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Found 6 results

  1. Just recently i noticed this - for example: If you compared this module dont confuse it with the "upgrade" this is important, Japs BBs seems to benefit from this more than US BBs, why u ask me? If you compared between the BBs, Amagi benefits for using this module while Izumo gets just a little dispersion was well to benefit more from range. Although US seems to be countered by it, from North Carolina up their regular range allows us to chose between getting the tower/module or not, just to get that little range and get sht tons of dispersion. In my case i will not been using the tower since 21km is good enough for me since my perference distance is 15km bellow. So yeah if you think the using the module brings advandges, please point it out, so i can learn from it, if it does not bring any advandges into it, why does WG/Dev puted this module ingame since it only takes out the potential of the US bbs while it does not from Japs BBs? What i trying to say? Simple, why put something that cost good amount XP/credits into a boat with it does not benefit from it? Regarless i just happy that we aint forced to unlock or buy it, so cheers for that, but meeh... this seems like for my point of view on US BBs a useless module to get/use... Any ways if it brings any potential please tell me or redirect me towards the source, and thx for your usual attention.
  2. Ahoy there! I've been playing the Izumo for a while (grinding my bitter way to the Yamato), and I've noticed some odd things about this particular ship. First off, what is up with the dispersion of the main battery 10th year type guns? With the Gun Fire Control System Mod.1, I have better dispersion than most BBs around those tiers. 247m dispersion at 25.5km range (270+ something with spotter up), which is pretty damn good if you ask me. However, the calculation algorithm for the shells seems to troll players all the time. You land a perfect salvo time and time again, only to see them harmlessly land in the water in a circle around the enemy ships. I've gone through entire battles without hitting an enemy more than 11 times. In a 20km duel. With multiple targets. All of them giving me their sides. Wut? Now don't get me wrong, I know this is a common feature for BBs. But at the same time, it seems to happen WAY more often when I play the Izumo. How in the world can those guns perform so poorly when the dispersion (on paper) is so good? Next is the penetration values of the guns. And I know this is a hot subject to anyone playing BBs. What in the world is up with the shells penetration? And we're talking a fully upgraded Izumo, not that horrible pen that you get with the stock hull. I have to play the damn ship as a close-range knife fighter just to be able to penetrate other BBs. Well, except for when I fight another Izumo. The irony. Rarely do I get a hit that actually does more than 6k damage. And citadel penetrations are a thing of the past, it seems. You want to get citadels while playing an Izumo? Then shoot at a Yorck, and hope you actually even hit him. Furthermore, I can't make sense of the armor of the thing. The Izumo is supposed to be an adequately armored ship with sligthly less citadel armor and reinforced forward and after ends. Yet there seems to be no torpedo protection, so they just go straight through doing about 20k+ damage all the time. Even at an extreme angle those things cut through the ship like a hot knife through butter. And again, I'm not complaining about the ship, it has it's moments just like any other. For example, the AA and secondary batteries are great with their extreme range and punch (with mods, ofc). But you don't win battles with good AA guns. You actually need to be able to sink, well, things. So to sum up my experience of the Izumo: Trolly dispersion. Trolly armor. Lousy penetration. Great AA power (again, with mods). Great secondary batteries (same here, mods). Seemingly no torpedo armor bulge. Superstructure seems to be made out of flammable glass, not welded metal. So my question to you guys: what's your opinion and experience of the Izumo? Scourge or clown? Cheers!
  3. Dirty_Filthy_Scrublord

    German BB dispersion

    Quick rant as I`m pissed off! Finally got myself the T10 German BB, been a long and sometimes ball achingly shite grind. And guess what?!?! The dispersion is awful, bloody awful even. Expect that at max range on any BB, but firng all twelve guns at a Zao at 6.1km and ONE hit!! and it was an overpen! Now he was angled away, but seriously...one hit? I`m barley hanging on to a 52% WR so that makes me average(at best), but come on..at that range even an angled ship should be taking a paddlin! Feel free to troll etc etc, not expecting many serious replies. Am expecting the usual "learn to shoot" "learn to play" etc etc, and the "don`t play a BB then". Doesn't alter the fact that at 6.1km range rng should be on your side, not taking the piss. Rant over.
  4. Sticky_Icky

    Dispersion - Deviation?

