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Found 124 results

  1. me and my platoon mate did turn away from each other, but instead of scraping off -this happen
  2. Hi all, Possible bug with new v0.5.1.4 - There is no indicator of remaining XP needed for Retraining Captains - just red line with no numbers... Do you guys see this as well? Leo "Apollo11"
  3. Witam, Odkryłem ciekawego buga związanego z tym osiągnięciem i nie chodzi mi o to, że nie zalicza myśliwców katapultowanych, ale o to że zalicza NASZE zniszczone myśliwce przez nas samych (można to zrobić atakując myśliwcami przy użyciu Alt'a). Screen: http://screenshooter.net/102560404/nhrnnpp (wiem beznadziejna bitwa ) i nie pytać dlaczego strzelam do własnych samolotów
  4. fullmetalpanic

    Sofortiger Torpedoabwurf mit Taste 3?

    Hiho Leute mir ist etwas sehr Seltsames passiert. War mit der Tirpitz unterwegs (und nein keine Angst, es wird kein Tirpitz TE, ist gerade nur mit der passiert) und hab mich mit einer anderen Tirpitz gebattlet, bis ich dann in Torpedoreichweite gekommen war. Natürlich wollte ich jetzt auch meine Torpedos, der anderen Tirpitz um die Ohren hauen. Da passiert es, ich drücke die Taste 3 um die Torpedos auszuwählen und zack in den Moment wo ich die Taste drückte, schossen die Torpedos schon los und natürlich ins Leere. Mir ist das jetzt zum ersten Mal passiert in fast 1000 Gefechten. Ist das ein Bug vom Spiel und/oder von der Tirpitz oder was anderes (Lag ca.) und hat es auch schon jemand anderes gehabt? (nein habe kein Replay, habs noch nicht an gemacht und nein derzeit kein Mods darauf)
  5. Lemonaitor

    Stuck on Island on Shard map

    Hi, I was pulling a manouver in my Belfast on the Shards map trying to get out of the A cap circle, when I drifted while turning into and island and got stuck. And by got stuck, I couldn't go forward, and when thrown into full reverse, I shifted back a small way before stopping again, and then when I returned into trying to go forward my ship was still stuck. I have attached a screenshot of my ship sinking in this stuck (I was under fire while moving) And because of the lack of training room I am unable to replicate this fault. EDIT: Sorry if this is in wrong area, was unsure.
  6. Gott ist mit uns!!! Die Schiffe des Gegners werden vom Meer verschlungen!!!
  7. General_Kroes

    Bug? No premium and win bonus (multiplier)

    More got this problem? http://prntscr.com/92mskd
  8. Jack_Varus

    Bug Report- "Sticky" Island

    I've had a couple of instances where I've become completely stuck after scraping an island. It's always when the side of the ship contacts the land, head on hits seem to be escapable. So far I've only encountered it with the Omaha cruiser. A few times it was in the middle of a combat zone and I was too busy to examine the issue too closely, but after getting stuck near the spawn having tried to follow an allied battleship through a strait I got a good look at it. What appears to be happening is on rocky corners of islands there's the potential for the island to clip through the side of the ship. In this case it acts like a barbed hook- the ship can reverse or move forwards a little before getting stuck and application of rudder allows you to pivot, sometimes up to 70 degrees around the point you're attached but you still cannot break free. I've attached a couple of screenshots of the last point I got completely stuck. It's worth noting that my bow was pointing approximately 45 degrees to port from where the screenshot was taken when I collided.
  9. Yikez

    Failed to connect to Server

    Hi All. I have been having a problem today and previously which seemed, until now to be sorted out by changing/redoing my pass word? I had the server drop me out around 04:00 this-morning And was shown the 'Failed to connect to server, please try again later'. I did a few minutes later but no change so off to bed. Its now much later at around 13:10hrs (London) and the same problem exists? Has anyone else been getting this problem or is it me? Any suggestions from you Captains will be great? Just going to try the old reboot it tec fix but???
  10. _Shakes

