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Found 43 results

  1. ImperialAdmiral

    Soviet cruisers recon planes.

    Can anyone tell me what are the names of planes that Shchors and Chapayev have? I've never seen such before and I can't find any info about those two. Are those some rare prototypes or devs just allowed their imagination run wild while designing them?
  2. Hello, I did a quick search and did not find a post about this question. What skills should a Japanese cruiser commander get? At the moment I have 'Basic Weapon Training' but what next? 'Aiming Expertise' or 'Torpedo Armament Expertise'? And after that? Will 'Defensive Fire' work with the Japanese cruisers?
  3. LordMaddyzzz

    How to Play - The Myoko!

    Episode 10 live now hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!
  4. Angelus_Inferos

    Ibuki good after all upgrades?

    YEAS MY TIER 9!!!!! o wait..... no.... Guys i have unlocked my tier 9 Ibuki and I don't know what i have to think about it. The range is worst... the ap does sometimes penetrate and sometimes it is crap. Is it good after some upgrades? So yes, wich upgrades are good to equip and wich not. Or is this ship [edited]and it's going to be a hard grind to my tier X zao?... Is there any special play style for this ship? well... all the best to every1 and have a nice day Regards, DEXCON
  5. FullBroadside

    British Cruiser Tech Line Pictures

    Pictures of the British cruiser tech line.
  6. JagEngland

    Just a few newbie questions

    Hello anybody, It was back in 2010 when I played a lot of NavyField. Since then I've pretty much ignored ship games (even though I have great interest in ships) but came back for this - and I love it! I have, however, a few questions: 1. I chose the German tree. I really like their navy (and they have been the most important WW I navy in the game currently). Having unlocked the light cruiser Karlsruhe I realized how bad it is (Dresden seemed best so far). Is there a way to earn the 18.000 xp needed for the Konigsberg on another ship or do I have to grind it (making around 300 per lost and 600 per won match it takes ages)? 2. Is there any information when British ships will be released for the game? They are my favourite navy - and the most important. Thank you. Best Regards, Jag
  7. CaptJack_Sparrow

    RN Cruiser AA thoughts

    Yes, yes it's another RN thread... BUT! It isn't a "When are they coming?", oh no this is just a thread to get your guys opinions on the strength of the Royal Navy AA. With rumors that the Royal Navy cruiser line is coming in the Q3 of 2016 there is lots to talk about before then. Do you think that the overall cruiser line AA will be as good as US cruiser AA or as bad as the Japanese cruiser AA or near the middle with the German cruisers AA? I myself am not too sure, I think they may on par with the German cruiser AA, again just my 2 cents.
  8. I've used Kurbain's excellent guide to make a shortlist of possible Captain's skills for my Budyonny Captain. I also want to use this captain in the premium ships "Murmansk" and "Molotov" (and maybe in "Kutuzov" - but not sure about that) I feel that I want these skills for sure: Level 1 "Priority Target" Level 2 "Adrenaline Rush" Level 3 "Demo Expert" Level 4 "Inertia Fuse for HE" and "Concealment Expert" This leaves 5 points to allocate. A couple of possibilities that I thought about: a) Take "Advanced Firing Training" PROS: I am terrified of carriers and this boosts AA range to 6km in "Budyonny" (and possibly "Kutuzov") CONS: Doesn't help AA much in other ships. Have to take a low-value 1 pt skill. (Sorry but the only one that I rate for mid-tier cruisers is "Priority Target" ) b) Take "Vigilance" PROS: Russian cruisers are not very agile, and this is a very useful skill. CONS: Leaves a problem of two points to spend. Never felt the need for "Expert Marksman" or "Last Stand" on the Soviets, and the other skills look even more "meh" Enough of my mad ramblings. What do you think is the best way to use up the remaining 5 points?
  9. LordMaddyzzz

    Episode 6 How to Play The ST. Louis

    Episode 6 by (OMNI) Lordmaddyzzz of his how to series online now! Let us know what you guys think about it. Enjoy!
  10. Biomet100049

