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Found 9 results

  1. ObnoxiousJake

    Friendly Fire!

    So! Time for me to Complain a bit about the Team damage system implemented into World of Warships. I just played a match where I got a Teamkill warning/Penalty. Now, I would like to Criticize this mechanic because of HOW I got the Penalty. I was Merrily sailing along, Shooting at the enemy at Close range, When a friendly destroyer with 11HP is escaping from another battle. Since I was sailing a Battleship and he we not paying attention to where he were going, as he were too focused on what were behind him (Enemies) he sails into the side of my Battleship and dies which I were unable to prevent. Now, I know World of Tanks have just turned off friendly fire for their game, but I think that something like that should Deffinitely be implemented into World of Warships as well, Seeing as very few who play this game, are able to predict how fast we can maneuver our ships. Especially when we are on the line for the first time or under fire. And since friendly ramming happens so often, it's frankly Absurd that friendlies should take damage from hitting each other. That Destroyer might've lived, if he didn't have to take damage from nudging my ship, and Frankly none of us could stop the ramming from happening, due to the sheer fact that he were ducking behind an Island just outside a capture point, at the same time as I happened to pass it to get into shooting range of the Contesting ships.
  2. What should WG focus on improveing first? tell me if i forgot any? ;)
  3. SmokyButtons

    WG focus poll

    We are doing good on the poll, but we need more votes 🤔😎👍 Let us as a community help WG by telling what we value 😉 Open for suggestions for next month's poll 🤔😉
  4. prozon668

