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Found 302 results

  1. tzizt


    Hier dann bitte alles zur Kitakaze hinein.
  2. Capitaine_Clement


    Bonjour tout le monde, Bon, je suis un peu fan de cette ligne, vous l'auriez compris. Avec la sortie prochaine du Kitakaze et de l'Harugumo : Et bien je me suis dit qu'il serait bon de faire un petit guide sur les gunboat japonais, au nombre de 3 (sans compter l'HSF Harekaze). Bon, je vais pas vous mentir, ce guide, il en sort pas de mon chapeau. C'est une compilation de plusieurs guide, tuto ect, que j'ai traduit, et dont la source principale, c'est celle ci : https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/6ygfsl/akizuki_a_brief_guide/ Fin bref, le voici tout traduit, tout beau et même enrichi!!! Bonne lecture, et désolé pour les potentiels fautes (si quelqu'un veux les corriger, qu'il m'écrive en mp) [GUIDE considéré comme fini, ce qui n'exclue pas de possible modification en fonction de patch / remarque / conseil ect] I - PRESENTATION II- DEBUT DE PARTIE : III- SE BATTRE CONTRE UN DESTROYER IV : MILIEU DE PARTIE : V : Fin du jeu : VI : Builds : Voilà, ce guide est finis. J'espère qu'il vous à plu, qu'il était agréable à lire et surtout, utile. Je rappelle que je n'es personnellement pas ces navires, j'ai donc utiliser plusieurs sources. Si vous n'êtes pas d'accord, que vous avez des choses à rajouter, laisser une réponse, et je me ferrai un plaisir de modifier mon guide pour le rendre le plus exact et utile possible. Si il est suffisamment utile, peut être que @Tanatoy ou ceux en charge de cela pourrez l'épingler?
  3. Hi all, From NA forum (but appliciable to EU as well - 1 day later): "PSA: British Early-Access Destroyers, Final Call." https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/172645-psa-british-early-access-destroyers-final-call/ Leo "Apollo11" P.S. Due to post by @Sehales some things must be additionally cleared because all early access RN DDs were "Premium" by default...
  4. pudelosha

    New Polish ship in the game

    Dear WG, This year Poland celebrates 100 years of independence. November 2018 also marks 100 years of Polish Navy. Isn’t it a great opportunity to bring another premium Polish ship to the game and make Blyska captains more useful? ? There are many options. ORP Burza that survived the war or British destroyers commissioned by the Polish Navy.
  5. tzizt


    Und hier dann bitte alles zur Harugumo hinein.
  6. please dev , limit the amount of dd in a battle. I know they said they do not like to limit the amount of dd in battle, but it seems good that there is 7 per team? What do we do with the 5 that remain? I am also a player of dd I have the 'shima' and the 'yueyang', and as a player of dd, I do not like that a game that I play with dd, we are 6 or 5 destroyers, it breaks the equilibrium of a game, becoming something stressful and illogical 7 for team ,
  7. Praxics

    USS Kidd DD-661

    Aus dem englischen Forums-Teil: Layout & Stats: Screenshots: Source: Wiki zur USS-Kidd: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Kidd_(DD-661) Museums Webseite: http://www.usskidd.com/ Eine 1,5kn schnellere Fletcher die 1x 5 Torpedo-Tubes verliert und dafür 2x Quad Bofors erhält. Mal sehen ob sie das T9-Modul verliert oder wie HMS Belfast behält.
  8. JackRyan

    Premium Tier IX DD "Black"

    Servus zusammen. Bin gerade im WoWs-Wiki über etwas gestolpert: Black - Premium Tier IX Zerstörer der U.S. Navy "One of the numerous and very successful Fletcher-class destroyers which boasted a sufficiently high speed, powerful dual-purpose artillery, efficient AA defenses, and decent torpedo armament." http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship: Black (Das Leerzeichen zwischen Ship: und Black müsst ihr entfernen) Liest sich gut, weiß jemand näheres darüber? Wann der bei uns rauskommt, z.B.? Edit: Ok, ich krieg es nicht hin mit dem Link. Da baut mir das Forum immer 'n Smilie draus. Falls das jemand richtig machen kann, wäre ich dankbar.
  9. sinky1975

    Too many dd

    Does anybody see latest that is in Tier X game very often 5dd per side? For me it seem this game become World of Torpedos:(
  10. Capitaine_Clement

    Suite et fin du Split des DD japonais

    Salut A tous! La fin du split des DD japonais enfin publié (donc un rang 9 et 10 après l'akizuki) niveau IX: Kitakaze : projet de 1943, annulé en 1944 Akizuki type B amélioré 6 lance-torpilles Meilleur AA Niveau X: Harugumo: paperships, un plus grand design de l'akizuki (bonjour la maniabilité dans ce cas... canons AA type 5, 40 mm (clone des bofors) et ... + une tourelle de la batterie principale! (donc du 100 mm, mais 10 canons) Imaginer moi un akizuki avec 2 secondes de reload à 50% de life, le tout avec 5 tourelles... Génial!!! Pour ceux que sa tente : J'ai calculé que avec yamamoto et Kraken, a 20% de life, vous avait 1.3 secondes de reload...
  11. Juesty_Tylor

    Destroyer UK T6 Icarus

    World of Warships Development Blog 25 min · ST, British destroyer Icarus, tier VI Hit points – 11200. Plating - 10 mm. Main battery - 4x1 120 mm. Firing range – 11.6 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1700. Chance to cause fire – 8%. Maximum AP shell damage - 2100. Reload time - 5 s. 180 degree turn time - 18 s. Maximum dispersion - 102 m. HE initial velocity - 808 m/s. AP initial velocity - 808 m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. Torpedo tubes - 2x5 533 mm. Maximum damage - 15733. Range - 6.0 km. Speed - 59 kt. Reload time - 133 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.2 km. Instead of choosing between wide and narrow spreads, captains can choose to fire off individual torpedoes or expend the entire launcher at once. Maximum speed - 35.5 kt. Turning circle radius - 540 m. Rudder shift time – 3.0 s. Surface detectability – 6,8 km. Air detectability – 3.3 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2,4 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator Emission time 15 s; Duration time 96 s; Cooldown 240 s and 160 s for Smoke Generator II; Charges 2 and 3 for Smoke Generator II; Radius - 600 m. Slot 3 - Hydroacoustic Search Torpedo detection range 1,89 km Ship detection range 2,73 Duration 180 s Cooldown 180 s and 120 s for Hydroacoustic Search II Charges 2 and 3 for Hydroacoustic Search II All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.
  12. OopsIPennedYouAgain


    Hier bitte alles rein was mit dem Zerstörer 'Ognewoi' zutun hat. Erfahrungsberichte, Tipps, Videos und mehr. Datenblatt der Artillerie und der Torpedos: Datenblatt der Fla-Bewaffnung:
  13. I've got a couple of the British DDs, Icarus, Acasta etc. What happens to the ship, ship XP at the end of the RN DD event? thanks in advance
  14. Hello to whom is interested in this topic, I played only Khabarovsk in this season and I just finished my rank last night. "Selfish" is the most common comment from teammates. Started with R13 cuz i got R1 in last season. My final results are: 128 battles, 85 wins, 43 loses and I saved 3 stars in loses only. My every stats beside wr are lower than averages. I kept my play-style same as previous season (mostly Khaba wr around 60%): caping and firing on DDs and CAs. Was struggling a bit between R6 and R5, otherwise constantly going upward. BTW, the overall server win-rate for khaba is not below 50%. Here are a few points that I want to share with other Khabarovsk Player: The ship itself The only disadvantage is concealment. Any other bits will more or less superior to other DDs. (even the 53knots torp will remain in water long enough to hit a chasing ship.) I go with 19 skill captain, heal built. The playing style “知己知彼 百战不殆” - Sunzi's Art of War 孫子兵法 It means: Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated. I did check stats before game started but I wouldn't share to the team. It's easy to win when I know where is every of the other enemy ships. Then i just wait for the opportunity to do my job. The radio location is the most gain in Khabarovsk. Knowing where is the devastating enemy ships, where are my targets and most importantly, where do they go. Then, its quite simple to play this ship, no scare of radar, no scare of most CAs and avoiding hotspot. I didn't fire constantly on BB, I think being an invisible ship will have more influence to enemy (DD's) strategy other than my little dmg to a healthy BB. It is all about patience and awareness. People might curious how do i due with bad concealment. It's bad, but I could still out-spot all CA and BB in a relatively safe distance for Khabarovsk. I went to the further cap only, which will have less enemy ships to support their DD. If it is open water, then i will chase the dd. Rarely i was hit by torp while chasing DD in open water. I learn "Z path strategy Zig-zagging" (thanks for comment by __Helmut_Kohl__) from second WW documentaries which does help. Good player will look at where my guns are pointing to estimate my turning, so I turn mostly opposite when they are spotted by me. Enemy The most devastating ships: All BBs, Stalingrad, Moskva, Zao CA that could engage: HIV, Hindenburg, Minotaur. (good hit chance, Minotaur will due large dmg at its spotted circle. ) CA that I dont care: All American CA (very little dmg from spotted circle.) DDs (Gun boat or not): kite them When I lost, Mostly because i lost my patience and tried to rush a DD or BB unnecessarily. Rarely failed because the team fail too quickly. In this case, I am the most selfish player in the team. Maps Hotspot: Go to C and stay there. Warrior's Path: Go East, play with islands Tears of the Desert: Go East open water Sea or Fortune: No idea how to play. I went in AB from mid. Mountain Range: Go west Sleeping Giant: Go inside A from mid then stick to enemy side of mountains Negative chats, comments, threats and questions: Ignore them. Sorry i don't have time to explain why i put Khabarovsk in rank. However, I do reply "I go C". I received these comments very frequently even before game starts, but only in lower rank (R10-R6). In R5-R2, there is almost none negative comments. I think that is all i want to share. I tried to keep the post short but i failed. English isn't my first language, please bear with me and write down your comments :D
  15. bossina

