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Found 63 results

  1. Saliachan

    new anime captains

    do I guess right that the new captaisn are AGAIN IGN only, for no reason?
  2. Hey da bin ich wieder und brauche erneut Hilfe: Wie Managed ihr eure Captain bei den USA - Wo habt ihr welchen und für welche Schiffe den selben Captain. Ich besitze jetzt bei den USA die Langley, Pensacola, Ranger, Sims B, North Carolina, Massachusetts die Alaska B und die Iowa. Dabei habe ich für jedes einzelne einen Captain (habe Halsey noch nicht). Brauche nun einen guten Kaptain für meine neue Iowa. Soll ich dafür den Captain meiner North Carolina nehmen ? Bald kann ich mir auch die Gerogia leisten... Sollte ich für jedes Schiff da einen eigenen haben oder lässt sich das irgendwie gut mit einem Captain kombinieren ? Habe auf der Massachusetts einen secondary Captain LG Indez
  3. Doe's anyone really have any idea when Nikolay Kuznetsov becomes available in the armory... and will he offer shell tracers, broad pennants and fireworks etc?
  4. Naval_gunner

    Nikolay Kuznetsov Captain Campaign

    I thought about this but I like to see Nikolay Kuznetsov come in as a Legendary captain for the Russian Navy because I know myself and others have missed the event but to make it fair I like him to be a campaign for us all to complete in future updates. Nikolay Kuznetsov can offer Colour shell tracers to blue or red, broad pennant, permanent Camo mixer or change to a different livery, fireworks and flares that fire up when the Repair Party consumable is activated.
  5. jieyaw

    Russian DD captain advice

    I would like some advice about captain skills in the Russian DDs. After a long break with the T7 ship Minsk, after I got fed up of trolly RNG not giving me fires, I have decided to grind for the Grozovoi, as I prefer the idea of a versatile DD rather than a light cruiser (Khabarovsk). I have still got my 11 point captain (I always keep my captains, including under 10-pointers, so I can get free captain slots), which I respecced to have no spec from the recent CV free respec. My captain I would like to aim towards is (in no particular order): PT (I am too much of a noob to use PM), LS (I am too much of a noob to use AR as well), SE (helps with heal as well), BFT (extra dakka dakka), SI (Grozovoi is a mini-Worcester in terms of consumables), DE (for those extra fires), AFT (for additional range and flexibility in engaging enemies). I'm not using CE, see guide below. TL;DR gunboat build, no CE. I would say that I am a slightly-above average player. However, I NEED HELP ON HOW TO SPEC MY CAPTAIN! I am unlikely to get to a 16-point Captain any time soon, so which 3-pointers should I go for first (please provide order/other suggestions, with reasoning). I have also read that BFT will set more fires than DE, if you can only have one. Grozovoi inspiration: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/9fbxrl/grozovoi_guide_harugumo_for_unicums/?utm_source=amp&utm_medium=&utm_content=post_body Thanks all!
  6. snuffy_mark

    Superintendent - Is it worth it?

    Let me start by saying that I have several ships which have superintendent. I spent my 3 points on them after reading forums, global World of Warships Wikipedia and watching YouTube, where each and everyone recommends as an "extremely useful" skill to have. But, here comes my dilemma. If we consider that an average match is 15 minutes and take in to the account that "repair party" consumable has a cool-down of 120 seconds (for most of the ships - in general) with the skill "superintendent" that would be equal to 480 seconds or 8 minutes (we have 4 charges with basic repair party I). Also, we have the duration effect of 28 seconds (for most of the ships), so that equals to 112 seconds. All in all, almost 10 minutes of active and inactive time this consumable can produce. I hope you see the point I am trying to make. I think that in the match this long there is very low chance of getting to use all these charges (4). It would take 10 minutes to use them all IF you were going to be clicking them in a sequential sequence - which by the way never happens. For "smoke" consumable the situation is even worse... The question is "when is the last time you used up all your 4 charges of consumable"? I am an average player and I usually last till the very end and almost never get to use 4 charges. I either get blown up by some sneaky shot or by some torpedoes and etc. I am really interested in your opinion. Because 3 point skill is expensive. The "survivability expert" is in my opinion better choice, because more HP can always be beneficial no matter what situation or even "vigilance" is better. And I am asking for in general (so that means for every ship out there) because personally I think that skill "superinedent" is worthless. Tell me if I am wrong or if I am missing something. Almost forgot! If you really, really want the 4 charges why not just pay for the "repair party II"? Yes, it is expensive but then you get 3 points free to use on what ever you want. Does this make sense?
  7. AwesomeBoat

    Elite commander xp?

    Hi I was going to redistribute my captain points on my Diana Lima. I don't have any doubloons but it says I can use elite commander xp. How do I get elite commander xp? thanks
  8. I was thinking about leveling another captain for a Fletcher. i have the Benson and I love it, so I'm keeping it and the 15 pt captain I have in him. But training a new captain either requires low tier games or leveling a 3pt captain in Fletcher. Bad idea. How about a module upgrade, in slot 1, a trainee room. Where you can put in another captain who levels some % XP from the main captain? You'd have to sacrifice the main gun mod for him, but life is all bout choices. It would save us the suffering of leveling a low lvl captain in high tier games. Thoughts?
  9. Hi all, How actually good is new Russian captain "Nikolay Kuznetsov"? Do you consider him worth getting? According to Wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Unique_Commanders He has just 1 (one) true skill: one "last chance - use just once" skill: and two skills similar to "William Halsey" and "Yamamoto Isoroku": Leo "Apollo11"
  10. Hello there, ever since the CV rework I have a bunch of unnecessary captains. Therefore I would like to ask for a one time chance to trade them into Elite experience. Especially with the upcoming second Azur Lane collab, as I am a highly addicted weeb, I will get new weeb biatches captains! Would really appreciate that. Greetings, (Loli-)Ali One and only Takao coordinator!
  11. Hallo, wir alle kennen es, wir fahren eine neue Line und testen die Captainskills durch. Oder WG ändert die Meta und man muss eh neu skillen (gut hier gibts von WG meist einen kostenfreien Umspecc aber darum gehts ja nicht). Wenn wir nu ein anderes Talent nehmen wollen um es zu testen, ob es besser zu unserem Spielstil passt, müssen wir den kompletten Baum zurücksetzen. Das geht auf Dauer natürlich auf die Captains EP bzw. auf die Dublonen. Daher dachte ich mir gerade, wär es nicht besser wenn WG uns die Möglichkeit bietet, Talentpunkte einzeln zu ändern? Ich spiele zB gerade die Aki und habe mit jap. DD an sich keine weiteren Erfahrungen und an DD spiel ich bisher nur die Russen. Daher bin ich zZ am testen welche Talentpunkte gut zu meinem Stil passen bzw. einen Stil zu finden der mit den Talenten gut funktioniert. Abgesehen von den Standartpunkten beim DD variiert man ja doch. Ich bin gerade am überlegen ob ich BFT mitnehme oder doch lieber DE. Genau so überlege ich ob AR sinnvoll ist oder nicht. Und ja, Einheitsbrei, sprich Skillungen die für andere Spieler top funktionieren mag ich an sich nicht. Denn nur weil ein Stil für einen oder auch viele Spieler gut läuft heißt das ja nicht, dass dieser Stil auch für mich funktioniert. Daher fände ich es gut, wenn ich halt nur das Talent umändern könnte um das es mir gerade geht und nicht den gesamten Baum resetten muss. Ist, wie eingangs erwähnt auch eine Kostenfrage. Preislich gesehen können wir uns ja am bestehenden orientieren, 10k CaptainsEP oder 50 Dublonen, meinetwegen auch gern etwas höher, meinetwegen 12.500 CaptainsEP und 60 Dublonen. Und nu bleibt sachlich (ja bin ich selbst selten, ich weiß) und sagt eure Meinung. @Sehales leite die Idee mal weiter büdde.
  12. ThoronMonsteR

    Move Captain to another ship

    Hello, I wanted to move my t7 german bb captain to Bismarck so did i... when i want to move him back there is a penalty... why??? What i have to do to move my captain to antother ship without any penalties..??? thanks
  13. Eexhaton

    Izyaslav captain build request

    Hi, I'm a little lost, looking for a pure/dedicated Izyaslav captain build. I have a 10pt captain so far, and was thinking of picking the following: 1: Prev. Maintenance 2: Last Stand 3: Super Intendent 4: Concealment Expert. Now.. I am really torn here about both SI and CE. Is CE worth it on a boat with 6.7 km detectability? - And SI really needed? I kinda feel like it does, however, running premium consumables give extra charges... BFT, DE and SI all three seem really good choices here. And AFT as well... I see Adrenaline Rush getting much praise too, but I'm not one who wants a DPM increase after getting hit. I like to keep a steady increase, like the one BFT provides. Also I see Survivability Expert getting recommended, but maybe i'm daft and miss the point here.. 1400 extra HP total? That's not a lot. So, anyone who has some good advice here on what skills to take and which ones to work to? Thanks in advance!
  14. Tazzelwurm

    Captain für Cossack

    Hallo Kapitäne Ich habe ein Luxus Problem - zu viele Engländer in meiner Kaserne und folgende Schiffe: - Leander, Fiji (12-er und 10-er Captains) - Warspite (10-er Captain) - Icarus, Jervis und jetzt Cossack (hier nichts vernünftiges) Frei zu Verfügung - 10-er Nelson, 10-er Dasha Petrova und Jack Dunkirk Um den Jack Dunkirk (bessere Eigenschaften in Tausendsasse, Eliteschütze und Nebenwandexperte) geht's mir auch - soll ich den in Cossack verfrachten oder macht er bessere Figur in einem Kreuzer? Wenn ich WG Empfehlungen anschaue, ist er sowohl für Zerstörer als auch für Kreuzer nicht geeignet
  15. Howdy sailors! I just recently unlocked the DM and I need some suggestions regarding speccing the captain. I tried youtube and shipcomrade. But most of those are "outdated" . I can only imagine her role might have slightly changed with the light cruiser split. Or not, idk. I need help! :D
  16. AzztheCruel

    Jingles for captain

    no issue, but was just wondering if your community contributor "themightyjingles" could get a captain in the game regardless of the "the ring" competition due to his current internet situation not allowing him to participate and the fact that, he has probably got the largest community in-game and the fact your scoring system really is counter intuitive. I feel his captain will sell very well. i for one will not buy the winner of the completion as i don't really watch their content. i hope this finds the relevant person within your company and thank you for listening
  17. Pikkozoikum

    Zao - captain skills in clan battle

    Hey, what captainskills would you recommend or is the meta for the Zao with a 19 points captain? I struggle with the last 3 points and everyhting is so situation related. Also I saw only versions for random battles with aa, but CB has no CV MMASKs suggestion: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000100010000001110000000119 Affeks suggestion: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0010100000100010010001100000000119 My suggestion: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1010000010100010000000100000001119 http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1110100000100010000000100000001119 (trying this one, because my guns break sometimes) Many don't take Priorty Target, but I just need the information, if someone aims at me, or not. In Clan battles I generally flank the Enemy, and it happend often, that people didn't aimed at me. I use Radio Location, that helps me a lot for flanking, because I get information, if someone is on my side, or not. For Radio and Concelment Expert I needed points, so one of the 3 Point skills had to go. So I didn't take SI, because I rarly use all my consumables. Also I use Yamamoto, so there is a chance to get one more of all consumables :D
  18. NO1Z3TR4UMA

    [Question] Omaha crew skill(s)

    Hey Fellow WoW Captains, Let's introduce myself a little bit (yeeeey my first topic on WoW), first i took a long brake from Warships (was playing more tanks and some other games), second after not playing 1 year and half maybe longer or maybe less i thought i would suck when playing again (1 week so far) but actually i had pretty good games on my Omaha so far anyway let' get to the point and explain my question. I've read (most posts were from 2016 or older) that allot of ppl use "Vigilance" skill for the 3th skill for Omaha tier 5 American cruiser. Personal i have a double feeling about that skill coz i rarely use my torpedoes and 25% bigger range its about 1 km more range if i didnt calculated wrong. Most of the time i'm lowest tier, if a tier 6- 7 comes closer i try to keep them on my maximum gun distance so i dont use torpedoes in this situation. When playing this game for 1 week, i used my torpedoes twice i know it's not allot but what do you think i should do? What is your opinion about the 3th skill on Omaha? Pls explain why, vigilance or..... ? Thanks in advance and big love on the forums but destruction in the water! *edit* You can always say what skills your captain have with a small explanation if you want :)
  19. Hi all, Returning refreshed after a year away, I am looking for advice please. I see that all of my commanders' skills have been reset so I am looking for experienced players' advice on what are generally considered the best skills for each class please, or any unusual or otherwise interesting skill builds that people might have. For information, as per my signature, I am mostly interested in IJN DD, CL\CA & BB lines - I'm not playing CVs anymore and unlikely to continue with British CL\CA line either (don't want to user free XP and the tier 4 is soul-destroyingly painful for me to play), so will probably only play my IJN ships and the Japlanta ;-) I've looked for threads but not found any - all I could find were a couple of news articles about the changes but they don't seem to link to any forum threads and I don't really trust WG's own recommended skills... ;-) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/commanders-skills/ https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/commander-skills-guide/ Thanks, krazypenguin
  20. Ive soon got a lvl 17 Captain on my German BBs and dont know if i should coose BFT or DE, i mean its mostly fires doing dmg with the secondaries and having a 2% bigger chance would be nice. But on the other hand 10% faster fire rate technically also gives me more fires as i fire more often and also increases my AA protection. But i cant decide what would be best :/
  21. I want to know if it is illegal to change the name and image of Captains on my ships, a simple task using Photoshop and a editing the global.mo file in the res folder. Obviously, if this is illegal, then I will revert back to the backup global.mo and images.
  22. Andylilmo

