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Found 14 results

  1. arquata2019

    FPS and Graphics balanced

    Hi guys! i already know this is the wrong topic (if i writed it correctly) because i won't do anything correct in my life. i'm playing with: Ati Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3ghz 4gb ram ddr2 Windows 10 64bit ================= What are the best in-game settings for playing at 1680x1050 or 1600x1200 resolution? (at least 30fps)
  2. Hallo zusammen!Ich spiele seit der Beta und hatte bis vor einigen Tagen nach einigen Patches damals das Problem, dass die Schiffe nicht dort angezeigt werden, wo sie eigentlich sein sollten. Von diesem Problem gibt es bereits einige Threads und ich habe mittlerweile wahrscheinlich eine allgemeine Lösung bzw. einen Anhaltspunkt für euch und das Problem gefunden.Mein damaliges System umfasste grob folgendes:Windows 8.1 64 bitIntel i5 auf Sockel 1156 (ASUS-Board)8 GB RAMAMD Radeon 6850Das heutige System:Windows 10 64bitIntel i7 weiterhin auf Sockel 1156 (gleiches ASUS-Board)12 GB RAMRadeon RX 470Das Problem war das gleiche wie zu Beta-Zeiten und machte das Spiel damit unspielbar. Mit dem Update auf Windows 10, ist ein frisches System vorhanden und gilt als Quasi-Neuinstallation. Die Hardware ist also größtenteils austauschbar, das Betriebssystem neu installiert -> das Problem wandert aber mit! Andere Spiele sind in keinster Weise betroffen. Ein Netzwerkproblem scheidet aus, da die Schiffe ja weiterhin treffbar sind, solange man deren Position richtig vermutet oder Teammitglieder auf dieses feuern. Der Abstand der Hitbox zum Modell wird clientseitig dargestellt und vergrößert / verschlimmert sich mit zunehmender Spieldauer. Grafische Einstellungen scheiden aus, da ich alle Kombinationen durchgemacht habe und sich in keinster weise etwas geändert hat. Was an meinem System gleich geblieben ist, ist das Mainboard mit seinen Zusatzprogrammen. Ein Zusatzprogramm ist hier die "ASUS AI Suite", die Systemkomponenten in kleinen Bereichen über- oder untertakten kann um bspw. Strom zu sparen. So auch hier, was minimale Änderungen der CPU-Taktfrequenz meines i7 zur Folge hat (in Zahlen: -3 (!) Mhz). Der Fehler tritt auf, wenn der Stromsparmechanismus aktiv ist! Er tritt nachvollziehbar nicht auf, wenn die Leistung auf 100% Grundtakt der CPU eingestellt ist! Checkt also eure Stromsparprogramme oder eure Übertaktung und stellt mal testweise alles auf Standardtakt ein. Wenn der Fehler dann weg ist, muss wohl was an der Leistungsprogrammierung seitens WG getan werden :) Bitte testen und Ergebnisse hier rein.
  3. Hello folks.. :-) tl/dr - can anyone please tell me which settings are cpu or gpu intensive, and/or how are comparable cpus doing for others? I've been experiencing FPS drops in-game for a while now, so today i decided to try and solve it - without much success.. or rather it was a bit disappointing, not sure if i should raise a support ticket...or if my cpu is just past it... as it does max out occasionally, whereas the graphics card is never pushed beyond 35%. Win 10, GTX 1070, i5 2500k OC @ 4.5GHz, 16GB Ram - latest drivers, no problem running any other titles i own at Max with good solid fps (Doom, BF4 etc). I saved a replay I had noticed an fps drop in last night; uninstalled game, deleted all old data.. fresh install, no mods. I used Fraps to run a 6 min benchmark on the saved replay, and tried all the settings; beyond medium settings I keep getting fps drops to unplayable levels. here is a sample of the results: 2017-02-07 11:44:44 - WorldOfWarships - maxFrames: 22234 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 61.761 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:15:07 - WorldOfWarships - highFrames: 23290 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 64.694 - Min: 21 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 12:05:27 - WorldOfWarships - medFrames: 26493 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.592 - Min: 59 - Max: 76 2017-02-07 11:54:50 - WorldOfWarships - lowFrames: 26553 - Time: 360000ms - Avg: 73.758 - Min: 68 - Max: 76 With everything maxed the average is fine (my screen is only 60hz), but the drops to low are at best very annoying, and at worst making the game unplayable for me... interestingly the ingame fps counter usually reports a lower fps than fraps...those min fraps 20fps show as 10-11 on the ingame counter. As there seems to be a parity between low/medium and high/max in terms of the bench results i got, I did a bunch of tests where I tried various combos of settings as i thought it would be easy to find the settings which were causing the fps drop, but the process takes ages.. and I'm not convinced i can reliably set anything above the stock medium without experiencing the fps drop... scratching my head over this a bit... so...what do you think, cpu past it? bugged? working as intended? anyone got a list of which settings are most cpu intensive? cheers all dash
  4. captain_sam

    WoW on tablets?

