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Found 23 results

  1. Every time I study the list of the opposing force and see it includes an Essex, or worse, a Midway, I scold myself for not sacrificing a goat to the Muses of MatchMaking. The match is usually spent checking the skies and minimap in a paranoid manner, and when the aircraft appear, as they always do, I pray they go for someone else... On a serious note though, I was wondering what could be done about the threat these USN carriers pose. I have started to encounter them on occasion while playing T8 and can't help but feeling vulnerable and oftentimes helpless, even in a cruiser or destroyer. I attempt to stick close to friendly cruisers, within a few kilometres, as well as being within the AA bubble of other friendly ships. When the torpedo planes come for me I attempt to maneouvre without leaving me isolated from my allies, but it does not seem to help much. I might have success against the first squadron, the second squadron is always there to finish the job, allied fire support be damned. If they catch me with my pants down I am double-dipped, end of story. Carrier players on these tiers tend to be very competent, and I have found no counters to survive sustained aerial assaults on the team. So I thought, what better place to ask for advice on what to do than the Carrier subsection of the forum? Is there anything that can be done that I am not already doing? Aside from sacrificing that goat that is. Cheers, M
  2. Probably one of the most boring ships to play. I wish WARGAMING could add the element of "Fun" for playing those ships. Thank you.
  3. X_Arbiter_X

    Akagi and Kaga

    I was just wondering, should we add Akagi and Kaga into the game(As premium ship), cause I think they paid quite important role in the Pacific War. it would be interesting to play either one of them as they look special. even though, they are conversion of battleships to Carriers like Amagi, but still, it would be fun. what do you think?
  4. Heir_Flick

    Dogfighting expert ?

    With the balance for CVs much better then before, and since for a very very long time I've not come across a CV higher or lower then my own in battle, will the skill "Dogfighting Expert" be changed or even scrapped ?
  5. dasCKD

    Announcement to USN CV players

    This is a public announcement to new players going up the USN carrier line so you don't make the same mistakes I did. It is good practice to free XP your way past certain aspects of some ships (i.e. the stock hull of the Amagi, the FCS of the Mogami, the stock hull of the Colorado, etc) because often these stock hulls are so detrimental to the performance of the ships that it can often cost the allied team a victory. When going up the CV line, most people upgrade the flight control system and the planes, as these are the main performance limiters of CVs and then they grind the stock hull later. This is normally good practice, considering how little the hull of a CV usually matters in the CV's usual performance. This is NOT the case for the Bogue, Independence, and Ranger! Hangar size for USN CVs: Stock hull upgraded hull Bogue 24 28 Independence 30 37 Ranger 58 73 More plane resupplies means that as a carrier, you'll be able to replace those planes you lose to enemy AA and fighters, meaning that you can stay in the fight and be useful to the allied team for longer. As a carrier, it is what lets you carry you weight. To those new to USN carriers, save your free XP for these ships! PSA over /(-_-)/ P.S.: And stop playing Bogue in AS, you're the reason your team keeps losing!
  6. As I have been mostly playing aircraft carriers so far in the CBT I feel that despite the fun I'm having there is one huge problem that I just have to point out. The scaling of the aircraft. Any CV player should be able to agree that anytime you go up against a higher tier carrier your fighters will become absolutely garbage. Why is it that the difference between 1 tier matters so much when it comes to fighters? It's not uncommon to see a 100% increase in effective power (Damage + Survivability) and it's not uncommon to lose a whole squadron while only killing a single of the enemies planes who are just from a single tier higher carrier. Thoughts about this and what can be done? Making lower tier fighters slightly stronger?
  7. King_Nidge