    Rammen verbuggt

    Also ich muss feststellen, dass es egal ist, ob man die Flagge nutzt oder nicht, ob der Gegner volle HP hat oder nur 4000 HP hat man selbst aber voll ist. Man stirbt immer durch rammen. Es ist anscheind verbuggt. Beispiel NC beide. Ich 50k er 14k - beide sterben. Bitte um meldung vom WG Team.
  11. SInce i didnt saw a bug report forum section, so i though to report this at this section, also not sure if Dev are aware of this spot, regarless does not hurt if i report it here, also i apologise advance if theres a bug section with i didnt saw around or didnt notice any ways back to the Topic. At Tears of the Desert Map, conquest mode, between B/C - 9/8 according to the map/radar ingame, at C conquest spot, theres a island, the "sand" at this island is acting was a block obstacle when we try to shot through: http://prnt.sc/b57cjo Yellow Square - Blocking Wall. Greenbaby Circle - Where the DD/boat was. Heres another angle of the island: http://prnt.sc/b57f12 Yellow circle: Where enemy boat was Green circle: the invisibility wall Orange arrow: Trajectory of my boat Yes neither him nor me could shot each other, though we where looking at each other like ducks till he made a mistake to go backyards with his boat lol. Any ways hope this helps and gets patched. Or this is normal?
  12. oWG_Kirito_Uruz

    Perfect hit no damage

    Almost happen every battle on some dude, i shoot with everything he/ap on the broadside of ships (cruiser) but no damage is shown or no damage is produced. the last match is unbelievable, i was with tier 5 russian destroyer and i couldn't kill a furutaka (broadside) with 1k hp or less.. No matter what i used on him (he/ap on broadside 4 km range).
  13. got stuck beside an island on the map Fault Line, clearly not even close to be stuck and neither back nor forth did give any speed (so it has to be a bug, normally when you are stuck the engine still does build up speed) - screenshots for understanding -> hopefully that helps to fix it, don't want others to get trapped there^^ *edit* after a while the ship started spinning on the same spot, still not able to get out of it
  14. Bonjour je post ici parce que je me demande si je suis le seul vilain petit cannard a avoir ce bug la En effet après avoir désinstallé le jeu et vouloir le réinstallé en passant par le site officiel et bien sa charge et sa me dit le site web est introuvable il est peut etre déplacé ou autre . Du coup je me retrouve en rad sans pouvoir télécharger le jeu et sa sa m'enerve un peu :') . quelqu'un peut m'aider ou faut que j'aille en Russie pour parler a un conseiller ? Merci pour l'aide si jamais
  15. PhantomVyper

    Possible bug in Propulsion Modification 1

    There is a possible bug in the Propulsion Modification 1 upgrade because that upgrade doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect. I have it mounted in my Yubari and literally EVERY hit to the rear of the ship results in a Engine Damage critical, this can't possibly be right.
  16. penggeng

    Flugzeuge Buggi?

    Sagt mal ist euch das in den letzen Tagen auch aufgefallen, das die Flugzeuge von Flugzeugträgern nicht mehr wirklich ihren Job machen. Wenn ich versuche Manuelle Angriffe durchzuführen und die zu nah dran waren drehen die sich über dem Zeil nur noch im kreis. Eben ist mir sogar ein Autoangriff abgebrochen worden und der Flieger flog mit Symbol im Standby. Da die Flugabwehr eh so stark geworden ist, kannst du so in meinen Augen diesen Schiffstyp nicht mehr spielen. Mich würden eure Erfahrungen interessieren. LG Ingo
  17. Alipheese_XV

    CV Jäger Sichtbarkeit buggy im Sturm?