    Omaha Hull B vs Hull C

    Hello, Only been playing since Friday, pretty new so excuse me if this is a stupid question, I have just unlocked the Omaha C hull, switching to this from B loses me 2 torpedo tubes and 2 guns for seemingly no benefit other than some extra AA (not as useful as the guns or torps for me atm), is there any reason anybody can think of other than aircraft defense that I should switch to the C hull? It doesn't as far as I can see convert any more of the main cannons into dual ones so I lose 1 or 2 shots per salvo, should I just continue playing using the B hull until I unlock the Cleveland? Thanks in advance
  11. Trebor_Air_Fighter

    Swedish Cruiser HSwMS Gotland

    Although I am not Swedish, I think this would make quite an interesting Premium cruiser, possibly tier 4 or 5? It carried 6 Hawker Osprey aircraft, although it had a capacity for eight, the reason being that Sweden originally bought 6 but when it tried to purchase more, production has ceased. From Wikipedia: Armament 6x 152mm (6in) guns in two double turrets and two single turrets 4x75mm and 4x25mm AA guns 6x533mm torpedo tubes More stuff from Wikipedia Displacement: 4,600 t Length: 134.8 m (442 ft 3 in) Beam: 15.4 m (50 ft 6 in) Draught: 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in) Happy Sailing Trebor_Air_Fighter
  12. Trainspite

    A detailed look at Surrey (Design Y)