    Unplayable 4/5 games

    I don't understand how this game is playable? Yes I am new enough and only have to tier 4/5 but I found WoT enjoyable and fun at that stage. WoW is slower and therefore less easy to get into. Games can be over before you get into them, which is hugely frustrating. The game is packed with players who don't know how to use their ship, noticeably more-so than WoT, they just run off or lemming train and the battle is lost in the first 2-3 minutes. So if I am in a Battleship I may not get to engage the enemy for long before the battle is already lost by idiot cruisers and destroyers who just die on their own or carriers who fail to launch fighters in time to protect ships. Also, final gripe, cruisers, OP to the max. Anytime I take on a battleships with a cruiser I generally cripple them or sink them before they can hit me. Is that realistic? That Battleships gets raped by cruisers most of the time? I see it ever game, Cruisers getting the most XP or kills. Battleships which have such a low RoF, while Cruisers can generally maintain constant HE fire keeping a Battleship alight and they also appear to be more accurate even at long range. Does it get any better?
  8. Ok, allow me to being by saying that in my opinion CVs shouldn't even be a thing... Yes I am a CV player, but I also can understand the frustration of taking a bunch of torpedoes and barely surviving just so he can return with dive bombs and finish you off after you had to use DCP so that 1 tick of flooding wouldn't kill you.. just because the cruiser right next to you didn't use defensive AA.. or being dropped from 3 different sides in a DD at the start of a game, etc. But lets face it, CVs are a part of the game and are not gonna be removed... people spend money and time on them. Now that we got that out of the way, here are my suggestions on how to rebalance CVs. Remove auto-drops. Rewarding someone for selecting a squadron of planes and clicking on an enemy ship is just wrong.. Any actual CV player will understand this perfectly, how many times have you been in a situation where the entire enemy fleet is sailing together, there is float planes everywhere and tons of AA cruisers, oh and the enemy CV is shadowing your bombers the whole game, you use your fighters to lock him in while you prepare to get all your planes shot down, you maneuver around the enemy defensive AA and catapult fighters (only if they aren't smart enough to target your bombers manually) then you finally hit your target with the 1 squadron that made it through, 4 torp hits for all that effort, then you look at the minimap to check for what the enemy CV is doing: Auto dropping on the one BB in your team sailing in a straight line on his own.. hitting all of his torps, could that player actually hit all of his torps if he had to manual drop? Make all loadouts the same. So currently you have IJN and USN CVs, and both can go either air superiority or bomber loadouts: If you play USN CVs you'll get a bunch of plane kills, start some fires and maybe you'll get some torp hits and stay in the middle of the scoreboard most of the time with your fighter setup.. If you go bomber though, all you're doing is giving a bunch of free plane kills to the enemy CV. What happens if you play IJN? well you'll go bomber and do tons of damage all the time, if you can handle both things at once, you can protect your team and score some extra points with all the planes you shot down, I won't even talk about the IJN fighter setup because is stupid. Anyway here is the point I'm trying to make, sure, you can take fighter setup and make your team happy by killing all those nasty bombers, or you can take IJN "Bomber" setup and actually do something to influence the game. Imagine this: USN vs IJN CV, Fighter vs Bomber loadouts, 2 players of equal skill level who actually have an understanding of CV gameplay, how does the game go? IJN starts poking, looking for the DDs that go in the cap to score some early points, you send planes to different caps to maximize chances of success, guess what? The faster USN fighters are already there and there is nothing you can do, ok then, you pull back and wait for your fighters to get there so you can attack something, you're microing 8 squadrons of planes vs his 5, you have 2 fighters vs his 3, all he has to do is go at you frontally and click on your planes, lock them in and then chase your bombers with his extra squadron, wait you can strafe right? maybe that helps, guess what? if he goes at you frontally you'll never kill his planes with a strafe, he will actually kill your planes while they are stuck in the strafing animation, the only way to win is to get them from the back, but how? he is faster than you, and a good player will never just let you strafe his planes from the back, so your only hope is get him tied down by a catapult fighter and strafe, that is if his planes don't instantly kill the fighter and turn into you, turning your strafe pointless. So what did the 2 players get from this match? Maybe mid of the score board for both, USN gets lots of plane kills and a bit of damage, not enough to make an actual difference in the game, IJN gets almost the same amount of damage with that 1 or 2 bomber strikes that you damage to score while he was resupplying his fighters or maybe you played sneaky and split your planes so he couldn't kill all of them at once. Basically they just cancelled each other out: Both of them might as well not even be in that game.. So just give the "bomber" IJN setup to every CV and be done with it.. Rework the strafing mechanic and remove fighter lock: Same concept as the auto-dropping, selecting a squad of fighters and clicking on the enemy squad is stupid, so make it skill based, sure, we have strafing but that is not really enough as I explained above, make the strafe go for a shorter distance, give all planes the same ammo, improve the responsiveness since is pretty annoying when your planes just keep re positioning because they can't turn in time, and remove the damn static engagements, put a cooldown, lets say 5 seconds between strafes? to prevent spamming and abuse. You should however keep the fighter mechanic of clicking on bombers to attack them as I see no problem with this, is actually sub-optimal as you are being engaged by their rear gunners and that also keeps catapult fighters useful in this scenario, also is nice to click on enemy bombers with your fighters and focus your attention in something else. For my last suggestion I'm sure this has been told to you guys non stop, but dive bombs RNG on USN is ridiculous.. so yeah, get rid of that. Thanks TL;DR: Remove auto drops, make all loadouts the same, remove static dogfights and improve strafing, make interface more responsive.
  9. Fairly new player here. Since the IJN DD's have better torps, but US DD's have better guns, and there are also differences between the US and IJN Cruisers. Does this pattern repeat with the carriers? Is there a big difference in play-style? I probably should have tested for myself during the CBT, but alas. Any reply would be appreciated.
  10. Shoukaku_Kai

    British Carriers (T10 HMS Eagle?)

