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Found 3 results

  1. So US CV captains get a comfortable and reliable premium carrier, but what about us IJN CV captains? Last time I checked with WG and premium CVs they said they "don't want to sell the carrier experience as it is now" and I'll say I could agree with that, but I don't really care. Here I'll throw some cash at the screen if only I could get 1 IJN premium CV. My proposal could be called the Japanese Saipan equivalent, yup its the Ibuki-class Light Aircraft Carrier. So Saipan being the Baltimore Conversion, this is the conversion from Ibuki so they're both converted from tier 9 CAs. First off lets get some stats in here shall we, also I will compare with Saipan. Ibuki Saipan Displacement 14 800 tons 14 500 tons Length 200 m 209 m Beam 21 m 23 m Draft 6.3 m 8.5 m Propulsion 72 000 shp 120 000 shp Speed 29 knots 33 knots DP 2x2 Type 98 8 cm DP none AA 16x3 25 mm 5x4+11x2 40 mm (4x4) + 16x2 20 mm (15x2) Aircraft carried 27 42 (48) So of course I find some info to be conflicting with in game stats (in game stats are in the parentheses), but this only proves that they can be adjusted to fit ingame or at a certain tier. So they are equal in most areas, with Ibuki's speed being made up for in better concealment as she's smaller, Ibuki's low AA would be made up by actually having long range AA/DP. The problem lies in the amount of planes carried as Saipan looks a lot stronger. Now this might just mean Ibuki will have to make due with tier 6, but personally I would like the two to be the same tier, for rivalry reasons of course. So I say just buff it up to just short of Saipan, let Ibuki have tier 10 planes or maybe just make up for it in some other stat change/consumable etc. In the end I don't really mind what prem CV arrives with the Japanese flag, but having the two rivals fight both at tier 9 and tier 7 seems like such a cool thing to do. At this point I'd buy any prem IJN CV SO PLEASE LET ME THROW MONEY AT YOU ffs Looking at this picture makes me sad, seeing it in game wouldn't make me sad. Get the hint WG?
  2. Hi all, I'm grinding through my independence at the moment and I'm undecided about which tier 3 skill to go for, either High Alert or Torpedo Acceleration. Are there any major benefits to one over the other or does it depend on my play style? Thanks.
  3. FoolsFTW

    Airplane stats

    Hello, i have a questions concerning the stats/attributes of airplanes. When i hover over an airplane icon in the modules view in my harbour, i can see an overview of the airplanes stats. Example: Is this overview of stats realted to one single plane or the whole squadron? (I am not a native speaker please forgive any mistakes)