    Pan Asian DD and captains

    Heya Peeps. With the launch of the Pan Asian DD line will i be able to swap my LoYang captain into the new ships without any training costs. Regards
  23. This MAY be a silly question but... I have an 18 point captain on my Atlanta Which I moved to my Gearing... I then put the captain back on the Atlanta for retraining without penalty on premium ship thing I then forgot about it for a few days I then sold my Gearing Spent the credits. Now, the captain is still retraining for the Gearing for something like 185,000 captain XP! Which will obviously now not let me progress the final point on my Atlanta (I'm almost at 19...!) How on earth do I stop retraining without buying the damn Gearing again!? Surely there is a way.
  24. We have the Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships for quite some time now in the game. As a matter of fact, they have inspired me to look up for what this fictional universe even was. By now I’ve seen all the animated adaptations (honestly there aren’t too many) and I’m up to date with the manga. Now – the ships we got have their own voices and looks (although only colour-wise), so I thought to myself – why not make them have their own personalities? They are not meant for competitive gaming anyway, why not go a little bit crazy and create captain specs that reflect what the mental models behave like in the Arpeggio universe? Anyway, I’ve been trying to make those setups diverse enough, yet not overly ridiculous. (the missions took place before I had some of the ships required tier-wise), but I’ll describe what I think should be an option for such an approach. I’m not covering upgrades, consumables, and I leave the order of picking those skills to you. If need be, I may recommend something there as well later on. I don’t have all of them This presentation contains explanations, so obviously some spoilers are coming, though most of you reading this are probably keeping track of the Blue Steel. In case of conflicting information, I preferred to stick with the manga. First of all: the Kongō sisters. 1. Kongō As a flagship of the First Oriental Fleet, she is commanding and playing a role of a spectator, until the circumstances force her to deal with the I-401 herself together with an assembled task force. She covers herself in spatial distortion to call in Ise as support, and when she’s immobilised and struck by aerial-dropped warheads, her bow continues a descent towards Matsushima II, with an eye of capturing Chihaya Gunzō. She is usually judging the situation correctly, although her overconfidence in technical superiority can make her vulnerable. Her sinking by airplanes made me go for absolutely no skills that can be effective against planes. · Priority target – she’s the flagship, of course someone wants her down. But she also seems to have some kind of an insight into the enemy attack, much due to the information provided by her subordinates. Besides, Kongō’s ability to perceive threats is explicitly mentioned by Hyūga while creating a diversion against Hiei. · Preventive maintenance – not that easy to get to the Kongō herself, which is why it’s even harder to aim at specific parts of the ship. · Expert marksman – a good commander can react to enemy movement quicker, in fact I remember at one point she says something along the lines “Swift and decisive should be an ideal of a warrior”. She also has a very good sense of target selection, as stated by Iona in chapter 70. · Last stand – even after breaking into multiple parts, her bow continues chasing the Matsushima II. Do I need to say more? · Superintendent – additional flagship equipment can be introduced from the orbit. · Vigilance – see the comment on the priority target. · Basics of survivability – Kongō can adapt to the situation pretty well, a bit like in case of the expert marksman. · Concealment expert – while using flagship equipment, the actions of Kongō remained pretty mysterious for 401’s crew. In fact, they had to rely on Hyūga’s experience of what a use of this equipment might even mean. 2. Hiei Hiei is very strict and wants to rely on an analysis of the Joint Tactical Network resources, consisting mostly of past records of Fog experiences and engagements, that are being uploaded by all the ships. She admires Kongō, but lacks her insight. Incapacitated by Hyūga bringing a gun turret at her face. Not a very bright way to go. · Preventive maintenance – preventing damage to vital parts can be somewhat improved by analysis of damage sustained by other ships in the past. · Jack of all trades – Hiei surely has went through multiple pre-arranged scenarios, so in most situations she’s able to get her assets out a bit more quickly. · High alert – not really a good name for a skill for Hiei, but the thinking behind it is sort of similar: she has stored the things needed in an order that allows her to access them a bit more freely if an opportunity arises. That’s not en equivalent of a tactical flexibility