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Found 22 results

  1. Turion1979

    Sound Bugs / Problems since new Patch

    Hi there, i just want to ask if its already reported with the Sound Issues since the New Patch. While it plays "Defeat" Music while you press Exit Battle Button (if you died do early) or it plays Random "Victory" Sound somehow even if you are defeated. And the same goes for the Port Music. I can switch to every possible Port but i still got the same Music (for me it sounds like CBT Port Music - while der was only one Track without a Prem Account) guess that will be fixed in the next Patch?
  2. jtoler90

    Please Fix control Planes on CV

    -Planes get stuck in limbo (going in circles after a manual attack), this happens mostly with fighters, once this happens there is nothing you can do, they will be stuck there until they get shot down. -Catapult airplanes affect multiple bomb squadrons, for example one catapult is fighting 1 of my torpedo bombers but my bombers and other torpedo bombers are affected by it. Sometimes this happens sometimes it doesn't so this is definitely a bug. -Manual attack area of effect in bombers is worse when being attacked than using the automatic attack (Makes no sense). -Being matched with higher tiers I ll soon make a video to show what I mean. Will post soon
  3. NemanjA_98

    Bugs, not as much, but...

    Recently I had a pritty bad time with one of my battles, you see, the problem was that I couldn't move my ship or do anything else other then typing in chat, I don't know what it was so I restarted my game cilent and it worked but... Also another one is about loading a battle, so after that happened, later on in the day I decided to have a battle or two with my fleet and so I hit that battle button and it had put me into a team so I waited and waited.. and nothing happend, still had to restart.. That's it from me for now, question is, did anyone of you encountered the same bugs I had?
  4. GvD

    Yamato, ich liebe sie

    Ahoy, Also ich wollte hier mal meine meinung zu der yamato kundtun. das ding hatt mir schon vor dem patch angefangen spaß zu machen, jetzt rockt sie einfach nur.
  5. RenamedUser_582563211

    Endlich Unterseeboote in World of Warships!

    Hatte heute Morgen einen lustigen Bug. Bin in der Hitze des Gefechts in eine untergehende Omaha (?) reingefahren, die mich einfach mal mit in die Tiefe gezogen hat. War bestimmt 30 Sekunden unter Wasser (ganz schön dunkel da) und konnte mich irgendwann vom Wrack lösen und bin mit einem schönen Hopser wieder aufgetaucht. Zum Glück hatte meine Crew ne komplette Taucherausrüstung an Bord, so ist keiner ertrunken. Wäre eigentlich auch ganz gerne unter der Wasseroberfläche geblieben, dann wäre aus der Minekaze ein schönes U-Boot geworden, Torpedos hat sie ja zur Genüge an Bord!
  6. Moin, die Flagge India Delta ist verbuggt. Der Bonus wird im Hafen bei Einbau nicht angezeigt. Eben grad mit Izumo und Baltimore getestet. Ist das nur nen Anzeigebug oder bekommt man den Bonus auch nicht im Spiel?
  7. Thought I'd start a thread of all the little things we've encountered as bugs or little improvements that would be nice to fix/add! (This is not a thread for suggesting balancing fixes etc. do not suggest them here!) To start with: [bUG] Changing torpedo spread on a DD at the start of a game before they've loaded often doesn't give you the correct spread. [improvement] Being able to disable secondaries / AA before game starts (or even have it set up in the Dock / Harbour). I often forget to do it and end up lighting myself up as a DD :/. Many thanks, Isitari.
  8. Zankyou

    Queue numbers bugged.

    Hello guys. So I had noticed that my queue indicator does not tell me the exact number of players actually in my range and in queue. When I`m queuing for tier 10, its always --/79, tier 9 , 1//79 , tier 8, 2/79 and so on. I still get into games with no trouble but its an eyesore not knowing such simple information. Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  9. Doctor_Nocty

    Grafik BUGS!Ladescreen verschmiert!

    Habe mir gestern WoW heruntergeladen.....klappt alles Prima doch,sobald ich im Ladescrenen bin verschmiert mein Fadenkreuz u.s.w. komme nicht in Spiel!(Schlachtfeld)! Brauche Hilfe!Danke im Vorraus! ;) Kann nicht am PC liegen,denn habe Bekannte die das Spiel mit weniger Ressourcen spielen! 8 GB RAM 250GB Samsung SSD 1 TB Festplatte Asus R9 280X Series
  10. Sehales


    Hier könnt ihr alle Fehler rund um den Public Test 0.5.1 melden.
  11. Eclipse99

    SLI/Multi-monitor bugs/issues

    Im running SLI 2x GTX 760's and have really struggled to get this game to run. I just thought I'd post this to a) make any one who has the same issue aware and b) to hopefully provoke a fix from some one at wargaming. By no means do I expect the game to run on launch at my 5760x1080 native, but to get the game to work at all I've had to do the following: 1) disable SLI completely 2) disable 2/3 monitors 3) delete preferences.xml 4) re-launch and set all options (every option within the graphical settings is completely blank up untill this step) most other menus in the game seem bugged up until this step also 5) set to 1920x1080 on a single monitor, then find that theres massive graphical texture tearing making the game un-playerable 6) rollback my graphics drivers to 350.12 to fix above issue Theres multiple previous fourm threads relating to several of these issues for eg: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/17551-texture-bug-0401/ Non have appear to have been acknowledged. To reiterate - this isent a post moaning about wanting to run the game at my native res (although it would look beautiful) - It's just to make other players and the dev's aware hopefully! Thanks
  12. SerpentNLD

    Ammo switch bug

    So I'm sailing rather happily in my Furutaka (for as much you can call it a happy sail, that "thing" is really underpowered). And shooting my AP shells on enemy ships, well guess what happens.. Apparently I have HE shells in another language or something because out of nowhere it switches my AP shells to HE shell selection.. I noticed this only in my Furutaka for now, but maybe there are other ships as well. So if this would be fixed I would be a bit less frustrated grinding that horrible ship.
  13. Hallo WoWs Gemeinde, Mir ist das heute nun schon zum 4. Mal passiert das mein Spiel sich einmal im Ladebildschirm verabschiedet hat, dann mal mitten im Spiel (eingefrohren) und auch in den Docks. Der Fehler trat, soweit ich mich erinnern kann bis jetzt erst 6mal auf. Mir war es leider nicht möglich einen Screenshot davon zu machen (auf die übliche Weise) also habe ich mein Handy genommen und meinen Monitor geknipst (...) "Bevor einer sagt, melde das dem Support - Ticket ist schon unterwegs" ich wollte es euch nur zeigen, vielleicht kennt jemand diese Fehlermeldung auch, bzw. weiß Rat was das ist... Wie das im Spiel aussieht: Letztes Spiel Flugzeugräger, mein Träger war in Bewegung, die Flugzeuge ließen sich aber nicht kontrollieren - allerdings wurden sie "angegriffen"... zurück auf dem Desktop fand ich wieder diese ominöse Fehlernachricht. Es gab schon in den letzten Tagen die eine oder andere Meldung über einen Fehler mit dem BigWorldClienten, da hieß es aber DirectX sei Schuld... Nun ich habe DirectX 9 / 11 installiert, meine Grafiktreiber,Systemtreiber und Updates sind auch auf dem neusten Stand und Viren ect. hab ich auch nicht auf dem PC.
  14. Deadwizard

    Niewidzialne torpedy

    Dopiero co skończyłem grę gdzie mój okręt został zatopiony przez torpedę zrzuconą przez bombowiec torpedowy jednego z graczy po stronie przeciwnej. Problem polega na tym że ta torpeda nie pojawiła się w mojej grze, nie było żadnego ostrzeżenia o torpedach tylko nagle, jakby znikąd jestem trafiony i zaczyna mnie zalewać. Sprawdziłem replay i nie wiedzę tej torpedy. Mógłbym podesłać replay ale nie wiem gdzie, tutaj nie mogę go dodać bo nie mam uprawnień/pozwolenia.
  15. Bogeyxx

    Credits reward completely off

    Hey, first of all: There is no real bug section, is it? I don't know exactly when it started, but at least since this week my credits rewards are displayed completely wrong. Just look at the screenshots. The end of round screen and report hover shows 172k credits. The details just show 22k. Sadly i just receive these 22k... Is it just me?
  16. MrG8

    Can't launch the game

    Hello! So I just started bought a ship to get into the CBT. But when I press "play" in the launcher I get a Critical Error with this information: ---------------------------Critical Error Occurred---------------------------Application E:/Spel/WARGAMING/World_of_Warships/worldofwarships.exe crashed 04.26.2015 at 07:50:16 Message:RenderContext::createEffect: Error creating effect for 'shaders/std_effects/per_frame_effect_pool.fx' (reason = E_FAIL(0x80004005) : An undetermined error occurred inside the Direct3D subsystem.) Memory status: System: 91303936/3221225472 [2.83% used] The application must exit. ---------------------------OK --------------------------- What can be the problem? I meet the requirements, I play WOT and GTA5 without problem. Never had this problem before. I tried to reinstall the game, but same error occur! Would appreciate some help here! Thank you!
  17. xBiburgerBangerx

    Sehe Mauszeiger auf dem Spielfeld

    Heym wusste nicht genau wo ich das hinschreiben soll deswegen jetzt hier habe seit paar updates die krankesten fehler wie zb. ich kann mich nicht umsehen sondern bin auf mein schiff fixiert oder was heute dazu kam ich sehe den mauszeiger wenn ich im Spielfeld bin und kann meine türme erst drehen wenn der zeiger den linken oder rechten bildschirmrand berührt dann kommt noch dazu das ich wenn ich den bug hab nicht schießen kann. wenn ich abdrücke hör ich zwar den ton das ich wieder nachgeladen hab aber ich schieße einfach nicht hoffe mir kann da jemand helfen ach ja mein system intel core i5 4460 4x 3.2 ghz oc auf 3.4 ghz 16gb ddr3 1600mhz cl 9 asrock b85 m pro 4 sapphire r9 380 nitro 4gb gddr5 1tb hdd 500gb ssd
  18. HenkBres

    [BuG] Overview map for Carriers

    If you play with carriers and you press the SHIFT key you get a overview map, or tactical map, on which you can send your aircraft. This is a very useful way to direct aircraft to your targets. However I can't see my cursor of my mouse every time I use this map. So I can't tell where I send my aircraft unless I spam the left mouse button with orders. I do get a confirmation if I give aircraft orders but I do not see the cursor. If I select my aircraft and send them the cursor or pointer is gone. The only time I see a cursor is if I select the carrier by pressing 1 and then hover above some land. Then you see a cursor. The second I hover the mouse over water I can no longer see my cursor. Will upload some screen shots later today with the bug.
  19. This is an extremely simple but incredibly annoying bug I don't think I even need any screen evidence since the evidence can be presented by stating that the turn radius of the bombers is flawed in a way where if I use manual bombing mode to decrease hit area there is a chance that if the bombers are in a "bad" spot they will sometimes try to turn until they can deliver the bombs, the problem is seen when the turn radius of the bombers is never sufficient to hit the target flight path fast enough for bomb delivery when the crosshair goes yellow... I think this only applies to higher tier CVs where the speed is faster and the turn radius is reduced. There is no way to control it since the bombers are in attack mode and because of this annoying bug my bombers are stuck in an infinite spiral open to enemy AA guns until they die out or if the orbit eventually hits the target area. pls fix. --Sorry I use wrong terminology because I am not native English speaker I think this is just bad game design.
  20. I have tried for weeks and weeks to get this game working again but It just keeps refusing to do so. I keep getting this "Unhandled Exception error, Application will be restarted" everytime i try and load the game up. So i went on google to find some possible fixes to my current problem and it's all the same. Absolute shite! I've tried all of your troubleshooting and nothing! from downloading 'Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 7 (SP7)' to changing to 'IE-11', uninstalling the game(I can no longer download it either because of that [edited]irritable error) None of them work! So I am going to make a suggestion to the developers as a whole because this problem Is on all of Wargaming's games, you need to update the launchers compatibility etc. And you really need to fix this on your side of the spectrum because there is fuckall I can do now. it's obvious that your software Is out of date and needs some updating. I'm all out of options and getting really impatient. the error Is coming from the launcher itself the other files seem to be fine. OS - Win-7 GPU - EVGA GTX 760 FTW 4GB CPU - FX6100 6 Core 4.0 Ghz
  21. Tie_Justice

