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Found 18 results

  1. Dirty_Dunc

    Mountain Range map and Camping

    What do you guys think of the Mountain Range map in domination mode and the play it evokes ? Everytime this map comes up, I can virtually guarantee that all the players on one team (regarless of ship type) will ignore A and B caps and just head east to the C Cap. Personally speaking, I really dont see the attraction, as you can't manoeuvre when your in those islands and your trapped like fish in a barrel once you're there. The net result is usually a complete roflstomp .............. I think Jingles would say 'Is there a pot of glue in the C Cap or something?' .......
  2. Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 3
  3. Kampfbaer_das_Original

    Wargamings Pointsystem

    Hi forum Actualy I had a case in the ranked season. A Benson camped the whole time without firing a single shot just took one cap and with spotting damage he was afterwards top xp earner with just this move. Meanwhile other players had over 100k damage.......looks like wargaming has to improve a lot. Does somebody of you had similar experience like I?
  4. lo peeps :), just another quick dump off from the back wasteyard of what my mom would love to call a mind .....: a map consisting out of several areas of icemasses/bergs with different heights, depths and speeds (so beneath some u could torp through with deepwatertorps), which could dynamically (may even taking impacting shells/torps into account?!) move over time and split- or pack up again in the process. these icemasses could be generated on each mapstart randomly, so u never get like the same map again. on top there could be a slowly growing icemass from off the border narrowing the battlefield with ongoing time. dump back off, holy grail or just nothing even #worthalol?! edit: it may would go on standard, domination or even without any cappoints. that's not relevant to the question 1st off though imo ...
  5. Moin, Bei der Sufu habe ich noch nichts wirkliches hierzu gefunden falls das Thema so schon existiert bitte, danke verschieben :) ich würde hier gerne einmal (konstruktives) Feedback abfragen. Folgende Thesen ; 1. BBs die nicht aus dem Spawn rausfahren und das gesamte Spiel snipen stören (für die Mehrheit) das Gameplay/Spielerlebnis 2. Es gibt bei (vielen) Spielern ein Interesse daran das Uboote zum Spiel hinzugefügt werden Gehen wir jetzt mal davon aus die Uboote werden implementiert ins Spiel. Sie werden folgende Stärken; haben - gute (Tiefwasser?)torps, gute Tarnung - Schwächen; keine nennenswerte Artellerie, 0 Panzerung, wenig HP (?) Countermöglichkeiten gegen Uboote ? haben wir schon im Spiel; Hydro , Radar, man müsste/könnte halt den DDs und Kreuzern (CA?) noch Wasserbomben geben. (Uboot vs Uboot behandele ich jetzt mal nicht weiss auch nicht ob das so spaßig wäre) So unser Match startet jetzt und die BBs bleiben erst recht hinten weil mit den Ubooten noch ein extra Gefahrenfaktor vor dem pushen abhält, und wie vor allem die Geschichts- und Techniknerds unter euch wissen waren Uboote nicht gerade die schnellsten Seefahrzeuge (glaube das schnellste WW2 Uboot 20knt ?)also 30min für Uboote Fahrer bis sie endlich mal an der Frontlinie sind ? Wollen wir so nicht ! Also; verlegen wir den Spawnpunkt der Uboote woanders hin wo sie eine realisitsche Chance haben an die saftigen BBs zu kommen -> Schlussfolgerung; Es macht für die BBS Sinn bei ihren DD/CA zu bleiben und sie zu unterstützen. Wer hinten sitzen bleibt und snipen will setzt sich der Gefahr aus von den Ubooten filietiert zu werden. Natürlich tauchen auch hier Probleme auf: 1. Hydro hat eine max Erfassung von 5.4 km da dürfte die meiste Uboottorpedoreichweite drüber liegen ! (Lösung: hydroreichweite gilt für Uboote doppelt/verstärkt ?) 2. Einige spezielle DD/CA werden auf die Idee kommen statt zu pushen/spotten auf Ubootejagd zu gehen ! (Lösung: ? ) 3. Der Träger bleibt naturgemäß hinten DD/CAs idR nicht! (Lösung: Hydro/Radar für CVs oder Kapitänskill ? ) Nun warte ich auf konstruktive Vorschläge und Meinungen von euch! Gut ? Mist ? brauchen wir (nicht)? bitte mit Begrüdnung Gruss und weiterhin gute Jagd Sierra
  6. BarthalomewKuma

