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Found 102 results

  1. Qualcuno sta avendo problemi di accesso al server? Inoltre alcune volte, a fine partita si blocca prima di mostrare le stats della partita...!!! Ho questi problemi da venerdì!!!
  2. BramZot

    Crash Bizarre

    Je suis en pleine partie et le jeu se ferme d'un coup en m'affichant: "impossible de charger les ressources systeme" Pouvez vous m'aider ?!
  3. omerdivan

    Glitch and error macOS

    I have a big problem however I was not sure whether to contact my computer or the game developers so I am doing both please help me I am running at 3072x1920 MacBook Pro 16 i9 16gb ram 4gb amd 5500m First problem is the stuttering and unplayable glitches as attached note: this problem only occurs in fullscreen and i have tried windowed borderless but the resolution was locked to 1700x... (something close). the display continues as shown on the picture in every where it is not just loading screen Second of all I am unable to run antialiasing and when I do I receive an popup saying "world of warships ran into a critical problem" and crashes and bring two options: terminate, restart and I have to reset the settings to default to be able to open it successfully again Third, whilst running on windowed at the 1700x.. I was witnessing some 'black ship' glitches where the ship was blacking out from certain angles after taking damage but left and right sides had the correct textures I am able to run other games perfectly fine just for extra information I am running macOS 10.15.3
  4. WHY the game keeps freezing and crashing when attempting to login?! Since the last update the game (sometimes) freezes and crashes when i attempt to login! As a result not only the game freezes, but the whole PC! I CANNOT stop the game even through the task manager and the only way out is F13 (cold restart)! I DO NOT use any mods! I asked this very same question elsewhere, but i recieved no feedback! WHY??? Why this keeps happening and when WG is going to fix this issue?!?
  5. lossi_2018


    Game started disconnecting in the mid of co op and random games. You can't log back in without restart. It costs creds, camos and flags. IT COST LOSSES. I can't do the mission!!! I get reported! IT DOESN"T EVEN SHOW ME WHAT HAPPENED !!! This is ridiculous. I don't know if I lost or won. I have to check the win lose column in the general stats!!!! Is it a server prob??? Never happened before. Plz fix. thank you
  6. doulkerIT

    Crash in gioco

    Salve a tutti. Con l’ultimo aggiornamento di Halloween il gioco ha iniziato a crashare, tanto in modalità random che in modalità twilight. La partita inizia perfettamente però dopo un po’ il gioco o crasha ed esce senza nessun avviso oppure si blocca la schermata e compare il messaggio di errore. Qualcuno ha risolto? Ho già fatto il check dei file ma non ha trovato nulla di danneggiato, ho anche scaricato componenti aggiuntivi tipo pacchetti CC+ e quant’altro. Grazie e vento in poppa!
  7. So, my graphics card overheated in the first 30 seconds of this match. Apologies to my team for that. I was sailing towards B when my game crashed and I had to reboot my PC. Apparantly my french destroyer (in a tier X match) troddled into B cap unattended, just about, capped the objective and spotted 5 to 8 ships before it got killed and sunk while I was still AFK. Well done Terrible! Now here is the crux: i ended up almost halfway up the scoreboard. Five players on my team that actually actively played the round scored worse then my crashed AFK french DD. What was even more amazing to me is that I TANKED 430.000 potential damage while sitting dead in the water. Don't you just love our playerbase?
  8. Hello everyone, I have a problem related to check integrity and update version. It started with my game ran so slow, so I decided to do the check integrity. However, it failed around 50%-60% progress. I tried to do it again, and it kept on failing until it became corrupted. So I reinstall the game and everything ran well until the latest update 0.8.8. The progress failed around 50%-60% and it became corrupted again. Of course, I reinstalled the game again. But I want to fix this problem. I do not want my game became corrupted every time updating the game. Is there someone who has the similar problem? What is your solution? note: I have turned off the windows firewall and the antivirus from the beginning.
  9. Conrad_zoo

    Mac guy, can't start the game.