    Bevor gefragt wird, ich habe kein Replay. Nur diesen Screen und der hat... Animebestandteile, also öffnen auf eigene Gefahr Meine Staffel Nr. 3 ist im Kampf, auf der Minimap sieht man auch, wie die gegnerische Jägerstaffel über meiner ist. Etwas weiter vorher war sie im Kampf mit einer anderen Jägerstaffel, da konnte ich Wegpunkte setzen, nix passiert, bis ich auf Minimap das Symbol der gegnerischen Jägerstaffel sah. Ist dies noch wem passiert? Falls dies ein alter Bug ist, tuts mir leid für neuen Thread. Ist aber sehr ärgerlich, wenn man schon um Schiffe zu sehen im Sturm quasi über ihnen sein muss, wenn dann die gegnerischen Jäger nur auf Minimap verfügbar sind... Und ja, ich hab auch einen Strafe über Minimap versucht, klappte aber nicht.
  18. Darkcruiser

    Arkansas Beta Modul Nachladezeit fehler

    Bei der Arkansas Beta ist ein Fehler in der Berechnung der Nachladezeit mit Modulen. Im Zweiten Modul Slot ist bei mir die Modifikation "Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 2" eingebaut wobei die Stats davon "+10%Nachladezeit +15%Drehgeschwindigkeit" sind. Im Dritten Slot habe ich die Modifikation "Hauptbatterie-Modifikation 3" die die Stats "-12%Nachladezeit und -17%Drehgeschwindigkeit" gibt. Wie Ihr seht, sind bei den zwei Modulen, die die gleich Stats verbessern ein Vorzeichenfehler drin (+/-), welches zu einer Fehler in der Berechnung der Nachladezeit der Hauptgeschütze führt.Die Nachladezeit bei installation beider Module ändert sich nur von 30sek -> 29sek, was eigendlich auf 23,4sek sinken sollte. Zudem ist auch die Turmdrehung nicht so schnell wie es eigendlich sein sollte.Der Bug ist ausserordentlich störend und ich habe im Spiel dafür 2Mio Credits bezahlt (durch das Aktions Wochenende runtergesetzt von 4Mio Credits), die ich so wortwörtlich verbrannt habe.
  19. TripleBaka

    problème avec les avions torpille

    Bonjour (PS: désolé pour mes faute d'orthographe) Hier soir j'ai jouer avec mon porte avions Tiers 4 avec un ami qui a rencontré le même problème. J'envoie les explication. Nous nous somme mis d'accord sur une cible pour avoir plus de chance de le couler, nous avons envoyer nos chasseur en premier suivie des torpilleurs. Une fois arriver sur la cible celui ci était très proche d'une île, et nos avions torpille on lâcher leur torpille au dessus de l’île et n'a donc pas toucher la cible. Et donc ça serai pour savoir si d'autre on rencontré le même problème ou ci se genre de situation aurai pue être voulue.
  20. Can we get this stupid bug out of the game please???, multiple people have noted this "Critical Error" that occurs with the game, where the game UI will disappear then about 10secs later the game will freeze and for me it locks up the whole PC and have to press the reset button. Random things like this shouldn't happen, it stems from bad coding and should be a priority specially when multiple users have reported this, I've even used a different OS and graphics card and still get the problem(one user reported that it even happened after getting a brand new PC). Why isn't fixing the game a priority?
  21. NemanjA_98

    Bugs, not as much, but...

    Recently I had a pritty bad time with one of my battles, you see, the problem was that I couldn't move my ship or do anything else other then typing in chat, I don't know what it was so I restarted my game cilent and it worked but... Also another one is about loading a battle, so after that happened, later on in the day I decided to have a battle or two with my fleet and so I hit that battle button and it had put me into a team so I waited and waited.. and nothing happend, still had to restart.. That's it from me for now, question is, did anyone of you encountered the same bugs I had?
  22. karma_rat

    Torpedos mit 0 Damage

    Hallo hab gerade eine Runde mit meiner Fubuki gedreht und wollte eine generische Benson aus ihrem Nebel torpen. Bekomme 3 Torpedo-Treffer angezeigt mit 0 Schaden ! Das Spiel hatte erst gestartet und die Benson war Full HP. Mit der zweiten Salve hab ich sie dann mit einem Treffer versenkt Aber sowas hab ich in 7000 Matches noch nicht erlebt. 0 Hp sektionen im Endgame zu treffen hab ich schon erlebt, aber dies kommt mir wie ein Bug vor. Würde euch gern das Replay hochladen, aber wie ?
  23. LokiGER

    Gnewni HE-Bug?