    Hi guys, do one of you players play WoW on a tablet? I play right now on a laptop (win7 64, i7 dual-core, 8Gb RAM, NVidia GT 540) and the game runs really smooth. There are tablets for gamers nowadays being even more powerful than that, so I would guess there is no issue with playing WoW on a tablet. However, before I invest in such a goodie (need a tablet anyway, it is not just for WoW ;-)), I wanted to know if I should go for a gamer oriented tablet or if it is useless in the context of WoW. Love that game and would be too cool to play it in my bed next to the sleepy wife ;-). Thanks !
  5. Hi i like the game however my i7 4770R quadcore (Gigabyte BRIX) with builtin GPU gets reallly hot at 85~90 degrees Celcius and that is at full fan speed (hairdrier sound). My resolution is a mere 1920x1080 (lower is just unplayable because then the lack of details makes aiming really difficult) and my settings are all on lowest and I get 58~62 FPS. I have currently these settings enabled: "Vertical Synchronisation" [On / Off] "Tripple Buffering" [On / Off] My question is: A) What do these two settings do respectively in WOWS during battle play? B) What could I do further to lower the GPU usage of my processor while still achieve 60 FPS for playability?
  6. Noodles123

    CPU spikes and FPS drop

    After latest patch i have CPU spikes and horrendous FPS drop and overall higher CPU usage than normal with WoWs... no change in my hardware or software. Anyone else having same problems ?
  7. I unistaled and delete the remaining files, then fresh instaled the game, though dunno if is related before this game was eating around 70%-80% CPU usage now it down to 35% or 40% with is QUITE good. I Veary happy about it, dunno if is intended or not but i greatly notice the reduce of the cpu and i am gratefull, this realy was a nice update, apart from the bad stuff that ppl are moaning about. So good job Dev in this section of performance, much appreciated. Ps- Bellow 2 screenshots 1 is performance from CPU in % and my system spec(with they aint great).
  8. robihr

    cpu usage

    can anyone explain to me cpu usage when i am on login screen or in port? getting 20-40% cpu usage on practically idle mode with my i5-2500k. also i replaced login screen with picture so nothing should be computed there, but i still get >20% cpu usage on it.
  9. Mein PC: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T 3,3 GHz AMD Sapphire Tri-X R9 290 16 GB RAM Win10 und das Spiel frisst einfach nur meine CPU, die Auslastung ist bei 80-90%, und wenn ich nebenbei noch surfen etc geht gar nicht mehr. WTF Was kann ich tun?
  10. cryonicangel

    CPU load with increased max FPS.

    I wanted to try something and increased the max FPS to 150 (default is 75). Suddenly the CPU load jumped up to 60%. And my rig is not a potato, running the Intel i7 5820K @4,5GHz with every powersaving feature disabled, that thing can handle anything. The usual CPU load from WoWs is around 30-40%, which is pretty high for a game like that, but i take it cause beta. But why the heck do i get a 50% increase in the CPU load just by bumping FPS? Well, i dont need it now, but once i get my 144Hz 1440p monitor, THAT will be a problem. Is this well known or not? Increasing the max FPS should not affect the CPU load at all, just the GPU load. Rest of the system: ASUS X99-A board 16GB of DDR4 2666 CL11 RAM (OCd, sharpened timings a bit) Gigabyte GTX 970 Windforce, OC`d (OC doesnt do anything here, GPU is bored to death with 30-40% load...) WoWs on max settings, installed on the SSD Samsung 840 EVO 120gb. Windows 10, also installed on the same SSD. Latest drivers, updates, early updates (still in the insider preview programm for windows, so i run the build 10532 now). And the FPS jump around like crazy, i got dips to 100 fps while having them maxed out at 150. And with default settings (75fps) they drop to 45 sometimes with no reason at all, nothing happens on the screen.
  11. spitifre303

    Unable to use overclocked CPU

    Hi, I'm running on AMD FX 6300 and I think it's bottlenecking my rig: 4GB RAM Win 7 HD 7870 (overclocked) In some situations and especially when playing tier VIII Atago with many ships around it's getting really chunky and difficult to play. The FPS drops even to 15 FPS (normally between 35-50-60). I tried (even before the last patch) to overclock my CPU but anytime I raise the frequency and launch the game... the game gets crazy. The very first animations before logging to your account is getting chunky, impossible to play because the ping goes down to 350 or even 1000 LOL I get disconnected. Whenever I go back to the normal frequency after rebooting my system everything is fine. Is it a known problem?
  12. MjolnirGaming

    Frame rate issues (reposted in right forum)

    (I've reposted this from the General Discussion as I forgot this forum was here) Has anyone had massive FPS issues recently? I was on WOWS last night and I was steadily running the game at 60FPS on high setting, with the GPU being used upto 100% of it's capabilities. I logged in today and my FPS doesn't go above 30 in matches, with the game only using 30-50% of the GPU's capabilities. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  13. MjolnirGaming

    FPS Issues

    Has anyone had massive FPS issues recently? I was on WOWS last night and I was steadily running the game at 60FPS on high setting, with the GPU being used upto 100% of it's capabilities. I logged in today and my FPS doesn't go above 30 in matches, with the game only using 30-50% of the GPU's capabilities. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  14. modtools

    High CPU usage problem

    After the last updates i got a really high CPU usage on my AMD 8150 OCTCORE @3.6 Ghz All Cores are used at 90% but the RAM is still under 1GB of Usage. Even at the splash screen to enter the game the load is high. Before the update i had a Cpu usage of maximum 50% and 3 GB Ram usage. MY System specs are: AMD FX 8150 (codename Bulldozer) Nvida GTX 660 TI 3GB SSD 128GB Sandisk I added some screenshots of my taskmanager Some of my friends have the same problem on other system setting, Intel CPUs and Radeon Cards too Hope there is a solution for me to lower the usage of CPU Perhaps there are others with the same problem Pls discuss with me or collect ideas to fix this issue I think it could be a problem in memory allocation - the game only uses 400 MB of RAM while playing ~900MB of 24GB avaiable. This looks like a classic bottleneck in allocation of RAM. The high CPU problem is a problem in caching ingamedata in RAM correctly and getting it back. So the CPU makes all the work and tries to handle ingamedata in realtime I am not a professional in this topic but this could be an interesting point to figure the bug out.