    NOTE: I am in no position of power, this is just my personal opinion and ideas HMS Eagle was an aircraft carrier in the Royal Navy. She started service in 1951 and ended in 1972. She, alongside her sister ship, the Ark royal was one of the two largest Royal Navy ships to be constructed at the time. She was Audacious class carrier, they were laid down during world war 2 as part of the British naval build-up during that conflict. Two were cancelled at the end of the war. HMS Eagle was the HMS Audacious before she was renamed in 1946 HMS Eagle in my mind, would make the perfect T10 carrier for the eventual British tree that I, alongside others are desperately waiting for in WoWs. This is because the Eagle is somewhat similar to the USS Midway (ish) and I do realise that it was commissioned in 1951 but she was laid down in 1942 before WW2 had ended therefore I do believe it to be relevant. Please feel free to post any thoughts, corrections or ideas in the comments, cheers.
  11. Hello guys! I'm thisheep, huge players of IJN aircrafts carriers and leader of the french clan UFR. I open my first topic in the english speaking forum to translate a debate we had 3 weeks ago on the french forum. Before categorizing me as a CV fanboy who is asking a buff of his favorite ships, let me try to expose this CV platoon issue. We all know the current situation of the carriers in World of Warships. To my mind they are the more powerfull ships against no brain players and a standard lemming FFA team. On the other hand, as soon as you put some very smart players in the opponents team, a CV can become the more useless ship of the fleet. The clan wars and the past Team Battles proved my point. I would like to see in the future a new game mode, like a FFA with a ELO system matchmaking. I can not count anymore the number of unbalanced game lost or win in 5 minutes. I hate that kind of battles where a team obliterate the other one. But I fear we will have to wait a while before seeing a matchmaking based of the players skill/level. I truely think that the return of the carriers platoon could improve the quality of many FFA battles. We all know that carriers are powerfull. They are powerfull because people do not play together and I do not blame them because the current system do not reward any teamplay. We should win credits/xp in putting a smoke on an ally, detect torps, spotting ennemies and destroy aircraft attacking an ally. This is not how the game works today so maybe we should try to force people to play together against the powerfull CV platoon! These are the conditions of my idea: A simple try for the beginning with only the tiers 8-9-10. 2 CV max in platoon. A CV platoon could not face 2 CV who are not in a platoon. Same tiers CV. Maybe one US and one IJN in the platoon. These are the main arguments FOR the return of the CV: They will be very few battles with CV platoon. It could bring back from the dead the CV player population. The CV platoon could educate, teach and increase the skill of many carriers who do not play anymore because they fear the big CV players and the insults from their own team when they are losing. The influence of these CV platoon could be huge of course, but same as a 3 DD platoon in a domination mode. Last argument: Equality, all other ships can platoon together! These are the argument AGAISNT the CV platoon: A platoon of ships with even more firepower and more influence if no coordination in both teams. Many DD player will leave the queue as soon they will see carriers (like cowards in ranked!) The CV could be nerf or the AA improve to balance this idea. The game will be only a dual between these platoons. Before voting, please remember that it is just an idea. I perfectly understand that we can disagree. Here the link of the original topic in french: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/57459-pour-des-divisions-en-cv/#topmost The results of the french poll: 23 yes 39 no Thanks for reading and voting!
  12. So, I've started playing IJN CV line (literary playing Hosho ATM), so I wanted to ask you guys, does it even pays off to continue the line? I mean, I know t9-10 are still strong, but what are t5-8 capable of nowadays with so much AA around? Should I just continue to troll with Hosho, or mid tiers can work out at the current meta? Stopped playing USN carriers because I don't like the fact balanced loadouts suck and I have to go either AS speck (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING) or full strike that is selfish as hell...
  13. Zetachi

    Idea on how to troll DDs

    I maybe just had a brainfart while having a hard day at Work. But after being trolled and torpedo spammed in my BBs, i thought about how can i get back at those pesky DDs I know im not the best captain on the seas, im pretty averedge actually Think about this for a minute, how would it be for a CARRIER to be specced for manual secoundaries and the Works? they like to get up close and personal those DDs, just think of the horror and shear troll potential of this your thoughts ? maybe i should get some sleep when i get home
  14. Unintentional_submarine

