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Found 20 results

  1. NagatoTheGod

    EU zu NA Gameserver?

    Hallo liebe Community, Ja ich weiss die meisten werden jetzt sagen das dies nicht möglich ist, trotzdem habe ich ein paar fragen. Ich habe sehr viele Freunde in den USA die gerne mit mir Spielen möchten. Nun ist es möglich irgendwie auf den NA server zu kommen ? Ich habe diesen ACC vor langer Zeit erstellt und habe festgestellt das die Accounts an Regionen gebunden sind, wenn ich mich auf der NA Seite versuche einzuloggen wird mir Gesagt das mein Account garnicht exestiert. Ist es möglich ihn zu Transferieren oder irgendwie auf den amerikanischen Server zu loggen ? Ich habs allemal echt Satt alleine spielen zu müssen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Nagato Freue mich über jede Antwort von euch!!!
  2. Hi all, Dear WG - please consider making available single type "Signal Flag" bundles in "Premium Shop" just like NA and RU! On NA 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 4$ On RU 100x "Papa Papa" (300%Free XP) costs just 3$ And yet here on EU we have nothing of the sorts... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Serjo2k13


    Here is a question.. im playing on EU servers.. why cant i choose russian (and there is even no option to) on EU servers? I mean making the game on Russian language.. Its hardly a matter of copy past from RU servers.. Please make it an option to make the game on russian on EU servers too! There is a lot of russian players on EU servers and its much easier for us to understand the game on Russian and not on English.. P.S. I'm playing on EU servers because i live in Israel, and im asking for RU option because i was born in Russia so its my language.
  4. Comodoro_Allande

    Diferencias entre servidores (otra vez...)

    Pues al parecer en el server de NA tienen este evento por el Mardi Gras (básicamente un carnaval sureño que encima es de origen francés) con la oportunidad de sacar un puñado gordo de camuflajes "fuego sin pausa" (-3/+4 estándar más un 250% a la experiencia del comandante). ¿Y nosotros? A rascarnos... (al parecer también tienen una misión para conseguir el Katori, pero eso es pasable ya que ellos no tuvieron la posibilidad de obtenerlo ) Varios hilos (en inglés): http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/75215-na-camo-carnival-event/#topmost http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/75239-will-the-eu-server-get-anything-similar-to-the-na-carnival/ Mardi Gras I Destroy at least one enemy ship in a Random, Ranked or Co-Op battle. • Must use a tier IV or higher ship•Once Per Day Reward • 1x "Restless Fire" Camouflage Mardi Gras II Earn 25,000 Base XP over any number of Random, Ranked or Co-Op battles. • Must use a tier IV or higher ship• Repeatable Reward • 25x "Restless Fire" Camouflage
  5. Kancolle_Kongou

    WoWs EU forum discord server

    This one has been in test for the passed 3 week, and its still not perfect, but a okay start. ( I know theres a reddit one. i made this one under a request from someone who wanted an EU forum discord server.) So i would like to invite you guys to the server. (Keep in mind its still in work so some stuff will change and more rules will be added over time) https://discord.gg/cNVbT3n
  6. DutchDelightsNL

    are you being Serve(rs)d?

    Can somebody explain to me (i am Dutch, so i live in the Nehterlands), why i have more server lagg on the EU server than i experience on the RU server? I notice that playing on RU, i am more likely to hit where i aim than on EU. I started playing low tier on the RU server, and notice that i actualy hit where i aim with the ship ( german BB line). So therefore make more citadel hits, so if i apply this to EU i miss, shells all over the place and less citadel hits O h and also like to thank all CC's in World of warships for improving my game, and still having fun so thank you to: Notser (link) IChase (link) Flamu (link) Zoup (link) IEarlG (link) Baron (link) Yuro (link)
  7. Well, since "good start" went gold, we got our gold reward: "standard container". What is a "standard container"? Is it a commander's present, like everybody else on the other servers gets? No, it's a consumables container. Now, before anybody accuses me of being entitled, if the other servers also only got this, I would be fine with it. It's WG EU going out of their way to ensure we get worse deals than everybody else that annoys me.
  8. Captain_Midway