    View range problem

    After pach i have big problem with view range of all my ships In some C or BB with crew skill over 10 point exp. C shoot on my Furitaka from 7-8 km , i see fire, but not him ! DD shoot on my from Furitaka 3-4 km and not see him only fire of gun ?!?! no smoke, all in move without smoke !!! or top exp. I in Acasta not see DD on 1,5km !!! how is that posibile ! hi spot me all time but i cant see him First have problem with "virtual memory" , then do new instal , and now im blind How play if with DD when cant spot BB before hi not spot me first ?!? is that some new PAY to WIN WG combination or new Cheat ? no ping problem
  16. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o prémiovém torpédoborci Leningrad (Sovětský svaz, tier VII). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  17. Leo_Apollo11

    What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    Hi all, What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs? I only have "Campbelltown" and "Gallant" (no luck with RN Containers )... Leo "Apollo11"
  18. Themistocles_

    Random English destroyers

    A new event is always welcome and it is a thing that will spice up the game.The way it is implemented though ,i find it,faulty. Giving random tier dd is a minus to anyone who will get it (if he will get it).You give an advantage to random players by luck!So what happens if someone does not get the tier 8 dd?Why should he stay behind in research? I think there should be a timeline where EVERYONE gets just one tier the lowest so the advancement will be equal for all.
  19. Juesty_Tylor