    Hi all, Since last update I can't open Wargaming Center as the separate WOW app. Since then I have deleted all content, re-downloaded all latest but to no prevail, Wargaming Center starts but only shows a white window, stuck. when opening WOW by itself it opens the splash screen but when press play nothing happens. In short, yes I should get a PC but still does anyone have a solution to play again? I don't want to waste my time/weekend with WOT, which works. so yeah, please. Cheers all,
  10. Hello im getting crashes of the game and every time it happens i get to see the global commitable memory reaching the 100% mark. Anyone know whats the problem ? It should not be a cpu/ram/gpu problem since i tested all of them separatelly on stress tests. The gpu memory is 4GB by itself. Application C:/Games/World_of_Warships_Eu/bin64/WorldOfWarships64.exe crashed 04.27.2019 at 00:36:36 Message: Unhandled exception Hash: 6637 EIP: 0x00000000651669F7 Current thread #11164 native trace: (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF6651669F7 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66518F91A (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167046 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF66516782C (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF665167990 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664913B89 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664FB72D8 (0) : WorldOfWarships64.exe!0x00007FF664909126 System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 9819552Kb/137438953344Kb (1%) Working set (process physical memory): 2348736Kb/8348404Kb (28%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 5170020Kb/11203316Kb (46%) Global physical memory: 6062656Kb/8348404Kb (72%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 11194540Kb/11203316Kb (100%) System info: APPLICATION = DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \\.\DISPLAY1, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \\.\DISPLAY2, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \\.\DISPLAY3, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \\.\DISPLAY4, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \\.\DISPLAY5, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 5 = \\.\DISPLAY6, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 6 = \\.\DISPLAY7, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_22ED1458&REV_CF
  11. Ich hab mir mal aus Spaß das Spiel auf meinem MacBook Pro geholt (Mac Version ) ich komme wohl in den Launcher rein aber sobald ich auf spielen klicke stürzt das Spiel ab. Kann mir evtl. Jemand weiterhelfen ?
  12. Bonjour/bonsoir Ca fait doit faire 2 mois que j'ai ce bug, et ça commence un peu à me saouler, le problème est que lorsque je joue avec n'importe quelle navire après avoir jouer avec 3 navires différent, je crash que la bataille ce lance, ce qui me fait perdre 4-5 minutes de jeu. Si quelqu'un a eu un problème similaire et à la solution, je suis preneur.
  13. Ciao a tutti! da quando sono passato ad High Sierra sto riscontrando questo problema: Critical error occurred. Vi allego screenshot. Il problema è che segnala un problema a OS Windows quando in realtà sono su Mac. Com'e possibile? Come posso risolverlo? Appena si avvia la battaglia va in crash. Su altri giochi simili no ho problemi, vanno benissimo (War Thunder e Tank Blitz). Grazie mille Claudio Cristiani
  14. art_967

    Coś się posypało

    Dzisiaj, grałem z kolegą , koniec gry i zwiecha. Niestety gry nie zaliczyło. Hmmm nie wiem .... Zresetowałem grę i chcę nową bitwę, już sam .. niestety wraca do portu ( naciskam bitwa i powrót ) . Dupa ........
  15. Bonjour, Depuis maintenant 8 mois, je ne peut plus jouer au jeu car au bout de 5-10min de bataille mon jeu se ferme, et après impossible de se reconnecté a la bataille. Du coup, après le crash, le jeu considère que j'ai déserté la bataille, je reçoit donc des sanctions fratricides. En clair je ne peut jouer qu'avec des bots... C'est pas le top. Je rappelle que je suis sur mac Dite moi vos solutions; si mon malheur est arrivé a d'autre; si des confrères mac ont les mêmes soucis que moi. Toute idée est la bienvenue ! Merci et bonne journée ;)
  16. Często przy wchodzeniu do bitwy gra się wiesza po odliczaniu. zamraża ekran odbioru kontenera, brak możliwości założenia osprzętu premium na okręty. Zrzutu ekranu błędu nie udaje się zrobić bo skutecznie zamraża ekran, trzeba zamknąć grę z menadżera zadań, a to zamyka też okno z błędem !! No i najfajniejsze że zanim do gry wejdę na nowo to już jestem różowy jak landrynka i z karą za pasywność w grze. Szlag trafia człeka !!!!! Przeinstalowałem grę i nadal to samo. Przed aktualizacją żadnych problemów nie było.
  17. i go into battle and the camera freezes and detaches from the ship and and i cant continue the battle. and often at the end of the game the game freeze completely. any fix to this?
  18. FYI Have my new Geforce 2080Ti with the latest drivers as of this date, driver version doesn't really matter as roll back didn't do anything. Do NOT use FXAA, the game crashes. Took me a while to figure this out and now I'm pink for like 10 games.. :(
  19. Recently, just a few days ago, I started experiencing fatal crashes when starting the game. Shortly after logon, sometimes before the harbour is loaded and sometimes a few seconds after, the screen goes blank, sound locks up and computer cease respond, requiring a hard-reset or power-down. It doesn't happen every time, but about 2/3. Once the game loads, it remain stable and I can play for hours. I can even alt-tab and do other stuff. I first suspected my old graphics-card was begining to give up, but I have no issues in other games I play, such as Stellaris, Diablo III, Path of Exile and Never Winter. I also downloaded Heaven Benchmark and let it run on extreme for a while in order to see if that could trigger some error, but it was also fully stable. I tried a repair and also removed the preferences.xml-file yesterday, but that didn't help. Anyone got any ideas?
  20. Uriens_The_Gray

