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Found 10 results

  1. 1MajorKoenig

    Dreadnought Era Appreciation Thread

    Fellow captains, I had the idea for this thread driving around in my A-HULL AMAGI and BAYERN - thinking how beautiful these ships are: this thread is for all of you who appreciate the Golden Age of Dreadmought battles to meet, discuss and exchange thoughts. While dreadnooughts are more of a niche product and a "filler" on the lower tiers in World of Warships it is the the true age of true Battleship vs Battleship clashes. A lillte more than 100 years ago the biggest clash of steel battleships happened during the Battle of Jutland. Huge battle lines of hundreds of shiny white-grey ships covered in black smoke with almost 100.000 sailors on board fought this climatic battle. Even if the game is slowly moving more and more away from these good old days there are some Dreadnought Era ships left in the game. This thread is to appreciate them, discuss about everything about Dreadnought era ships in this game and in reality and more. And it is for every Gentleman who is not afraid to duke it out the old way - even if it means to go with an A-Hull against WW2 Technology :-) LIST OF APPRECIATED DREADNOUGHT ERA SHIPS IN WOWS (please let me know the ones I forgot :-)): IJN / JAPAN: Chikuma Kawachi Myogi - STOCK Ishizuchi Kongo - STOCK (removed in 0.5.11) Fuso - STOCK (removed) Mutsu Ashitaka Nagato - STOCK (removed in 0.6.0) Amagi - STOCK (removed in 0.6.0) Umikaze USN / UNITED STATES: Albany Chester St.Louis South Carolina Wyoming- STOCK Arkansas Beta West Virgina Colorado STOCK (removed) Sampson HSF / IMPERIAL GERMAN HIGH SEAS FLEET: Dresden Emden Kolberg Karlsruhe / Cöln Nassau König Albert Bayern - STOCK V-25 G-101 V-170 ROYAL NAVY / GREAT BRITAIN: Weymouth Caledon Danae Bellerophon Dreadnought (announced) Orion (close at least) Iron Duke (well... still a Little dreadnought'ish...) TSARIST RUSSIA: Imperator Nikolai I. Diana Bogatyr Aurora Oleg Please sign up if you you like these old ships in reality or in World of Warships and enjoy the breath of nostalgia they bring with them :-) 1MajorKoenig 506_Mephisto _Kyoshi Admiral_Bing anve8004 aquiles7389 atomskytten Babylon_218 Battleship_Nagato BrotherSurplice Caulton Comodore_Allande Cpt_Cowper_Coles darkstar73 Fat_Maniac GeorgeT1012_gt Getzamatic GhostRider_24 Gnirf Herwarth HMS_Worcester josykay Kevbar LadyJess Leo_Apollo11 Procrastes puxflacet Robber_Baron sharpie65 Tempest_V_ theOneNL Verence196 Vizeadmiral_R_Scheer vontrox VulkanNo1 Webley_Mark
  2. Yes, yes, I know I've said this multiple times before, but cmon, it's still stupid Why is that "From 4 or more enemy ships" there? Especially in ranked, that's just straight up annoying Do I really not deserve it just bcuz I tanked dmg from & got the attention of "only 3" opponents leaving my team on a 6v4 fight? Almost 154k taken, and since I played Conq... ...that's 185.5% of my HP taken and still survived I feel robbed
  3. I don't think I need to go into the significance of the ship so like the title says: where is HMS Dreadnought? Upcoming premium? Reward ship? A. N. Other?
  4. In this match, my division did 12! kills, we all got High Caliber AND Confederate, two of us (MagxDDD and me got Dreadnought) - so we carried hard with the new French-BB branch.Participants: Maddes91, MagxDDD and me, Skill0r198717:59 - First enemy contact (enemy Algérie)17:02 - Enemy Fletcher double striked our DDs16:49 - MagxDDD kill #116:49 - Attack epiecenter14:37 - Skill0r1987 kill #114:20 - MagxDDD kill #214:05 - Enemy Lyon double striked too13:40 - Hunt for enemy BBs12:50 - Rush for epicenter, end of hunt for running BBs (for now)11:34 - Skill0r1987 kill #210:45 - Rush on enemy ship armada10:05 - Skill0r1987 kill #309:21 - Maddes91 kill #108:42 - MagxDDD achieved Cofederate08:35 - MagxDDD kill #308:30 - Skill0r1987 kill #408:05 - We decided to disengage (for now, again)disengage ships, re-engage epicenter07:40 - MagxDDD kill #406:13 - Skill0r1987 kill #5, Kraken, High Caliber and Confederate06:13 - Maddes91 achieved Confederate too05:22 - Maddes91 kill #204:42 - Maddes91 achieved High Caliber as well04:46 - MagxDDD achieved High Caliber as well04:45 - Skill0r1987 kill #6, End of MatchIn sum, we did over 90% damage on the enemy team as we all achieved the High Caliber achievment. I think one could say we carried this game. I hope you all enjoy watching and have as much fun with this match as we did. o7 and happy sinking, [GEMA]Skill0r1987
  5. wilkatis_LV

    Hey, where's my Dreadnought?!