    CVs and backwardsness

    *DISCLAIMER* I'm sure that if you know my previous posts on CVs, you will also know that I'm generally in favour of carriers, and strike carriers in particular. I honestly feel like they are the only real way to become better in CV play, and the only way to help the team properly. With the present mechanics in place that is. All right, with that out of the way, I have to address an issue I simply didn't know existed, and I'm sure most of us didn't, or at least didn't see it as an issue. That issue is the general backwards tendency in regards to carrier skill requirements as we progress up the line. "WHAT?" you might be inclined to say about now, but I intend to argue my point, so please stay a while and read the entire thing (yes it is long, sorry). Now I didn't think about this until I saw a very particular battle by Papedipupi, a most skilled CV skipper (he plays nothing else). http://www.twitch.tv/papedipupi/c/6793930 I suggest that if you haven't watched this before, that you watch it in it's entirety, if for nothing else than it's entertainment and the learning experience. So, he had a most excellent battle. Arguably it was stacked in his favour. A: The enemy team had but three cruisers (who, aside from one didn't really stay close to the BBs) and no DDs. B: There was no enemy CV, not that it generally halts him (it does take him a while longer as he needs to find the enemy CV and kill it). C: The enemy BBs were not among the most powerful AA ships, aside from one Iowa (and a Baltimore that doesn't appear to do well, but it isn't a BB). A Tier X CV should do well in such a battle, I don't argue that. It really should; this battle was a kid in a candystore and predictably he ran with most of the shop. That's ok to me. Some might argue that there was no fighter CV either, but that's a bad point, as the game shouldn't balance ONE spec in ONE line against ONE spec in ONE line. If that was done it would end in disaster as both would be battled up without the other frequently enough. Fighter CVs simply can't be used as a balancing stick against strike CVs. The strike CV (and the fighter CV) have to be balanced on their own. So the game was stacked in his favour, this allowed him to play freely, as freely as he would like to. The enemy couldn't put pressure on him, so it was all just take off, strike, land, and it let him split his squadrons to strike several targets at a time, for devastating results. Now comes my gripe. I noticed that his planes were terribly nimble and fast. They zoomed to and fro striking at a speed that can best be called blistering. Arguably they were so fast that several ships were caught off guard. You don't get to Tier X without having to dodge TBs along the way, but here it seemed liked more than a few targets didn't realise that they were the target of his attack until it was too late. Similarly, the TBs could change course like they didn't actually have any momentum, they just changed direction. Papedipupi is much better than me at CV, but even I could have racked up crazy numbers in that game. And I think that says something. These two factors mean that Tier X CVs (presumably Midway will have equally fast and nimble planes) are arguably easier to attack with than lower tier planes that are much slower and take seemingly forever to change course more than a few degrees. Conversely, the BBs at Tier X and a few tiers below all become worse at turning than the ships before them. Thus, while the CV strike groups get easier to use (after a grace period where the player has to get used to the faster speed) BBs get harder to avoid planes. At the lower levels the CV skipper often have to spend a long time trying to get around a turning BB to get into a strike position, all the while the strike planes suffer losses to AA. Sometimes even getting wiped out. That means that a CV attack has a skill counter that takes more than a press of a button (fighters and cruisers), well technically it can be as little as TWO presses. This is lacking against the Haku it seems. In the battle Papedipupi's enemies were surprised a few times, but one enemy actively taunted him to attack his Yamato, seemingly very confident in his avoidance skills. These skills failed badly, despite the fact that he clearly knew the attack was coming and started a turn (and slowdown) early enough. While Pape didn't kill him (he didn't need to) he could have had he committed more than the three TB squadrons he did, to the attack. Even the mighty AA island, Iowa, failed miserably. It barely made a dent in his squadrons as they spent such a short time in the AA envelope. Having seen what an Iowa can do to lower tier planes, this was a bit of a shock. The Iowa stood no chance at all. And if the Iowa can't really employ it's AA, then no other ship can. And no, I don't mean the Iowa should knock attacks apart just like that, but the combination that it couldn't force Pape into a turning chase and that once committed to the strike, the planes got to the release in the matter of a couple seconds, the AA was functionally pointless. AA should function as a danger to stay in the envelope, but for that to work skillful play need to be able to force the planes to stay in the AA envelope for long enough to make it matter. The Mogami did