    Bitte löschen. Doppelpost. Warum auch immer.
  24. I don't know if these are bugs or balancing "features", but these things seem odd: Minekaze and Mutsuki have the same main guns as Wakatake, but much shorter range. They also have lower range than Isokaze, even though IRL their guns had about 50% higher max. range. Many 76mm guns are accounted only as AA, even though they were actually Dual Purpose, especially on US BBs. This means that with hull upgrades those ships have even less secondaries than they did historically (even if the 3" guns were not very effective against surface targets). Myogi has no AA guns even with an upgraded hull. Shouldn't she realistically have replaced her six 76 mm guns with dual-purpose ones during WW1 like Kawachi did? Tier 4 ship with no AA is kind of stupid. As said, I don't know if these are intended so or bugs/omissions. Edit: Omissions; not serious but easy to fix: St. Louis has her 3-pounder (47mm) guns (12 of them) in the ship model, but they are not implemented in the game (they were NOT AA guns, either, but intended as rapid fire anti-torpedo boat guns). While not very effective, they would contribute something to the secondaries. Also, when I tell the gunners to fire all guns at the enemy destroyer, I don't expect the 3-pounder gunners to have tea and biscuits . (The St. Louis also had four 1-pounder (37mm) guns, which could be used for AA in a pinch.) Albany does not have her 6-pounder guns (i.e. 57 mm, 10 of them) implemented in the game. Also, her final main armament was 8 x 5" guns with one 3" AA gun added during WW1. Interim main guns since 1913 were 10 x 5". The game features the original, less rational armament setup. Premium ships don't usually get upgrades, so I think the later main guns setup would make more sense for the Albany. Originally she also had two 18" torpedo tubes, which the game omits. These were removed during WW1. Chester (the Molester) does not have her two 18" torpedo tubes. Historically she probably carried Whitehead 18" (45 cm) Mark 5or Bliss-Leavitt 18" (45 cm) Mark 6 torpedoes, which at 36/35 knots with a 2 km range would be somewhat useful in the game. Chikuma does not have her three torpedo launchers.
  25. I've had it happen to me several times already, but it's often so close it's hard to tell. A couple of times, I ended up with the win in a game where I was sure we weren't gonna get it in time, and would have a draw. You don't look too closely, good surprise, think you must have missed something at the very end. A few other times, it's the other way around... I was so sure they weren't getting it, and it's a defeat. Odd, i could have sworn they still needed 2-3 ticks on that cap bar, or that they didn't get the last domination points in time. Maybe a last second kill that I didn't see, or maybe it was just closer than i thought. But today allowed no room for doubts. It was going to be a draw, it was all planned out and calculated. We had been trailing the whole game, but somehow in the last five minutes, a few decisive kills just barely brought us back in... Yet we were still behind, despite a 4v1. The last Kongo was full hp, and there was no way to kill him in time, especially since he had just brought me down from 6k hp to 3k hp on my New Mexico. The next salvo would kill me, and I couldn't die, as this would give them the points for a win... They were already above 900. So I had to take cover. We couldn't win. But we could get a draw. We were spread in a position where we could cap the remaining 2 objectives, and so we did. Kongo was just running. I was safely behind an Island. They had 970 points, we were at around 830-840. Time was running out, but the other team couldn't score. And we ended up with a defeat. I double checked everything... Of our 4 ships, all of them were still alive in the battle recap. No last second incredible kill from an invisible Kongo to get the remaining points... No possibility for them to score... So I really don't see any reason why this turned out not to be a draw. Either there is a mechanism that i'm not aware of, like if the timer runs out when a team is above 95% of the cap or above 950 points, they'll get the win... Or it's intended and it's a bug that happens in these situations? Anybody knows anything about that? The situation at the end of the battle: The end result: All 4 remaining ships are still alive, so no last second death: