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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there ! I like ships. I make techtrees of them, historical articles, drawings, and even songs. This time though, I wanted to try something different and make my own premium ship. Therefore, I selected a destroyer today, Split (but you already knew that provided you read the title before clicking, otherwise you clicked on a random topic which is kinda weird, but I won't discuss that matter here because this bracket is strating to get way too wide), and I tryied giving her stats and a gameplay which would make her interesting to buy and to play. I'll be exposing the stats I chose and I'll be awaiting your opinions regarding her, if she'd be OP or too weak, if she'd be interesting to buy, and so on. Anyway, let's start ! Direction : Yugoslavia ! Premium Tier VIII DD Split (Yugoslavia/Pan-Europe) I/ A (very) brief histrocial explanation You probably haven't read my Forgotten Legends article where I talk about her (mainly because they're only available in French for now) but Split isn't the most unknwon DD of Europe and I've seen her mentionned a few time around here, namely in the European Destroyer Tree topic. I'll stay brief here because this isn't an historical article. Split was a Destroyer Leader, alone in her class, from Yugoslavia. The goal was to increase their destroyer force because the others were weaker and older ; therefore, instead of choosing to build several weak destroyers, they opted for a single Destroyer Leader. The comapgny choosen to draw her design was a French one, and based the hull on the French Le Fantasque class ; however, the Yugoslavs had the ship built by Yarrow on their soil, with components from a wide variety of nations (the guns were from Czechoslovakia, the Turbines and the Boilers were British, she was equipped with Sweden Bofors and had a French fire-control system. The thing is, the ship was only 50% completed when the war broke out, and soon enough, Italians had invaded Yugoslavia and seized the ship. The italians decided that they may complete Split (renamed Spalato) with their own equipment, and thus they redisigned her. Although work started, it wasn't finished yet in 1943 when Italy surrendered. Therefore, the still incomplete Spalato was seized by the Germans. The Germans, however, never even tryied to finish her and when they ended up retreated, they scuttled her. In 1950, Yugoslavia was free again and lacked warships. They remembered of the old Split and decided to raise and finish her. After a few contracts were made, they did get the unfinished ship back from the ocean, the United Kingdom provided the engine and boilers, and the USA provided the armament, fire control firectors and so on. Split was finally completed and she remained in service for Yugoslavia until 1980. II/ Why would you buy Split ? Sure, her story is interesting and kinda funny, but unlike Hood, Enterprise, Tirpitz and so on, she doesn't have the excuse of being very well known. So you may wonder, have I overlooked a detail about her that would justify a unique and special gameplay ? More or less. Split's specialty doesn't show in battle, but in the port. I like to call it "Buy one, get two free". Split would have three different configurations : her original Yugoslavian one, which would be torpedo-oriented, the Italian one, which would be a gunboat, and the final American one, a defensive/support one. At any time in the port, you could switch her configuration from one type to another. If you get bored from torpedo actions with Split, switch to Split gunboat and start firing hell on DDs and Cap Points. Offsense gets tiring ? Switch to Defense Split and support your allies, shot down aircrafts lay smokescreens ! Having three gameplay in one premium is a real deal ; besides, she'd be great for doing missions since she can be specialized in several fields, allowing her to be a good choice regardless of the type of mission to accomplish. III/Stats and short Gameplay-type Comments Disclaimer : the stats are meant to be adapted to the game. Therefore, some values may as non-historical, including but not limited to : speed and torpedo speed, firing range, reload times a\ Torpedo-mode Split - Yugoslavian variant Survivability HitPoint 16200 Armor Max 16mm Artillery Main Battery 5*1 (centerline) 14cm/56 Skoda Reload Time 7.2s 180° turn 25s Dispertion 91m HE 140mm HE Max HE damage 2100 Fire Chance 10,00% AP 140mm AP Max AP damage 3500 Firing Range 10.6km Initial AP shell Velocity 880m/s Initial HE shell Velocity 880m/s Torpedo Tubes 2*3 (centerline) 533mm Reload 70s 180° turn 7.2s Torpedo 533mm Maxdamage 16500 Range 9.5km Detectability 1.4km