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Found 23 results

  1. We are a new MULTINATIONAL clan but from experienced casual players. We don't use voice chat programs, but we have discord (not mandatory) just for chat and to be in touch (clan chat in game is plain bad, as messages disappearing after awhile). We are seeking for naval/clan battle players, while getting post benefits. You can check our stats in wows-numbers.com and if yours are close to ours, you are eligible to join :) Even If you are not close enough, just message me in game and we will see, as every case differs And don't forget that NIKE, the goddess of VICTORY, strength, and speed, is on our side
  2. This is long post, but I think it’s worth the read. If you want to just check it fast, look only at bolded text First few words of me. What I’m not happy with is how WG have changed to aggressive and hostile marketing as their primary goal. Every event and action seems to be aimed at milking players instead of upkeeping a good game and considering the players their customers. This is combination of several factors: First, but perhaps least, massively overpriced things. RNG. RNG and then some more RNG. Recently almost everything has been RNG based. First of all, this is bad in general. Having different reward for the same work is just plainly bad. Unpredictability of what is needed to be done. When rewards are tied to RNG there is no way of planning how much time and effort you need to contribute for a given reward/event. Whole system have changed to gambling. Unclear and unnecessary complicated mechanism that are made to confuse and obfuscate customers to spend money. WG has been also forcing early spending on players. Being able to compensate with money afterwards to fulfill missions is one of least toxic things here. It allows players to pay some (often too much) to not waste their effort when they for some reason they can’t finish the directive/mission. Practically impossible to do missions belong also to this category of misleading. Time gating everything is bad. It changes lot of otherwise good and nice events to grind fest that no longer are fun. Double points for overlapping events that can’t be done same time. Media talk and explanations that degrade players and which show either WG is out of touch with many players or they don’t care. Or care only enough to come up with sorry excuses. We could also add commander reset mess milk up here. Combination of these is very toxic aggressive marketing scheme. Not good kind of marketing where customer feels appreciated and is happy to give away money, but bad kind of marketing where customer no longer feels like customer, but milking cow that is milked to it’s death. System is made to take advantage on peoples gambling habit, force to early uncertain expenditure to milk with sunken cost and confuse the real price tag. System where every ”free gift” comes with a hook. I might not have been ”whale” level customer, but I have given my fair share of money to WG. At least I was a happy porpoise. I was clad to give when I felt I was treated as a customer and WG was doing their best to make a good game. For few years they were doing well. Recently I have not felt like an appreciated customer. I have felt that marketing has taken the front seat. It feels like direction of the game, decisions, events and even balance choices are dictated by marketing department, not by game designers. I’m pretty sure somewhere there is a excel sheet saying current system is bringing in more money than older system, but I’m not sure it has column for player happiness. I will continue to play, because I like this game, but my expenditure have gone down fast. WG, you have good game here, try to keep it that way. Do not drive your customers away with aggressive hostile toxic marketing (and badly balanced ”improvements”, I’m looking at you subs). Give me a reason to give you money, and I will happily do it, but first you need to refind early company that loved their game and loved their customers, not the marketing excel sheet. If you treat your customers as a milking cows we are going to fight hoof and horn to protect our udders. Keep us happy and let us feel appreciated and we will give you money freely. ps. I would appreciate if some someone from WG could forward this feedback to higher ups. Better yet also comment here on your point of view of above things. @MrConway @Crysantos
  3. Moin Moin, getreu dem Motto "probieren geht über studieren" wollen wir hier keine großen Reden schwingen. Wer Bock hat ist gerne dazu eingeladen uns auf dem Discord (siehe unten) zu besuchen. Bei uns gibt es keinerlei Zwang oder Verpflichtungen zu irgendetwas. Wir sind eine Spielegemeinschaft und in erster Linie geht es darum Spaß zu haben. Daher werden neben WoWs auch andere Spiele gemeinsam gespielt :) Folgend noch ein paar Stichpunkte: Über uns: - Altersstruktur 20-55 - täglich aktiv - keine Verpflichtungen - Clan Basis ausgebaut - Während ClanBattles gut organisiert --> Taifun-Liga mit Ziel Hurrikan-Liga --> jeder darf mitfahren --> jeder weiß wann/ob er an einem Abend mitfährt – kein unnötiges Warten in Ungewissheit. --> Taktiken & Ansagen - "klein aber fein" – kein Massenclan. Anforderungen an dich: - min. 1800 PR in den letzten 21 Tagen - min. 55% Winrate in den letzten 21 Tagen - min. 1500 Spiele - Interesse an ClanBattles, Divi fahren, Discord nutzen Bei Interesse oder Fragen am besten einfach vorbeischauen! https://discord.gg/aWmy6Ps Viele Grüße Die Dudes
  4. Ahoi, Ahoi, wenn du das hier liest suchst Du wahrscheinlich nach einem Clan , nach einem neuem Clan, oder schaust, wie sich andere Clans präsentieren ^^ Was wir bieten: 3 Clans im Spiel KIBBN – Gefechtsclan, erfolgsorientiert: - regelmäßige, zielorientierte Teilnahme an Events, Turnieren, Clangefechten und KOTS - Voraussetzungen: mindestens 2 für CW geeignete T10 Schiffe - Spielerfahrung (ca.. 1000 Zufallsgefechte), - regelmäßige Anwesenheit im Spiel und Discordpflicht (mind. 3mal /Woche) K1BBS – Nachwuchsgefechtsclan, erfolgsorientiert: - hier steht auch der Spaß und das Zusammenspielen im Vordergrund. Erlernen und Umsetzen der Grundzüge des Gefechtsclans. - Voraussetzungen: regelmäßige Anwesenheit mindestens Tier 8 Schiffe , gerne auch bereits Tier 10 KIBBS - Zeit für Fun: - hier steht auch der Spaß und das Zusammenspielen im Vordergrund. - spaßorientiere Teilnahme an Clangefechten ohne Druck. Lernt die Gefechtsart, Taktiken und das Zusammenspiel als Clan kennen. - Voraussetzungen: Spaß am Spiel und möglichst aktives Mitwirken am Clanleben Kontaktieren könnt ihr uns auf unserem Discordserver. https://discord.gg/S3cyn3h Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch, da wir reine ingame Bewerbungen nicht annehmen, wir wollen als Clan auch eine Gemeinschaft sein 😊 Wenn du unter 18 bist, muss bei uns die Clanführung entscheiden ob du beitreten kannst bitte hab Verständnis dafür.
  5. Jethro_Grey

