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Found 3 results

  1. delete this plz gg wargaming!
  2. There will probably be ships from smaller nations as either one large tree or a number of smaller trees (IMHO the latter is more likely) so present ships that you like from these nations here eg. mr3awsome, on 21 August 2012 - 06:34 PM, said: Sverige Classthe 3 ships of the Sverige Class (Sverige, Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) were built by Sweden to increase the enemies (Primarily Russia) risk in an invasion of Sweden by forcing them to deploy their own battleships to counter this class. Sverige was paid for by public donations, whilst the other two ships were paid for by the Government. Sverige was commissioned in 1917 whilst the others were finished in 1921 and 1922 respectively. The other 2 ships were slightly longer than Sverige and were equipped with 2 shafts rather than Sverige's 4 with different machinery as well. Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V also had ice-breaking stems rather than rams. All three ships looked significantly different from each other after modernisation: Gustav V's 2 funnels were combined into a single one, Sverige received an S-shaped fore funnel whilst Drottningen Victoria retained her 2 upright funnels, each's fire control directories differed along with their Anti Aircraft armament. Stats: Length - 392.8ft (Sverige) 396.6 (Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) Beam - 61ft Draught - 22ft Armament: As Built 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1912 6 X 1 152mm Bofors M1912 4 X 1 75mm Bofors M1912 2 X 1 75mm Bofors AA M1915 2 X 1 57mm Bofors M1916 2 X 1 6.5mm MG M1914 2 X 1 457mm Torpedo tubes M1914 WWII 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1916 4 X 1 152mm Bofors M1916 2 X 2 75mm AA guns M1928 3 X 2 40mm Bofors AA M1936 2 X 2 25mm Bofors AA M1932 3 X 1 20mm Bofors AA M1940 2 X 2 8mm AA MG M1936 Propulsion Sverige 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Kockums-Curtis Ungeared turbines 4 three-bladed propellers 20,000HP/22.5knots Drottningen Victoria/Gustav V 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Motala-Westinghouse geared turbines 2 three-bladed propellers 22,000HP/23.2knots Armour: Main Belt - 200mm max, 60mm min, 150mm average Deck - 45mm Main Turrets - 203mm front, 102mm Side, 111mm rear Secondary Turrets - 127mm front, 76mm side, 76mm rear Barettes - 152mm Control tower - 175mm max, 60mm min, 100mm average Complement: As Built - 427 After Modernisation - 450
  3. Kalma is reqruiting finnish speaking players. Please check recommendations from Kalma homepage. Kalma rekrytoi suomenkieltäpuhuvia pelaajia. Olehyvä ja tarkista vaatimukset Kalman sivuilta.