however. · Superintendent – I’m sure they can find some spare space for additional nanomaterials being stored. And who would arrange this space better than Hiei does? · Basic firing training – purely because training, Hiei loves it. · Advanced firing training – just as above. · Fire prevention – even the Fog has to possess manuals for that. 3. Haruna Haruna seems calm. She usually is. Unless she gets into some serious combat for someone she wants to protect. Sunk by Hakugei 3’s torpedo at Yokosuka. In the defence of the Osakabe residence she has torn vehicles apart with her bare hands and taken out helicopters by hand grenades. A truly manual AA and close combat platform, isn’t she? Owner of a very large coat with plenty of spare volume underneath. · Preventive maintenance – a bit boring? Haruna doesn’t think so. She’s just the one responsible for technical calculations in her duo with Kirishima. Perhaps that’s why she survives the explosion at Yokosuka much better. · Expert marksman – at close range there’s a lot of aspect changing, better be prepared for that. And apparently she could outpace her adversaries easily. · Adrenaline rush – the only Fog ship who has gone berserk, almost annihilating Japan by overriding Maya’s fire controls in anger. It took an intervention form the Admiralty Code to stop her. · Superintendent – the coat! She surely has something extra hidden in there! · Basic firing training – when fighting multiple enemies at close range, every gun has to do its job as fast as possible. · Advanced firing training – being the first to strike is an advantage by itself. · Manual AA – you surely can handle those guns by hand, if you can throw grenades at aircraft! 4. Kirishima The most aggressive of all four. To a point she basically becomes target-fixated and doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her dealing with it. She doesn’t mind firing everything at what she wants to see go down. Kirishima doesn’t care too much about safety procedures or checking surroundings – target first. Sunk by Hakugei 3 in Yokosuka with Haruna. Further records might show a character evolution towards a calmer approach, a bit more like her twin sister, but as seen in the encounter with Atago, Kirishima is still willing to advance despite the odds not being in her favour. Or rather not considering them at all. · Expert loader – it’s better to take out a target fast, with a weapon that gives the best chance of success. · Expert marksman – every gun on target as soon as possible! · Adrenaline rush – she indeed has more fun the harder the situation gets. · Basic firing training – extra rate of fire. No need for further comment. · Basics of survivability – in case a turret gets knocked out, she will surely work hard to get it back into an operational status. · Advanced firing training – extra range for reaching engagement distance quicker. · Manual fire control for secondary armament – everything at the target, no distractions shall be given a thought! Then we have Takao, many fans’ favourite: Takao Takao is very mission-focused and has a “bad habit of putting firepower first”, as she describes herself at one point. Obviously caring for the captain, a ship that has weathered more than a single storm. When in control of herself she wants to pose as indifferent and elegant, though in reality not many ships outmatch her very emotional approach. Takao has gathered a fair amount of information about tactics and has developed a brilliant insight into what the next enemy move might be. Oh, and she loves heavy and destructive armament. · Priority target – in her battles Takao is aware of the enemies facing her. Only her sister Atago was able to outsneak her. Even so, this was some mental model adventure, not an actual combat. · Expert loader – this is one of the firepower skills. Takao likes hitting hard and decisively, which is hard to do with the wrong type of ammunition loaded. · Jack of all trades – having performed almost every mission conceivable, Takao has skills that allow using her specs to the maximum extent. · Adrenaline rush – for the captain she shall not fail, no excuses. · Basics of survivability – in a battle against U-2501, Takao has performed one of the most extensive repairs ever commenced by a Fog ship. · Superintendent – mostly for the sake of the additional heal, reasons as above. · Vigilance – she has a fairly decent record against torpedoes, but of course no ship is capable of taking them all day long. · Concealment expert – this is Takao when she sneaks up to watch Gunzō, or when she gets into Chihaya Saori’s house. And finally, four Myokōs, although those are the least developed characters, so I went with quite basic ideas as a base for my work here. I got somewhat compelled to rely much more on their versions form the movies, because that’s what made them more developed as characters. It became a weird mix of those as a result. In the manga they are quite plain and acting as a background. In fact, we’d