    Smash Pumpkins Event

    So, NA has this little event going on, which is actually quite nice. Link. It's basically a Halloween themed 'Bounty' event which NA helds occasionally, with CCs and volunteers with nice rewards (comm. Flag, aso.). EU, obviously does not... I know it's some work setting those pumpkin accounts up, but that'd be a job you do once and then can have this event run each year, or even multiple times a year with different themes, pirates, space thingy, whatever charity thingy WG might be doing,... Now, some may argue that: 1. NA does this kind of stuff to motivate players to play, while EU has a bigger player base and there would be no need to go through all the effort 2. Halloween is more a NA thing 3. needs volunteers 4. Snuffleupagus to which i reply: 1. So? It'd be really nice if we'd get a similar event, not only the usual 'sink X ships, get 3 papa papa once per account' and 'grind millions of XP for jack' And, while EU does indeed have more players, that doesn't mean that WG should focus on getting new ones and leave the old ones in a swamp of grind fests which barely qualify as 'fun', although with admittedly better rewards. 2. And yet we have Halloween containers in the shop and the run of the mill Halloween event everybody else gets If an event is good enough to make money or to motivate players to come back on one server, it's good enough to be held on all servers Also, fun event> grind event 3. I have no doubt whatsoever that there are enough people out there who'd volunteer 4. Cookie Monster. I win. ^^ So, @MrConway @Crysantos @Tuccy , any chance to get something like this in the hopefully not-so-distant future?
  6. Goetterdaemmerung_GER