    Remove it NOW

    Yeah don't even rework it, just remove files for this ship from all servers. In short I was playing SINGLE game against asashio , he landed only one torp on me - since i did predict he will be camping bbs obviously. But that didnt stop him from 24/7 torping me and forcing me to hug island with 4 other bbs UNABLE to support my team. And hey it was not mistake as torps were passing near island 24/7. And you know what - we were lucky enough to fight on map with tons of islands and plenty of them. And those words come from someone that loves to push in and play aggressive in BB. Be proud WG you just forced me to be camper, had no idea i have it in myself. Generally speaking this will make current long range meta even worse as many youtubers mentioned, but now that I have seen it myself ... On top of that enemy team members actually agreed that this ship should never be in this game. I have 0 counterplay and it's even worse than Pan Asia cancer. I'm not BB main i actually main cruisers, so i should be happy since it cannot hit cruiser right ? Well not since i like to play dds and bbs too !! Ah last but not least t10bb i love most is Grosser Kurfurst ... and yes it's 2ndary build , since my Montana/Yamato etc are already concelament don't need 1 more. I love Kurfurst but ... how the hell i'm supposed to push against 16 deep water torps with 20km range ? Sonar won't be up 24/7 ... YES IT IS RANT. Ah of course Asashio topped scoreboard. Must be skilled player ... Edit : Ah in the end i got tired of camping (i hate it) so the first moment i led charge targeted by 6 and INSTANTLY torped by one of dds for not kissing the island. WAY TO GO.
  7. Regardless of how this season turns out for me, I'm never doing ranked again under this current scoring model. If I get to rank 1 this season, I get my Flint. I'm just saying that so you know where I sit on this. I play DDs almost exclusively. And this season has taken last season's festival of dog[exp. deleted] play and made it worse. I didn't think it was possible, but this scoring model just encourages the most horrendously bad play I've ever seen. I can play my [edited]off in a game, score three caps and two DD kills, and I STILL get a loss - worse still, I STILL lose my star because some [exp. deleted] in a Kutuzov or perhaps an Amagi sat in back and just farmed fire damage the whole game - and the scoring model discounts caps and spotting, ranking them under damage done. So we get teams of damage farmers screaming about "spot spot spot", and when the DDs dumb enough to listen go in and try to do it, they get hung out to dry, because said campers are too far away to support against a DD effectively. Anyone in a DD who doesn't play the game of their life, regardless, isn't keeping a star on a loss - because there's no f'ing way to out-damage a farmer unless you get insanely lucky with a torp strike (and in high-level ranked, it is insanely lucky to manage a big strike). Well, Wargaming - here's a great big "Go [exp. deleted] yourself." It's you guys that are responsible for this [exp. deleted] playstyle. You've actively made it worse by giving out detection gear to every battleship (planes, hydro) and senselessly punishing secondaries to the battleships (which should come as no surprise, the top two battleships in ranked, go figure). I've never actively recommended against this game to people, but I think that it might be time to start, unless the scoring model changes - a LOT. I can hear someone now "Don't [edited] unless you've got a suggestion" - well, okay: Winning team: top five players get a star only if they score over 1,000 base xp. Bottom two gain no star. Bottom two lose a star if they score under 600. Losing team: top two players get a star only if they score over 750xp (or thereabouts). #3 loses no star, if score is 750+. Bottom four lose a star. XP corrections: Capping should count as it is now for the initial cap - and should tick 0.25% of its value for every second the cap is held for the player(s) who capped. So after 6.66 minutes of holding a cap, the initial capping team members should have accumulated the equivalent of another cap's worth of xps. If they only "helped" the cap, they should get the % award of this value as is appropriate for the "help". It's a risky move to take a cap, and this rewards players who can pull it off. Spotting: It's pretty damned rare for a ship to actually be in position to "spot" for another at this stage, particularly if the target has fired its guns. Instead of current mechanic, 'spotting' damage should be awarded to the ship closest to the target to the tune of 30% of the "damage done" equivalent when the shots are fired - meaning when someone gets credited with damage against a target, if the target is still visible edit: was visible at the time of firing to anyone on the team, the closest friendly at the time of firing gets 30% of the value. It also means the person awarded the damage gains only 80% of the value. This is an appropriate reward for risking more than the rest of the team. Of course, some tweaking to these suggestions would be necessary, I'm only tossing these out as points to consider. But something must change here. This has become a travesty. Ranked isn't about winning, it's about shielding your star by farming and then relying on your team to carry you up in wins. What you've created here encourages the absolute worst sort of play. Az
  8. Hi. Having sunk a bit of time into the game again lately, I've noticed that the game has gone from being active and aggressive, to being centered around smokefiring, DDs taking caps (and getting deleted by BB AP) and BBs mostly camping behind the spawnline. Now as it is right now, the team that gets the most camping BBs usually lose, the DDs that contest the caps are not getting any support from the team because the cruisers dont dare push without BB backup, and the BB backup is hiding and "sniping". This results in the DDs getting killed rather fast because the enemy team pushes, and it usually only takes 1 BB player pushing to get the others to do it. As I see it, there needs to be an incentive for BBs to push caps and support the team other than winning, because people clearly does not care about winning. Being the easiest class to play with great armor, decent manouverability that is even better than some DDs, huge HP pool which can be further increased with heals, and not to mention guns that can delete any ship from the game in one salvo, there should be something that makes them push rather than just pad some stats at range where they aren't in any immediate danger. Maybe have their damage drop with range making them less effective at range (do this for cruisers with 19-20km range too). I really don't know. I know you care alot about the battleship players, the constant buffs and nerfs to other classes proves this, but remember, there are other classes in the game that people like to play, and these people like to win sometimes, without having to either get lucky with their team, or have to rely on their BBs to be able to support them. Sorry for the rant with the question, I just feel that the Meta and passive gameplay as it is right now, is rather unbalanced and relies too much on one class that has no real counters anymore. -Pap
  9. SweneyB