better, but only because it employed it's ability well and turned better than the BBs. But even his faster turns barely made a difference once Pape could attack without panic mode on. I'm sure most of us agree that skillful play should be rewarded, and when you defeat a skillful enemy you feel good, and when you lose to a more skillful enemy you don't feel anger (at anyone but yourself at least). Some of my best CV battles were actually low tiers (0.3.0 time mostly) where I faced off against good enemies who pressured my planes and made me think about when and where to strike, rather than just rush in and strike on the fly. What I think is going on is that planes, at least per type, have the same turning circle, regardless of model. That means with the faster planes they get a lot faster at turning too, while the reality was a bit more complex (slow bi-planes were, mostly, awesome turners for instance). See, while BBs get harder to control, CV planes get easier. That creates a bit of a disconnect at the highest levels. The BBs are effectively much worse off than their lower tier brothers. So I think something is off. And that something is that WG continues to balance directly on firepower. That will never fix this problem. It will just make the CV class walk a fine line between OP and the abyss. And seeing how the balancing has been done so far, I fear it will never actually walk that line but continually fall into either extreme. I don't think CVs need a nerf, it is annoying enough already. I don't think I need to list all the changes that haven't exactly made it less frustrating to play the class. However something needs to be done. And I think it has to be in mechanics. Planes need to have more realistic attacks and maneuvers. At least TBs (but preferably all planes). For instance, it doesn't strike anyone as strange that a TB can manage to line up with his buddies right out of a turn, drop to sea level, line up the target, spin up the torpedo engine (and likely arm the warhead) and drop the torpedo in a couple of seconds? I know that TBs didn't run for 10km to strike a target, nor did they drop far out (like some want them to), but they did spend more than a few seconds on a dangerous course. They do this at the lower tiers, but at the highest they barely spend any time doing it. Shouldn't TBs have a minimum time spent on a setup? So that as they get faster, they need a bigger engagement circle (dotted line further out)? I know it would not always be pretty, with absolutely huge circle at Tier X, but like with the BBs, it would be the price to pay for being faster and better and greater and pretty much just awesome in comparison. Similarly, if planes need to be unified per class, then make them spend the same time turning, rather than the same distance. That would make setting up a running attack along the flank of a turning target much more about predicting and less about just smacking the line down when the angle is good. These two things need not be hard balanced against the lower tiers. A Tier X plane could perhaps be somewhat faster in it's setup, if the low tier planes so much time that it's tasks are finished well in time, for instance. But just making top tier a bit better is actually all right with me, as long as it is not so significant. These things are arguably nerfs, but they are nerfs that a skilled player can overcome to some degree, and something skilled enemies can use to limit the effectiveness against his ship. The CV player needs to plan longer, and the target can use the extra time to turn more than now, leading to the CV skipper probably having to drop torps a little further out against skilled targets, as well as run a little further around to get time for the longer run in as well as the turn. Nothing major as I see it, we already do it all the time at the lower tiers. But it can buy the target enough time, should he be good enough, to limit the attack through either AA or a good angle on the spread. It also doesn't nerf new CV players in the least. They have to become pretty experienced to get to Tier X, can't be called new there. Bad players... yeah they won't do too well with it, but if they fail badly at the low levels, then they won't carry on to Tier X. And if they do... well then they only have themselves to blame, and arguably the gameplay does get slightly easier. However, these are nerfs, and as such I would expect some compensation elsewhere. Like stopping with the constant USN fighter buffs. They simply won't become a reliable counter, so let's stop trying to force them to be one. A somewhat smaller IJN torp spread would be nice. In order to fit that to the bad-friendly system, make it as it is now at low tiers, and make it a bit tighter from say the Ryujo and the final tightness at Shokaku? Most certainly the turning circles should be buffed as they are absurd at the high tiers, and invites CV sniping rather than the opposite (which I consider poor gameplay). But the point is to make low and high tier CV gameplay be comparably hard, but high tier gameplay to have more multitasking (it already has that so no need to change that). I hope I didn't ruffle too many feathers. Nor should anyone think that I'm some sort of 'traitor' to the CV line. This is not intended to be a nerf.
  15. Grand_Moff_Tano