    Sons Of Odin sucht Verstärkung

    Keine Lust auf alleine fahren? Keinen Bock mehr drauf zu getextet zu werden, was Du musst und sollst und nicht kannst? Wir sind ein deutsch-sprachiger gemütlicher Haufen von Leuten 30+ ( Ausnahmen werden geduldet ) bei denen der Spaß an erster Stelle steht, und auch das "Real-Life" vorgeht. Bei uns sind Leute die arbeiten gehen (gibt es wider aller Gerüchte noch) und nur nach Feierabend on sein können, sowie Leute mit Montage-Berufen, welche dementsprechend nur am Wochenende können. Wir fahren gemeinsam Divisionen, Szenarien, Events, wollen auf Clan-Gefechte hinarbeiten, respektieren es aber auch, wenn Du mal alleine deine Kreise ziehen willst. Bei uns ist fast jede T-Stufe vorhanden und wir stehen Tat auch gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Wenn Du Interesse hast, wende Dich In-Game an Goetterdaemmerung_GER, _Silverjoe_ , JengoLengo oder wen immer Du mit unserem Clan-Tag siehst. Natürlich erreichst Du uns auch über die Clan-Suche. In dem Sinne viel Spaß, Erfolg und immer eine Hand breit Wasser unter dem Kiel
  7. [WALLY] & [W4LLY] On EU & NA server are recruiting, We are a Bunch of Wally's who game on a daily basics. we are a nice mix of people from all over the world. we also stream live and enter events. Also in clan giveaways. We really just play for fun we also try to compete with others while doing our daily patrol of the [7SEAS] we will also open an event called the Seven Seas Tournament in the near future and will be looking for admins. Here are a few links listed below TwitchTv: https://www.twitch.tv/ottocarius21st Seven Seas: https://www.wows-sevenseas.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/World.Of.Warships.Pc.Console Twitter: https://twitter.com/WargamingOtto Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OttoCarius21stPanzerfaustclan Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/wally1 Discord: https://discord.gg/kPSUaPK Our mission: To build a community who will band together and use teamwork and communication to play what we believe is a new and unique style of MMO. Please no: Trolling, spamming, harassment, political chat. Advertising unless been authorised to do so. Messaging the DEVs directly. Please do: Have fun. Ask questions. Invite your friends & spread the word about our Discord → https://discord.gg/kPSUaPK Please be respectful and considerate of all members of the community, remember nobody really likes an armchair general. Please follow our channels:
  8. You may noticed we have a november calendar, which is identical as the NA one. Quoting Lordofdroid from Reddit: Better late than never and i hope that will stands. I'm so happy now i almost* want to remove the look of disapproval from my signature. *Almost.
  9. IJN_Kitakami