    bad teams

    Hi there i am sweney and id like to talk about the terrible status off most off the teams in this game. First off i am not the best i don't even come close to it but i do my best when it comes to assessing a situation and help out where i can when i can with my ships i go from cap to cap. I have been frustrated with the lack off tactical game play ''the what should i do once i cap a base?'' or ''where should i go?''. I have seen some bad teams lately and this has me worried. Teams are passive and inexperienced, team play is not rewarded, smart play is not rewarded. you still see BB's and cruisers a like camping in the back off their max range and shoot in smoke. Even after the new update they have no real threat unless you come really close with the threat to get torpedoed or team focused to death, this has to be tweaked more as the British are still a OP pain in the but both cruiser and BB line. I had a situation that i was playing with my .Fredric de grobe. and the enemy was on bravo with several dd's with cruisers on their back and the BB's on theirs. My cruisers openly admitted in chat they did not want to go in because they where afraid off dying. I had to push bravo kill the enemy my self taking heavy damage i went to A and i was there alone facing 3 enemy BB's with my team still camping afraid in front off Bravo cap. I called for backup and got zero respond and i died and got reported lost some karma points that mean absolutely nothing. And this happens a lot, entire teams go to one side off the playground more worried about their health bar than the objective at hand ignoring it completely. The players that try to play the objectives are ignored and abandoned to die. These kinds off situations are increasing, the more players that join the game the lower the quality off the player base. The players that do play smart cant always carry their teams because this is a multiplayer game, good players lose multiple battles in a row and leave the game out off frustration. Please Wargaming give your community a good look they need to be helped and improved. Please try and make objective game play more reward able and teach the new players on how to perhaps play like this. There are plenty off streamers and youtubers like Notser that can explain to you how to play your objective i watch him i recommend MrNotser on youtube. I wish you all a great day
  10. Krogort

    Promoting Agression

    Something i've seen mentioned a few time on diverse forums is rewarding early game actions more than late game actions. Has something like that ever been tried ? If yes did it change anything ? For example the first minute of a game has 50% exp increase compared to the last minute of a game with linear decrease between those two points (number pulled from my hat).
  11. Commander_Cornflakes

    Kilometergeld für Schiffe

    Moin liebes Forum, da die britischen HE-Sniper schon vor der Tür stehen, habe ich mir mal etwas überlegt, mit dem man gegen Campen vorgehen könnte. Anreiz für den Spieler soll dabei die Ausbeute von Credits und EP sein. Und damit sich Spieler wirklich damit beschäftigen, soll dieser Bonus direkt als Multiplikator unter den Signalflaggen in der Endauswertung stehen und nicht irgendwo in der geheimen Formel verschwinden. Und zwar habe ich mir das so vorgestellt: Der Bonus hängt von zwei Faktoren ab: Strecke und Zentralität. Je weiter ein Schiff im Laufe des Spiels fährt, desto größer ist der Bonus. Und je näher sich das Schiff zur Mitte befindet, desto größer ist der Bonus. Angenommen, ein Schiff fährt die komplette Gefechtsdauer (und damit ist die tatsächliche Dauer gemeint, nicht 20 Minuten fix) mit voller Kraft in der Mitte der Map, dann soll der Spieler einen Bonus von 50% auf Credits und EP bekommen. Wer das Gleiche am Kartenrand macht, bekommt 0% und wer nur in der Mitte rumsteht ebenfalls 0%. Also je mehr man sich in der Nähe der Mitte bewegt, desto mehr Credits und EP bekommt man. Dabei würde ich einfach die Kartenquadrate als Maß für die Zentralität nehmen, also: EF56 100% DG47 75% CH38 50% BJ29 25% AK10 0% Daraus dann den Durchschnittswert für das Gefecht bilden, multiplizieren mit Gefahrene Strecke geteilt durch Maximale Strecke multipliziert mit 0,5 (damit maximal 50% Bonus möglich sind). Der tatsächliche Bonus dürfte dann einiges unter 50% liegen, wäre also nichts was die Wirtschaft komplett zerstört. So, jetzt könnt ihr losflamen
  12. Gudgeon