    Lets go over what you need to do to get dreadnought... Point one - survive. Check. Point two - tank at least 120% of your max HP as dmg. 68 100 * 1.2 = 81 720 Last time I checked 104 191 > 81 720 so... Check. In fact, 104 191 is about 153% of stock Iowas HP. But oh look, there's one more point to look at... Apparently tanking Ibuki, Roon and Roma while dodging Shimas torps (in a completely stock Iowa) and waiting for your 11 "teammates" to deal with the 8 enemies left for them isn't enough, I guess I should have taken a Shima torp for it
  6. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet

    Welcome to the Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought Appreciation Fleet! Ahoy Captains! I bring you the second incarnation of the Official Mikasa Appreciation Society thread! This is a place for tips, gameplay, history and gossip on all things Mikasa/Pre-Dreadnought! You can also check out our original society thread; which is literally brimming to the top with content and info! Never destined to set the game world on fire, she is still a fun ship and one I believe is greatly under appreciated by many. So whether you like her for game-play or historical reasons; even if you don't own her, join our society today and spread the word of this fun little vessel...or just talk about her with like-minded people. If you want to add her to your port, visit here: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/3214/ or purchase her in the tech tree for 2000 Doubloons. If you're interested in getting straight into the game with her and wrecking everyone with some serious lower tier firepower, check out my full Mikasa play guide here! Or, if you want to know more about what you're buying, then read the full premium ship review of her from the excellent NA reviewer, LittleWhiteMouse; just click here! Finally, if you, like me, LOVE the fact these ships had multiple calibres everywhere, check out my secondary sound mod here! We furthermore have an in-game chat channel for the use of the fleet captains.The hope is that it makes it easier for them to find one another and communicate; possibly even do battle together! The channel is called: Mikasa Appreciation Society (it should appear if you type "Mikasa" into the channel search) and the password for it is: tsushima Anyone who wants to join the fleet and have their name added to the member list below, please let me know in your comment/post. Thanks! HMS_Worcester (Society Founder) Cpt_Cowper_Coles (Admiral) 1MajorKoenig 506_Mephisto aguir Amon_ITA aquiles7389 AtomskHD Bellegar Bismarck_chan broja_jacra BrotherSurplice Carl_Edward_Sagan Chocan CLyDeThaMonKeY Combat_Hamster Condor1976 creamgravy DarthDon49 Defcon13 dr_julio84 Drunken_Jedi Egoleter Elbschlucker Elo_Naj Eloyan Exocet6951 Ferry_25 GhostRider_24 GoT_PcDealer Hanszeehock Ictogan imply_tha_best kfa Knightmare_Moon Kaseko _Kyoshi LadyJess lafeel Larky2k LordOzma MadnerKami Maximilian_Graf_von_Spee MaxxyNL mingbat MrFingers Namolis NyronGT orlathebeast peoplescavalry Petao_Sofronije PeterBrooks_1 Procrastes puxflacet RedStorm1 Robber_Baron RUMIRUMI SapperMark SBS Scipio_Africanus1829 ShockPirat Soft_Kitty_Warm_Kitty Sonic_157 soulmask Spuggy StringWitch Szatanshow Takru TeeKay_ Temeteus82 Tirande TMTNEZ Todger_Fairmile TopDawg triumphgt6 Tuccy Vanhal VonBroich Wargael Westyll WolfGewehr Xevious_Red
  7. MuddyMo

    Dreadnought bug

    So after taking over 162k damage and surviving the battle in my montana i did somehow not receive a dreadnought. i hope this is a bug because this is [edited]
  8. Tellsson