    Destroyer UK T5 Acasta

    ST, British destroyer Acasta, tier V Hit points – 11200. Plating - 10 mm. Main battery - 4x1 120 mm. Firing range – 11.1 km. Maximum HE shell damage – 1700. Chance to cause fire – 8%. Maximum AP shell damage - 2100. Reload time - 5 s. 180 degree turn time - 18 s. Maximum dispersion - 98 m. HE initial velocity - 808 m/s. AP initial velocity - 808 m/s. Sigma value – 2.0. Torpedo tubes - 2x4 533 mm. Maximum damage - 11967. Range - 6.0 km. Speed - 59 kt. Reload time - 95 s. Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s. Torpedo detectability - 1.2 km. Instead of choosing between wide and narrow spreads, captains can choose to fire off individual torpedoes or expend the entire launcher at once. Maximum speed - 35 kt. Turning circle radius - 540 m. Rudder shift time – 2,9 s. Surface detectability – 6,8 km. Air detectability – 3.2 km. Detectability after firing main guns in smoke – 2,4 km. Available consumables: Slot 1 - Damage Control Party Slot 2 - Smoke Generator Emission time 15 s; Duration time 96 s; Cooldown 240 s and 160 s for Smoke Generator II; Charges 2 and 3 for Smoke Generator II; Radius - 600 m. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.
  20. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, in diesem Thread soll es sich um die Taktiken drehen, die RPM-schwache Schiffe wie Schlachtschiffe oder schwere Kreuzer gegen schnelle Schiffe mit hoher Feuerrate anwenden können. Angesichts der rasanten Feuergeschwindigkeit etwa der russischen (etwa Grozovoi, Khabarovsk) oder japanischen Kanonenboote (etwa Kitakaze, Harugumo), aber auch bestimmter leichter Kreuzer, fragen sich bestimmt einige Kapitäne, welches die beste Kontertaktik in langsam feuernden Kampfschiffen ist. Dieser Thread soll als Brainstorming und Erfahrungsaustausch dienen. Ziel ist es, weniger erfahrenen Spielern Ideen an die Hand zu geben, um ihnen die Furcht vor RPM-starken Schiffen zu nehmen und das Teamplay zu stärken. Ausgangssituation: Kampfschiffe mit niedriger Feuerrate sehen sich schnell bewegenden, eingenebelten oder verdeckt stehenden leichten Einheiten mit hoher Feuerrate entgegen. Der Spieler will sein Schiff möglichst optimal zu Wirkung bringen und teamdienlich spielen. Eine Flucht an den Kartenrand oder den Verzicht auf Unterstützung seines Teams kommt für ihn nicht in Frage. Er stellt sich die Frage, wie er am besten vorgeht. Fragestellungen könnten sein: - Wie gleiche ich die niedrige Feuerrate meiner Geschütze / meine unterlegene Geschwindigkeit aus? - Welche Skills sollte ich verbauen, um im Jagdrevier RPM-starker Schiffe gut gerüstet zu sein? - Welche Taktiken fahre ich einzeln / zu zweit / in der Gruppe um solchen Gegnern das Leben schwer zu machen? - Laufe ich besser ab oder fahre ich auf die Bedrohung zu? Wie richte ich mein Schiff aus? Ich freue mich auf Eure Erfahrungen und Ideen. Besonders freue ich mich auch auf die Einlassungen der erfahrenen Gunboat-Spieler: Was macht Euch das Leben schwer und lässt Euch einen Angriff eher abbrechen als ihn durchzufechten?
  21. Freyr_90

    How to Udaloi?