    scripts_config.xml - Problem

    Hi There, Its been about 6 - 9 month since I last played and i see a lot has changed during my absence. Usually, I download the game, open it and it gives me the NA server. So for this I find the scripts_config.xml and add the EU server manually. I did the same thing today but is seems that the new scripts_config.xml file cannot be opened by the Game (worldofwarships.exe). Can someone either post their scripts_config.xml file that has the EU server on it or advise me how to edit my scripts_config.xml to connect to the EU? Here is what my scripts_config.xml looks like now: <scripts_config.xml checkPing="true" debugInfo="true"> <space>spaces/ocean</space> <offlineModel>PASD010_Fletcher_1942</offlineModel> <player entityType="Avatar" startDirection="1.0 0.0 0.0" startPosition="0.0 0.0 -313.0"/> <cursorScaleSpeed x="40" y="40"/> <server online="true"> <host addr="login.worldofwarships.eu:20020" alias="WoWS EU"/> <host addr="login.worldofwarships.com:20020" alias="WoWS NA"/> <host addr="login.worldofwarships.ru:20020" alias="WoWS RU"/> <host addr="login.worldofwarships.jp:20020" alias="WoWS Asia"/> <login>piksel</login> <password>login1</password> </server> <chat visibleLines="6"/> <writeCombatLog>true</writeCombatLog> <Dock3D>true</Dock3D> <CurseVoice>false</CurseVoice> <scriptProfiler address="" enabled="true" netSend="false" port="6666"/> <GameParams packed="true"/> <disableTrainingRoom>false</disableTrainingRoom></scripts_config.xml> I got this from the WOWS forums : Link: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21275-tip-how-to-change-server-and-play-wows-on-all-servers-eu-na-ru-asia-using-one-game-client/ The file uploaded ther is faulty and cannot be downloaded. Can anyone help? I don't want to download the game from scratch from just one file. Regards Captain_Midway
  9. zFireWyvern

    Premium Ships added to tech tree

    EDIT: Ectar confirms EU tech tree Premiums here; http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51772-premium-ships-added-to-tech-tree/page__st__20__pid__1036586#entry1036586 So, moments ago I noticed a thread going up on the NA forums about Premium Ships being added to the tech tree for purchase with Doubloons. The list of ships being added is as follows; US Texas IJN Tachibana VMF Diana Molotov Mikhail Kutuzov SMS Emden Tirpitz RN Campbeltown Warspite ORP Blyskawica What I would like to know is; are there any plans to do something similar on the EU server any time soon? Like NA we're still yet to see the Campbeltown and people have been requesting the ability to buy more Premiums with their Doubloons. Original thread link is here; http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/79890-premium-ships-moving-to-the-tech-tree-soon/
  10. Adriatic Armada -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a small english speaking community founded with a release of update 0.6.0. Our goal is to improve our gameplay and have fun! What you need to join: 1.) Min. 1000 battles (of which at least 400 in tier VII+) 2.) Win rate min. 50% 3.) Average damage min. 40 000 4.) At least ONE tier VIII ship 5.) Personal rating(PR) min. 1000 (but not necesseary/optional) Also we ask of of you to have a microphone with a Discord account, (Download it here: https://discordapp.com/ ) to be able to speak and understand english and is over 16 years of age. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you think you have what it takes to JOIN leave a post on this thread or contact our recruiters: Miki12345 http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/user/miki12345-501309615/ Admiral_Grzan http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/user/admiral-grzan-530226892/ Vujo666 http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/user/vujo666-510534363/
  11. Wanna see who is the best!!! NA or EU "NO QUARTER GIVEN" gonna be a splash so be there or be [] SEE YOU THERE AT Twitch.tv/Wargaming
  12. So was browsing the NA website as they seem to get information before it happens unlike being left in the dark on EU server. Can someone at WGEU confirm this will also happen to our server before it happens? Adding link and screenshots.. http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/tech-tree-refresher/ Ships being added to the game Ships departing So does this mean the Murmansk is getting removed from all servers or just the NA? Strange as the Murmansk was and has been on of the first premium ships added to the game. Also the Polish DD... Very popular obviously with the EU server. I noticed they are only just adding the Saipan which is odd being it's a US ship and all. Will this kind of cleanup be coming to EU and if so what ships are for the axe and which will come? What are your thoughts and if WGEU can inform us if this will happen to our server as well or not? (PS Keep it clean and no flaming please? This is happening on the NA server, The reason for this post was to simply findout your views on the matter and if WG can inform us if this will be the same for EU)
  13. Sun Tzu Warriors Sun Tzu Warriors are looking for members to have fun playing divisions and team play in battles. Its just fun and great to have a international group on Eu and Na server. A lot of people playing on other servers to, so why not joining this clan to have fun on both. If you have an Eu account only it's just great to have you. We are a friendly organized group that does not have so many rules. You needed to have Teamspeak and mic and 18 years old. All players are welcome to jump on teamspeak to have fun in gaming and make divisions. You can register on the webpage Sun Tzu Warriors On this webpage we have also info about teamspeak settings. Join and have a great time to play battle together.
  14. I live in Italy and have obviously downloaded the EU client,but I have some friends who play on NA and I'd like to play with them.In world of tanks I was in the same situation a couple of years ago and I downloaded the NA client but it ended up overwriting and wiping my EU client.If I do the same for world of warships will the same thing happen or has something changed?Thanks in advance.
  15. Tyskland169

    Same profile on EU and NA server?