    So Leute, dies ist kein Photoshop-Job oder sowas, sondern gerade eben im Spiel passiert... Beachtet bitte die Auszeichnungen ;) Ich habe mit dem DD die Auszeichnung Dreadnought gemacht ^^ Des Rätsels Lösung: greetz Telly ^^
  9. The great transformation of war fleets began in 1906. when the Great Britain constructed battleship Dreadnought, ship with the complete new concept after which the dreadnought type of ships was named. Special characteristic of those ships, except from stronger construction and armour, was very strong artillery - main guns were placed in double turrets, well armoured, which were able to rotate for almost 360 degrees - that gave guns the ability to fire in almost every direction. Dreadnoughts were so superior that all other battleships, even the newest one, became second class units overnight !
  10. So, i thought it'd be fun to write a little post on one of the largest fleets during WW1: the german High Seas Fleet, or Hochseeflotte. Enjoy, but LONG POST WARNING! The German Hochseeflotte Origins At the end of the 19th century, Brittain was the undisputed ruler of the waves. Many countries tried to compete, but all failed in the end. The Royal Navies ships were many, her crews well trained and her deeds and heroes were legendary. But in the middle of that same century, a new european power arose. After two wars with Austria-Hungary and France the German states were united under the rule of Kaiser Wilhelm the first, the first Kaiser (Emperor) of das Deutches Reich, the German Empire. Under Kaiser Wilhelm I and his Chancellor Otto von Bismarck the German Empire quickly evolved into a economic and industrial powerhouse. Creating a vast rail network, industrial sites and implemented laws to create one of the first welfare states. So you could say life was good for the Germans...this changed when Wilhem I died, aged 91. He was succeeded by his son, Frederick III, which died only 99 days later of cancer at the age of 56. So here we introduce Kaiser Wilhelm II, son of Frederick and Princess Victoria (yes, the one from the UK), and grandson of Queen Victoria, the ruler of the British Empire. And to be honest: he was a bit of a loony. He turned out to be a militaristic, reckless and autoritarion ruler who had a habit of turning friends into enemies.He was also jealous, jealous of the British Empire and the Royal Navy to be exact. Under his rule Germany aquired colonies in Africa and Asia and...fully supported Admiral von Tirpitz in the creation of a navy to "secure Germanies survival". Tirpitz came with a "risk theory", stating that if Germany built ships to a ration of 2:3 when compared to the Royal Navy, it would be strong enough to damage the RN in such a way that even when defeated it would cause the Royal navy to lose its place as strongest navy in the world. But being German, he didnt concider losing to be an option anyway. In 1898 the first German naval law was passed by the Reichstag (the German government), allowing the construction of 19 battleships (pre-dreadnoughts), 8 coastal defence ships, 6 large- and 18 small cruisers and 12 divisions of torpedo boats. After the Boer war and Boxer rebellion the second naval law was passed, allowing these numbers to be doubled to 38 battleships, 20 large cruisers and 38 small cruisers. Quite ambitious, no? Dreadnoughts? Yes please! So, Germany started building ships. The British reaction? Initially not really impressed, they were more busy with the French and Russian navies of the time...until the moment that the British public got wind of the German plans (and having heard of Germany's industrial capacity) they were genuinely concerned. At this time Admiral John Fisher took over as the First Sea Lord and greatly reformed the navy. Brittain formed alliances with France and Japan so it could move more battleships to the North Sea and stated "Our only probable enemy is Germany. Germany keeps her whole Fleet always concentrated within a few hours of England. We must therefore keep a Fleet twice as powerful concentrated within a few hours of Germany." And if this didnt mess up German plans for naval supremacy, the launch of HMS Dreadnought messed it up even more. Tirpitz's response? Three amendments to his naval laws, ordering the construction of 24 battleships (dreadnoughts), 8 battlecruisers and 18 light cruisers. Note that up to 1912 (when the last amendment was passed) Germany and Great Brittain tried to reach a compromise in an effort to de-escalate this arms race, but both nations refused to back down. It is interesting to note that Brittain at this point had lost interest in a classic "decisive battle" and had already made plans to blockade German ports, as they actually did during the war. So, what capital ships did they actually build? (up to 1918) In a short time, the Germans managed to build a remarkable amount of ships including a whole lot of torpedoboats, destroyers and various cruisers. But as these are too numerous, i'll just stick with the capital ships. For a full list. see HERE Pre-Dreadnoughts Brandenburg class: 4 built Kaiser Friedrich III class: 5 built Wittelsbach class: 5 built Braunschweig class: 5 built Deutschland class: 5 built Dreadnoughts Nassau class: 4 built Helgoland class: 4 built Kaiser class: 5 built Köning class: 4 built Bayern class: 4 planned, 2 built Battlecruisers Von der Tann class: 1 built Moltke class: 2 built Seydlitz class: 