    So.. not a particularly proud moment for me, but I just free xp'd most of the Udaloi grind to Grozovoi. Did I act out of rage/impulse? Oh yes Could I have saved the free xp? Definitely Am I really sorry? Not sure.. The thing is, it just feels© like an awkward boat to me. Compared to ships from its own line: Ognevoi had at least passable torpedoes. Sure, they were slow, but 10km at tier 8 is actually good. Guns were a bit meh, but I found that most DDs avoid picking a fight with you (unless they know what they're doing) and they were sufficient for starting fires on BBs Grozovoi also gets 10km torps. And a heal. And speedboost. And more HP. And dakka. Compared to other T9 DDs I played Fletcher feels© more versatile with good smoke, great torps and totally adequate DPM Z46 has hydro going for it Chung Mu has the ultra stealthy torps You're left with a DD that isn't really a cap contester (lol 7.2km detection), can get outgunned by the dedicated gunboats and is not a particularly good torpedo boat either (8km) Just feel the need to mention - this is just my personal opinion, based on a low number of battles. I am not crying for buffs/nerfs. In fact, I kept the Udaloi in the hopes of getting gud. Any advice, suggestions, tips and tricks are more than welcome Cheers!
  22. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Grozovoi (Sovětský svaz, tier X). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)
  23. When I was searching for some warships-related information, I found a topic on the NA server by user Lert. I was immediately enthousiast about that idea. Since that link likely won't work unless you have an NA account as well (like I do), Lert gave me permission to place his message here for us on the EU server. All credits go to him, and I copied this straight from his message on NA (except for a typo in the title that I corrected): While I've talked about the Admiralen class before, that was always in general terms. I believe that to enhance the chance of someone at WG taking notice of a premium ship request, I should make it as specific as possible and narrow it down to a specific ship, give a synopsis about its service history, include as much information as possible and even give my view on how to implement her, with what features, at what tier and describe what play style she would offer. No small task. So without further ado, let's get down to the nitty gritty of it, and present HNLMS Witte de With: HNLMS Witte de With as commissioned. Witte de With was an Admiralen class destroyer which was laid down on 28 May 1927 at the shipyard of Fijenoord in Rotterdam and launched on 11 September 1928. The ship was commissioned on 20 February 1930. She is named after Witte Corneliszoon de With, a famous Dutch naval officer of the 17th century. Witte Corneliszoon de With, by Abraham van Westerveld She was typical Admiralen class of the second group, measuring just under 100m long and displacing 1666 metric tons at full load. She had three Yarrow type boilers and two Parson geared turbines driving two shafts. Her drive train produced 31000 HP which pushed her along at a modest 36 knots. There is little written down about Witte de With's service career, but what's there paints a picture as tragic as that of her seven sister ships of the Admiralenclass. There is especially little written down in public, easy-to-find internet archives about her first ten years of service, before WWII broke out. It's written that she visited Saigon along with her sistership van Galen and the Java class cruiser Sumatra, in 1935. It's said that Witte de With was present at the fleet days in Sumatra in 1936, along with sisterships van Galen and Piet Hein, and the Java class cruisers Java and Sumatra. Later that year both Java class cruisers and the Admiralen class destoyers Witte de With, Evertsen and Piet Hein made a fleet visit to Singapore, stopping along the way in the South China Sea for an exercise. So for the first ten years of her service Witte de With performed PR duties and exercises, projecting force and showing the Dutch navy's investment in various Pacific sea locations. But then war broke out. Some time during 1940 or 1941, Witte de With along with her sister van Ghent were equipped with ASDIC systems. But it was during the ill-fated battle of Java Sea that Witte de With took her modest place in history. It was during this engagement that HMS Exeter was crippled by Japanese fire, when a shell from Haguro exploded in her boiler room, knocking six of her boilers off-line. Witte de With was ordered to escort the stricken Exeter back to safety in Surabaya port. Several days later, while at sea, Witte de With's aging and outdated AA suite became her doom when she was attacked and bombed by Japanese aircraft, on may 1st, 1942. The most significant hit was a bomb to the forecastle, which crippled the ship. Afloat but crippled, and unable to affect open water repairs, the captain ordered her scuttled the next day. Close-up of the bridge and mid-section, drawing quite a crowd. So what would she look like in game? For the purposes of this thread, I'm going hog-wild with stats and consumables, though all within historical reason and precedence. I will explain why further down in this post. Tonnage: At 1666 metric tons full load, we get 10900 hitpoints. This puts her at around tier 4 or 5. However, I want to place her at tier 6, which means she'll have the lowest hitpoints in tier, even behind lightweights like Hatsuharu which boasts 11700 hitpoints fully upgraded. Armor: The 'armor' on this destroyer served purely to keep the crew inside while under maneuvers. Moving on ... Main armament: 4x single Siderius No. 4 120mm guns. These were license built copies of a Bofors