Speed 59kn Anti Air Defense 5* 1 Bofors 40mm DpS 35 Range 3.5km 4*1 ZB vz60 15mm MG DpS 16 Range 1.2km Manoeuverability Max Speed 37kn Turning Circle Radius 540m Rudder Shift Time 4.5s Concealment Sea Base 6.8km When on Fire 9.1km Air Base 3.2km When on Fire 6.2km Consumables Sonar (slot 1) Duration 90s / TorpSpot 2.52km / Ship Spot 3.48km Reloading 180s / Charges : 2 (Lo Yang-like) Smoke (slot 2) Laying 20s / Staying 89s Reloading 228s / Charges : 2 (Generic) Engine Boost (slot 3) Active 120s Reloading 171s / Charges : 2 (Generic) In Yugoslavian torpedo mode, Split possesses heavy 140mm guns, however, their RoF is very low making them impractical in close-range combat, especially against destroyers. Her torpedoes, however, are very powerful for tier VIII : although she only has 6, they have good reload, damage and travel rather far. This version also has the advantage of carrying a sonar (identical to Lo Yang's in termes of stats), increasing her defensive options against DDs. b\ Gunboat-mode Split - Italian variant Survivability HitPoint 16200 Armor Max 16mm Artillery Main Battery 5*1 (centerline) Cannone da 135/45 OTO 1937 Reload Time 5.4s 180° turn 18s Dispertion 96m HE 135mm HE Max HE damage 2000 Fire Chance 8,00% AP 135mm AP Max AP damage 3200 Firing Range 12.3km Initial AP shell Velocity 825m/s Initial HE shell Velocity 825m/s Torpedo Tubes 1*3 (centerline) Si 270/533.4 x 7.2 M Reload 70s 180° turn 7.2s Torpedo 533mm Maxdamage 17600 Range 6.5km Detectability 1.4km Speed 70kn Anti Air Defense 5*1 37mm/54 DpS 27 Range 4.2km 4*2 20mm/65 MG DpS 30 Range 2km Manoeuverability Max Speed 39kn Turning Circle Radius 540m Rudder Shift Time 4.5s Concealment Sea Base 6.8km When on Fire 9.1km Air Base 3.2km When on Fire 6.2km Consummables Smoke (slot 1) Laying 20s / Staying 89s Reloading 228s / Charges : 2 (Generic) Engine Boost (slot 2) Active 120s (Generic) Reloading 171s / Charges : 2 (Generic) In Italian gunboat mode, Split possesses large caliber (135mm) fast firing canons. Along with a way higher rate of fire, they also turn faster, making of her a great DD-chasing ship. Besides, in this mode, Split can reach 39kn. However, everything has a price : she does not have a sonar here, and only has 1*3 torpedo tube. Besides, the torpedoes travel at a shorter range, making them only defensive. c\ Defensive-mode Split - American variant Survivability HitPoint 16200 Armor Max 16mm Artillery Main Battery 4*1 (centerline) 127/38 Mk30 Reload Time 3.0s 180° turn 5.3s Dispertion 98mm HE 127mm HE Mk32 Max HE damage 1800 Fire Chance 5,00% AP 127mm AP Mk38 Max AP damage 2100 Firing Range 11.1km Initial AP shell Velocity 792m/s Initial HE shell Velocity 792m/s Torpedo Tubes 1*5 (centerline) 533mm Reload 139s 180° turn 7.2s Torpedo Mk17 Maxdamage 17900 Range 12km Detectability 1.4km Speed 66kn Anti Air Defense 4*2 40/60 Bofors + 4*1 40/60 Bofors DpS 60 Range 3.5km 4*1 127/38 MK30 DpS 30 Range 5km Manoeuverability Max Speed 33.5kn Turning Circle Radius 540m Rudder Shift Time 4.5s Concealment Sea Base 6.8km When on Fire 9.1km Air Base 3.2km When on Fire 6.2km Consummables Smoke (slot 1) Laying 28s / Staying 124s Reloading 228s / Charges : 2 (Benson-like) Engine Boost (slot 2) Active 120s (Generic) Reloading 171s / Charges : 1 (Generic) Anti-Air (slot 3) Active : 30s Reloading 171s / Charges : 1 (Benson-like) In American Defenser mode, Split only has 4*1 127mm canons. However, they're as powerful as high-tier US DDs ones, turning and shooting very fast. She's also equipped with a single quintuple tube firing powerful but slow US torpedoes at a great range, but taking ages to reload. Her speed falls at barely 33.5kn too, making a good use of the Engine Boost mandatory. Her main strong point lies in consommables and anti-air : her AA capabilities are excellent for a tier VIII DD, and she has an American long-asting smoke along with both the engine boost and an AA consummable. However, these last two only come with 1 charge, making abilities like superintendant and premium consummables import in order not to run out too early. So, how do you find Split ? OP or bad ? Boring or interesting ? Would you think about buying her or would you ignore her ? I'll await you opinions~
  2. C_H_O_U_X


    TVII prémium Polonais Bonne force de frappe avec ses 7 canons de de 120 mm Sans compétence particulière du capitaine, les torpilles sont "moyennes" avec 8km de portée 2 parties avec ce soir et globalement de bonnes impressions avec ce DD
  3. lordofhavoc


    Ich bin durch Zufall bei Warshipstats über diesen Zerstörer gestolpert. http://warshipstats.com/compare/ Weiss jemand etwas näheres über das Schiff? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamikaze-Klasse_%281922%29