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Found 8 results

  1. Voskoulis_GR

    Italian/American ships Greek Camo

    Hello Guys, I just wanted to say that it would be great for the Greek community of WoWs to see some Greek ships into the game.There are 2 Greek ships that made a good impression in WWI&WW2. 1)HS BELOS D-16 (DD) Fletcher Class American Destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Charrette 2)HS G.AVEROF (CA) Pisa Class Italian Heavy Cruiser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof Because of their initial construction in other countries the only implement for us would be a Greek CAmo. That Camo (GReek FLag,Colors,Captain name,etc),could be in wargaming store and everyone interested in that could buy it.That would be really great and appreciated by the Greek community of WoWs. What is your opinion?
  2. I have to say I am loving some of the new Camos that came with this patch. Hatsuharu unfortunately just has the same as Fubuki. Also, the Hiryu lost the red meatball it had without camo. No idea what some of the other ships camos are as I do not have them.
  3. I am a bit of a fan of the Fubuki & the Hatsu, using the latter to train up a captain for the Kagero & Shima. To that end I bought the permanent gold camo with the XP boost on both ships. If the Hatsu goes to T6 and the Fubuki to T6 then what happens to the permanent camo & the 5,000 gold I spent on it? If WG refund the gold, fine, no problem with that but if they dont and both are dropped down to T6 then I just lost 3,000 gold at least and as I am not sure that I would keep either at T6, arguably all 5,000 gold lost. Minor worry perhaps to some, but would deter me from ever buying premium camo again if WG don't refund fully.
  4. Alexisnew

    Camo Halloween spotted

    En feuilletant des pages sur WoWS, certains joueurs ont rencontré un curieux camo dans l'onglet Apparence sur le serveur NA : http://i.imgur.com/FgAIfYc.jpg
  5. Bereits vor einigen Wochen wurde in Fragerunden mit den Entwicklern bekannt gegeben, dass es zukünftig mehr Tarnungen geben soll, angefangen bei besonderen Anstrichen für alle Premium-Schiffe. Dies scheint sich nun abzuzeichnen am Horizont. In den USA (und scheinbar bisher nur dort) wurde die Shopseite optisch überarbeitet. Das sieht zum einen deutlich übersichtlicher und moderner aus, aber offenbart eben auch die scheinbar kommenden neuen Anstriche für die meisten Premium-Schiffe. Die Bilder der Schiffe habe ich einfach mal diesem Beitrag angehängt. Im US-Client/Spiel selbst sind diese Tarnungen aber noch nicht aktiv. Von daher ist es nicht 100% sicher, ob diese auch genauso kommen werden und wenn doch wann dies der Fall sein wird. Es deutet aber zumindest einiges darauf hin ;)
  6. I'm wondering why I can't see the cost of camo patterns I have in stock? I got a few type6 camo patterns from the crates and I'm happy about that. What I don't like is that the tooltip doesn't tell me how much they cost unless it's mounted on the ship. This: VS this: I aslo dislike the fact that when applying one of these the "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" tick box is automatically ticked. Now I just lost one camo pattern testing this, but I might have lost the rest of the little doubloosn I have left. I was simply lucky to spot this before I had used the remaining stock of them.
  7. Hallo zusammen Kann mir jemand sagen, welche Tarnung das ist?
  8. ​​Anyone farming %100 more XP camo of Halloween?