design and fired a 24 kg HE shell at 900 mps. This is an excellent muzzle velocity and would give it very good ballistics over range and short time-to-target, for a 120mm gun. I believe these guns to be near as indistinguishable from the guns on the in-game Błyskawica, as they are both similar vintage Bofors designed 120mm guns with a 50 caliber barrel length, 900 mps muzzle velocity and a ~10 RPM ROF. Taking Błyskawica's numbers, we get to a HE shell with 1700 dmg and an 8.5% fire chance, and an AP shell with 2200 damage. If they really are as similar to Błyskawica's guns as I imagine them to be, they would likely inherit the Polish ship's sluggish 18s turn rate. Although she would outgun Japanese destroyers at tier, do not mistake Witte de With for a gunboat destroyer. With only four barrels and a 6 second reload, her gun battery is a back-up weapon system at best, suitable for harassing battleships at long range or finishing off wounded destroyers, at most. Their muzzle velocity would give them the ballistics to accurately place warheads on foreheads at range, but she'll never have sufficient shells in the air to seriously worry anyone who isn't a Japanese destroyer of equal tier or lower. Secondary / Auxilliary armament: 1x Siderius No. 7 75mm 4x 40mm Pom Pom 4x .50 Browning M2 When commissioned this was sufficient. However, at the mid stages of WWII, it no longer was. It's even questionable whether WG would make the 75mm a secondary or not, but even if they did, it wouldn't really be any DPS worth mentioning from a single gun with 8 RPM and a 6.5kg shell. The pom-poms would give about 22 dps at 2 km and the .50s about 15 dps at 1.2km. Celebratory fireworks to hail the arrival of angry airplanes. Torpedo armament: 2x triple 533mm tube setup. With six centerline tubes divided in two launchers of three barrels apiece, Witte de With is not a very powerful torpedo boat. To give her some teeth I say she would carry Błyskawica's British Mk 10*, which gives us a torpedo with 8km range, 57 knots speed and 14400 damage. This is a very modest torpedo for a very modest broadside alpha strike. Having the same number of tubes it's very likely these will reload in about the same 70s as on Błyskawica's torpedo setup. Although her torpedo battery is relatively more potent than her gun battery suite, I'd hesitate to call Witte de With a torpedo boat. Speed: As mentioned, 36 knots. This is on the low end for tier 6, beating only some of the Japanese destroyers like Fubuki and Shinonome. Concealment: This is, for tier 6, a tiny ship. She is roughly the same dimensions and displacement as a Minekaze class destroyer, and would likely carry very similar dispersion. Minekaze boasts a 6.2km surface detection range and 3.1km by-air detection range. With Witte de With being suggested a premium and thus coming with a premium camouflage standard, her concealment would likely be in the 6.0km range by surface, before captain skills are applied. "So, wait, no hitpoints, weak gun battery, very mediocre torpedo battery, why is this thing tier 6? Sounds like the perfect tier 5, to me!" Patience, patience. Yes, the ship based purely on its own merits is a shoe-in for tier 5. That's why in my tech tree proposal, that's where I would put her. However, remember where I mentioned that Witte de With and van Ghentreceived ASDIC some time during the early years of the war? This gives us historical precedence for a Hydroacoustic Search consumable. Plus, there's another neat trick the Admiralen could do .... That's right. A destroyer with a spotter plane, carried aft on a structure above the rearward torpedo mount. Consumables: We'll start by giving her the standard destroyer suite of consumables, being DCP, Smoke and Speed Boost, all standard versions. Since we're talking about Witte de With, we'll also give her a Spotter Plane with a single charge base, and Hydroacoustic Search with one or two charges base. This would give Witte de With the flexibility and vision control to challenge cap circles and provide forward scouting in a way no other destroyer in this game can. "Wait, back up a bit. Admiralen had a catapult?" Well, no. No catapult. The sea plane was carried on a structure above the rearward torpedo mount, and lowered in the water by a crane so it could take off. However, WG already has planes that historically landed in the water and were recovered by crane just flying into the ship and appearing back on the catapult, so it'd be a very small step in terms of mechanics and programming to have the plane take off from the mount as well. "So, why Witte de With in particular? There are other Admiralen that have as historical and tragic a story." Yes, there are. However, those are better suited for the tech tree. Since consumables like a spotter plane and hydro change the play style, I wanted to take her out of the tech tree and make her a premium. Witte de With and van Ghent were the only ones who received ASDIC, so they're the only two candidates for this up-tiered Admiralen premium, and I like the story of Witte de With more than that of van Ghent. Plus, she has ties with HMS Exeter, and I think it very likely that we'll see the latter in game at some point as well. "Alright. So what play style would Witte de With offer?" She'd be very stealthy with ok-ish mobility, so she'd be a decent cap contester. This is only strengthened by the presence of a spotter plane and hydro, allowing her to see for her team and light up targets from smoke, as well as dodge torpedoes heading towards her smoke screen. She'd be a high skill floor and high skill ceiling ship with decent torpedoes and usable gun battery backup to help fight her out of tight spots, but her primary role would be scouting and cap