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Found 2 results

  1. So, WG is currently testing Module changes on the ST. Most of them are nice, others are pointless. One stands out tho: If you have the Module on your ship, the concelament of Torpedos, regardless which DD fired it gets nerfed to 1.8km. A massive nerf to all DDs. Nicely done WG/sarcasm I wonder at this Point iof the People making These balans desicions are actually playing the game. If they do, how likely is it, that they are BB/ CV mains? My spread sheet says 100%. Either that, or a GIANT bird crapped on their heads and caused a hefty concussion. I'll get the Wood for the bonfire and the torches, the pitch Forks are still sharp enough from the PR Event. Seriously WG,what the actual FRAK is going on? This shouldn't even been considered let alone put on the ST.
  2. Just had a game in my Isokaze, the DD with 68km torps but average speed and decent guns yes. Was creeping around the same area for a while managed to sink one BB quite easily. Then i run into the tier 3 Kawachi, i instantly get spotted at 6km, even though the Isokaze has 5km detection range, the guy evades two sets of 68km torps from 6km . I close in further to actually try and hit him and nope!, killed pretty much straight away without much effort from the kawachi. What stumbles me truly, how did the BB detect me when i was out of his detection range ?. I was within the 6km range so how did he spot me ?. Captains, i may be confused here but when did WW1 era BB's get sonar ?. I keep thinking to myself, maybe he had someone close by like a DD or ninja cruiser but the furthest cruiser was 10km away, and no DD's where left in the game on enemy team . Is it just me or did anyone else notice this ?. I also installed camoflage onto my ship which makes it even more suspicious?. Some advice needed, getting within 6km is dangerous enough, captains to the rescue ? .