    Rank season 7 in one picture

    Here is my ranked season encapsulated in one picture: It has been the most unrewarding and frustrating experience to be honest. I have only stuck at it as I have been in the rank 2-4 bracket for the last week. I have reached rank 2-4 twice. Now at 3-0....
  13. red_eye1980

    The Meta

    Is it me or has WG managed to create a game exactly like World Of Tanks but with ships? Vehicles that are slower and less agile but have more guns? I used to play WOT blitz on a tablet. And there, it was hide - camp - cover - dodge - flank etc. But most of the times it was an urban environment so I thought fair enough. And then there was WoWs. Since the release, everyone got the spotted indicator, then smoke circles were added and detection circles on the minimap, now there are even mods that show how long the smoke circles are going to last, then maps with more and more islands and ships that can lob shots. I used to only have the spotted indicator on my Ijn dds and assumed that I am spotted by everyone on everything else. I used to sail in the open, with my (non IJN) DDs, BBs and CAs and hope that my angling, aiming and dodging was better than the opponents. That I had enough teammates and fire power to sink the opponent before he sank me. That we had more guns, within their effective range, pointing the other way than they had, and picked the ''right'' targets. People used to frown on campers, island/borderline huggers who were ''rightly'' punished by CV strikes and DDs. Now if you sail in the open you are called a YOLO/NOOB/POTATO etc. Before, there was even a video by WG that explained that it was ''wrong'' to sail forward and reverse behind an island which was a standard practice in tanks. Now most do it, and it is effective. Just time your smoke. Then hop to another island and do it again. And then there is now, which is even more obvious in the ranked season. I realized that I have ''trained'' myself to rely on the spotted indicator. To be far enough so that radar will not spot me. To find an island where I can shoot undetected or the enemy cannot return fire. To be relying on the smoke duration mod and the premium smoke consumable. To stay hidden for as long as possible otherwise I get focused on and die before I can count to ten. And the sad part, is that it works. Then come out all brave at the very end to finish off the few fleeing ships. Now I understand that this is an arcade game. But it should not be like WOT. This is a ship game. Most battles happened in the open sea. What happened to the quote that said: ''No captain can do very wrong when he places his ship alongside that of the enemy'' Your views?
  14. [edited] Notice the two BBs at I 7 and 8? Yep they moved a total of 2m from the spawn pretty much the whole match
  15. dasCKD

    Preventing camping

    WG has attempted to once again prevent camping, this time by nerfing battleship bow armor. This comes across as a government effort to boost the consumption of locally produced products by lacing the produce with the scent of raw sewage. This is old news however, so I thought I might create a list of some things that would prevent camping. I have noticed that the engagement levels on my threads is quite low, and I suspect it might be because I write too much. I will therefore keep this thread short and on point. This is a list of things that WOULD prevent battleship camping. Reduce AP penetration at long ranges Battleships who sit at long ranges sometimes scores a random citadel hit at long ranges with plunging fire and this bolsters their desire to camp and camp hard. If the effectiveness of plunging fire is drastically reduced, battleships would be encouraged to close in to do more damage. Significantly improve cruiser ballistics at long ranges (USN included) If cruisers had better ballistics, they would be able to engage SN DDs at longer ranges and the most recent nerf wouldn't have been needed. It would also mean that if battleships insists on sitting bow on at maximum range, they won't be able to sit safely at the back anymore because the bow on thing will make themselves an easy target for just about every single cruiser on the enemy team. Think of the Zaos but everywhere. Make incoming fire alert a first line skill If incoming fire alert did become a line one skill, then more cruiser captains would be able to take it and avoid hits at long ranges. This would mean that battleships would need to get closer before they can start scoring any significant damage. Improve battleship concealment, increase battleship concealment penalties when firing The first change will allow battleships to get closer before alerting their prey. The latter would mean that those who just fires randomly would just make themselves an easy target with the improved cruiser ballistics suggested above. Many may have criticism of the suggested ideas, but all of this would either stop or at least disincentive battleship camping by making back line camping a much more dangerous prospect for them.
  16. SovietFury43