contesting. Her small size likely makes her very agile, too. She'd require a decent captain skill point investment to get the most out of her, with Super Intendent a must, as well as Expert Marksman, Concealment Expert and Advanced and Basic Firing Training to taste. She'd also benefit from Torpedo Armament Expertise to drop her already swift torpedo reload even further. Finally, Vigilance might be a worthwhile investment as with her concealment, Witte de With should always be up front. So, in short: Pros: - Historical ship, fought in in WWII - Ties with the RN, escorted HMS Exeter - Unique playstyle with spotter plane and / or hydro Cons: - Limited appeal (NL nation not in game) - Mid tier - Requires entirely new model researched and build "Hmmm. Limited appeal, NL nation not in game. That sounds like a problem." Although she has limited appeal on the NA server as a Dutch ship, a first Dutch premium would herald and generate interest for a full tech tree. There aren't many nations left not yet in the game that WG would implement as full nations with their own tree, and the Dutch have the potential for the potential for a DD tree line supplemented with only a few design proposals and a cruiser tech tree with a reasonable mix of historical vessels and design proposals. Having that first premium offer some new and unique gameplay will further help sell the ship and generate interest. "Wait, potential for a full Dutch DD and cruiser tech tree? What?" Yes. Even if WG would not consider adding a full Dutch tree (though I don't see why not, they're running out of other nations not-yet-in-the-game that could conceivably offer a full tree) there is still space for Witte de With in this game as precursor to a pan-european tree, which I hope would have a significant Dutch presence. She could occupy the Tier 6 destroyer premium spot, while Błyskawica sits at tier 7. "Wait, I thought you didn't like balancing ships by gimmick?" You're right, I don't. Normally. However, if a Dutch DD tree is going to be implemented, Admiralen is a shoe-in for tier 4 / 5 already and likely not get the spotter plane. I think it would be a complete waste of potential if no version of her was implemented with spotter plane, and the only way to realistically solve that is to implement a variant with. However, since this puts her above T5 category in terms of potential / performance, T6 premium is the only realistic place she could go. "Ok, but what would she cost, if implemented at T6?" Likely a very similar price to any of the existing premium T6 destroyers. Right now Monaghan is in the store for $25-ish. I'd wager Witte de With would cost somewhere around that too. Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more, but no more than $30 for the base ship and a slot, without bundle. "What style of camouflage might she wear?" There are two options, really. First is flat gray with large, white 'WW' on the sides: Second is a blocky, light-and-dark-gray pattern: This picture though is likely not Witte de With. It's probably Evertsen, a sistership. however, it shows precedence for an Admiralen in camouflage, and thus I would consider it an option for Witte de With in this game. Personally I'm partial to the clean, light gray scheme with the large 'WW' on the sides, but that's just me. "How do you pronounce the name, Witte de With?" 'Wittuh duh Wit'. The 'h' is not considered, so the 'With' part is pronounced like 'wit' with a hard T. There is a slight emphasis on the first syllable of the name, and all syllables are spoken at reasonably quick pace, none linger. Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal, and please support a dutch inclusion into WoWS. We have Haida, there is a pan-American nation upcoming with Nueve de Julio, so it's about time the Dutch were considered as well. Thanks to @LittleWhiteMouse for helping me put this proposal together, and for coming up with a possible national flavor for Dutch destroyers: Personally, I really like this idea. It's new, it's fun to play, it's a national flavor and it actually has a small basis in history. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter had a whole fleet of shallow-draft ships built which gave them exceptional maneuverability and the ability to go where his adversaries couldn't, allowing him to outmaneuver his opponents and win decisive battles that way. Sources used: @Pigeon_of_War ------------------------------------------------- End quote. Again, not my idea, but an idea by NA user Lert, who gave me permission to post it here. I'm already enthousiast for this idea, and I'm curious what you think about it.
  24. Wilkinson87

    Destroyers dmg dealing

    Hello guys. Yesterday I had a couple round with my new, raw kagero.Of course in that couple of games most it was in TX battles, donno why was I suprised:D So i tried kagero with TRB setup and tried diferent torpedo launch angles, but realised worthles cuz everyone dodge the fishes-.-i sticked to the roll whats given to all destroyers, spot.....its good to spot for the team, happy to see hundreds and hundred dmg uppon my spoting, win the game, and end score Im the last......This is so dissapointing, u doing ur best to dodhe radar cruisers, keep them on spot, and at the end the game awards you with 90k silver and 1,5k exp....lol....next idea, dont give a flying fck for spoting, go for dmg...ends up in lostXDThis is a joke:D... So.... Got an idea, and Im curios what people think about this. What if the dmg uppon your spotting added to the real dmg score, only for DDs. Leave a comment here, I want to know what people think about this.
  25. Haatra


    V tomto vlákně můžete diskutovat o torpédoborci Black (USA, tier IX). WG Wiki (v angličtině, v ruštině)