    A detailed look at Surrey (Design Y) Did someone say the County class cruisers had poor armour? First of all apologies for being very dishonourabru and leaving it over 3 weeks since the last review of mine. I have been busy recently, although I did donate what would have been my second review to Lert (What can I say, I’m so kind ) So, what is Surrey? Well, it is a county in the south of England. Otherwise known as a place of sad commuters and picturesque countryside. Those of you familiar with your British cruisers should then have the alarm bells ringing at what this ship is. But in case you don’t, incoming historical context paragraph! A nice view of the place one of the these two ships would have been named for. You probably came here for the ship though, not English Countryside.... I'll get back on track then. Designed to be the next class of British heavy cruisers after the Norfolk sub class, the Admiralty looked at what the next ships should be, playing around with a 5 turreted design, but ultimately deciding that the new ships would be repeats of the previous county sub-class, Norfolk, but with increased protection. Two designs ended up being considered, Design X and Design Y, X being faster at 32 knots, but Y having about 400t more armour and was slightly smaller. Design Y was chosen, though there was considerable support for Design X. Surrey and her sister Northumberland were assigned to built at Portsmouth and Devonport dockyards respectively, under the 1928 programme, however the new labour government in Britain cancelled those ships of the 1928/9 programme were suspended while a new naval conference took shape. The 2 cruisers following on from Surrey in the 1929/30 programme, with a modified design including a bridge structure similar to that of HMS Exeter also were cut. WEIGHT – 9’900t The standard displacement for Surrey came out at 100 tons under the 10’000t limit for 8” armed cruisers, so this weight, and its hit point equivalent using Fro5sty’s formulas is roughly 30’250. This would only apply to an A hull for Surrey, her full load displacement, which is used for top hit points, would be roughly around 13’800t, based on her predecessors. This gives Surrey a respectable slab of around 36’450 HP to work with, which is good enough at tier 8. This is quite comparable to New Orleans. ARMOUR – Main belt: 146mm (5.75”) thick. 2.7m high. Bulkheads: Machinery; 140mm (5.5”) Magazine; 76mm (3”) Deck: 76mm (3”) Turrets: 25mm (1”) All over the turret. Including Barbettes. Surrey’s magazines and engines are encased in box armour, quite thick for a cruiser of tier 8 or below. Both have side armour of 5.7”, and were perceived as resistant to 6” and 8” gunfire at most ranges. However, her turrets let her down. Carried over from the previous county classes, they are poorly protected, and so losing a turret could be a problem for Surrey as well as the other county’s despite the other redeeming features of the turret, including a decent traverse speed. (5-8 degrees a second depending on preferences) Nabbed from Shipbucket, this side profile is an interpretation of how Surrey could have been completed. This could represent the A hull in game. I'm not so sure about the two straight funnels though. I like the 3 raked funnels of the earlier counties better. MAIN BATTERY – 4x2 203mm A fairly typical heavy cruiser armament, 8 8”/50 Mk.VII in 4 twin turrets. These guns are fairly nice. They can have a RoF between 3 to 5 RPM (Planned to be 6RPM – If WG feels so inclined to include that stat), and I would suggest the higher figure there, to keep Surrey in line with the other similarly armed tier 8 cruiser in game at the moment, the significantly fatter Admiral Hipster. The shell ballistics should also be about the same as what we see with the Japanese and American 8” guns that arm their respective heavy cruisers (New Orleans, Mogami). SECONDARY BATTERY – 4x1 102mm, * As originally planned, this is not very impressive. At all. 2 guns per side. However, Surrey can probably receive what Norfolk did in 1937, which is double 4” mounts (Mk.XVI in Mk.XIX mounts) replacing the single 4” (Mk.V on Mk.III mounts). The double mounts and guns are the same as fitted to Warspite, and if their performance on the Warspite is anything to go by, they will be decent enough, though a cruisers secondary armament is never a big factor. AA BATTERY – 2x 8 40mm Pom Pom Mounts, (4x2 102mm) Take this with a grain of salt, the counties had their AA armament increased as they lived their lives through WW2, so there is good reason to assume Surrey will also receive additional 20mm Oerlikons. However, these additions are unlikely to give Surrey the AA capabilities of the other tier 8 cruisers. TORPEDOES & AIRCRAFT – A single quadruple launcher per side. Likely to receive the Mk.IX** torpedo. Which travels 10.1km at 62 knots, or alternatively 13.7km at 56 knots. Unfortunately Surrey has the torpedo launchers a deck lower than most other British cruisers, hence Surrey will have quite Japanese style torpedo arcs. Surrey also has 2 catapults, so should be capable of using them for a fighter or spotter aircraft. SPEED – 30.25 knots The price for having the extra armour on the cruiser, is that Surrey is very slow for a high tier cruiser. This could break the ship for many people, not being able to chase down Destroyers, or run away from some Battleships. MANEUVERABILITY & CONCEALMENT – Surrey is short and stout compared to her other heavy cruiser counterparts. At 173m long, approximately the size of Pensacola, we can expect Surrey to be similar. Surrey is fairly small as well, but her 2 funnels are quite high, and her rangefinder is not all that high either, so this could result in a lacklustre firing range. Two further cruisers were planned after Surrey & Northumberland, and would have had some differences to the Surrey design. Some of those differences, like the bridge structure can theoretically be applied to Surrey. CONCLUSION – At the end, I feel that Surrey is the most likely candidate for a first tier 8 RN Heavy cruiser. Her extra armour give her a step up over the preceding county classes, which are likely to be at tier 7. However, the ship is not without its drawbacks, including the poor speed. Furthermore Zara is definitely better protected than Surrey, so Surrey is not the best armoured on the block. However, her firepower should be more than adequate. I would imagine Surrey does best at closer ranges to utilise her good maneuverability and torpedoes, and to bully other cruisers into submission. However, if Surrey doesn’t feel competitive enough, then a rebuild based on that of HMS London is also an option, to increase AA and possibly the speed, as well as aspects from the following 2 planned cruisers of the 1929/30 programme, which turns Surrey into a well-rounded tier 8. New ideas for future reviews are appreciated, and I hope you have enjoyed this review, or at least found it mildly interesting. Feedback is appreciated, and do you think Surrey will be good enough to compete at tier 8? (Also, I have this horrible feeling I have made some glaring historical errors – either that or I just don’t have high expectations of myself) PROS – - Well protected compared to others - Good Maneuverability (Prepare for incoming Torpedobeats!) - Torpedoes! Remotely usable ones as well. - Small, Squat and Stealthy. - Good RoF and potential damage output. CONS – - Slow for a cruiser. - Fairly Poor Torpedo arcs. - Turrets vulnerable to incapacitation. - Could have poor range. - Possibly lacklustre AA The creator of these images also gave a nice review of the careers of the ships if Surrey, Northumberland and the two following cruisers were built. A possible premium camouflage pattern perhaps, and how a final Surrey hull could look in game?
  13. Catherine_W