    [CV] How will British Carriers play out?

    Just wondering, but how do you guys think British Carriers will play out when they are eventually released? As I see them being somewhere between Japanese and US Carriers in terms of Squadron size, and having the advantage of having Armoured Flight Decks meaning they have more HP than the other 2 nations. In terms of squadrons I think that they will get 5 planes per bomber and fighter squadrons, with fighters using quite potent cannon armaments in the mid and late tiers compared to the other 2 nations.
  16. My thoughts on the problems facing carriers. I think it is clear that most people, those active on the forum anyways, think there are problems with carriers. Since there are regularchanges made to carriers, be it to carrier mechanics, matchmaking or rewards, there seems to be some truth to the matter. Let me make a few things clear. I am NOT a regular carrier player, having played only up to T6, because I do not like the currentmeta surrounding carriers and, well, I like shooting guns a lot. I desire carriers to be an integral and accepted part of the gamefor everyone to enjoy while using one and when fighting them. I have attempted to make the wall of text more manageable by using spoilers for different topics. Carriers are too powerful Thank you for taking your time to read all this. I hope people find the information useful. Feel free to comment of course. Cheers, M
  17. Barracada


    Hi mates, one thing that this development has is fun. But , there are things that with the upgrades are worst. Example, torpedos wide, they become shorter and the BB´s cant fit betwin them. Another is the shorter view of the torps. Torps are the problem of the game. My question is Why can he can´t have two Carriers in the some division when we are playing with players? We can have two DD, CA and BB´s why not two CV´s?
  18. Cervelat_

    Missing Planes

    Anyone else had groups of planes fly off map never to return? It's happened with both my Tier 4 and % American carriers and no matter how much I try and recall them they stay off map. Is this a bug?
  19. PPKinguin

    Poor Carriers?

    So I just got my first carrier, not really because I'm into them, more like I dont have a ship to kill lots of planes with for the ARP Kongo challenge (Japan Navy problems). Anyway, so I got a Tier IV Hosho and got better at playing but whatever I do, I dont really get a lot of XP, even in a good match. Hit 5 Torps on BB, sink one, shoot down 30 enemy planes and I end up with about 800 XP, somewhere in the middle of my teams ranking. What are you thoughts? Are Carriers getting too little XP compared to other classes? Maybe buff XP for killing planes, which seems to be not much at the moment? Am I just a greedy little sh*** and need to chill. Tell me, wise captains.
  20. Aerroon