    Mission Briefing like Asia or NA server

    Can we get a month full calendar like asia and NA server? I would to see a life quality improvement. Surely it doesnt take months right? Asia calendar https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/mission-september-2017/ NA calendar https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/class-clown/
  10. As the servers still have different events with different rewards ( and EU having the grind fests for basically the same rewards), i was thinking about how to fix this issue. Kandly kindly posted in a thread that they will look into things and try to find a solution, which is a start i guess. Now, another issue that bugged me is, the lack of commemorative flags for all the older premium ships. Every new ship that gets released has a nice special flag in the top bundle, yet the old ones do not. In most cases, i buy the top bundle as it usually comes with Dubloons which i need to buy the premium camos for silver ships. Heck, i even went so far to buy the top bundle of the Prinz Eugen, despite having bought the standalone ship during a previous sale. But i wanted the flag and i need the Dubloons. Now, if WG would release for instance the Tirpitz in a bundle with a special flag, i'd most likely say no thanks. PE was an exception, and i'm not too keen buying ships i already have again just for a flag. But there's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Have a bunch of events where players can earn them - across all regions. Now, we don't want endless grind fests with too high requirements, yet i don't expect them to be given away for free. I suggest making them the top reward in missions that run two weeks and have reasonable requirements. Another thing i'd like to see are flags that give a nice bonus to XP and Credits ( like the one NA got a while back). Now for this kind of flag one has to raise the requirements a bit. Something like this, with some adjustment to difficulty, could possibly be a nice test bed for future region-wide events: Stage 1: Task: Deal 500k damage over any number of battles with ships from TV to TII Reward: the usual stuff one gets Stage 2: Task: Set enemy ships on fire 5 times in a single battle Destroy, incapacitate 20 modules over any number of battles Cruisers from TV - TVII ... Stage 4: Task: in a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 200k damage in a single battle set ships on fire 5 times spot 2 enemy ships Cruiser and DDs TV - TVII reward: any special camo ( i.e. Ocean soul ) Stage 5: Task: n a Division where any of the members can complete any task and the total between all embers counts towards completion all members of the division have to complete the previous stages deal a total of 300k damage in a single battle sink two ships set ships on fire 8 times spot 2 enemy ships accumulate 2 million potential damage between all members of the division Cruiser, DDs and BBs of TVI - TVIII reward: a flag that gives 5% bonus to xp and credits for all division members I am aware that the difficulty needs some tweaks and that not everyone needs/ want flags, yet i think it would be a nice change and with these events being server wide, nobody can complain to be left out.
  11. The Big MightyMo Giveaway (Missouri) (30,500 - Doubloons) 26/04/2017 21:00 pm BST Well that time has come around again, When i will be giving away (30,500) Doubloons to 1 lucky winner. The winner can convert their XP to free XP for the MightyMo or you can choose to do what you want with it. To be in with a chance to win the big doubloons package Simply pop along to the stream on TwitchTV press that follow button. Every new follower will be given 200 rations to help start them off, The more rations you have, means more tickets you can get on the Giveaway day. if you Would also like to earn more rations each week you can also follow on YouTube and Twitter via Revlo each week you will be given 500 rations without being in the channel Earn yourself Rations for each minute you view, One minute equals 1 ration. Your rations can be used to perches Tickets for giveaways, Or Unlock rewards from Revlo. You must also be a follower or Subscriber, to enter any giveaways on this channel. All Subscribers receive three times the chance to win on giveaways. Good luck and fair sea's Terms and conditions Must be a player on EU & NA, must also be a follower, And must also be active at the time of the giveaway. If the player does not respond after 5 minutes the giveaway will be re-drawn.
  12. Hello Guys, i guess most of the Closed Beta Players know that awesome Mode called "Spacebattles" which was the April Fools Event in 2015. I want to make it short, does we have a Chance to play this awesome Mode again? And give the Regular Players a Chance to have fun for a whole Weekend? Im not sure about the Submarine for the Event, but... I guess if you give the Spacebattles a reLaunch it would be awesome. If its only for one Weekend or one Week, doesn matter - Please give that Mode a Chance For the other Guys, who dont know what i mean here:
  13. 502sPzAbt_OttoCarius

    Verstehe ich die Aufgabe falsch ?