    Tier 6 Problem

    Hy guys, i'd like to know your oppinion about T6 ship first of all are the Match maker telling us the fact that tier 6 would have battle in TIER 8 BATTLE. still 2 higher tier in new patch. this is dont make sense. 1. Any carriers against T8 ship, (wathever it was. (fact that the planes like paper and the plane's stock?? nevermind) 2. Battleship T6 vs T8, (i think its kinda fine since they got range, but not HP and armor thickness.) 3. Cruiser against anything. (Cruiser vs DD is okay since its the first priority.) what your oppinion guys?? if the question reflected to me i'd like to say that tier 6 battle just face one higher tier e.g. Tier 7 (T6 CV vs T7 CV are okay, present skills and tactics means win) please just tier 6 vs tier 8.
  14. The "Mikhail Kutuzov" cruiser was supposed to be released with the 0.5.2 patch, Where is it?!
  15. The "RN Cruiser Smoke Bug" - Myth or Reality? In a Belfast game two days hence, I popped smoke going just a teeny bit too fast, and ended up sitting still in the water looking stupidly back at one, lonely puff of smoke hovering a cable-length or so astern. Then I died to a massive hail of shells from a grateful cruiser and battleship community (but that's beside the point, really). I assumed this was the infamous "RN Cruiser Smoke Bug" at work. I didn't die because of it, since I would have sailed out of a second puff of smoke as well, if it had been there - but as it was, there was no point in even bothering to go into reverse. Yet now I read, in a number of posts, that there is no RN Cruiser Smoke Bug. So, it's right up there with Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil?
  16. www.twitch.tv/starkim1999'' guys i just wanan say i wanted to start streaming world of warships and i would love you if u joined me
  17. ID_79

    HMS Belfast - eure Eindrücke

    Moin, heute ist mein absolutes lieblings Schiff nach langem Warten endlich rausgekommen *_* . Leider bin ich derzeit etwas skeptisch: sie verliert unheimlich schnell an HP. Eine Salve von ner Tirpitz oder Scharnhorst reicht aus, damit sich die Belfast den Meeresgrund anschauen kann. Was haltet ihr von diesem majestätischem Schiff? Gruß ID_79 PS: Ich suche einen maritimen Clan also könnt ihr mich gerne anschreiben ;)
  18. Deatmes

    We need more carriers!

    I started to notice that every game which has carriers in it is much more fun and less monotonic. Especially for cruisers. Game without carriers for cruisers looks like having incomplete gameplay, halved exp/credits source. There isn't much of a point playing cruisers instead of BB, because cruisers rarely can fulfill anti-aircraft role. In games where there is 4 carriers such role is really important, and much more interesting thing to do then challenging BB's.
  19. WebSpawn

    The Königsberg curse

    I just have to vent for a moment. I HATE the Königsberg with a vengeance. Seriously, my winrate is an abysmal 26% with this, this... thing. And that is, if it didn't drop any lower last evening! (got several losses in a row, some of which I died with a handful of hits under my belt) However, it is among the ships with which I've achieved the most kills. I get lot's of good games with it, scores are usually awsome, (to me) but that sadly doesn't equal wins. I know that in randoms it's often the luck of the draw, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating. Also, I'm not claiming to be the best player, but when I get my 1, 2 or 3 kills I think I might say I pulled my weight. Must be some kindred spirits around?
  20. eraserr83

    About Repair Costs (Mogami)

    Hi! I had a strange experience... I'm generally new at Wargaming, and I play only world of Warships, not WOT, WOWP. I heard from others, that high Tier battles are costly in all Wargaming games, thats why you get same credits as on lower tiers, but the cost of ammunition and repairs are much higher. But I dont know, why I have any repair cost, when my Ship didnt suffered any damage at all... I would be happy to know the reason, so any answers would be much appretiated. Thanks: Eraserr
  21. Co_Darkeye