    Im soon going to USA to meet my family. My cousin also play this game. Can i use the EU-server profile on the NA-server? Or do i need to create a new profile like the test server?
  16. Ahoi Captains! We are glad to invite you to watch the Deep Sea Tournament EU-Asia-China Showmatch. Two strong European clans send out their best fleets to face up with the challenge from the two Chinese leading teams in DST Season 2. They will meet on Jun. 14 and Jun. 16 at 1400 CET. Vod available at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Woschdbrot Crysantos and Bloodlegend has been recruited as our field reporters, they will deliver the first-hand live battle report from the engaging territorial waters. Captains, please adjust your radio frequency to the following coordinate so you won’t miss the ongoing intense fight! http://www.twitch.tv/deepseatournament http://www.twitch.tv/crysantos http://www.twitch.tv/papedipupi (KKTM Player PoV) On Jun. 16, 1400 CET, the flames of battle continued to burn between Tora Tora Tora and F3. Tora Tora Tora fought fiercely, especially in the 4th battle. Although, F3 made a almost perfect 2-way push on Tear of the Desert in the last game and secure a 3:2 victory of the serie. Tora Tora Tora is the Top of the ladder of Team Battle in EU cluster. Consist of mostly Scandinavian players, the viking blood flowing in their veins makes them a brutal force on the High Sea. F3, a fleet based on Asian Server, is a lover of cruiser Moskau. Hence, they seems to be inspired with the spirit of Russian warships: Attack! F3 will seize every opportunity to do rapid push, oppressing their enemy to the corner of the map. As it says in the well-known ancient The Art of War, speed is the soldier’s asset. Both teams are strongly offensive. Will their battle turn out to be a short-range brawl? Let’s open up the streaming channel on time to see which fleet has the shaper spear. On Jun. 14, 1400 CET, the first battle has been played between Kaper Kommando and Maiden Tea Party. The BO5 resulting in 0:3 in favor of Tea Party. Kaper Kommando’s fleet, led by papedipupi, carries the glory of Deustch-Marine. They are well-trained and determined. Their steel fleet can pierce any opponent’s defence and bring the victory to the Vaterland. Maiden Tea Party is the first WoWS team in China which sets its own goal to be a part of a diversified E-sport club. They have unrestrained ideas of tactics and strong execution power, featuring the brave and creative use of cruisers. Their only weakness currently could be distraction from Overwatch. Each team also have a world-class CV player, their struggle against each other over the sky will be a too exciting scene to miss.
  17. Hey there everyone! We are "Drunk Deadly Danes" Well.. We are not drunk all the time and we are not all Danes But we are Deadly! Hehe Just fun xD We are searching new members! And we are all here to have fun! And talk togheter if that's possible for you Hope to see someone who's ready to play with a funny clan and have a good time! Otherwish good luck out there Cap!
  18. Zgredek

    Jeden klient, więcej serwerów

    Witam, przeszukiwałem forum, pewnie ślepy jestem ale nie widziałem. Jest może jakiś mod umożliwiający grę na jednym kliencie gry np. na serwerach EU i NA bez potrzeby instalowania osobnych klientów gry?
  19. HighlandHawk


    Hi, need some info. Basically I was wondering who I have to talk to about my beta key problem? I signed up for the beta but was sent a NA key when I signed up on the EU website plus I live in the UK so the key is useless for me. I tried to just play but the ping was 200<, also I have a second key but it is also a NA key, can I swap for a EU key plz. Any help would be great even if im just out of luck. PS. I have all the emails I was sent as conformation that I was sent a key in the first place. Thank You.
  20. ezymodo