    Getting single battle results from API

    Hi, We're currently doing this Supply Line contest and I see there is a listing of single battles on the bottom. Suppose this is exposed through the API, but I've searched through the API looking for something like this but not been able to find it, so would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
  5. Hello, So, some time ago we had a small but interesting discussion about some issues going on in the game at the time. For reference, check the topic below: However, anything that was written in that topic is just trampled by the new info we just received yesterday - Clan Wars are starting. For those who are still unaware of that annoucement, here you have a link: https://worldofwarships.eu/pl/news/common/clash-of-clans/ Allrighty, so let's get down to business. Gonna tag some of WG employees here, so maybe they can shed some light into this glorious annoucement @Tuccy @Ev1n @Sub_Octavian @MrConway @Kandly - feel free to tag your regional CC's, CM's and whatnot so we can actually have a decent debate here. Aight, so, after few long years, after Team Battles, after 7 seasons of Ranked Games, after PvE content vastly expanded, Wargaming finally decided to introduce Clan Wars. Now let me just divide this annoucement bit by bit and talk about few things there: Calling 7x7 format successful is a bit of a overstatement. It's "viable" but hardly the best way to experience the game. But, overall, 7 v 7 is ok. I don't have much beef with that setting. It's a bit limiting tho, so games might be getting boring pretty fast. I would choose 9 v 9 games, but I'm also eager to try smaller format. However, the last sentence which I bolded out, coupled with following quote: What the hell is this? Not so long ago, like a month ago, @Sub_Octavian wrote in topic I mentioned at the beginning: And then you go and add a pretty harsh limit on a BB? This just doesn't fit. So if 1/7 is ok for Clan Wars, then why is 5/12 is still considered "ok" and "very well and adequately"? I mean this is just [edited]. Now this is an opinion voiced on forum, so aight, not gonna hold too much value to it, but then again. If in CW annoucement you write that BB's are effectively responsible for Edited cruiser gameplay and thus you limited them to only 1 - what should we expect in random games? And I just hate how you impose a limit instead of adressing the problem. Basically, you say BB's are just too strong, but instead of making them more balanced, you just reduce the available numbers of them. Now, renting tier X ships is just a bad idea. But it's not that important. Still, I wanted to point it out. Tier X ships are rewards, are the achievements, are the incentive to play. You need to grind your way through the line, explore the weaknesses and strenghts, learn the quirks of the line etc. The high tier game is a reward for your hard grind. At least, that's my opinion. This is the endgame feature - Clan Wars at tier X are not the best idea, but I get where it came from. Promote the tier X ships and gameplay, find a use for those ships. And I'm ok with that, even if I think tier VIII would be better for competitive games. But this is wrong decision from the start. No, you don't "rent" ships to "casually" play Clan Wars. You grind them and prepare for Clan Wars. You talk about tactics, you try different setups, different captains. Whole idea of Clan Wars is about endgame and a bit more serious attempt, not some casual lulz I gonna jump with my clan and suck balls with 7 x rented Zao. But, like I said early, I think it's not a good idea, but it's not something that will not let me sleep. Now, let's focus on the ultimate fuckup and one of the most irritating and shamefull decision you made: I just don't even know where to start with bashing this decision. I feel super sorry and super angry and I don't remember the last time I felt I was fucked over in a game like that. After 2 long years, in which clans and communitites started to organize themselves from the beginning, after a lot of events, tournaments and contests organized by players and "clans", you finally realase a feature we were asking for from the beginning. And you blatantly exclude one class from it. So how am I supposed to feel. How my friends are supposed to feel, who invested time, money and a lot of patience, to play Aircraft Carriers, to adapt to constant nerfs to the class, to fight not only with enemy team, but also with bugged and Edited UI just to get a giant middle finger thrown in their face? I won't even mention @Sub_Octavian's remark about CV and their great UI. Do you Edited imagine Blizzard coming out, and saying: We know you were grinding Frost Mage a lot these days. You wanted to take that class to Arena to reach Challenger level. Well, Edited . Some of the classes were complaining about you, so you can't play in PvP arenas. Now, even if we agree that there are problems with CV's that you mentioned (which is actually open for discussion, cause some of the reasons are just bollocks), it's your fault WG that the class is in it's state. Your lack of dedication to making the class playable, lack of skill to balance it, lack of will to reiterate all the UI issues that are bothering CV players. Basically, you just left the class to die, after releasing 2 (and a half - GZ best German CV) premium CV, grabbing money, now you just saying "suck it Edited ". Fortunately for me, I'm not maining CV and didn't invest that much time in the class. 500 battles in CV's compared to few thousand in cruisers are very few. Still, I liked them, and grinded IJN CV's pretty hard some time ago. Now I just feel a bit cheated. Players like @papedipupi, @Ishiro32, @Farazelleth, @azell, @MaciejoVietnam and many others who invested a lot of time and money into the class, some of them ESPECIALLY preparing for ANY competitive mode should just feel Edited robbed. If I were them, I would demand refund of free XP, dubloons, credits, freaking everything because of this decision. This is just shameful way to treat your player (not to mention customer) and I can't recall such distasteful decision made in any other title I played for some time. I know this basically means nothing, but if this indeed will be the way CW's are introduced, I happily resign from my CC title, cause I'm not gonna support company who does such stuff to community. Now, the second issue: I don't know which clans were testing it, and which clans supported their decision, but to those clan leaders - a big, warm [edited]YOU. Instead of standing with community, instead of insisting that the class in question was properly balanced, developed and finally received the attention it deserves, you went with your own interest and just shown us all how limited and stupid you are. You should be Edited ashamed and sorry for the thousand of players who actively played CV's and engaged into organising a lot of events in which such Edited s like you could haul their skilless teams. Overall. FANTASTIC UPDATE WARGAMING. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks and swearing
  6. ColonelPete

    Leaks from the chinese server

    A forum user is posting leaks from the chinese server (not SEA server) in a rarely used subsection of the forum for a couple of weeks now. Since the posted leaks showed to be trustworthy in the past, we asked the user to post the information in a more accessible part of the forum. For some reason he will not do it, therefore I will repost the information here. Please note that some of the information here represents changes during development. Announced changes were discarded later. Therefore changes posted here are not guaranteed to make it to the live server.
  7. DarwinAwards1859

