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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Do you use "Static" or "Dynamic" crosshair (June 2019 Poll)? BTW, I did similar poll in September 2017: Please note that if you look at some prominent YouTube-ers / Twitch-ers like "Flamu" and "Flambass" the exclusively use the classic static crosshairs... As for me I am still using good old "Static" one... Leo "Apollo11" 
  2. Hi all, Do you use "Static" or "Dynamic" crosshair? BTW, I am still using "Static" and I am faithful to the good old "Nappelcommander" MOD by @Nappelcommander ... IMHO the best there is... Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Hi guys! Can anyone help me and tell me what is this crosshair and how to get one?! It is the one on the Budyonny in the video. Thank you in advance. Cheers!
  4. Hi there, I have made a new Crosshair. Tried to make it simple but effective. Its my first try, so dont be too harsh. Hope u like it little bit. There a three different ones, choose ur favorite. *Supports max. FullHD 1920x1080* *updated for 0.3.1* Spoiler Direct Download Version with 3 Circles. (3K) Spoiler Direct Download Another Version with an flipped T-target cross. Spoiler Direct Download Update* added a new black Crosshair + OTM Direct Download Installation: Copy the res_mods Folder into your WoWs Main Folder...make a Copy of the original paths.xml (Main Folder) and replace it with the paths.xml from the downloaded Rar. Done! If you have a bug or a question, pls post it. LG Bowser
  5. TomBombardil

    Mod Request

    Hey. Since wargameing does a lousy job of inproving there game in terms of setting wise and i realy cant program i would like to do mod request Any sugestions where i might post this request also for more probbabilaty someone great modder will make this will be helpfull 1. Normal crosshair scaling I use a 1600X900 settign becouse the crosshairs of 1920X1210 are just realy far off and bad. THERE TO SMALL! (i like to normal crosshairs) 1.1 UI scaling Or better A way to scale the UI becouse everything is just TINY, in better resolutions setting. 2. Darker Funnel smoke. For far away targets there funnel smoke is just not visable. so any speed they have is just a great guess. ofcourse i could just use an aim-assist mod. but i dispise those. ofcourse the longer the frustration the lesser this dispise becomes. Hopefully someone will be abel to make this and add to Aslans mod pack or a singel release. but this will help greatly with the UI frustration I (and probbably many with me) have. Yours Sincerly TomBombardil

    [MOD] TOMACHINE's Flags and Crosshair

    Hello All, I'd like to present you my modified crosshair and set of flags. Simply extract the files into your game folder\res_mods\[current version]\ Enjoy! FLAGS content.rar 330.56K CROSSHAIR gui.rar 489.97K content.rar gui.rar