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Found 5 results

  1. B4zza

    Premium Shop

    This will upset some people and to them, if someone wasn't willing to spend some money on this game then the game wouldn't exist so please don't make this about P2W. Some people are willing to spend money on this game and that is their choice. Now that said what is up with the premium shop, it is very stale and has been for a very long time. Same bundle of flags, same rotating bundle of doubloons, permanent not so special specials. I used to enjoy looking at the shop and seeing something new, deciding if I should spent some cash on it. Now it is like looking at the same old website that hasn't changed. I don't get it when the business model is a free 2 play game with the option to spend money that you don't offer more or change the offering. The flag bundles don't change, you can't buy individual flags or consumables. You can't build your own bundles, like some flags, some doubloons, extra premium time and so on. Maybe getting better discount the more you spend. Offer a gift card service, my other half wanted to gift card me something from this game over Christmas but couldn't because she had no idea what I have in my account. In the end she made a voucher up for me and allowed me to get what I wanted instead of buying a gift card from your shop. Also why don't you offer a subscription based service with perks? Like subscribe to get premium time and be allowed to test sail a premium ships for a week once a month. If you buy it during this time you keep the exp if not you lose it all for that ship, try before you buy or get a top up of flags, consumables as a bonus for subscribing as an idea. What would you like to see in the shop?
  2. Hi all, Perhaps some of you missed this from the most excellent: "Some interesting info from RU" http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/31444-some-interesting-info-from-ru/page__st__4640__pid__1548113#entry1548113 Also from Reddit: "Planned major nerf to smoke reload times and other consumables." And, last but not least: Leo "Apollo11"
  3. So, since I just had a game in the Belfast and musclememory royally [edited] me over again as I accidentally pressed the wrong button I'd like to use that frustration and vent constructively: As I had already pleaded the devs to consider back in this thread which resonated greatly with the players, when will Wargaming finally either unify the keybindings for consumables to avoid issues where consumables are bound to different keys on different ships, or allow players to rebind those keys to their own preferences? This is the most basic control/UI 101. Can we please, PLEASE (with cherry on top and a flirtations wink from Dasha) get this utterly unnecessary problem solved?
  4. So, this has been nagging me practically everytime I switch between ships that share some consumables ... the hotkeys are all over the place. A consumable that gets activated on one ship with say thr "T" key gets activated on another with the "U" or "Y" key, and the "T" key in return activates something else. On yet another ship that same key can be bound to yet another consumable. Muscle memory can really, really screw you over bigtime whenever you don't consciously doublecheck the keybindings on the ship, which can be a bit problematic when you find yourself in a pinch and just react rather than take a gander at the consumable loadout bar on your UI. I'd vastly prefer it if WG unified those keybindings specifically to each consumable. For example Hydroacoustic Search is always the "T" (shared with Defensive AA since the two are mutually exclusive consumables if I recall that correctly for every ship) key. The Damage Repair Party will always be the "U" key, Smoke will always be "Y" ... so forth and so on. I'm sure I can't be the only one who accidentionally hit the wrong button after switching ships and I think it would do improve the intuitiveness of the game controls if we didn't have to actively work against the natural accumulation of muscle memory. Please WG, consider this change. I'm pretty sure it should be a relatively trivial workload to change too.
  5. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked & answered before but I didn't find any thread with it... It always puzzled me why the "Flags" and "Consumables" you can freely take ON/OFF whilst "Camouflage" you can only destroy and not exchange... Any ideas guys? Leo "Apollo11"