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Found 6 results

  1. Dear WG staff and fellow captains, First of all I admit that this post is a complaint (others would probably call it a rant but as I am entirely calm when writing these lines I don't think so). Second a little bit of information about myself. I am a gaming veteran with a decent fulltime job which nets me a solid surplus. This means I can freely spend an above average amount of money on all my various hobbies. My history with wargaming started in 2011 with World of Tanks (which I still play here and then), continued with a brief interlude of Word of Warplanes and is currently stuck with World of Warships. After a very exited free to play start I quickly noticed that I liked what I saw and decided to spend money on the game I invested so many hours in, running a premium account since 2011. Also I bought many premium tanks, planes and ships and the overwhelming majority of the former two is painted (I own 70 tanks in total, approx 25 planes and 19 ships). I fully understand that Wargaming is a company that needs to make money and as already shown I am more than willing to give (even bought some of their more or less inflated bundles). However I was very much taken aback when I noticed the steep price tag on the camouflages in World of Warships. Looking at my tier VIII Admiral Hipper it says 3000 doubloons and even 4000 doubloons for the tier IX Iowa. Considering that one month of premium time is worth 10 Euro or 2500 doubloons (I usually compare prices in single premium month equivalents) we are talking about 12 Euro to paint a tier VIII and even 16 Euro to paint a tier IX ship. Alternatively keep in mind that the Murmansk, a very fine tier V premium cruiser, which will bring its own camo by the way, is also available for 3000 doubloons in-game (or 12,87 Euro in the shop). And this is the point where I have to say, this is not f2p with microtransactions anymore. This is more of a blatant money grab and just too much. In World of tanks you can paint a tier X tank for 750 gold (or 375 while discounted), which is something like 1,88 Euro (or 94 Cent while discounted). Extrapolating from T6 Cleveland (1000 doubloons), T8 Hipper (3000 doubloons) and T9 Iowa (4000 doubloons) to paint a tier X ship will cost me a staggering 5000 doubloons or 20 Euros. This is more than 10 times the camo price than in World of Tanks and World of Warplanes! And don't even consider selling said ship once the nerf balancing bat hits you hard... Now you might say: 'Wait, but the benefits are also bigger than in World of Tanks!' Though I can not deny it that's a somewhat mixed argument. I fully acknowledge the fact that this ships earn XP faster. However given the fact that we don't have accelerated crew training - in deviation to every other 'World of ...' series games - the only thing we can do with the extra XP on the ship is to convert it to free XP using even more doubloons to the benefit of Wargaming. Evil to him whom evil thinks. Note that I will not quit playing World of Warships because of the above, but I for myself will actively boycott ship camouflage and would really like Wargaming to reconsider their current camouflage pricing policy. Best regards, Ubertron_X
  2. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked & answered before but I didn't find any thread with it... It always puzzled me why the "Flags" and "Consumables" you can freely take ON/OFF whilst "Camouflage" you can only destroy and not exchange... Any ideas guys? Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hello, So All other Servers Get also a Free Tirpitz Camo, but we in Europe have to pay for 3000 doubloOns for it, So is there ANY chance that will see a similar Reward in Europe, Event mission or something? Or even as a reward for no Cristmas convoy missions in EU? Please WG no more excuses!! Thank you.
  4. Hallo zusammen Kann mir jemand sagen, welche Tarnung das ist?
  5. Hello,I hope you will help me and i hope you understand my question and why i Need help I would like to adjust the camouflage of Tirpitz main turrets. there is my question to ....there are two folders GGM006 and GGM005.GGM006 is for Main Turret A and GGM005 is for Main Turret B; C and D. I would like the look of each tower individually adjust, but everything I change in GGM005 always relates to B; C and D Turret.There must be a file that tells the program on position 1 Main Turret A use GGM006; used at position 2 Main Turret B GGM005; at position 3 Main Turret C use GGM005 and at position 4 Main Turret D also use GGM005.Can someone tell me in which file the position of Main Turrets is set ?????Please help, it's all about the individual adapt to the individual Main Turrets after original photos of the Tirpitz.
  6. Hi to all, This is the question: I got the US DD SIMS, and i use the free permanent camouflage cause is a premium ship. But somenthig is wrong... As you can see in this image i allready set the free camouflage and i (must) have this bonus: -3% Detectability +4% Max Dispersion enemy shells +50% EXP but... if i select the 8.000 credits Type 1 camoflage i can see REALLY the only -3% Detectability Bonus... So i suppose i do not have that bonus with the actual camouflage installed... Is that correct? If yes, why??? Sorry for my english, i still try to improve it, but in any case i can't change my nature... I'm an Italian guy ;) Regards