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    [edited] Here is an example: First match today, encounter on Two Brothers we have 3 BBs on each team, a Fuso, New Mexico and a Kongo. Our Cruisers and DDs disperse more or less evenly to D and A caps, the Kongo goes to A while the Fuso and New Mexico start moving to D. Thinking D is going to be our main push i go to D in my Aoba ready to screen the Fuso and New Mexico but half a minute into the match i see that the Fuso and New Mexico both were not in fact going for D but broke off (not in a division) to form a neat Napoleonic era two ship line of battle about 18 km behind D (and all of us Cruisers and 2 DDs) and stand still (literally STAND STILL, i crap you not) and snipe at the enemy DDs and Cruisers in D. Needless to say we (the Cruisers and DDs) got annihilated at D, and as soon as our brave BB heroes saw that the enemy is breaking through they of course promptly turned tail an ran back into our spawn to yet again form a Napoleonic era battle line there. Even worse, the Kongo (who was holding pretty well at A) noticed that the enemy was breaking through at D and promptly left A and joined our two brave heroes sniping from the spawn and causing A to collapse as well. Needles to say the match ended in defeat and me almost punching a hole through my monitor in rage. When i told them (in a not so polite way) in chat that they just lost the match for our team, they (all three of them) called me a noob saying how BBs are supposed to use their range and how we lost because our Cruisers and DDs were noobs. But ok, bad matches happen i think to myself and press the Battle button again. This time it was Fault Line, encounter again but 4 BBs on each team. Most of the match both teams went more or less even, it was not until the end that your typical BB player managed to again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Were were wining by points, holding 2 out of 3 caps with 4 cruisers left on the enemy team and 1 DD, 1 BB (New York) and 2 Cruisers left on our team both fighting over the middle point. The 4 remaining enemy Cruisers all attack more or less at the same time with our two cruisers trying to hold the middle and the DD flanking around an island and getting himself killed (should have gone for the third cap while the enemy Cruisers were occupied). So now only our 2 cruiser were left (badly damaged) against 3 enemy cruisers. Why only our 2 Cruisers i hear you wonder, "what happened to the New York?" i hear you ask. Well our brave BB player was the entire time hiding behind an island literally (i crap you not) trying to peek-a-boo against the enemy Cruisers. "Can't get any worse then that" i hear you say, well it god damn can! The worst part was that the idiot was doing that the whole match! He had 100% hp left at the end, not a single scratch on him! Two almost perfectly balanced (in terms of ships and tiers) matches ruined by the cowardice and outer stupidity of the BB players on our teams. And those two matches are just an example, this seems to occur more and more often. I suggest a serious reduction to accuracy of all BBs at long range, maybe if they can't hit anything while sniping and shitting their pants at 20km they will try to get closer and actually participate in the battle. Also somehow restricting below average players to Co-op mode only might work.
  17. Toivia

    Bots or utter stupidity?

    Just had 4 battles in a row in the Amagi (mostly Tier 9 battles), where all of the friendly BBs actually retreated further back from spawn and then ran to a corner of a map with CVs. Most of the cruisers along with them (ocassionally, I've even seen a DD go along). Now, I just can't explain why anybody sane would do that. Obviously those few players trying to cap were soon overwhelmed and sunk one after another, including me, who just tried to support them. Clearly those cowering in the corner were soon besieged from all sides with the enemy holding all caps --> obvious loss. I would have though (as unbelievable as it is) that they might just all be bots, if it weren't for them to ocassionally post in chat. Obviously they wouldn't react on my queries. I'm just at a loss here, obviously angry. What the heck am I supposed to do when half the team or more basically runs from the battle before it even starts? Since the battle is lost from the start, should I just go with them and hope we'll lose (by points) before I get sunk?
  18. Reyte


    Is it just me, or is the amount of camping battleships skyrocketting? I see many battlehips players not moving, staying behind friendly ships or shooting at maximum range without even taking significant damage at all. I thought Battelships are supposed to tank against enemy ships, and not the other way around (Cruiser tank for Battleships). This is my best example for today, this guy came never closer to enemy ships despite me asking him what he was actually doing in the middle of nowhere. 5 minutes earlier he was actually still at A. As you can clearly see he took 0 damage. He remained undamaged till the end of the battle. Such A BB does not deserve the term "Battleship", hence the new term "BoringBoats". Its really difficult for Cruiser to be actually usefull under those conditions.......