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Found 10 results

  1. The question is, devs forgot about this module(maybe because it wasn't avilable for bbs since now) or we eventually get it to battleships too, because currently we can't use it on them as the description says :(
  2. Shifty31

    New game engine also for ships ?

    Hello, I was thinking if the new WOT engine will go into WOWS too, it would be cool, anyone have any idea ? maybe some admin here
  3. I really love this game, but oh my god!!!!!!!!Even a 4790k non overclocked and overclocked, two GTX 1080 isn't good enough for this game, the FPS goes from 25-75 FPS.Can you guys make this game run on Vulkan API and optimize this game better?This will be a HUGE benefit for you guys.So many platforms and different versions of Operating systems... This is a win win situation.Vulkan is going to be the next thing, and DX9 is so outdated.To make this game last longer, the platform should be upgraded now before it becomes too big of a job.Not saying it's not a big job, but the longevity and success for this game should be considered now.You guys are earned so much from the players and this community, you guys owe us this before we are stuck with a mediocre game. This post is not a rant or something, but I really wanna keep playing this game and have an awesome experience. Vulkan API does help a lot for those computers that doesn't have the best components in them, but makes it better. There are so many games focusing on making the game last longer, Battlefield 4 and 1, even Six Siege.. There is a good reason to consider this. Can we please get some Wargaming perspective on this subject? Are there any plans on not pumping out content and actually strengthen the game? Very good video, and why we should care.
  4. HI Guys, I wanted to state something and wanted to hear your opinion. I really like the udaloi. Good firepower, good speed and it is very nimble. But my biggest problem is that with almost every shot I take my engine get's nocked off. I have last stand so I can continue but I feel like this is way out of balance with other DD's on this level. And I mean I get it a lot, in a round at least 5 -6 times. I think it is to fragile on that point. I know the armor of the USSR is very bad, but the Kiev and Trashkent don't have this problem. Or at least not in that degree so it really anois me. What do you guys and girls think. Should this be improved? Omeslikkum
  5. I purchased almost every time the Propulsion Modification to my Destroyers. New update is extreme! I was shot by same Tier Destroyer without damage, but engine was shot dead! Repaired it, again received shot again engine is gone again. Not just on the Japan line, but even on the USA line. Which means what's the purpose of Propulsion Modification? It should give 20% less vulnerability and quicker repair time. Its a joke if no damage comes from any ship, but the engine is dead as propulsion is hit... Update feels like even a mosquito can kill the engine of Destroyers, just fly by around it. I had in almost every fight 2-3 times engine killed. Regularly at first meet engine dead, when the enemy shot with 100-120mm caliber, and hit once - no damage, except engine out.
  6. Vojkan79

    Flying Castle

    Today just after beginning of battle i saw flying castle (it's probably a glitch). Nobody believed me, people think i was drunk so i will post a screenshot.
  7. I find it a bit wierd, that if you reduce your engine power from, let's say, 100% to 75%, the ship slows down to about 60-65%, and then accelerates back up to 75%. I think it should not work this way, because, if you already got the speed, why would you slow down more than you need and then take time to accelerate again?
  8. KL_7

    Engine repair bug

    Hey, So this evening I encountered a rather displeasing situation in my Minekaze : -I was set on fire and thus decided to use my repairs -While the repair consummable was active I was shot at again, resulting in engine failure (first issue) -At the end of the "engine disabled" countdown, the engine didn't repair. Countdown stuck at "0.0" (second issue) -All went back to normal after the repair cooldown was over and I was able to repair again All in all I spent a whole repair cooldown as a sitting duck. No replay to show the situation but do the math from the screenshot : something went wrong. python.log
  9. Do we have any sites that show specific hitboxes of every ship. So many times I come close to an enemy ship and aiming at th engine bay almost never results in a citadel hit. Than again... sometimes I hit the ship a bit to the front or the back and I get a citadel penetration. We need more information on every ship and where to shoot at.
  10. ainsaworth

    Yubari Engine damage

    I played the closed beta a fair amount but never noticed the Yubari was that bad for the engine damage. Last game in the open beta my engine was damage no less than 7 times. Every single shot that hit with the engine operational was a damaged engine. either this is a bug or the ship as been completely overly nerf with regards t the engine durability. This needs some serious investigation, I paid money for this ship and it has made it almost unplayable. I will continue to monitor if this happens more.