    The Last of the Mohicans

    Please, do not read this if you are narrow minded, funboy, troll or something not invented yet...I am thinking your well being here, it's for your health... This can been seen as an article, instead of accusing it for wall of text. The modern Internet era were we need to apply more labels and aphorisms to things we don't understand. Anyway.. I don't know the future, but this is a wake up call in some regard. I am researching things for games i like. So i'll give some facts and then make some speculations. I have been watching the development of this game for long now. I've never played WoT and i am saying this for another reason that is another topic by itself. I don't like p2w and Premium ammo/tanks/ships etc. The reason though i mention WoT though is to state that i didn't knew much about these Devs. Meaning, how they handle their games, supporters, costumers, how they respond to suggestions, feedback, player interactivity in general. If, you are someone that observes things in the world, in people, in marketing, in industry, you always see patterns, come to conclusions based on facts, not fiction or conspiracy theories. The truth, is what matters anyway in a world full of deception, isn't it? Now, for this game. The game started and i entered CBT. So the question to start with would be, "What has changed?". Well, minor improvements i would say, major too but for a game that is now out as "Full release", minor. If this is a full product, well, there's your number one reason for why it may be headed to failure. But, player interactivity. Is there any from players towards the Devs, making suggestions, giving feedback etc.? Definitely. Players like the game, so they want it to get better and sustain an amount of ppl capable of holding it's numbers high as possible. That would be around 50k i guess, i was never an optimist and in this case the Devs have proven they don't have much planned for the long run. and even worst they do not respond to suggestions/feedback. They don't even have a "Suggestions/Feedback" Subforum in EU. That tells a lot! While researching for plane games, i came across an article showing a graph of how World of Warplanes failed. For anyone that doesn't know it for some reason, the game officially is considered a failure. The article as reference, since we like facts, is here ( http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/04/11/why-is-world-of-warplanes-a-failure/ ). Quite old already, i wonder if Devs read things about their games and if they discuss them in-depth in their teammeatings. Then, how do you explain the success of WoT? Well, there's always stats, telemetry to be found but, the main reasons are that, there is space in the Genre. It's not a MOBA! That genre for example is full. And, the F2P model with, the implementation of Cash Shop that offers benefits in game to whoever pays real money. It's not a Cash Shop for cosmetics. Here you can actually purchase things that will give you advantages over others. It is a business model used by some Gaming Companies and sometimes it creates for them the "Milking cow" effect. Hearthstone did it too ( http://www.polygon.com/2014/5/9/5699178/hearthstone-pay-to-win ) . So it's not uncommon theme and you can see in the Hearthstone article that this is the very definition of P2W. No need to make up excuses. The writer though finds in the end a silver lining, or, he thinks he does. First off, in the long run the game will have more content, meaning the gap (similar to wage gap??..) between paying players and F2P accounts will remain big. Even more, the paying costumers will keep paying, the f2p accounts will keep being f2p. So, he actually misses the fact that the gap will never really close. The game is, very much so P2W, despite the RNGesus argument. Here we have ships. Some may decide to buy them (btw, absurd pricing. 50-60 Euro for a virtual ship, that's an AAA title!), some not. The game is F2P, meaning you know people will play it for free. Isn't that the reason they decided a F2P model? Wider player base, not consumer base, player. And, if they like what they experience, they might help the game by paying. I have done it, but not for games that offer advantageous things over others. I guess it's where the ethical boundaries of each are placed. If one has, that is. A win is worth bragging about, if it's on equal terms. Like a game of chess. And in every case i hardly believe a cosmetic Cash Shop will bring the same profit for any quality game. Gamers want to show their appreciation for the game they are having fun with. But i actually digress. The reason this game is failing is, the lack...the lack of content, complexity as iChase mentions ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6l2PxcV7WI ) and the player interactivity. At least in the EU forums. This is a graveyard. The are, tons of suggestions by players, yet there almost always no response by the Devs. Not only that, they are focused and determined in the Marketing area almost 100%. Fixing minor bugs, balancing etc. it is what we usually see from any game. So i am not impressed when that happens here as some