    Snapshot stats of the EU server

    Well, it's been awhile since my last post. Lately I become aware of some stats collected on the warshipstats website (http://warshipstats.com/analytics/) , and decide to makesome plots of the EU data for other players. While the data tracked only a fraction of the player base (4k out of around 30 K in EU server, most likely above average), I believe this will give some picture about the overall condition of the game. 1. Battles per tier tier battle % cumulative % 1 1.1 1.1 2 4.2 5.3 3 13.1 18.4 4 21.0 39.4 5 24.4 63.8 6 16.4 80.2 7 9.5 89.7 8 6.6 96.3 9 2.4 98.8 10 1.2 100.0 As can be seen, the vast majority of the battles are concentrated in ships of tier 1 - 6, which collectively represents 80% of the battles going in the server. As the ship tier goes up, the number of battles goes down; players doing battle in his/her tier 10 ship in fact only represents 1.2% of the total battles. This number might go up as the game ages and more people obtain tier 10 ships, but it is likely that this number stays constant in the medium term. It also means that player in tier 10 ships are more likely to get unbalanced MM (one way or the other) outside of the peak hours. Players of high tier carriers might need to take special note, since the change in MM due next patch might lead to extremely long waiting time . 2. General conclusions from ships of all tier The figure above are plots of average xp and winrate of all ships vs damage and ship kills. It can be observed that: 1. Xp/ battle can be virtually considered as a linear function of damage done (r2 = 0.95) 2. Winrate is influenced by both ship kills and damage done, but the influence of kills seems to be slightly higher. In short, go for the damage to get more xp during grinding, and go for kills to ensure victory. This finding is similar to world of tanks; and what about supporting activities, such as capping and killing planes? As can be seen, it is not clear that killing planes lead to more xp or victories. The majority of the ships kill too few planes to show any clear trends, except for few outliers that show a slight trend towards increasing xp and wr. On closer observation, these ships are high tier battleships and carriers, which aside from having strong AA also have enormous punch to kill other ships. It is also interesting to observe that the ship that kill the most planes have mediocre xp and win rate compared to the top performing ones; this ship is Lexington, widely considered as the most underpowered CV in the current lineup. In short, killing airplanes does not pay much in terms of xp and winrates. The same can be said with capping and decapping, which do not lead to clear trends in terms of wr. Observation of the outliers show that in fact the ship with most capping point on average have modest wr compared to its peers. This ship is Shimakaze, and it underscores that decent speed and camo do not lead to enough victory by capping. On the other hand, the best decapper in the game have a slightly higher wr; these ships are american cruisers (st. louis and des moines) with a high dpm guns that can shotgun everything in a cap. This discussion is somewhat academic, since the average decap point of the ships is 2 x higher than the average cap rate of the best capper (8 vs 4 points). In short, capping does not work well due to the ease b which decapping is done, even for the best destroyers. 3. Evaluation of ship lines between tier 1 - 10 The figure above plots the average xp, damage, and winrate of every ship divided per tier and line. Note that at high tiers, very few players actually own the ship (less than 50), and some anomalies might results (due to player skill above average, platooning, etc.). It can be observed that: 1. The plot of average xp and damage looks similar, which is not surprising considering that the correlation of the two is very high. 2. At tier 4 - 8, The IJN CV line clearly overperforms in terms of xp, damage, and winrate compared to its peers at the same tier. Thus, the planned nerf on the line seems to be justified.This performance is unmatched until tier 9 - 10, where the USN CV line takes the lead. Either way, the performance of both CVs at tier 9 - 10 surpasses other ship classes. 3. At tier 6 -8, The IJN and the USN destroyer lines enters the "valley of death", where little to no improvement can be expected until tier 9 is reached. In any case, the performance of the DDs is far below its contemporaries at all metrics. Compared to its CV peers, the DD get around 60 - 70% less average xp and damage; the winrate is equally abysmal, plunging down starting from tier 6 onwards. In fact , both Shimakaze and Gearing are top contenders for the worst performing ship in terms of winrate at tier 10, with winrate of 48.6% and 46.5% respectively. 4. Despite the complaints from some BB skippers, the BB is a very solid line, only second to CVs in terms of xp, damage, and winrates. The large HP pool, large alpha gun, and HP recovery ability still handles the CA endless HE spam, occasional torp from the DD, and the CV TBs pretty well. At tier 10, the Yamato and the Montana performs equally well in terms of xp, damage, and winrate, making both equally worthwhile to own. On the other hand, several lemons can be observed on both lines, such as Colorado at tier 7 and the Izumo at tier 9. 5. The cruiser line can best be described mediocre at most metrics. The IJN CA line is in general better in terms of damage and XP, quite possibly due to its lower gun arc and torpedoes. This performance is somewhat let down by Ibuki, but the Zao is again very solid in terms of damage and XP. The USN CA line on the other hand, flounders in terms of xp and damage between tier 6 - 9, only performing slightly better than its DD counterpart. In fact, the tier 9 Baltimore has lower average damage than the Fletcher. This is somewhat improved at tier 10 with Des Moines, however its average damage is 30% lower compared to Zao. On the other hand, the winrate of Des Moines is higher than Zao by 5.5%, possibly by decapping or AA coverage of its teammates. 6. The tier 7 can be considered as a "block" tier, with ships statistically underperforming or offering no improvement in terms of xp and damage compared to its predecessors. This include nagato, pensacola, both DDs, and the infamous Colorado. So the hierarchy of the ship lines for power grinders, statpadders, and team players is in general the same: IJN CV = USN CV > IJN BB = USN BB > IJN CA > USN CA > IJN DD = USN DD 1. CV (both lines, depending on tier) 2. BB (both lines, depending on tier) 3. IJN CA 4. USN CA 5. DD (both tier, almost equally underpowered) Whether this is a bug or a feature, only Wargaming knows. The coming patch most likely rebalance these ships, so we will see . +1 if you think this is useful, and more detailed analysis by others would be welcome.