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Found 11 results

  1. kopilatis1

    Ship navigation

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum and I would like to make a proposition about adding in steering control an extra movement. This movement is the hard turn. e.g. When you are moving in full speed and the enemy is firing from distance you make an evasive maneuver. But is not enough especially in big ships and in small is not enough for a few inches. So, when you press the Q or E keys to the MAX indication, automatically the one propeller stops and goes backwards in 1/4 speed. When you turn the rudder in middle the propeller goes forward and the ship back in full speed. The result is a more stiper turn. Perhaps there is a better way to do it, I m not a programmer, just a fan of the game. But if this is pausible, please make it happen. I have discussed it with a few friends of mine and agreed with this. If this makes it easier, you can send me an upadate to test it and send you the results. Thank you
  2. WG, just dont. for real this what bugs you? the fact that I can control my ship and my units? So they 5% or less this is the end of the world??? the RTS is what we love and learn. if I wonted 1st person shooter air-unit, I would have play WoWp... https://replayswows.com/replay/33215#stats
  3. TomBombardil

    0.7.2 CV controls are BUGED

    Prity much this: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/152394-cv-alternative-control-left-click-command-bug/ Alternatieve controls: ALT+left click doesn't work any more afther useing it once. Minimap plane controls bugged to, they fly off the map. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/152385-cv-mini-map-broken/ Conventional controlls. Can't "drag" aproch path around. Due to left click orders. (And ofcourse the old one: huge increased ui lag when using conventional). No it is not just you! Share if you are experiencing these bug's Regards TomBombardil
  4. Hi, I would like to start with the fact, that i am not a beginner player, that does not mean though i have midway or hakuryu ship but i know what is going on if it is about CV gameplay.. but to the point Game of tier V. There were hosho vs hosho all was fine till some sneeky isokaze of my team menaged to sunk enemy CV. I thought, that this is it - i do not have to worry about enemy figher squadron anymore but after about 2, 3 minutes wild kamikaze fighters appeared. I thought oh well fine, he probably sent last order before death. So he went for my torpedo bombers. I did not menaged to stop them before killing all of them but whatever.. there was second torpedo squadron on the way.. but to my surprise wild kamikaze fighers attacked them as well ! So in order to save atleast some of them i went headon strafe with my last 2 fighters. I killed 2 of my torpedo bombers and 2 of the enemy fighters.. but after that even more odd thing happened ! - wild kamikaze fighters STOPPED chasing my bombers and attacked my fighters . I have never seen anything like that before. Based on my experience i know, that you CANNOT control your fighters after sunk.. sooo what is going on? was i a witness of prohibited additions ?
  5. sotiris_warrior

    torpedo spread

    I had my torpedo spread button assigned to my mouse right click now it dosnt work
  6. kotysoft

    Batteries stuck, unable to aim

    Hi there, I came to report a critical bug happens me randomly (reason not investigated yet). During battle, sometimes my cannons stuck to specific direction. During this error: Can't move batteries Can't enter into binocular (zoom) view [mouse scroll and SHIFT] Details (% percentage of I made certain) Happens me with different ships, so it is not ship specific (100%) Lock/Unlock to sector/relative makes no result (100%) Changing weapon, opening big map, opening settings menu not removes this bug (90%) Bug disappears, when "a specific" ship dies in fire range (75%) Happens in server peak time, when server has minor/major lags (70%) Aiming looks like relative-locked, but the sign sometimes moving a little bit (70%) I'll try to collect and attach replay files. I hope the attached log file is relevant. The "first" one is uploaded now. 20150802_163734_PJSC005-Furutaka-1926_20_NE_two_brothers.zip
  7. ExecutionInProgress

    Problem z klawiszem "control" i wolnym kursorem

    Witam. Za cholerę nie mogę użyć podczas bitwy klawisza control żeby móc wskazywać cele dla arty p-lot i pomocniczej. Kursor nie pokazuje się, naciskam klawisz, przytrzymuję go dłużej, nic nie działa. W ustawieniach nie znalazłem nic co miałoby aktywować tą funkcję. Sam klawisz mechanicznie oczywiście działa, mogę go też przypisać w ustawieniach do jakiejkolwiek komendy łącznie z innym klawiszem, czyli gra go na poziomie ustawień "widzi". W ustawieniach jest też napisane, że nie mogę tego klawisza przyporządkować samodzielnie do innej komendy, gdyż jest zarezerwowany (dla wolnego kursora, jak rozumiem). Na filmikach i w poradnikach, no i w pomocy w grze, ze wszystkiego wynika, że wystarczy wcisnąć klawisz i wskazać wolnym wtedy kursorem cel np. eskadrę samolotów, ja jednak nie mogę tego zrobić. Czy ktoś się spotkał z czymś takim? Czy trzeba jeszcze coś zrobić żeby ta funkcja zadziałała? Dzięki z góry za pomoc.
  8. ZoioXoioZ

    NVIDIA Control Panel

    Hallo und entschuldige das ich mich wieder melde, Da ich jetzt weiß das mein altes Problem darin bestand das die Engine von WarGaming SLI nicht unterstützt wollte ich dies unter NVIDIA Control Panel NUR für WoT und WoW's deaktivieren damit Ich nicht andauernd es für alle Spiele ausmachen will. Jedoch stürzt mein Control Panel immer ab. Und per Google habe ich gelesen das man dies unter NVIDIA Inspector aus machen kann Ich weiß aber nicht wie. Hoffe ihr könnt mir ein weiteres mal helfen
  9. ZeroAnswer

    Custom control keyboard keys!

    1. I want fully customizable keyboard keys!!! Playing on laptop here, using touch-pad (NO MOUSE)!!!! I want left ALT for FIRE! Hate left mouse click (don't have mouse). Can not bend left hand fingers to reach left click! Plus it's annoying to accidentally double tap on touch-pad and fire! It happens from time to time. 2. While holding down right mouse button, make left shift zoom (without moving guns), like in wot. 3. What is with the aiming green circle in the middle of screen while holding right mouse button? What is it for? To tell me where the center of the screen is? Useless feature... Make it STAY and point where the guns are, exactly like in wot! I'll look around, but guns and aiming circle stay where I left it. p.s. Please hurry with freeing the keyboard controls. It's becoming harder to play. THINK OF THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE TOUCH-PADS!!! p.p.s. don't even have a mouse
  10. II_Nemesis_II

    Carrier control improvements

    Hello there fellow CV players, I myself had a quite lot of times problems with the current state of the CV control, causing to sometimes completely whiff torpedo or dive bomber run. Some of them could be easily dealt with, these things springs up my mind mostly: 1) When holding alt to make a manual drop, if you happen to have a marker with move command on the same spot, the interface will take it as you want to move that move marker. So when you click and you think that you would issue the manual drop order, nothing happens as interface only registers you picking up the move marker and then immediately dropping it. My suggestion would be that when holding the alt key for manual drop, it should be the most priority and it shouldn't be "overridden" by anything else. When I hold the alt I am 100% sure that by clicking I want to make drop order. 2) This one will be maybe quite tough to solve and is probably connected to the game engine, but when I try to multitask with every single squadron, thus having high APM, the game just won't register some of my keystrokes. That means for example when issuing move orders to 3 different groups one by one (for example splitting them up) would result in some groups not being selected thus not changing their current course. Or if you happen to be dropping torps on two different ships in the same time, it can totally screw you up, by issuing the drop to wrong squadron, cause the game didn't registered you selecting it. 3) The dreaded shift key. I propose that for the carriers, there should be another keybind for that "cinematic" close up view, and that it should not be tied with the "switch camera" view with other ships. Thing is that I am used to using shift key on other ships, to switch between aiming and 3rd person view, but on the carriers I want shift key only for selecting groups together and I don't want it to accidentaly switch me to cinematic view in the most crucial moments. Really frustrating and easy to solve issue. The 1) and 3) are (from my programmer perspective) easy to fix issues and the most troublesome. The 2) may be tied to the game engine and though not solvable at all, but it's not that intrusive as the 1) and 3). So please WG, have a look on them ;) P.S. Would like if other CV captains could write their control issues here as well .
  11. KRBeC

    CVs/airplanes control

    Hi guys, playing CVs fo some time and far I experienced many missclicks and loses of control that was partly caused by game system itself. Here are few of such problems and possible solutions. Artillery camera Usually under Shift key, best friend if you need to shoot (for almost any distance) but a problem for CV. Shift is used for grouping squadrons and making waypoints, so far so good. But if you press squadron number too late, or click on map/water too late, it change camera option focusing on ship/plane you have selected. If this happen when you are in the middle of manual torpedo dropping procedure, you most likely failed. solution .. separate artillery camera for CV from other ships and allow to bind different key for it. Or add option to turn aritllery camera off for CVs (just for CVs, not to turn it off totally and need to turn it on every time you pick other ship, that way I can rebind key every time and have my problem solved the hard way). Waypoints changing If you click on the waypoint (at least the last one), you pick it up and need to place it. A probelmatic feature while you are maneuvering TBs on your target, need a slight direction change and instead of creating new (replacing old) route you pick current waypoint and need to place it before doing something else. solution .. disabling picking up waypoints of your currently selected ship/plane in case it is it's own waypoint and the only waypoint (straight route). For such way would be better to start immediately new route with new waypoint. Attacking fighters that are tailed to friendly airplanes Common situation to have own TBs/DBs attacked by fighters, so attacking those pesky fighters to save my bombers. But often the system send my fighter to follow the bombers instead of attacking enemy fighters. Usually needs zoom in as much as possible to get planes' icons further away form each other to be able to chose attacking fighters. solution .. attack over follow in all situations. Actually cannot imagine a situation where I would like to follow friendly target while enemy targets are so close to it to make system unsure which target I'm trying to click on. ------ edit 9.4.2015 Attacking targets near edge of map If ship is huggin the edge of map, it is realy problematic to drop torpedoes manual on it. Happened only few times untill new map (plain sea) appeared, on the new map this is usuall situation. Problem is that planes cannot be ordered to move out of map (or say my cursor is unable to leave it) and thus I cannot order the drop behind the ship (from bomber point of view). solution .. allow to position cursor out of map (by say the distance equal to radius of circle associated with torpedo drop) and allowplanes to be ordered to move there (just to be ordered to move there, movement could end et the edge of map, as for ships).