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Found 5 results

  1. (Post in English due to forum rules but intended for Finnish players) Due to the lack of finding a fully Finnish community related to World of Warships and finding some people to play with, I decided to give a shot at building a community for the FIN WoWs players. The discord server has gained a lot of users so far, hence we have reached over 150 members and the community is still growing! To be clear, the project is fully non-profit and unofficial in relation with Wargaming. Also to be clear, this is not a clan, or anything you need to dedicate in to! It's a hub with a lot of potential. Feel free to join in and help us build the community bigger. [But remember, it's restricted to FIN players only] -> Tervetuloa https://wows.fi
  2. Henning_15

    Finland WW2 Battleship Ilmarinen 

    Ilmarinen was a Finnish Navy Panssarilaiva ("Armored ship"; a coastal defence ship by British classification). The unit was constructed at the Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku, Finland, and named after the mythological hero Ilmarinen from the Finnish national epic, the Kalevala. Ilmarinen was the flagship of the Navy from 1 May 1933 until her demise on 13 September 1941. The vessels had a compact design, with a high mast and large turrets for main and secondary artillery. Foreign comments on their design ranged from puns to praise. Not truly designed for open sea operations, the ships had a tendency to roll slowly and widely even in moderate seas. Travel on them was unpleasant, but deemed safe. Additional keels were later fitted, which improved the situation somewhat. Väinämöinen and Ilmarinen had a displacement of 3,900 tonnes, a maximum length of 93 metres (305 ft), and a draught of 4.50 metres (14.8 ft). Requirements of speed and range were moderate, as they were expected to operate near their home bases. Both vessels were equipped with four diesel engines that powered two electrical engines. These generated a total of 4,800 horsepower (3,600 kW). There were also two smaller 100 hp (75 kW) auxiliary diesel engines. Maximum speed was 14.5 knots (26.9 km/h; 16.7 mph), and range was limited by the vessels' carrying capacity of only 93 tonnes of diesel oil. The four 254 mm (10 in) Bofors guns were massive for vessels of this size, and they could hurl a 225 kg (496 lb) shell up to 31 kilometres (19 mi). The secondary artillery consisted of eight 105 mm (4 in) dual-purpose Bofors guns in four turrets. These were the primary defense against fast torpedo boats and aircraft. Additionally, the ships were equipped with four 40 mm anti-aircraft guns (initially British-made "pom-pom" guns, which, after mediocre performance in the Winter War, were replaced with Bofors guns) and two Madsen 20 mm cannons (later increased to eight). The purpose of the coastal defence ships was to prevent landing operations and naval blockades that threatened vital sea trade. Thanks to the construction of vast defensive systems during the czarist era, Finland had strong coastal artillery in permanent positions. These defenses were to be supplemented with minefields in times of unrest. One of the main purposes of the navy was to buy time for ground forces to deploy to the islands in the Archipelago. In these confined spaces, coastal defence ships armed with 254 mm main artillery would have been a tough opponent for any ship of the era. The Soviet Baltic Fleet was the obvious threat, and the Finnish vessels were meant to deter the largest Soviet ships, such as the battleships Marat and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, as well as the cruiser Kirov, from venturing too close to Finnish shores. Tier II Premium Battleship Ilmarinen __________________________________________ SURVIVABILITY Hitpoints: 31000 __________________________________________ ARTILLERY 4 × 2 254 mm (10 in)/45 cal Bofors guns (2 × 2) Reload