sur la 2eme image la capacité n'est pas activable. Et comme on peut le voir il a bien 4 canon de 120mm dual purpose Autre soucis que j'ai eu juste à l'instant en bataille sur Ocean, Un Cleveland me tire dessus, j'esquive ses tirs, mais un des obus en tombant à 3m de mon navire me faire un critical Damage à +5k Et ce n'est pas le seul soucis de Hitbox que j'ai eu avec ce croiseur, ainsi une torpille que j'avais esquivé, explose dans mon sillage, sans toucher mon bateau et je me retrouve avec un dégâts à la propulsion et là aussi + de 5k de dommage Autre soucis que j'ai remarqué aussi, c'est qu'upgradé la portée des canons est de 13km, mais qu'il est impossible de tirer à cette portée maximale. Le Tir ne vas pas plus loin que 12.9 km Comme ce croiseur apparemment est peu joué il ne m'est pas possible de savoir si d'autres personnes ont eu ce genre de soucis, mais j'espère ne pas être le seul à avoir des soucis avec ce navire.