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Found 2 results

  1. Thunderbird_6

    The Battle of the Java Sea

    Requires you to shoot down 75 Aircraft. How? I've seen 1 CV all day. Not really important but aggravating as I need the Dragon flags.
  2. In Another thread I started, we discussed the issue of a lack of teamplay in every game mode that exists so far including ranked battles The main issue within the game is the number of casual players who simply aren't interested in it and the scoring system which deters team play This is absolutely fine if you are that type of player however there are a lot of players who want more from the game and are mature enough to realise the benefits of good structured, organised team play. They need a different environment away from the casual gamers to be able to play in this way. So, it was mentioned that WoW is screaming out for a Division/Clan mode and according to the feedback i get in game and the forum thread it would appear its most defintely wanted It is in this thread that I would like to discuss and develop that idea until we have a solid foundation that we can take to the devs and plead with them for it's integration. Here are some of the questions that I can think of, please give me feedback and help me to develop this idea. (This may be a long slog, but if enough folks show interest we may be able to get something done here. To give you some idea of my experience in the game I am currently playing tier 5/6 so am not as experienced as some other players. However my youth ism long past and i am very experienced (13 years +) running a milsim gaming community. So I have a fair grasp on what a "Mission Commander" needs to accomplish organised structured and controlled gameplay I have tried all game modes and have tried very hard to get team work in every match i have played apart from playing as a destroyer, you simply dont have the time then to type in chat. So here are some idea and questions. (I'm not quite sure how the poll system works in these forums, eg Can i create one, then after getting some feedback, create another one ? DIVISION GAME MODE (Feedback or input from the Dev team would also be appreciated) AIM To filter out players who are not willing to coordinate and play as a team To have a scoring system that encourages team work Some questions to get us started How many slots should each side have. What percentage of those slots should be allowed per division How should game balancing be achieved if there is a mismatch with division sizes for either side How should ship balance be done What range of tiers should be allowed How should the reward/score be split/shared What Ingame tools need to be added to improve a commander players ability to control or administer the fleet What polls do we need to get feedback What else, that I havent though of ? To make this easier for you to give feedback, copy n paste the following section into your thread and then it makes it easier to answer the queries or give your Slots per side: Max division Size: Blancing Mismatched Divisions: Ship Balance: Tier range: Scoring: Ingame tools: Polls needed: What else? Here are my thoughts at the moment on the questions I have raised, which are likely to change as this thread develops Slots per side: Not sure, either 2 different sizes, same as ranked and random or somewhere inbetween like 12 per side Max division Size: 100%, will get the best teamplay but logistically should also allow more than one division with a minimum division size of 4 players Mismatched Division Sizes: Not sure, Maybe: 1 x 12 versus 2 x 6 or 1 x 12 2 x 6 versus 3 x 4 All of these mismatch division sizes could lead to some decent varying tactical play Ship Balance: Don't have any thoughts on this yet (Allowing any mixture could create some very interesting gameplay Tier range:Max range of 3 tiers maybe or if that is too much, 2 tiers (Not sure not as experienced as some who are on tier 10, they may know best) Scoring: Team score shared evenly between every player (providing the individuals contribution has achieved a minimal personal score In other words, if the players has stayed at the back and not got stuck in enough, he doesn't take a share of the team score The team score should give you the highest points in the game and the personal score not the main aim of the battle Ingame tools: ​For the "Commander" ability to administer the fleet, for example Ability to define targets per fleet/sub group as is already the case via the F3 key but a more developed version Ability to split the fleet into sub groups (visualised by coloured ship tags on screen) Ability to set waypoints for the entire fleet , sub groups or individual ships Ability to define a sub group commander who can then do all of the above but for his group members only Some way for players in different divisions to interact before they get into battle so they can all join the same comms server (Teamspeak etc) Something like the "Wanting to join a Division meny but with the ability to copy n paste links for teamspeak servers etc Maybe even the devs offering their own temaspeak servers where all Division Mode players can meet up centrally and create these larger all in one divisions Polls needed: No idea yet What else? Nothing yet So please take this seriously and help me try and get something better for those who want it