    I havent found anything like that, and i was really wondering..... We all know about max dispersion and we have probably seen the graphs with the differences between IJN BB max dispersion and USN BB max dispersion, but i have an important question to make..... does Standard Deviation change from ship to ship or tier to tier? or does it stay the same? is it just placebo e.g. saying that the Amagi is more Accurate than the Nagato? because max Dispersion doesnt mean a lot without knowing about Standard Deviation... if 1000 shots land with a maximum dispersion of 240m for two battleships, but BB No.1 has a tighter spread close to the middle than No.2, then we can safely say that the No.1 is more accurate than the No.2 does this kind of mechanic exist like a hidden stat, or it is universally the same for all USN BBs and the same for all IJN BBs? if it does, can modules affect it, like a Hull upgrade, or a Gun Fire Control System upgrade?
  5. Hi all, One very important aspect of WoWs - Accuracy / Dispersion - is often neglected and not discussed much... that is very strange... Here is my feeble attempt to draw attention back to it and try to unify all the interesting posts and wisdom we have gathered about it over the time (years now)! #1 How the Dispersion looks like in WoWs AFAIK the dispersion in WoWs in different from real life (i.e. "Horizontal" vs. "Vertical") - here is picture of it from NA forum: (MORE APPROPRIATE PICTURE TO BE ADDED) Is this accurate / true? #2 What influences the Dispersion in WoWs Hidden "Sigma" value for main battery guns in ships stats Hidden "Sigma" value for secondary battery guns in ships stats (<- does this exist?) Maximum Dispersion (in meters) for main battery guns in ships stats Hidden maximum Dispersion (in meters) for secondary battery guns in ships stats Modules / Equipment can lower (in percentage %) maximum Dispersion for main battery guns Modules / Equipment can lower (in percentage %) maximum Dispersion for secondary battery guns Enemy cammo can increase (in percentage %) maximum Dispersion for both main battery guns and secondary battery guns RNG roll #3 Close Range (0 to 3-4 km) / Long Range "special" case Dispersion for BBs in WoWs With WoWs v0.4.1 we now have "special" case Dispersion for BBs at close range (0 to 3-4 km): #4 Interesting existing threads dealing with Accuracy / Dispersion from forums and Reddit and videos from YouTube: "World of Warships - Captain's Academy #38 - Dispersion, Horizontal, Vertical and Sigma" "The meaning of "sigma" (with figures)" "The meaning of "sigma": part deux (with more figures and including horizontal dispersion)" "I solved for WG's Range Scalar" "Dispersion Map @15km, Hood vs Warspite" "What do we know about dispersion (and the modules)?" "North Carolina (2.0 sigma) vs Alabama (1.9 sigma) Preliminary Accuracy Testing" https://www.reddit.c...abama_19_sigma/ "Accuracy, what is sigma? What else influences it? Comparison of all battleships." "0.5.10 LIVE BB sigma values" "BB sigma values ( live)" "Some interesting info from RU - RichardNixon on Dispersion and Sigma" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__800__pid__862483#entry862483 "Dispersion - Deviation?" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/50810-dispersion-deviation/ "Tier 6 vs 7 BB dispersion compared" http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/46314-tier-6-vs-7-bb-dispersion-compared/#topmost "I finally figured out some of the math behind WoWs shell dispersion model" http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/56720-i-finally-figured-out-some-of-the-math-behind-wows-shell-dispersion-model/ Please lets check / correct / enter new data & links collectively for this - IMHO it is well worth it! Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Edit: 2017-02-06: More links added to #4 2017-03-19: More links added to #4 2017-04-17: More links added to #4 2017-05-11: More links added to #4
  6. Hi! Please, can you tell, are there some kind of charts available where you can compare main battery guns characteristics? Thanks!