    The Diana

    Haven't seen anyone post about the Diana, so since I have it, I'll post about it myself. It's pretty much identical to the tier 3 Aurora with less main guns replaced with smaller secondary guns, that along with the 70m extra turning circle radius is pretty much the only difference and it being a tier lower than the aurora of course. This is from the first game I had in it. I am very happy with it ^^
  22. Eendracht class (light) cruiser http://www.zeeuwse-n...ser-001--2-.jpg Fig 1. Zeven Provincien class close up The ships of this class were meant to replace the old Java-class cruisers in the defence of the Dutch Indies. Orginally they had a main battery of 8 x 5.9 inch guns, but such an armament wasn't powerful enough in comparison with the modern cruisers built by the other navies. They were redisigned instead, being equipped with 10 guns and a modern AA-battery of 40 mm Bofors guns. The Germans found these ships at the dockyards after May 1940, but the construction was only in an early stage. Although the Germans planned to complete them as the trainingcruisers KH 1 and KH 2, the dockyards' capacity was put to other use, so the construction only advanced very slowly. In 1944, the Germans decided to block several ports with blockships, and the Zeven Provinciën was launched ( with the German atlantic bow ) to block the Nieuwe Waterweg. Fortunately, she was never used this way, both ships could be completed both war. The design however was modified several times, now implementing the lessons learned in the war. This meant that the ships didn't look like the original design at all, that displacement and dimensions were increased and appeared to be better ships. Originally, they were in fact a enlargement of the smaller cruiser De Ruyter, which was sunk in the Battle of the Javasea. Commissioned by the Dutch since 1953, the ships were bought by the Peruvian navy in the seventies, and are now approaching the end of their careers. Preliminary design of 1947 Fig 2. Sketch drawing of original design Post-1972 look of the cruisers Fig 3. Sketch drawing of modernized design General Characteristics Displacement: 12,040 tonnes Length: 187.32 m Beam: 17.25 m Draught: 6.72 m Propulsion: 4 Werkspoor-Yarrow three-drum boilers 2 De Schelde Parsons geared steam turbines 2 shafts 85,000 shp Speed: 32 knots Range: 7,000 nm at 12 knots Complement: 973 Armament: 8 x 152 mm main guns 8 x 57 mm AA guns 8 x 40 mm AA guns Armor: 50-76 mm belt 50-125 mm turrets 50-125 mm conning tower Ships in class There are two ships in the class: HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën (renamed De Ruyter in 1947) and Kijkduin (renamed Eendracht c. 1940, De Ruyter in 1944 and De Zeven Provinciën in 1947). Both ships have enjoyed long service lives, first in the Koninklijke Marine (until early 1970s) and then in the Marina de Guerra del Perú. 'Modern' day service In Dutch service both ships participated in several NATO exercises, and were frequently used as flagships for different naval task forces. Between 1962 and 1964, the De Zeven Provinciën underwent a refit by RDM which included the removal of the two aft turrets and the installation of a RIM-2 Terrier SAM system. Lack of funds precluded the same modifications from being carried out in the De Ruyter, which was decommissioned in 1973. Her sister ship followed suit in 1976; the cruisers were replaced in Dutch service by the two Tromp-class frigates. http://home.kabelfoo.../zvp_in_zee.jpg Fig 4: HrMs Zeven Provincien (modernized) at sea Fig 5. Almirante Grau at sea Veterans story of serving aboard the HrMS Zeven Provincien (translated) Spring 1969 I got transfered to the HrMs Zeven Provincien after 2.5 years of service on the HrMs Limburg. I got sent there with mixed feelings as larger ships and bases did not really agree with it. Luckily I got a nice job straight away, 'paay-gevechtscentrale'. (Dutch) cruisers seperate the battleops (?) from the command and control and therefore we mostly did anti-aircraft and aircraft escorting. Radar equipment such as the VI (Vertical Indicator) were completely new to me as were the equipment with which we could aim the Terrier missiles. This job gave me the oppurtinity to get acquinted with both said systems. Central in our battleops we had a huge podium with a air'plot' and some smaller ones at the sides of the battleops room. The monitors for our artillery were placed in a different corner. The Zeven Provinces was classified as a light cruiser as was her sister ship the HrMs De Ruyter, the HrMs Zeven Provines got her aft section completely rebuilt however to make