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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so me and Lucyfer got into serious discussion about WoWs commander and crew. Idea is good. Skill progress is way to better than solution used in WoT, but it can be changed to even greater result. The point is, to make almost every ship customised to its purpose/gameplay/prefference of user etc. We came up with an idea. 4 key Crew members for every type of ship. Here is our little suggestion, how we would like it to look, with each crewmember have its own skill progress tree and function. Destroyers Cruisers Battleships Carriers Commander Commander Commander CommanderGunner Gunner Gunner Fighter OfficerEngineer Damage Control Officer Damage Control Officer Bomber OfficerSecondary Armament Officer Secondary Armament Officer Repair Party Officer Aircraft Service Officer Commander (Maneuvers, Stealth, Crew Boosts)Gunner (Reload, Accuracy, Turn Rate, Crit Chance etc)Engineer (Speed, Agility, Accel/Decel etc)Sec. Arm Off. (AA, Torps, Secondary Battery, Smokes/Specials etc)Dam. Ctrl. Off. (Damage control % efficency, CD etc, firefighting/flood managing etc, -time to restore damaged modules)Rep.Party. Off. (Passive repairs, Active repair CD and % eff, chance to restore destroyed modules)Fighter Off. (Damage and surv of Fighter Squads, Speed etc, +1 Fighter in squad)Bomber Officer (Damage and surv of TB Squads, Speed, Evasion, +1...) Aircraft Service Officer (Aircraft Service Time, Service Safety) We will add new ideas by the time we will agree on them. For example: Engineer Tier 1 Smoke #1 (Active: 2 charges) Last Resort #1 (Active: +5% Speed, +5% Acc/Dec) Tier 2 Smoke #2 (+1 charge, -10% CD) Evasive Maneuvers (Passive: +3% Turn Rate, +3% Rudder Shift) Tier 3 Smoke #3 (+1 charge, -10% CD) Last Resort #2 (+5% Turn Rate, - 10% CD) Engine Management (+5% Acc/Dec) Tier 4 Smoke #4 (+10% duration) Engine Conservation (-5% to destroy Engine on hit) Tier 5 Less Visible Exhaust Fumes (+5% Stealth when in move) Last Resort #3 (+3% to all previous bonuses, -5% CD) Secondary Armament Officer Tier 1 Torp.Tubes Management (+10% T.Tube Aiming Speed) Defensive AA Fire #1 (Active: +20% AA Damage) Tier 2 Torp.Tubes Expertise (-10% T.Tube Reload) Focused AA Fire (+5% AA Damage on selected (ctrl+clicked) target) Tier 3 Long Lance (+10% Torpedo Range) Incendiary Warheads (+3% to cause fire on hit) Defensive AA Fire #2 (-30% CD) Tier 4 Magnetic Fuses (Torpedos explode when near-miss, dealing minor damage) Covering AA Fire (+5% AA Damage for every ally in AA radius with that skill) Tier 5 Overloaded Warheads (Torps: +10% Reload, -5% Speed, +10% Damage) Gyrotorps (+% chance to cause flooding) Defensive AA Fire #3 (+20% AA Range, +5% AA Damage) What do You think? We need ideas for WG.