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Found 9 results

  1. LordMaddyzzz

    Random Warship Moments #3

    Episode 3 of Random Warship moments Made possible by LGCHaaansie
  2. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play - The Myoko!

    Episode 10 live now hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  3. LordMaddyzzz

    Episode 6 How to Play The ST. Louis

    Episode 6 by (OMNI) Lordmaddyzzz of his how to series online now! Let us know what you guys think about it. Enjoy!
  4. Potent_

    Check out my channel :)

    Hey guys, how you all doin'? I've been on YouTube for quite a while now and have only recently found out that I quite enjoy making videos. Because of which, I've started up my channel primarily focusing on Warships content. (However, I may throw in vids from other games just for laughs.) You can check out my channel trailer here: One of my recent uploads which you guys will no doubt enjoy: And to prove to you guys that i'm all in it for the laughs: I also have started doing guides: And finally a bonus video (900K credit game DD) If you've made it all the way down here, then sorry for the long post and thanks for checking my stuff out. - ArcticStrike.
  5. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play - The Mutsuki

    Episode 5 of my How to series online now! Please leave a like and comment
  6. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play the New Mexico!

    Latest Episode in my How to series. Hope you all enjoy and please leave a like and/or comment
  7. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play The Farragut

    Episode 7 on (Omni) LordMaddyzzz is live now! Hope you guys enjoy and please leave a like and comment
  8. LordMaddyzzz

    The Mighty Murmanks

    The Mighty Murmansk! A video Made Possible by (OMNI) LordMaddyzzz
  9. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play The Murmansk #4

    Episode 4 of our how to play Series online now! Hope you guys enjoy! Greetings Maddon