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  1. Event Calendar - May

    Captains, The event calendar for May is here - with a taste of what you might expect in updates, specials and more! DISCLAIMER: Any and all items in the calendar are subject to change - for up-to-date information follow our portal and Facebook page! Updates Something is cooking! Update 0.6.5 A new update will come and bring some valuable goodies some time during May. We can't say more right now - but the Public Test will start soon! Forum Upgrade Around May 10 we will also upgrade your favourite forum (that is this one, just to be clear ;)). What can you expect? Well... Better visuals, calendars, question sections... and smoother operation! Keep your eyes peeled for the news! New Ships As you may already know, new ships are coming soon - with a bit of luck, you may meet them in May! The Mighty Hood You may have noticed her Facebook - the mighty Hood is already roaming the High Seas and will continue to do so throughout May! Kaga Another upcoming Premium you may already meet in game - the majestic Imperial Japanese Navy carrier Kaga. Beware of her bombers! De Grasse After bringing in a full branch of French cruisers, you may begin to see the Premium light cruiser De Grasse shortly after Update 0.6.5. Kidd ...and the same goes for a brand new Fletcher class destroyer with a pirate captain painted on her smokestack! Missions As usual, the May missions will be themed around naval historical events that took place in May! 26 April - 03 May: WEEKLY MISSIONS- Invasion of Tulagi (1942) As part of the expansion towards Australia and to cover the invasion of Port Moresby, the Japanese fleet established a base on the little island of Tulagi. They immediately suffered a surprise raid by the USS Yorktown. Causing significant losses, this raid set the scene for the Battle of the Coral Sea. No rules. No ship class limits. Just destruction and experience! Top prize: New camouflage pack - and some Consumables! 03 - 10 May WEEKLY MISSIONS - Battle of the Coral Sea (1942) Attempting to secure Papua - New Guinea, the Japanese invasion convoy bound for Port Moresby encountered an unexpected problem - two US Navy aircraft carriers in the area. The first ever battle between aircraft carriers started - and while the Americans lost more ships, the Japanese were forced to abandon the advance against Port Moresby. All classes were involved in this battle... But for the top prize you should brush up on your carrier handling! Top prize: Battle Hardened camouflages - and Defensive AA modification! 10 - 17 May: WEEKLY MISSIONS - Battle of the Strait of Otranto (1917) While World War I in the Adriatic was mostly static, the Austro-Hungarian navy did try to break through the Allied blockade several times. Time to remember even less known battles! Just shoot up everything you see (as long as it is in the Red team that is!) Top prize: A Captain for Bougainville - with his own bunk and extensive Naval academy training! 17 - 24 May: WEEKLY MISSIONS - Bombardment of Ancona (1915) After last week we are staying in the Mediterranean - just two years earlier. When Italy declared war in 1915, the Austro-Hungarian navy did not hesitate and quickly launched a surprise naval bombardment of strategic targets. Let's burn the enemy port to the ground! Top prize: Battle Hardened camouflages - and Spotting Aircraft Modification 1! 24 - 31 May: WEEKLY MISSIONS - Battle of Tsushima (1905) Tsushima, 112 years ago. The Japanese Navy's own Trafalgar, the battle that broke the back of the Imperial Russian Navy... And the battle that, ultimately, paved the way to the Pearl Harbor and Midway. This is an all-out battle. Sink them all! Top prize: You will see - it's a surprise! Specials 05 - 09 May: SPECIAL - Fleet Review Victory Day celebrations are here - and with them some nice surprises. 13 - 16 May: SPECIAL - Nation Spotlight - German Battleships Boost your progress through the tree! 20 - 23 May: SPECIAL - Class Spotlight - Carriers Practice mastering the decisive weapon of WWII at sea! 27 - 30 May: SPECIAL - Expand the Port There are never too many port berths! Events Clash of the Elements The Clash ends on May 4 - however you will have until May 18 to spend the coins! Get the goodies as long as they are there! How French are you? The French cruiser contest will go on until mid May. Show us what you can do with them and win prizes! Hunt for Bismarck Another new event coming just for you - we cannot tell you any more yet, but keep your schedule open for the second half of the month! Wallpaper As usual we also have the Monthly wallpaper for you - both with the historical calendar and without it! WALLPAPER CALENDAR