    Wenn mann Aufgabe und Ergebnis anschaut , müsste diese doch erfüllt sein .... oder ???
  14. Ich kann den ganzen Trubel, den Neid und die Frustrationen in den letzten Tagen, Wochen und zum Teil Monaten nicht verstehen!? Ständig die Vergleiche mit den anderen Servern in anderen Teilen dieser Welt! Fakt bleibt doch: "Das ganze mindert nicht den Spielspaß!" Das Spielverhalten meiner Schiffe bleibt gleich und somit auch das Gameplay in den Gefechten. Eins der Hauptprobleme dieser Community ist es, daß sich im großen und ganzen immer nur der kleine Teil hier Gehör verschaffen möchte, der sich von dem Spiel frustrieren läßt! Nur weil andere irgendwo auf der Welt, mehr Geschenke bekommen als wir selber, hindert einen nichts daran im Spiel zu entspannen und Spaß zu haben. Geschenke sind zwar immer eine schöne Sache und man nimmt sie auch gerne mit. Aber mir persönlich ist es total egal ob ein Chinese in Hong Kong nun 6 Tier 8 Schiffe geschenkt bekommt und ich nur ein paar Flaggen. Es ist ein kostenloses Spiel, indem es immer wieder tolle Belohnungen, Geschenke und sonstige Überraschungen gibt. Da kommt bei mir überhaupt kein Neid auf. Ihr müßt einfach ruhiger werden und genießt doch einfach das Spiel. Konzentriert euch auf unseren Server, dann gibt es auch keinen Grund sich darüber aufzuregen was andere am Ende der Welt erhalten! Es mag zwar im Vergleich ärgerlich sein, läßt sich jetzt aber auf die schnelle nicht ändern. Darum meine ich ja, man sollte gar nicht erst vergleichen. Ich habe für die ganze Situation nur ein Wort: NEID Es kommt mir vor wie im Kindergarten früher; "Der hat mir meine Rassel geklaut" oder "Der hat 2 Kugeln Eis bekommen und ich nur Eine" Mal im Ernst, wir sind erwachsene Männer und Frauen! Ich verstehe nicht wie man sich darüber so aufregen kann???? Das ist doch nur ein Spiel. Wenn ich mich aus dem Spiel auslogge, denke ich da überhaupt nicht mehr darüber nach. Und wenn ich mich einlogge, interessiert es mich nicht im geringsten was auf anderen Servern passiert. Von mir aus können die dort jeden Tag 100 € Geschenk bekommen. Ich logge mich ein um etwas Abwechslung zu finden, um Spaß zu haben, um mit Freunden zusammen zu spielen und dabei herzhaft zu lachen und zu entspannen. Da hilft es mir nicht, mich über Geschenke aufzuregen, die man auf anderen Servern erhält! Keiner wird gezwungen dieses Spiel hier zu spielen, es ist "Free to Play", also 100 % Kostenlos! Wer sich betrogen fühlt, kann jede Zeit aufhören oder was anderes zocken! Im Gegenteil, ich empfinde es eher als etwas anmaßend, in einen kostenlosen Spiel Forderungen zu stellen! Keiner zwingt euch hier Geld zu investieren und wenn ihr dies doch macht, erhaltet ihr ja auch immer was dafür! Das gibt euch aber noch lange nicht das Recht, Serverübergreifend Forderungen zu stellen. Wie schon gesagt, ihr müßt ruhiger werden!!! Entspannt Euch, genießt das Spiel und hört endlich auf unseren Server mit anderen Server zu vergleichen. Unserer Server hat auch Vorteile erhalten die es auf anderen Servern nicht gab! Beste Grüße und frohe Feiertag wünscht euch Arty_Chief TS: | www.kriegsmarine.one
  15. We eventually got what we should have in the first place, - Almost equal treatment! So here is some wishes I think will bring the whining rate down. Consistency throughout the servers: Make mission/and event-frequencies more like the other servers in the future instead just a third of it. The EU server lacks of repeatable missions. (as already mentioned - some of the missions are a tad to hard for the average player, therefor some simple repeatable mission is good for everyone) An example: like last Halloween, when you offered the Fujin, you didn't have missions specific for the Fujin like the NA server did. - I'm sure they did it to promote sales, - but at the same time make it more fun for the consumer. And more fun for the consumer is always a good thing. - Another example: This Xmas, x3 commander XP for every win is very welcome (like they got on the NA server), these missions alongside other stuff makes the overall gameplay more vibrant. We just got a third of the missions. Premiumshop: Have the same offers like the other servers - same camo and flags offers. Instead of offering a mixed bag, a with flags you don´t want/need. It does only make sense for WG sales I guess? - my 2 cents