be able to say much more about Lexington, Vampire, Yukikaze, Repulse, Chōkai, Nagato, Zuikaku, even though many of them haven’t fought so far at all. It’s not a criticism towards the original plot, as the animated version is already closed and it has created its own universe. The much more complex comic-universe keeps expanding, so it makes sense some characters seem incomplete for now. 1. Myokō Myokō is the most serious mental model of all, comparable in my opinion to some extent with Atago only. Keep the jokes away. She leads the other sisters into combat, maintains order amongst them, and keeps a large part of communication with Hiei. Because of this, I decided that she should get a pretty “boring”, purely utilitarian WoWs Myokō-class setup. · Priority target · Preventive maintenance · High alert · Jack of all trades · Expert marksman · Adrenaline rush · Last stand · Demolition expert · Concealment expert 2. Nachi Eyes and ears of a fleet. This lady will see you before you see her, transmit your location to everyone, and let them sink you once she stretches her back sitting calmly on a deck pillow she owns. No damage-wise improvements, every intel perk you could possibly imagine. · Priority target – there’s no way you get close to Nachi and aim at her unless she lets you to do so. Or unless you have a supergravity cannon with a horrendously strong tractor beam like Matsushima II. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – 2 planes for double spotting of torpedoes and ships. · Incoming fire alert – a shot can be detected quite easily by her surveillance sensors. · Jack of all trades – not a straightforward pick at 2 points level, so I went with an idea that we’ll at least get the access to hydroacoustic search faster. · Superintendent – more charges of hydro or floatplanes per battle, less likely to get surprised · Vigilance – I don’t think I need to explain that · Radio location – some additional info as to what is the nearest threat or target. · Concealment expert – to make Nachi spot first, instead of being spotted first. 3. Haguro A racing boat of the Fog. You’ll have a hard time landing a hit, and if you do, the engines will probably be held in a decent condition by the operator herself. She likes to move. Got sunk by I-401 after mistakenly colliding with Nachi in a sharp evasive turn, which is perhaps partially in line with her reluctance of maintaining order or in this case – formation. · Priority target – for the very sake of dodging · Preventive maintenance – to reduce the chance of rendering propulsion or steering inoperable · Incoming fire alert – as in case of priority target · High alert – fix everything as fast as possible · Expert marksman – in quick engagements slow turret rotation would have been a liability · Last stand – let’s say she can protect her vital areas so that only a part of the crucial system may get disabled with one shot · Basics of survivability – for the times when it’s better to conserve forced repair · Vigilance – harder time for torps to hit as well · Concealment expert – coming in and out so fast you may not notice when 4. Ashigara A crazy mental model, a direct contrary of Nachi. She goes as close as you can to hit as hard and as often as you can. Always in the vanguard, always as aggressive as possible. But make no mistake – she’s still a part of the Fog and does not do it because of selfish desire for glory. If need be, she can take a hit so that other ships will be able to endure longer. Still – perfectly honestly – she loves doing things by herself. · Expert loader – as expected of a hyperactive ship skipper. · Direction centre for catapult aircraft – since we can’t equip double energy swords, nor a launched spike… · Expert marksman – at close range this is necessary. · Adrenaline rush – Ashigara is used to “stressful” working conditions, yet they still manage to excite her. An adrenaline addict, I’d say. · Torpedo armament expertise – as with expert loader. · Basic firing training – because more shots is what she really likes. · Demolition expert – some ships just want to see the world burn. · Advanced firing training – because Ashigara really wants to bring out every weapon as soon as possible. So it’s mainly a trait of impatience. (As an alternative you may even want to switch demolition expert and double fighter plane for manual secondary armament, but I just think this is starting to take too much toll on the in-game ship’s performance. Not recommended, but closer to the personality.) Maybe I’ll revise them as new chapters come out with additional information on the characters, but right now I feel like those options are the most relevant set I could make.
  25. Karasu_Hidesuke

    'Commander unavailable'?

    Can anyone explain why most of my ships (ones without a commander assigned currently) have 'Commander unavailable'. When I click on the ship to assign a commander from reserve and/or other ships of the nation, all I get is the recruit option... what's going on?