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Found 4 results

  1. who_dares_wins

    Elimination Thread 4: Tier VIII

    Removed the Alabama ST, as it seems that I have failed to notice that STs haven't actually been given it yet... Its once again time for a new elimination thread! Considering that you have all read the title, you know it's tier 8. Rules and explanation of thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/68349-elimination-thread-3-tier-vii-winner/#topmost Taking the last thread into consideration, I think I need to explain what I mean by "performance". When I mention performance, I am talking about how good you think the ship is overall, taking into consideration all of its strengths and weaknesses, how flexible it is, how well it can do in the early, middle and late game and how well it copes with the current meta. Now that that's all out of the way, on to the lists: Starting list: Akizuki: 20 Kagero: 20 Benson: 20 Benson/Lo Yang (Def. AA): 20 Lo Yang (Mk. 15 mod. 0): 20 Lo Yang (Mk 32): 20 Kiev: Ognevoi: Z-23: 20 Mogami (155mm): 20 Mogami (203mm): 20 Atago: 20 New Orleans: 20 Chapayev: 20 Mikhail Kutuzov: 20 Admiral Hipper: 20 Prinz Eugen: 20 Edinburgh: 20 Amagi: 20 North Carolina: 20 Tirpitz: 20 Bismark: 20 Shokaku (2/2/2): 20 Shokaku (3/1/2): 20 Lexington (1/1/1): 20 Lexington (2/0/2): 20 Lexington (0/1/3): 20 Latest List: Akizuki: 21 Kagero: 20 Benson: 21 Benson/Lo Yang (Def. AA): 17 Lo Yang (Mk. 15 mod. 0): 20 Lo Yang (Mk 32): 20 Z-23: 20 Mogami (155mm): 18 Mogami (203mm): 17 Atago: 24 New Orleans: 13 Chapayev: 20 Mikhail Kutuzov: 22 Admiral Hipper: 20 Prinz Eugen: 20 Edinburgh: 20 Amagi: 20 North Carolina: 20 Tirpitz: 20 Bismark: 20 Shokaku (2/2/2): 20 Shokaku (3/1/2): 20 Lexington (1/1/1): 17 Lexington (2/0/2): 14 Lexington (0/1/3): 17 Final List: N/A Let it begin (once again)!
  2. who_dares_wins

    Elimination thread 3: Tier VII *Winner!*

    And we have a winner! Belfast has won the thread, with the Blyskawica second and the Scharnhorst third. The next thread will be tier 8 and will arrive very soon (as soon as I check that I have included all of the ships). Thanks to everyone who participated. Hello once again! As the last thread has concluded, and the most voted for thread was tier 7, here it is. I have updated the rules *slightly* to reduce stupid votes (ie downvoting out of spite etc.) For those unfamiliar with how these threads work, I'll explain it. All the ships in a particular tier/class/group are listed in the OP, and each starts with a score of 20. The next post copies the list and removes 3 points from the ship that they think is worst and adds 1 point to the ship they think is best, explaining why in each case, like so: Ship A: 20-3=17 (Doesn't have the firepower to make up for the lack of armour and agility) Ship B: 20 Ship C: 20+1=21 (The torpedoes are great, the ship is fast and stealthy and the guns are good) Every following post copies the most up to date list and does likewise. When a ship reaches 0 points it is eliminated, hence the name, and is removed from the list. The last ship left wins the thread. Rules: 1: No fiddling with the point totals 2: No resurrecting eliminated ships 3: No downvoting or upvoting out of spite or any reason other than performance 4: One vote per person per day. Multiple votes will be ignored. So, without further ado, here is the starting list: Leberect Maass: 20 Akatsuki: 20 Shiratsuyu: 20 Mahan: 20 Sims (BL Mk. 7 mod. 2B): 20 Sims (Mk 15 mod. 0): 20 Kiev: 20 Leningrad: 20 Błyskawica: 20 Myoko: 20 Pepsicola: 20 Indianapolis: 20 Flint: 20 Lolanta: 20 Shchors: 20 Yorck: 20 Fiji: 20 Belfast: 20 Nagato: 20 Colorado: 20 Gneisenau: 20 Scharnhorst: 20 Hiryu (2/2/2): 20 Hiryu (3/1/2): 20 Ranger (1/1/1): 20 Ranger (0/1/3): 20 Ranger (2/0/2): 20 Saipan (Torpedo Bombers): 20 Saipan (Dive Bombers): 20 Latest list: Leberect Maass: Eliminated Akatsuki: Eliminated Shiratsuyu: Eliminated Mahan: Eliminated Sims (BL Mk. 7 mod. 2B): Eliminated Sims (Mk 15 mod. 0): Eliminated Kiev: Eliminated Leningrad: Eliminated Błyskawica: Eliminated Myoko: Eliminated Pepsicola: Eliminated Indianapolis: Eliminated Flint: Eliminated Atlanta: Eliminated Shchors: Eliminated Yorck: Eliminated Fiji: Eliminated Belfast: WINNER! (Final score: 8) Nagato: Eliminated Colorado: Eliminated Gneisenau: Eliminated Scharnhorst: Eliminated Hiryu (2/2/2): Eliminated Hiryu (3/1/2): Eliminated Ranger (1/1/1): Eliminated Ranger (0/1/3): Eliminated Ranger (2/0/2): Eliminated Saipan (Torpedo Bombers): Eliminated Saipan (Dive Bombers): Eliminated Final list: 29th: Pensacola 28th: Ranger (2/0/2) 27th: Akatsuki (???) 26th: Kiev 25th: Yorck 24rd: Nagato 23nd: Indianapolis 22st: Ranger (1/1/1) 21th: Colorado 20th: Hiryu (3/1/2) 19th: Shchors 18th: Saipan (Dive Bombers) 17th: Ranger (0/1/3) 16th: Sims (Mk. 15 Mod. 0) 15th: Sims (BL mk.7 Mod. 2B) 14th: Atlanta 13th: Leberect Maass 12th: Gneisenau 11th: Myoko 10th: Mahan 9th: Shiratsuyu 8th: Fiji 7th: Hiryu (2/2/2) 6th: Saipan (TBs) 5th: Leningrad 4th: Flint 3rd: Scharnhorst 2nd: Blyskawica 1st: Belfast Let it begin! (again)
  3. As I know that some of you are waiting to midnight, I have decided to give you something to do: a reverse elimination thread. Quick Rules change to speed things along: 1: 1 vote per person every 10 minutes 2: all ships start on 15 points 3: as this is reversed, you add one to the worst ship and take away three from the best ship. 4: At midnight, ships still with points are ranked based on remaining points The list: Mikasa: 15 Smith: 15 Emerald: 15 Kazny Krym: 15 All fighter setup CVs: 15 Pensacola: 15 Campbeltown: 15 Nurnburg: 15 Happy New Year! (add any bad ships I missed in as we go along)
  4. who_dares_wins

    Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    *Thread completed! The winner is Gremy (of course)* The next elimination thread: coming soon to a forum near you! Hello everyone! (Yes I know I seem incapable of starting with anything else) Following a request, I have decided to recreate the tier X elimination thread, this time for tier V. "Why tier 5?" Because A: more people can participate, B: it will give new players a better indication of what ships are good/bad and C: I was asked to do it for this tier. same rules apply as the last thread, excluding the requirement for playing tier X Rules: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/65517-tier-x-elimination-thread-warships-edition/ Starting list: Bogue (2/0/1): 20 Bogue (1/1/0): 20 Bogue (0/1/2): 20 New York: 20 Texas: 20 Omaha: 20 Marblehead: 20 Nicholas: 20 Zuiho (1/1/2): 20 Zuiho (1/2/1): 20 Kongo: 20 Furutaka: 20 Kamikaze/Fujin: 20 Minekaze: 20 Gnevny: 20 Gremy: 20 Kirov: 20 Murmansk: 20 Kazny Krym: 20 Konig: 20 Konigsberg: 20 Emerald: 20 Latest list: Bogue (2/0/1): Eliminated Bogue (1/1/0): Eliminated Bogue (0/1/2): Eliminated New York: Eliminated Texas: Eliminated Omaha: Eliminated Marblehead: Eliminated Nicholas: Eliminated Zuiho (1/1/2): Eliminated Zuiho (1/2/1): Eliminated Kongo: Eliminated Furutaka: EliminatedKamikaze/Fujin: Eliminated Minekaze: Eliminated Gnevny: Eliminated Gremy: 30 *Winner* Kirov: Eliminated Murmansk: Eliminated Krasny Krym: Eliminated König: Eliminated Königsberg: Eliminated Emerald: Eliminated Final list: 6th: Konigsberg 7th: Minekaze 8th: Murmansk 9th: Nicholas 10th: Texas 11th: Furutaka 12th: Bogue (1/1/0) 13th: Zuiho (1/1/2) 14th: Omaha 15th: Kirov 16th: Gnevny 17th: Bogue (0/1/2) 18th: Marblehead 19th: New York 20th: Kazny Krym 21st: Bogue (2/0/1) 22nd and last: Emerald Ze Top 5: The bottom three and why they finished there: Kazny Krym: "Sorry, bro. Go back to tier 4" It is beyond doubt that the Kazny Krym is a bad ship, but why exactly is that? The answer to that is simple: Its class. The Crispy Creme is a Svietlana class light cruiser, which is a tier 4 with rather small guns. The Crispy Creme, while better than the Svietlana, is not better enough to justify moving up one tier. The result is a decent tier 4 cruiser with tier 5 matchmaking, not a recipe for a good ship. Air Superiority Bogue: "Literally removing one of your team's ships from the game" The AS Bogue is incredibly annoying to play against for the enemy carrier player, and makes it almost impossible for them to have any significant impact on the game. However, paradoxically, the AS Bogue is also completely useless, unless the captain plays a perfect game. The AS loadout has such a low strike capability that even a single partially successful strike from the enemy CV has achieved more than the AS captain will all game, making this loadout completely useless. Emerald: "You seem to have spelt 'floating citadel' wrong" The Emerald could have been a good ship. It has smoke, hydro, a heal ability, sports car acceleration and decent speed. While top tier, it can do a reasonable job. However, the Emerald, when thrown into tier 7 games, is terrible. It only has a six gun broadside or the same guns the RN CLs have been using since tier 3, which do almost nothing to tier 7s, while tier 7s can exploit its massive weakness: being a giant box of fireworks that goes *BANG* more easily than even the Kirov. Even worse, tier 7 radar cruisers like Belfast can spot it inside its only protection: its smoke. Unfortunately, the Emerald gets shafted very, very ​hard by tier 5 matchmaking, constantly thrown into tier 7 games. If you ever want to know what it's like to drive an oil tanker that's full while people fire missiles at you, buy an Emerald. Let it begin! (again)