  16. There are many threads for criticism WG ( some of them are right imo) but there is few appreciation threads about what they are doing. Of course there are many problems in the game, Excessive BB popularity, even i am mainly BB player but i am not happy to current stiuation either Excessive DD popularity, MM imbalances, Tier 8 and 9 premium camos have not enough advantages if we consider the cost of them compare to Tier X ones. I got for Iowa for 4000 dubloons. ,But for %20 post repair reduction and %100 more xp? Why i would like to buy Tier8 and 9 camos, when Tier X have huge advantage over them. And if we consider you are always top dog in the game with Tier Xs. CV low credit gains even i dont have any sympathy against ' Sky Cancers' . But they are essential for this game and we need them for the sake of balance. Others which i havent noticed but most of you are. But In the light of recent developments, I would like to thank you WG for putting effort to improve customers satisfaction. I have limited English speaking ability for such complicated topic imo but i want to express my feelings about recent developments. First of all, container system is very welcomed feature in my account. At least now, we have better change to get decent stuffs from these. Secondly, new campaigns which actually worth to complete them. You get various goods even premium ships. With recent PT campaigns, you can also have chance to get free regular ships like Hiryu, Fubuki etc. which worth millions of silver. If you dont want them sell them for silver injection to your account. Lastly, after split of IJN DD tree, i got two free premium camos even i havent buy them in first place even for one of them since i am not a DD player in general, and most of you also got these. Edit: Dont forget the Halloween and April fool events which gave you chance to get ton of camo,signals, consumables and credits. I dont want miss them either. I spent roughly 400-500 Euro this game so far. Bought dozens premium ship and dubloons. And with these recent developments, I would like throw more because i see there is a future for this game. And would like to hand over my appreciations.
  17. Hi Guys, its all about this Event here http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/time-for-divisions/ But whats gonna happen now? Did the Winners now gets informed if they won something. Or did we get an Email, Message, what ever. I mean i spend serval Battles with Divisions Members of my Friendslist - even dynamic Divisions and so on. But there is no clear Answer about "what happens when this Event ends" its only saying: Event and Signup end: 8 December at 23:59 CET (UTC+1)
  18. Wird es denn für nächsten Monat einen Event-Kalender geben? Und wenn ja, wo und ab wann wird er zu finden sein? Es ist ja schon wieder der 25. Oktober
  19. Auf der Website steht : Am Wochenende hat man immer schön viel Zeit zum Shoppen. Und ganz zufällig haben wir auch einige tolle Angebote vorbereitet. Also nicht nur Schaufensterbummeln, sondern auch zuschlagen! START: 13. August um 07:10 Uhr (MESZ) ENDE: 16. August um 07:00 Uhr (MESZ) Das was momentan im Shop ist, sind die tollen Angebote die ihr vorbereitet habt ? Nicht eines der neue Premium Schiffe ? Ich weiß grade nicht ob ich Lachen oder Weinen soll. Ich verstehe es einfach nicht mehr. Auch wenn es WG und andere nicht interessiert. Ich bin mehr als schwer Enttäuscht und bevor ich nun in meiner Wut etwas Falsches schreibe, sei mir noch eine Frage gestattet. Warum sind sie immer noch nicht da ?? Ich Verstehe das einfach nicht
  20. I can't but wonder, now that we get an ARP grind before GNB is even done and with the effects of people just doing f-all in matches is it going to just get worse? With the ARP grind, you do not actually have to win any games you just need to hit and do damage. This alone does not win games. Though for those that do not care about winning at all this will just be one gigantic gankfest, searching for ships to damage even if the cap siren is blaring. Or even if the match timer times out. I honestly wonder who the next couple of months will be...
  21. Well as the title says folks, with the recent events Project R and now Grand Battles WG decided to base the win criteria on ships sunk rather than damage caused, in my opinion causes a bit of a cheat to win scenario whereas a damage caused win criteria would actually reward good game play, not cheating! Since Grand battles started and throughout Project R I noticed that people wait and snipe for the kill at the last second without having fired a shot during the majority of engagement with the ship they just sank. I know it can and does happen from time to time but this week it is getting ridiculous! 3 permanent missions with each needing 100 ships sunk to win, plus the 25 in the CV mission plus ships sunk for the win in weekly missions. come on WG, this can only promote kill stealing rather than encouraging players to fight better and harder in order to win. Anyway that's my 10 cents, which do you think is the better, ships sunk or damage caused?
  22. KarmaQU_EU