    BUGS as of today?

    today is the first day i have ever had a problem. 1st game. the game go's into loading screen ready to start game then nothing??? 10 min later i quit game i log back in and it say's my ship is in battle> 1hr later its still in battle????? 2nd game there is no end screen showing game results ?? not a big problem, but never happened before. 3rd game i am notising the shells are falling way to short??? only when i am aiming well above where the should be??? and random spread more than 2 battle ship from bow to stern ? 4th where is my pre-order just wasted the long week end and it has still not arrived. please not game is installed on Hard Drive 3. FPS are at 59-60 lag is 23-76Ms the only update was Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package (KB2538242) Installation date: ‎03/‎05/‎2015 18:40 Installation status: Successful Full Specification: of LAPTOP- Chipset Intel® 8 Series Chipset- Processor Intel Core i7 4940MX Quad Core Processor 3.10 GHz (4.0GHz Turbo) running non Turbo- Memory Type 32GB PC3-12800 1600MHz SO-DIMM DDR3 Memory (4 x 8GB sticks)- Hard Drive 1 1 x 1000GB Samsung 850 EVO Solid State Drive- Hard Drive 2 1 x Seagate 2.5" SSHD 1000GB Hybrid SSD / HDD Drive - Hard Drive 3 1 x 1000GB Samsung 840 EVO mSATA Solid State Drive- Graphics 2 x GTX 980 8GB in SLI mode- Screen Size 17.3 inch Widescreen- Native/Maximum Resolution 1920 x 1080- Backlight LED- Chipset Intel High Definition Audio- Channels 5.1 Channel Analog Output- Connections Audio Jack Stereo x 1 (Line in / Line out) / SPDIF- Speakers 2 x Onkyo High Quality Speakers- Subwoofer Built in one Subwoofer- Integrated Microphone Yes- External Audio Support External 7.1CH audio output supported by headphone, microphone, Line-in jack, S/PDIF- LAN Gigabit LAN- Wireless Support Intel Centrino Wireless AC and Bluetooth 4.0 Mini Card (up to 867Mbps, 2.4/5GHz)- Bluetooth Support Bluetooth V4.0 module support- Webcam 2.0MP Webcam- Keys Full size backlit isolated keyboard with numeric pad- Pointing Device | Touchpad Mouse Built in touch pad with multi-gesture and scrolling function- Memory Card Reader 9-in-1 Card Reader- HDMI Ports 1- USB 4 x USB 3.0 ports- USB/e-SATA 1- Display 1 x HDMI Out Port & 1 x Display Port- Microphone-IN 1- Headphone-OUT 1- DC-in 1- LAN 1 x RJ-45 jack- S/PDIF 1- Kensington Lock Yes- Thunderbolt 1- Webcam 2.0MP Webcam- Battery Type 8 cell Smart Lithium-Ion battery pack, 89.21WH- Power Lead & AC Adpater 1 x Power Lead included with AC Adapter- Kingerprint Scanner Yes- Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. Regards ps: i have also put a ticket in and have had no replay well over 2days ago. i have just now received my ship back NO report of win - loss? 1hr 20min latter my ticket was answere ???? but its on about how to download the game??? did not ask that?
  22. WhiteCliffs

    Some interesting bugs.

    So I'm not sure what the turret commander was up to but quite randomly he decided to rotate my 'Y' turret (back one) 360°, clipping through the turret in front of it. That was a strange thing but when I get back to port, Warspite has become a warehouse. Anyone experienced these novelties?