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Found 1 result

  1. dasCKD

    Fixing the IJN destroyers

    This will be a quick one. Assignment week is coming up and I need to somehow find a way to use the worst device mankind has ever conceived of (the Kinect) to create an interactive maze that traps AI path finding objects. This one is about the destroyers no one likes anymore (Kamikaze and variants non withstanding). The high tier IJN destroyers are in a bad shape right now with their low performance. WG has issued statements in regards to their performance, saying that they are effective if not used as back line torpedo spammers (which goes on to further obscure their reasoning behind keeping the long lances in game) even though player performance in both randoms and competitive seems to contradict their statements at every turn. IJN DDs need to be improved, at least at the higher tiers. At tier 6 I find the Hatsu to be weak, but none of the tier 6 destroyers are significantly powerful in my opinion so she's mostly fine there. At the higher tiers, they're prey to everything. Carriers farm them for easy XP and credits. Other destroyers, even the Germans with their poor DPM, can easily rip them to pieces in anything close to a fair fight. They can't run from the other destroyers as they are both slower than their competitors and only slightly more stealthy than their USN counterparts from tier 8 and up (something they can't even exploit as they are mostly slower and their far larger turning circles would cause them to be found even with their theoretically superior concealment). So what is to be done? Nothing, if WG is to be believed. To be fair, I do enjoy the Yuugumo and I didn't think the Fubuki was awful when she was still a tier 8 but this doesn't change the fact that they are close to the worst performers tier for tier. I have a few ideas of my own and perhaps you have some suggestions to add. Enlarge their health pool They're big ships and they're not great at turning, they could do with more health. In many documents, the IJN destroyers were described as miniature cruisers after all. Decrease their turning circles In the myriad of reasons why USN destroyers make better torped boats than their IJN counterparts, the ship's turning circle is something I think should rank right at the top. Destroyers want to get as close as they can to their prey to launch their torpedoes before turning away and vanishing. In a Japanese destroyers, it took me a while to stop wandering into the detection radius of enemy ships when I first got to the Fubuki. Even the Yuugumo, I still have some issues sometimes. The smaller turning circle would also mean that they can use their superior concealment to stay away from trouble. Improve torpedo concealment If the IJN line had stealthier torpedoes, enemy ships will have to depend on strategic sense and anticipation instead of just reflexes and rudder shift mods to get out of their spreads. They'll become better torpedo boats. Improve gun performance This, I am not for. IJN destroyers, the non-Akizukis, are torpedo boats. Right now, a fight between an IJN DD isn't a fight between a torpedo destroyer and a destroyer hunter destroyer. A Shima against a Gearing isn't like a Minotaur fighting against a Hindenburg. It's like a fight between a Minekaze and a Omaha. Improve torpedo reloads The IJN had mid cruise torpedo reload capabilities, something that few if any of the other destroyers of the time period had. If this was reflected in the destroyers with the relevant torpedo turrets, then they would perform better. Few things are more annoying than getting in the perfect situation to ambush an oblivious battleship only to realize that there's still 30 seconds left on the torpedo timer. Improve speed boost Ship speeds are basically fixed, especially for the historical ships that composes all of the IJN destroyer lines. If the IJN's speed boost longevity and performance would improve however, then they can both run away from enemy destroyers whilst also improving their ability to get to the correct place to lay a perfect torpedo spread. It would also greatly improve battlefield mobility which is something that they should get if WG wants to keep the IJN destroyers as pure torpedo boats.