    game freezes during random battle

    During randoms battles the game client occasionally simply stopps working. The only thing i can do is pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete and then log out. i use WoWs via Steam. I checked the file integrity via steam client, but nothing was found. The file WorldOfWarships-2018-09-01_01-50-05.crash tells me this: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00652479) (Read @ 0x00000024) Can someone help ? thanks in advance WorldOfWarships-2018-09-01_01-50-05.7z
  21. Hello all. I have been playing WoW for a while now on mac (10.12.6), and everything was fine. Then I had the idea to try World of Airplanes. I tried it, didn't like it. In order do install WOA I had to download and install the Game center, which basically absorbed WOW. Now, when I tried to delete the game center, it messed up WOW, that was unable to start. I read somewhere that I had to reinstall game center and delete the game from there, which I did with some diffuculty. Now I don't have game center, and when I download again WOW and try to run it, it crashes. Any hope for me? thanks
  22. Nie wiem, czy to jest właściwe miejsce, ale chciałbym zgłosić moje przypuszczenia (a właściwie 99% pewność), odnośnie powiązania okrętu premium Missouri IX tieru i występowania błędu "critical error occured" związanego z pamięcią i koniecznością restartowania klienta gry. Ponieważ używam komputera Apple i wersji klienta gry na komputery MAC, jest to być może "przypadłość" tylko i wyłącznie "przypisana" do niego, ale chcę się podzielić moimi spostrzeżeniami i obserwacjami. Ma Mac-u gram w WoWs praktyczne od momentu powstania "wrappera" umożliwiającego taką możliwość. Grając praktycznie od zera, nie miałem większych problemów ze stabilnością i wydajnością. Mniej więcej od roku zacząłem jednak miewać problemy - gra w różnych momentach w trakcie rozgrywki, lub tuż po jej zakończeniu "zamarzała" i pojawiał się wzmiankowany "critical error". Po kilku miesiącach mam prawie absolutną pewność, że wszystkie te problemy są związane z okrętem Missouri. Jeżeli jest on w składzie którejś z drużyn (i nie jest istotne czy to ja akurat gram Missouri, czy któryś z graczy w mojej, lub w drużynie przeciwnika) , to "crash" na zakończenie rozgrywki jest w 100% pewny, bo wielokrotnie miało to w moim przypadku miejsce. Jeżeli nie ma w składach Missouri - mogę wielokrotnie grać różnymi innymi okrętami wszystkich tierów beż żadnych niespodziewanych błędów. Jeżeli jest Missouri - crash jest pewny. Crash może nastąpić w trzech "momentach": 1) już w trakcie rozgrywki, 2) zaraz po jej zakończeniu (jeszcze zanim wyświetlone zostaną wyniki) lub 3) na początku kolejnej (bardzo rzadko), więc przypuszczam, że jest on "powiązany" z jakąś teksturą, schematem konstrukcyjnym, lub kamuflażem (w każdym razie z elementem wizualizacji tego konkretnie okrętu) - jeżeli w trakcie gry "powiększam" jego sylwetkę (np. przy celowaniu do niego) lub zbliżeniu w trybie lornetki to gra "wywali się" jeszcze w trakcie rozgrywki, jeżeli Missouri był rzadziej oglądany i bez zbliżeń - crash na zakończenie, jeżeli nie miałem "konieczności" przyglądania się Missouri - crash będzie z opóźnieniem (dopiero w kolejnej rozgrywce, nawet jeżeli w niej nie będzie żadnego Missouri). Moje spostrzeżenia i obserwacje dotyczą ponad półrocznego "zmagania się" z nieoczekiwanym "critical error" (najbardziej "boli" kiedy wystąpi w trakcie rozgrywki - bo ma miejsce na wysokich przecież tierach) i analizowaniu możliwych przyczyn - wspólnym mianownikiem wszystkich tych "przypadłości" jest (według mnie) niestety Missouri i jego "konstrukcja wizualna" (wizualizacyjna? - tekstury?, bryły? )
  23. Loading up my Blyskawica in a division on 2 brothers map I was stuck on loading screen with no display on the islands just cap points. now I am pink
  24. Hi guys, here the solution for Big World Client error after updating Windows 10 to last big patch. This issue come after the last Windows 10 update (version 1709 build 16299) and is NOT related to directx, permission or visual C++ (not waste ur time) but with a single "bugged" option in Windows. Solution for Wows crash and for minimized games at startup: - Go to Control panel - Go to System - Go to Tablet Mode - Turn off the two "hide" options (generally u should have only 1 option enabled) Wows and minimized games now will work correctly.
  25. Hello fellow forumites I often get this weird crash mid battle where the game screen kind of 'slides' off to the side and I get sent back to my desktop. The client is still actually running and I don't get an error message, hence why I call this a 'crash'. But once I'm back on my desktop, my PC just goes nuts. Every button I click opens up random applications, or the command prompt pops up etc. Then, if I try and expand the client window and actually manage to get back into the battle, as soon as I click the anything or push a key on the keyboard, the client sends me back to the desktop again. The only solution is for me to sign out of windows, sign back in and restart the client. It almost feels like theres some kind of sticky keys issue going on? But it can't be that surely? It seems to happen whenever theres a new patch. Or maybe its because I updated my nVidia driver with the new patch? Honestly I have no clue because, like I said, theres no error message. Anyone else had this issue before and any ideas how to solve? Cheers chaps