room for the Terrier weapon system. The Terrier is an american anti-air missile which was used by the American Navy from the 50s till shortly after 1970 when they were replaced by the Standard Missile. The Terrier was a two step missile for medium range. The Royal Netherlands Navy received a Terrier system towards the end of the 50s for the Zeven Provincien. The movie "Kies Zee" of the RNN shows how shortly after installing the missile system they performed some practice firing. These excercises were all performed in american waters. I myself never experienced an actual missile firing, they probably were a bit thrifty about it.... -:) We did practice extensively with readying and aiming, normally a learjet was rented by the navy for these excercises. We made several trips with the ship to e.g. Casablanca - Lissabon - Gibraltar - Portmouth (Plymuiden) - Invergorden - Cadiz and Bordeaux. The fleet commandant announced shortly after leaving Bordeaux that he was displeased by the large amoung of crew members put on penalty parade.... -;) PS: I am open to suggestions for a better translation of the original text (see sources). All smileys and weird punctuation were copied/translated as directly as possible. Sources: www.netherlandsnavy.nl http://en.wikipedia....n_class_cruiser http://nl.wikipedia....ovinciën_(1953) http://home.kabelfoo...provincien.html Jane's Fighting Ships of WW2
  23. I want to start out by saying I that Cruisers are my favourite class. I really like how IJN Cruisers look with the Aoba, Myoko and Zao being my favourite models. I own both the Zao and the Des Moines. This will be a long post, and I apologise for my English from beforehand if not everything is 100% correct. Introduction The role of a Cruiser is support. A Cruiser operating alone will get annihilated especially against groups of enemies. A Cruiser is meant to provide AA cover for other ships and take on DDs when these get spotted. The Zao does none of these well. Instead its supposedly "Ace in the Hole" is its stealth, which is horrible anyway and doesn't provide anything beneficial to gameplay. Comparison to Other Ships In this section I'll be comparing the Zao to 2 T9 Cruisers and eventually the Des Moines . When comparing the Ibuki to the Zao: The Ibuki has less HP to the Zao (39k HP vs 45k HP) The Ibuki puts less RPM downrange (40 RPM vs 58 RPM) The Ibuki has less alpha when comparing salvos of both ships The Ibuki has less AA than the Zao The Ibuki is faster than the Zao (35kn vs 31kn) The Ibuki turns better than the Zao (9.5s Rudder Shift, 770m Turning Circle vs 10.0s Rudder Shift, 840m Turning Circle) The Ibuki has longer range, but slower torpedoes than the Zao (10.0km vs 8.0km) The Ibuki has better Stealth than the Zao (Same Surface Detection Range but less Air Detection Range) The Ibuki has marginally more range than the Zao (16.5km vs 16.2km) When comparing the Baltimore to the Zao: The Baltimore has marginally less HP than the Zao (43k HP vs 45k HP) The Baltimore puts less RPM downrange (36 RPM vs 58 RPM) The Baltimore has less alpha when comparing salvos of both ships The Baltimore has marginally less range than the Zao (15.8km vs 16.2km) The Baltimore is faster than the Zao (33kn vs 31kn) The Baltimore turns better than the Zao (10.2s Rudder Shift, 730m Turning Circle vs 10.0s Rudder Shift, 840m Turning Circle) The Baltimore has much better AA than the Zao The Baltimore has better Stealth than the Zao (Same Surface Detection Range but less Air Detection Range) As we can see against the Tier 9s the fire rate of the Zao and the bigger HP pool gives it the edge against the others, however situationally the other ships can still come out on top. An Ibuki can run away. Even though the DPM of the Baltimore is appalling, its performance in AA support thrashes the Zao. Now this is where it gets interesting. When comparing the Des Moines to the Zao (I shall use a table I had made for this): Stat Zao Des Moines HP 45k 50k Guns 4x3 3x3 RPM 4.9 10 Effective RPM 58.8 90 Gun Range 16.2km 15.8km Speed 31kn 33kn Turning Radius 840m 770m Concealment 12.6km 13.9km Maximum AA DPS 6130 DPS @ 3.1km 2288 DPS@ 2.1km Long Range AA DPS 288 DPS @ 4.5km 1568 DPS @ 5.7km Torpedoes Yes No Torpedo Range 8.0km / Let's start on the "Pros" of the Zao; Concealment. With both the Commander Skill and the Modification the resulting stats would be 9.8km Surface Detectability Range and 7.0km Aircraft Detection Range which isn't terrible but will be completely negated once a ship launches its Scout plane. Instead this concealment bonus should be used to shoot from from long ranges without (hopefully) getting spotted. Torpedoes. Though at this point they cannot really be considered a Pro. 8.0km range is silly. The speed, 76kn is nice. The angle at which the torpedoes are launched is incredibly stupid. With the Zao's low speed, ridiculous turning and limited turret rotation the torpedoes will be used rarely and as a last ditch effort before sinking. Rotating the ship to fire the torpedoes will generally put the front turrets out of order thus reducing your DPM by half. The reload of 2.5 minutes also reduces their effectiveness to the point where they can really be taken out in a comparison between ships. Both of these characteristics are unnecessary to the role of a Cruiser. In a supporting role, if you are providing AA for BBs part of the job involves getting spotted anyway as will trying to thwart off DD attacks. Ironically the Zao is horrible at being the screen of a BB in terms of trying to stop DDs. The T10 DD torpedo "fans" do not allow the Zao to maneuver in time to evade them so usually you end up taking a torpedo or two in the process pretty much crippling you or sinking you outright, but that's a problem for another time. If a DD is in between reloads you don't really have the DPM to take him down. Which brings me to the next section. In every other aspect the Des Moines is better; RPM of the Main Battery Guns of the Des Moines is monstrous. More than twice the reload allows better ranging of shots. This allows you to correct the leading and comes in especially useful against maneuvering DDs who will be more busy in evading fire and trying to get out of range than giving you their broadside to fire torpedoes at you or your pet BB. DPM of the Main Battery Guns of the Des Moines is monstrous. Not only do you get to shoot more, you also get to deal more damage than the your T10 IJN counterpart. The turret rotation is better on the Des Moines. Not particularly a massive deal. But those extra 6 seconds on the Zao might screw up your shot on a DD while maneuvering. Speed. At 33kn the Des Moines is 2kn faster than the Zao. It also turns faster even though the Des Moines has a slightly longer Rudder Shift Time. Once a Des Moines spots a Zao, the Zao is done for. AA. On paper the 6k+ DPS on the Zao's AA is not that bad. However this DPS is only available at 3.1km. The Des Moines on the other hand will effectively start taking down planes at 5.7km before Commander skills which are % based and will benefit the Des Moines much better than the Zao anyway. The increased range allows the Des Moines to stay a bit behind the BB or not as close as one would expect the Zao to be. Conclusion and Afterthoughts From a gameplay perspective the Zao is completely pointless. As a supporting cruiser is the Zao is outclassed by the Des Moines in every single aspect that counts. However, due to the insane gunnery of the Des Moines it also loses in the Lone Wolf aspect which I think WG attempted going for. I think that the torpedoes should make up for what the Zao lacks in AA and the gunnery is made equal. Giving them a decent reload and replacing the current torpedoes with the 20km Type 93 Long Lance will put help the Zao get back on its feet. Torpedoes are very unreliable anyway and with just 8 per side and horrible firing angle they'll end up being used more as a deterrent than anything else. Putting the Zao's fire rate at 7.0-7.5 RPM will give the Zao the same DPM as the Des Moines. The fire rate will still be horrible and the Zao would still probably lose to the Des Moines in a 1v1 engagement but it won't be so horribly lopsided. Speed is something which I also think needs to be looked at. This is the main characteristic of IJN CAs for most of the line and at T10 we get a ship which is slower or as fast a certain BBs and turns just as bad. The Zao turns terribly bad leaving it in a bad place of not being useful in any role whatsoever. This is one of the most important characteristics for a cruiser and the lack of speed of the Zao is crippling.
  24. I decided to put the Phoenix up for review and it confirms my love for this ship. I came into this ship review under the assumption that the Phoenix was incredible and then when I made comparisons between the Phoenix and other tier 4 ships I saw how good it really was. Overall I do give this ship high grades, and in my opinion this is one that you should keep in your port. Let me know if you enjoyed the Phoenix and what your favorite tier 4 Cruiser is. The Taste Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJJaSofrJHMcK-yp5ldHT-w World of Warships - Phoenix Tier 4 American Cruiser Ship Review
  25. Charger76