1 built Derfflinger class: 3 built Further planned capital ships Mackensen class battlecruiser: 4 planned and under construction Ersatz Yorck class battlecruiser:3 planned, 1 under construction Note that it was German (and Austian) policy not to name ships before they are launched, "ersatz" means "replacement", therefore the Ersatz Yorck class were replacements for the older Yorck class armored cruisers. This adds up to 24 pre-dreadnoughts, 14 dreadnoughts (with 2 under construction) and 7 battlecruisers (with 5 under construction and 2 more planned). Not exactly the numbers Tirpitz wanted, but still quite an achievement, considering Germany didn't have the number of shipyards Brittain had. Differences from British Dreadnoughts Generally speaking, the German dreadnoughts were roughly equals to their British counterparts. The major difference is that German ships were more heavily armored, sacrificing speed and firepower for durability. This was probably done to compensate for the smaller number of ships Germany could field against Brittain, but at this moment i can't find a reliable source to back this up. Anyway, because of this earlier German dreadnought generally had smaller guns than their British counterparts, putting 11" guns against British 12" guns and 12" guns against 13.5" guns. Only the Bayern class was (gun-wise) an equal to the British Queen Elizabeth and Revenge classes, but was heavily outnumbered by them (2 Bayerns against a total of 10 QE's and Revenges). However, as the battle of Jutland and the battle of the Falklands proved, German gunnery was more accurate and their shells more reliable, which negated this difference somewhat. The fleet in action I will not go in detail with all the actions undertaken by the Highseas fleet, but will list the most important ones: First Battle of Heligoland Bight: First naval battle of the war, German defeat with the loss of 1 destroyer Action of 22 September 1914: Destruction of 3 British cruisers by 1 u-boat Raid on the British coast: bombardment of 3 British towns, caused quite a fuss in the UK. Firstbattle of Dogger Bank: The first action involving battlecruisers from both sides. And ofcourse the battle of Jutland: the battle which had to decide naval supremacy in the North Sea, but ended in the same stalemate. Usually seen as a German tacical victory (more ships sunk), but a British strategic victory as the British could maintain their blockade of German ports. Also worthy of note are the actions of Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee, namely the Battle of Coronel and The battle of the Falkland Islands The end of a fleet At the end of the war the fleet did not fulfill its desired goal: gain supremacy over the North Sea from the Royal Navy. The policy of the Kaiser didn't help much either: for any major fleet action he had to personally give his approval. This resulted in the fleet being more in port than out of it. This combined with the overall progress of the war resulted in passive resistance onboard ships in 1917 to a full mutiny in the last days before the armistice of 1918, preventing one final fleet action. After the armistice, the entire hochseeflotte was escorted to the British naval base of Scapa Flow (under the escort of a massive allied fleet of 370 warships) where the ships, together with a skeleton crew, were held captive until the victorious nations had decided wat to do with them. On the 21st of June 1919, while the bulk of the British fleet were out on maneuvers, read admiral Ludwig von Reuter ordered all ships to be scuttled, to prevent them from falling into enemy hands. (as two days later the formal peace treaty was signed, formally handing over the entire fleet to the British. Exactly that which von Reuter wished to avoid, but he was unaware that it had been delayed by two days, the 21st was the original deadline of the treaty) This caused the allies to call German navy personel cowards and "men without honor", but British Admiral Wemyss later said: "I look upon the sinking of the German fleet as a real blessing. It disposes once and for all the thorny question of the redistribution of these ships" When Admiral van Reuter and his men returned to Germany they were recieved as heroes, with Admiral Scheer (the German commander of the Battle of Jutland) saying: "I rejoice. The stain of surrender has been wiped from the escutcheon of the German Fleet. The sinking of these ships has proved that the spirit of the fleet is not dead. This last act is true to the best traditions of the German navy." Was it worth it? Was it worth it to build such a grand fleet? In my opinion: no. The German fleet would always have been outnumbered by the British, no matter how many hig quality ships they build. Also the creation of the hochseeflotte put a tremendous strain on the German economy. It was the first time in Germany's history that it had to borrow money, just for some warships. However, did this fleet start the war? Yes and no. Yes, it did start an naval armsrace which still has no equal. However, it was the militaristic an authoritarian rule of Kaiser Wilhelm II that actually did the most damage. He destroyed all friendly ties Germany had with Brittain (as they were quite friendly during the reign of Wilhelm I) out of jealousy and, more or less, forced Austria-Hungary to invade Serbia after the assasination of Franz-Ferdinant. And the rest is history.