YouTubers and ppl are. I am too old to know better. I get that PvE is difficult to co-exist with this business model they after, perhaps it's the fixation of the modern times in E-Sports. PC Gaming started from PvE, ppl still love it, we play Fallout because of it, not despite of it. We play Tomb Raider for it. The depth a game Dev decides to give to their game, makes the game a success or a failure. When you become a Developer and earn that title, please, do not stop to be a gamer. Yes, unfortunately i do think Developers become obsessed with success, like other Bankers, it's their fix and drug, in some cases at least. I witnessed many collaborations in the last few months for this game. From Curse to Razer to the anime thing no one asked for. I'm not against it, it's just that everyone thinks it is not a priority. "Well, what is a priority Jinlges tell us.." All right. The answer is not 42. The answer is in the Forums, people give feedback from Alpha and to this day. Why they give feedback? They like the damn game. "How the Devs react Jingles?". Silence of the lamps, more premium ships and another mode that wasn't a priority but may bring them closer to E-Sports. I am certain, at this point, Nosgoth will be a similar failure and close by will be Armored Warfare. For the same reasons all of them. btw, i like the guy (Jingles), but you will benefit more from ppl that play devils advocate. What you consider "negative" feedback, is actually the most constructive feedback you'll have in your lives. People are giving feedback and suggestions because they like a game. There's a revelation for ya. Something they like and want to see it grow, develop into something better and better. They spend time and thought on it, they even keep notes, make calculations, all for free, for the freaking love of the game. Don't spit on it, think on them!! That's appreciation from your side Devs. Every "gift" has a trap. Go to his channel/stream and you'll get a ship for free. Really? He says i need to pay him! (Subscribe) Just to get a chance... Who do you think are the players that will be appealed by such offers? The ones that can afford to buy Premium ships and Doubloons to unlock the XP buy Credits etc. or the ones that actually have nothing and/or can't afford for much? I would call it exploitation of the consumer. The naive consumer though, in this age of information seems to becoming a species close to extinction. So, there's another reason i think these type of games will keep failing. The complete lack of content and the complete focus on marketing, rather real development of a game. Can you see a game staying in history because of that, really? Were is the quality if not in the depth. CS or Battlefield have it. Each in it's own special ways. And i mention these two because you see that they are as simplified as any game on this genre too. Personally, even if i know for a fact some Premium ships are better than the normal/free ships, in terms of stats that is, i do not consider this a P2W game. One reason is, i do not care about competition, or PvP, or stats and so on. Stats only to understand were i might be wrong and how to improve and were. The thing that disappoints me is the compete lack of content and that the Devs never mention anything about modes, appealing new modes with innovation in mind. Is it so hard really? And why? You make accurate historic ship models and you never think of historic scenarios, maps that can evolve, even Cooperative Campaigns and a million things. I mean, it's not MMO's ofc, i do not expect a great innovation or variety from these games but there can be some. There's actually a million other things one could discuss about, but i have not much faith in people to be able to discuss. Not in this age, not in my lifetime anyway. So, i just put my thoughts for the last time here and move on. I guess i'll be one of those that will be returning back whenever a "Major Update" comes out and i'll be hoping the peaks then will be the same, around 20k+.
  8. Hi guys and girls, I've been enjoying World of Warships a lot recently, but I have noticed certain areas where I feel the game could be improved. Some of these are obvious, some not so much. Secondary & AA Range Its nice to have a main gun range on the mini-map. Secondary guns and AA should also be displayed on the mini-map. These could be different colours to differentiate each weapon boundry and would display the longest range of each category. It helps us cover each other, I play a lot of CA and when I'm trying to escort a BB I would love to know if he is actually in AA range without having to remember the range for each of my CA. Red circle is secondaries, green is AA. Yes, I suck at picture editing Perhaps a toggle to avoid map clutter should you not be interested in that sort of information. Thoughts?
  9. robertdestroyer

    Daily Missons Bug?

    Hi there, I'm just wondering if I have a bug with my WOW's account due to my personal cool down being more that 24 hours as it specifies on the screen. Instead It as on a cool down of 36 hours now down to 27 hours. This seems to either be a bug or a misunderstanding on my behalf.