    Adding to the WoWs experience

    A healthy MMO has more appealing aspects than just gameplay. A basic form is clans. However there can be more to community experience than just differently structured pvp, which clan battles are. More features aimed at fostering community cohesion as a whole are needed. Because of the currently limited population of WoWs, I believe that increasing community presence and activity will benefit the growth of the game. WoT already has a notable market presence due to several years of marketing, as well as solid internet culture presence, but it pales in comparison to other games on the market, for instance Dota or LoL. While some factors are game-design dependent, which is for another discussion, the structuring of the player experience goes beyond gameplay structure and mechanics, and is a tangible thing which can be influenced by design. Some games such as RPG style MMOs have such designs embedded in the gameplay, but WoWs does not currently have such features. Even in WoT, there is only a barebones clan competitive pvp based community structure which does not do much for community presence beyond gameplay aspects and gameplay rewards. There is simply too little design for human agency based interaction in addition to the alliances based on the gameplay. For instance, there is little communication in random battles. "I'll cover you" "We'll push this way" "Get ready for ..." "... incoming" "AA huddle" "I'll take point" rarely do these things happen, even less does actual commanding at the strategic level happen. It is a barebones gameplay experience where stats and numbers are pitted against each other in a tedious cycle of grinding. It is easy to think that 'this is how a ftp game model works' but I digress: I do not think this is how ideal game experiences in general works. A game based on barebones gameplay has less holding power and less growth opportunity. Thus shows the importance of going beyond just good mechanics and control structures. Chess has incredible mechanics ratings but very little generalist appeal. It takes more to create appeal to a game than just doing honest to god work like creating ship models and balancing stats and refining the 3D engine. In this topic we will focus on the appeal increasing opportunities able to be created via forums and news. Just some examples which express my thoughts: [1] Please see attached screen shot of the NA forums; as shown, the subsections are much more purpose and based, while using the forum structure to better fulfill diverse utilities catering to the different activities of the community. Some core interactions with the community have a dedicated section. This is better than the loose forum structure we are using now, where purposeful interaction based on human agency is difficult due to lack of space, topic-based input is rare because of disorganized structure, and archived content is close to meaningless because there is no follow-up. Overall forum activity lacks in productivity. Ultimately, forum activity should be as meaningful as gameplay is for the overall WoWs experience, and be a meaningful impact or inclusion for the gameplay itself. [2] The presentation some recent content could have been improved. The game website news page is a little cluttered and 'uneventful'. Content is presented in a big mess, thus unable to fulfill the most of their potential. For instance the HMS Vampire focus video was only used loosely in conjunction with extra content, such as on asia (http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/history-feature/naval-battles-indian-ocean-raid/), while on the EU was presented as was, belonging to no particular stream of content, unlike the bad advice which is at least a 'series', but is presented with all other content as well and not fully making use of its unique essence. Some presentation of content could have been unified based on exclusive features from the different regions, for instance pairing up 'bad advice' series with http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/pukapuka-fleet/ as they are of similar nature. Structuring presentation of such content for maximum community impact and making full use of what we have even if that means having to draw content across regions is necessary. Cross-market investigation such as other online game websites, or even cross industry inspiration from light culture magazines may help. Ultimately, linking extra media meaningfully with in-game gameplay would be ideal. [3] Haven't quite thought of a third point yet, so what does everyone here think about community experience in relation to overall game experience? How can WoWs be improved along this line of thought? I mean the ARP content was nice but it was presented in a very uneventful way, just barebones extra rewards missions and skins. The Jacuzzi mode was nice but it is a one-off, barely fitting in with the bare bones model of gameplay. WoWs does not fully take advantage of the creative nature of such content, severely reducing their actual impact. Truly linking extra content to gameplay meaningfully is something that even LoL or DoTA is trying (with lore, community stuff and whatnot) but cannot completely fulfill yet. Even amongst the actual RPGMMOs few have taken full advantage of extra content in all its forms and perspective. The company Blizzard is one good example. But then again there are just the nobrains CS type games which are still very workable as business models. In the end, am I trying too hard, am I thinking too much for this game? Thank you for reading thus far, I look forward to your input. There is no poll due to the imaginative depth of this topic, and cross-region forum links or archived links are welcome. Broadening perspectives is always welcomed.
  23. KarmaQU_EU

    Lunar New Year Event?

    As titled. I just saw the massive sale on steam. We only get an animated dragon in port. While this is unlikely to be the most lackluster amongst Lunar New Year events in the gaming industry, it is definitely far from the best. One can argue that WoWs is simply "not that kind of game". But at any rate, WoWs would have gained much more attraction in my heart as gamer, customer, and overall, had it a better, proper, Lunar New Year event.