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Found 4 results

  1. Captain_Breeze

    Imagine planes with no weapons...

    Even if you took away the weapons from the planes, it's the perma spotting of double CV's in a game which is becoming very tiresome. The planes are too fast, too many, and they are perpetual. God forbid that the CV's had a moment in the game when they could do nothing. Very tiresome and frustrating play.........unless you are a CV of course. CV players seem to complain too, so everybody is unhappy. I'd be ok with the CV doing more damage if it made them happy, but only if plane speeds and the instant retake-of are reduced, one CV per match is enough. As things stand, it's not much fun for CV's or Surface ships from what I read here. I don't play CV as I'm here for ships. No CV's would be my ideal world though. Good Job WG.
  2. GeneralSavage

    Possible bug?

    This April fool's event seems to be successful. Seriously though, space battles were pretty nice. So, from what I remember correctly, I had played my Paris before the one below. Would like to point out that this wasn't exactly after the match ended. I exited the battle and later viewed the detailed report to find this interesting 'feature'.
  3. samanta1960

    World of U-Boats before 2020?

    Hi all, any chance to see a new game, new Platform as I am sure we are many to wish, request a game only dedicated for U-boats. Ok for World of Warships no integration of U-boats. But this does not prevent of a new product in the very near future. Who is for this, make you loud, we are the customers, we make them money. Thanks have a nice game.
  4. Recently I upgraded (via Microsoft) from Windows 7 Professional to their Windows 10 distribution. I'm playing my games as 'normal' but something has happened to a few of my games, and sadly both World of Tanks and World of Warships seems to be large sufferers in my experience of loading time increases, by a large factor. I'm asking anyone who's upgraded from their previous Windows OS to the current Windows 10 system, has your game loading times increased? Prior to the update, I was in the game with about, 10-20 seconds to spare, but now I'm lucky if I get into the game with that much time past. I've also noticed my game loading time when I start the game (prior to log-in) to be drastically increased. I'm unsure if this is a Windows 10 problem, or an OS upgrade problem, so I wish to ask you folks. Has upgrading increased loading times for you? If you don't mind, I'm personally curious via the poll I made. I've thought about purging the game completely and re-installing, but I'm not too sure if that would have an effect. EDIT: Here are my specs (current): OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 860 @ 2.80GHz RAM: 8GB DDR3 GPU: nVidea GTX 760