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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if these are bugs or balancing "features", but these things seem odd: Minekaze and Mutsuki have the same main guns as Wakatake, but much shorter range. They also have lower range than Isokaze, even though IRL their guns had about 50% higher max. range. Many 76mm guns are accounted only as AA, even though they were actually Dual Purpose, especially on US BBs. This means that with hull upgrades those ships have even less secondaries than they did historically (even if the 3" guns were not very effective against surface targets). Myogi has no AA guns even with an upgraded hull. Shouldn't she realistically have replaced her six 76 mm guns with dual-purpose ones during WW1 like Kawachi did? Tier 4 ship with no AA is kind of stupid. As said, I don't know if these are intended so or bugs/omissions. Edit: Omissions; not serious but easy to fix: St. Louis has her 3-pounder (47mm) guns (12 of them) in the ship model, but they are not implemented in the game (they were NOT AA guns, either, but intended as rapid fire anti-torpedo boat guns). While not very effective, they would contribute something to the secondaries. Also, when I tell the gunners to fire all guns at the enemy destroyer, I don't expect the 3-pounder gunners to have tea and biscuits . (The St. Louis also had four 1-pounder (37mm) guns, which could be used for AA in a pinch.) Albany does not have her 6-pounder guns (i.e. 57 mm, 10 of them) implemented in the game. Also, her final main armament was 8 x 5" guns with one 3" AA gun added during WW1. Interim main guns since 1913 were 10 x 5". The game features the original, less rational armament setup. Premium ships don't usually get upgrades, so I think the later main guns setup would make more sense for the Albany. Originally she also had two 18" torpedo tubes, which the game omits. These were removed during WW1. Chester (the Molester) does not have her two 18" torpedo tubes. Historically she probably carried Whitehead 18" (45 cm) Mark 5or Bliss-Leavitt 18" (45 cm) Mark 6 torpedoes, which at 36/35 knots with a 2 km range would be somewhat useful in the game. Chikuma does not have her three torpedo launchers.
  2. TL1000R2000

    Detonationen seit neuem Update

    sagt mal haben die Russen irgendwas daran geändert? Habe jetzt 2 mal BB gespielt und ein einzelner Torpedo hat eine Detonation zur Folge? Amagi und Tirpitz mit 3/4 Health durch einzelnen Torpedo zur Strecke gebracht. Selten blöder Zufall oder ein neues Feature in dem zu Tode generften Game?
  3. It would be great if players could set their country's flag on their ship and then they would sail with it with more pride and valiancy !!! For example : I'm from Greece and i would LOVE to play with my flag behind me .... there would be so emotionally "charged" moments that i personally like to have, in this type of games!!!! But of course this type of item would be not free-of-charge..... pretty much the same feature as WoT has . I believe this is a MUST feature for the players !!!!!!! What do you think about it ?