    Easy fixes for RN CL line

    Dear Wargaming, You have for some reason, with two years to have thought this through better, released a terrible line of ships that you are ascribing to the Royal Navy despite the absolute supremeacy of the Royal Navy throughout the period on which World of Warships focuses on up to about 1944 when the USN overtook them. Now many Warships fans will not be Brits and therefore will not take this as a personal insult given that the worst Navy (if indeed it could be called such) of the same period is well represented in game (Russian of course) when the Royal Navy is a joke. They will however likely still be very disappointed that a Nation to whom the Navy were so important and whose lines of ships so diverse that you came with the rubbish you did. Now here is the thing: I actually get your idea as Kandly put it of "these ships will highlight the rock-paper-scissors principle more than others". I applaud this. No HE but AP that will work on thin skinned ships? Fine, very interesting, forces a different play style for sure, no spamming HE from behind / over smoke / cover, I like this, forces people to engage. "On the whole, the ships in the new branch are excellent for hunting destroyers. Their low detectability and rapid-firing guns with unique AP shells make them efficient in encounters with destroyers, the “natural” opponents of cruisers." Fantastic! Sounds like lots of fun! But in fact, complete rubbish in terms of what you have actually delivered. The thing is for "rock, paper, scissors" to apply, you must have strengths that allow you to be the paper to someone else's rock. These ships have no strengths and for the role you have ascribded for them are useless. Take "Fast firing guns"; they are not in effect fast firing at all because: 1. Turret turn speed is slow. 2. Round velocity is low. 3. Round flight arc is high. 4. Range is low. 5. Accuracy is poor. You can stick a gun firing at 1,000 RPM on deck but if it cannot turn to target and reliably put rounds on a moving and twisting target (such as the DD / CL that this line is dedicated to fight) then it's RPM / DPM is irrelevant. If I am driving a DD and see a RN CL for your idea to be working I should be at the very least wary of how I engage. Only I don't. In fact, in a Russian, Polish or American DD I laugh, switch to AP, close in (easy when enemy turret is slow turning and round velocity low) and unleash a stream of citadels: The US DD can get so many rounds in on target at 8Km or less with ease because their turret turn fast. At 6Km or less their shell's are flying pretty flat and the high rate of real world fire that fast turrets and high RPM create decimates your RN CL. The Russian DD (tier 5 up) / Polish Blys just eats RN CL's. Roughly the same or better turret rotation speed but much faster flying rounds thus much greater accuracy of fire and much harder hitting. In one game I got jumped by 3 Leanders in my Blys. About 45 seconds later I had 50% HP left and 3 full HP Leanders dead. In another took a full health Edniburgh with a near dead Benson because I could out turn him and my turrets could outturn him so I ambushed, drove counter to his line and switched to AP then put salvo after salvo into him at 4Km range for citadel heaven. I am not that good a player, the RN CL is just that unsuited to task as I hope you can understand - if you can't you should perhaps look to sell off this game as you have no hope of sustaining this. Your customers understand, hence the forums are filled with fury and there are relatively few RN ships in any given game. So how to fix this whilst actually REALLY implementing your excellent idea of creating a "rock, paper, scissors" game play and making a line that acts like a very capable DD hunter who can also ambush other harder hitting Crusiers without making the RN line OP? Simple: 1. Increase turret turn speed substantially. 2. Increase shell velocity to 950m/s so shell arc is nice & flat, round to target time is low. 3. Keep or marginally reduce the hit value. 4. Reduce range down to 14Km at most. 5. Remove smoke. It is useless anyway for the purposes of escaping as short puffs ensure that 270 - 300 dgrees of view can still spot you if you use it to cover an exit. Given the awful inertia of these ships, even at 10Kts and braking you will overshoot your smoke if the idea is to hide. 6. Increase rudder repsonse time but keep turning circle 7. Increase speed - 36 Kts for a DD hunter minimum.