TIme: 30 s 180 Turn Time: 50 Maximum Dispersion: 150 Maximum HE Shell Damage: 5100 Chance Of HE Shells Causing A Fire On Target: 30 % HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity: 60 mm Maximum AP Shell Damage: 7900 Main Battery Firing Range: 15.0 km SECONDARY ARMAMENT 8 × 4 105 mm (4 in)/50 cal Bofors DP guns (4 × 2) Reload Time: 7.2 s Firing Range: 5.0 km Maximum HE Shell Damage: 1500 Chance Of HE Shells Causing A Fire On Target: 5.5 % HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity: 16 mm ___________________________________________ AA DEFENCE 4 × 254 mm/45 cal Bofors guns (2 × 2) 8 × 105 mm/50 cal Bofors DP guns (4 × 2) 4 × 40 mm/56 cal Bofors AA M/36S guns (1 × 2, 2 × 1) 4 × 20 mm/60 cal Madsen AA guns (4 × 1) AA Reinforcement: 25 % Sector Reinforcement time: 10 % Sector Reinforcement shift time: 10 % ____________________________________________ MANEUVERABILITY Maximum Speed: 17.0 knots Turning Circle Radius: 440 m Rudder Shift Time: 10.0 s ____________________________________________ CONCEALMENT Detectability Range By Sea: 13.1 km Detectability Range By Air: 6.4 km Assured Detectability Range: 2.0 km Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke: 10.6 km ____________________________________________ ARMOR LAYOUT Deck: 18 mm Armor Belt: 130 mm Conning Tower: 250 mm
  3. delete this plz gg wargaming!
  4. Kalma is reqruiting finnish speaking players. Please check recommendations from Kalma homepage. Kalma rekrytoi suomenkieltäpuhuvia pelaajia. Olehyvä ja tarkista vaatimukset Kalman sivuilta.
  5. There will probably be ships from smaller nations as either one large tree or a number of smaller trees (IMHO the latter is more likely) so present ships that you like from these nations here eg. mr3awsome, on 21 August 2012 - 06:34 PM, said: Sverige Classthe 3 ships of the Sverige Class (Sverige, Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) were built by Sweden to increase the enemies (Primarily Russia) risk in an invasion of Sweden by forcing them to deploy their own battleships to counter this class. Sverige was paid for by public donations, whilst the other two ships were paid for by the Government. Sverige was commissioned in 1917 whilst the others were finished in 1921 and 1922 respectively. The other 2 ships were slightly longer than Sverige and were equipped with 2 shafts rather than Sverige's 4 with different machinery as well. Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V also had ice-breaking stems rather than rams. All three ships looked significantly different from each other after modernisation: Gustav V's 2 funnels were combined into a single one, Sverige received an S-shaped fore funnel whilst Drottningen Victoria retained her 2 upright funnels, each's fire control directories differed along with their Anti Aircraft armament. Stats: Length - 392.8ft (Sverige) 396.6 (Drottningen Victoria and Gustav V) Beam - 61ft Draught - 22ft Armament: As Built 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1912 6 X 1 152mm Bofors M1912 4 X 1 75mm Bofors M1912 2 X 1 75mm Bofors AA M1915 2 X 1 57mm Bofors M1916 2 X 1 6.5mm MG M1914 2 X 1 457mm Torpedo tubes M1914 WWII 2 X 2 283mm Bofors M1912 1 X 2 152mm Bofors M1916 4 X 1 152mm Bofors M1916 2 X 2 75mm AA guns M1928 3 X 2 40mm Bofors AA M1936 2 X 2 25mm Bofors AA M1932 3 X 1 20mm Bofors AA M1940 2 X 2 8mm AA MG M1936 Propulsion Sverige 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Kockums-Curtis Ungeared turbines 4 three-bladed propellers 20,000HP/22.5knots Drottningen Victoria/Gustav V 12 Yarrow Boilers 2 Motala-Westinghouse geared turbines 2 three-bladed propellers 22,000HP/23.2knots Armour: Main Belt - 200mm max, 60mm min, 150mm average Deck - 45mm Main Turrets - 203mm front, 102mm Side, 111mm rear Secondary Turrets - 127mm front, 76mm side, 76mm rear Barettes - 152mm Control tower - 175mm max, 60mm min, 100mm average Complement: As Built - 427 After Modernisation - 450