    Hotspot map

    Hotspot map needs to be rebalanced and/or removed ASAP. Either that or add a way to veto maps. The ocean map was already stupid enough, couldn't your designers at least think even A LITTLE about how to design a map for CVs? It's fairly easy to spot that the person who designed it did not take carriers into account at all in random battles. I guess the whole update was a CV nerffest so maybe it was done intentionally? Didn't anybody go "hey, we're spawning people less than 27km apart, you do know we have ships with a weapons range of 30km, right?!" Right now in a CV when I get that map I just want to close the game because there's very little point in actually playing it - half the time someone breaks through and just kills you outright. In the past 2 days I have went to play another game because of that map at least 4 times already and I doubt I'm the only CV player that feels that way.
  21. The object of a carrier in war is to provide air cover and destroy enemy shipping protect troops via air cover yet they are slower than the destroyers, battleships and cruisers in this game the objective is to capture a point yet because there is no chain of command everyone scatters in different direction in the game leaving the carriers to defend themselves even at full speed there is no way a carrier can outrun or evade the enemy ships, in game the maps are simply too small and show the carriers too easy on the map. I propose that the capture point be removed in game and the objective of the game is changed to a mode that you have no choice, and that the carrier has to be protected and losing the carrier makes you lose the game. If you think this is wrong i assure you i am not wrong Japan lost the war because they lost their carriers and their ability to provide air cover for ships and troops. i will ignore the part where 2 atomic bombs got dropped on them.
  22. Other classes don't need more AA! If you want to encourage teamwork make carriers real threat. The most kills I've had with a carrier are 5 but that was a lucky match, most of the time even with a well timed duel angle torpedo bomber run against a BB who is paying attention you may get 1-5 hits and with the damage from airborne torpedo's that isn't enough to sink them (Obviously if you sail in a straight line you're going to get sunk). From most games the average carrier player may only get one or two kills. You don't need to make things easier for other classes but more fair to carrier players we need balancing not overpowering. Reduce the effectiveness of American fighters so USA carrier players are more tempted to use their bombers and make it more competitive/fun (ie not having the jap carrier farmed for kills and rendered useless) to fight them with a Jap carrier, more planes per squadron on the jap bomber side so it isn't as easy for other ships to manoeuvre out of the way;American torpedo bombers at mid tier seem to drop about six to eight when compared to the Jap 4 yet people still complain that carrier torpedo bombers are op. even though carriers can often miss when the opponent is paying attention. If a bb player goes out on his own and doesn't take any evasive action when torpedo bombers are coming in its entirely his own fault, people don't complain when a destroyer sneaks over the other side of the map and sinks line ships so you can't punish the CV player for that! Other classes have AA guns, scout planes to intercept, rudders to get out of the way of incoming torpedoes, Cursers anti air ability to mess up bomber targeting. Its pointless giving them more AA its just making a bad situation for carriers worse. if people pay attention then in most cases they can avoid being sunk in the first wave: Move with a cruiser escort (That anti air cool down really messes with targeting of both torpedo and dive bombers). If you saw a destroyer you should know there's torpedoes in the water and people move to avoid torpedoes and its the same with torpedo planes, if you see torpedo bombers then use your scout plane to attack It, manually target the planes so your secondary batteries engage, manoeuvre your ship to avoid getting hit (If a second wave of torpedo bombers comes in then continue the manoeuvre and you may avoid most of them) let you AA do its job. It works if you pay attention, I've seen this from the point of all classes, have some situational awareness and teamwork rather than an increase to AA. I'd like to know what other carrier captains feel about these changes and how better carriers.
  23. Now I know that this is a bit long but please bare with it till the end. (Skip to bottom for Abbreviated version) World of warships just like any other multiplayer game has its share of diverse individuals from all walks of life/education/age: There are those who are friendly who come online to have fun, those who are competitive who will do what ever it takes to win, there are those who aren't the best but still give it there all to support their team and win the game, there are those who get wound up and insult because things aren't going well or its been a bad day, then there are those who are truly abusive and vile who either understand and ignore or don't care and want so spread hate about the game. You're going to find all these kinds of people and its not so much there response but my own. To give some context I've been gaming since I was young and in all that time I've never ever thrown a game or deliberately shot an ally because he was doing better than me etcetera but the former changed today. I also enjoy all types of ships here in world of warships though I'm quite partial to carrier and destroyers, I've gotten to tier 8 in the ijn carrier line and tier six in the American line so I've got a fair bit of experience about the systems involved and how they work on various maps. I was in my Independence I with the default module (Don't like air domination module not very sporting in my opinion so I never use them) I also have captain skills that let me aircraft take off from 25-40 seconds. The enemy ryujo had a fighter load out (3 squadrons of fighters 1 torp bomber 1 dive bomber). On my side there was a player name [edited] or something along those lines and he along with his friend became a problem later on. I started out the game as usual by wishing everybody good luck and fair seas and asking which way we where doing to the right or to the left then I started to talk in general to the team about where they wanted my fighters since I could tell thanks to the loading screen that the enemy carrier had a fighter setup (+4 to his aircraft rating) and I know in my standard set up he'd eventually destroy my squadrons so I wouldn't be able to provide cover for long, this was whilst my aircraft were still preparing to launch and I was only a few seconds late on launching my torpedo bombers (first thing ready at 25 seconds and I took about 30 to finish talking) this guy and his mate suddenly start having a go at me in chat, not talking to them and suddenly throwing insults along the lines of: wtf u doing f bleep noob cv, don't know how to play, go play lol (think league of legends?). This kind of thing happens from time to time and there are unpleasant people out there anyway I launched my aircraft and ordered them in my usual formation, fighters then dive bombers then torpedo bombers by which point this guy and his friends are again insulting me saying why aren't I spotting DD's, where's their support noob clueless CV to which I responded that my aircraft were already on their way and if you send single sets of aircraft to wards the centre on Estuary they usually die. Sending my planes grouped together I spotted for the team, saw which way the enemy were going and what was coming then I saw an opening and a chance to attack a top tier battleship that had split off from the group (Tirpitz), I saw the enemy fighters approaching but decided to take the risk anyway because it was heading towards an area with a koing and a DD so with its escorts lagging behind they could have made an early push and my attack successfully broke it up, forced the Tirpitz to go around an island near their base, early manual torpedo drop had done this so I only lost an aircraft, my fighters strafed the enemy fighters and wrapped up seven kills (on all three enemy squadrons, 12aircraft all togeather) before my fighters got caught and killed by combined AA and fighter power, my bombers dropped on a destroyer who was attempting to sneak in the middle while my torpedo bombers headed for the reload. At this point again [edited] and his mate decided they were going to have ago at me, he pushed his battleship in front of my carrier and threw further insults at me, each way I turned in my carrier he pushed with his battleship practically running into me on several occasions and he said I was a complete noob and a bot saying he'd reported me as such then said I'd soon be crying that I'd run out of aircraft. I still think it was the right decision to force the enemy to evade to give our team a chance to organise but [edited]and his friend didn't think so. Later in the match they also demanded to know why I wasn't helping them, having one squadron of fighters and our team spread out over both left and right sides of the map and why I wasn't spotting destroyers, at this point I was retrieving and rearming my aircraft and apparently that makes me again a noob and an idiot who clearly can't play CV and should uninstall the game. Our side was doing fairly ok it was relatively even and I'd managed to do a good 12.000 points of dmg though I'd listened to the team and gone after the destroyers that were trying to slip through the centre, using torpedo runs and bombs to throw off their attacks against our bbs and to protect our cap, pinging the map each time I saw a destroyer to let the team know where they were and now a third member of the team had a go at me for not spotting destroyers even though I was bombing them and pinging the map on their location and this member also said reporting me for being a bot. A bit later on things had taken a turn and [edited]decided to say in chat that he'd had enough and was going to kill me, he sailed his ship close to mine forcing me to turn and hit the breaks before he shot, if I hadn't have manoeuvred he'd have hit me his shots were so close, I asked them to be quiet and again he said he'd kill me so I launched my dive bombers and dropped them to his side saying I could do the same, I missed so I wouldn't incur penalty and again to let him know friendly fire works both ways, he then proceeded to gloat in chat that I couldn't even hit him with a manual drop. The third member of the three then had a go at me for not covering him and reported me for being a bot when I had said several mints earlier that my fighters had died to the enemy (Used them to strafe the enemy giving my torpedo bombers a chance to do some damage so they were dead) He then also said he'd reported me for being a bot. A bit later on after taking abuse from these people so I moved into the cap and while I could have done something to help I instead I sailed around with dive bombers left in my hanger while the enemy team came around the corner, this had originally been to keep hold the cap (As a cv it was that desperate of a situation) and to drop bombs on the cruiser and destroyer who were coming through the middle. I'd lightly damaged the cruiser and almost outright killed the destroyer but at this point I stopped helping the team, set course in the overset direction and with bombers in my hanger did nothing. Apparently now [edited] will tkill me the next time he sees me so there is also that. The enemy Ryujo knew what he was doing, I never approve of fightersetups but three squadrons of fighters+ three squadrons total on my Carrier with AA he managed to do what an air domination set up was suppose to do and tie me down and kill my aircraft and do damage with his torp/dive bombers so I'd be more impressed if it wasn't a fightersetup but he did quite well and credit where credit is due. By the end of it I simply had enough and did nothing, I could have helped and by the end it was three bbs against one, he killed one bbs and the others were on such low health I could have killed them both with what I had left yet I didn't because of the shear amount of abuse and hate I'd suffered from three members of the team. My question was I right to stop helping and let them loose or was I wrong and should have helped because not everyone was being vicious? I chose to stop helping and let the whole team loose but was that ok? To let everyone loose for the sake of three unpleasant individuals? I don't expect everyone to know the aspects of all classes, sure its quite possible that even a tier five battleship captain doesn't know that Aircraft carriers have a delay before they can launch but when you're told surely it can't be right to harass that person? Its like asking a battleship captain who just fired why he isn't doing anything, well because he just shot and is reloading, its the same for carriers. Before the game I had a rating on my profile of +9compliments and I've had people openly state that i'd outplayed them and genuinely praised me for the support my carrier had given them and my general assistance to the team which shows the positive side of this community when we can recognise what others have done to help the team win as a whole and I do try to use my daily limit of compliments or occasionally reports as a thankyou to people even if its a bit empty (Maybe wargaming will add some benefit to it later but its still nice all the same) though [edited] had said he used his daily limit and now my profile had +2 compliments so its not a game that I came away from with any positive feelings. However i'll leave it upto you guys. Was I right to stop assisting the two vicious people and one innocent or was I wrong to stop launching planes and help the one guy out? Right or wrong, I believe I was right though that gives me no comfort in this matter. Anyone have any suggestions on what wargaming could do to help remove this kind of unpleasantness or is it simply something that will stay in gaming for ever? PS. I'm not really complaining about people with a reason to be annoyed just those who do it for the sake of it or deliberately go out of their way to harass certain players for fun or for minor mistakes they have made. Abbreviated version here= Basically three members of my own team were harassing me the whole game, demanding I make certain moves some of which I was already doing (spotting and pinging map for DD's each time they were spotted), launching my aircraft a few seconds later because I was talking to the team about where they wanted my fighters in chat and it got the point where by the end of it I had, had enough and gave in. I sailed my carrier around the cap but didn't launch the bombers in the bay providing no more assistance to the team even though with the bombers we could have won. Three team members really having a go at me for baseless reasons, my compliment score went from +9 to +2 and now one of them says each time he sees me he will team kill me. By the end of the match there were 2 of the harassers left (because they stayed in the back) and one innocent team member. I didn't help the innocent guy and let the innocent members of the team down because I wasn't going to let the abusers win and I had genuinely had enough of them. Was I right to stop helping the team (which lead to us all having a defeat) or was I wrong and should have fought to the end?