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Found 41 results

  1. bzerkur

    Battleship RNG

    Hi all, I play alot of battleships and for the most games seem to do jack damage and scoring very few to none at all citadels on cruisers sitting between 5 and 15km away even with most of my ap shots hitting (ie: in the montana fired 3 volleys at a broadside hind at 10km scored 18 pens with 8k damage total). But then there are those game occasionally where it doesn't matter how bad my shooting may be I will pretty much score a citadel with every volley. is this happening to anyone else and am i doing something wrong?
  2. USSARIZONA_2015

    Uss Texas, will it be a premium Ship?

    So I have looked at one of the updates and noticed that they will be adding the Uss Texas! However, I was wondering, will it be a premium, or will we have to do a mission for it? thanks for any info
  3. RenamedUser_582563211

    0.5.1 IJN BB nerf

    Has anyone realized yet, that Update 0.5.1 brings a nerf to the IJN BBs, too? Because most players skilled their captains with the Advanced Firing Training, which used to increase the range of their secondaries and made them a threat for careless DD drivers and even Cruisers and other BBs. No change for US BBs though, because their secondaries are 5" guns.
  4. Sticky_Icky


    I believe this is a serious problem right now, and its making the game much less enjoyable for me and many others, mainly because its detrimental to the outcome of the battle, and also because its a direct result of WG's ingame economics (and therefore can be just as easily get fixed by tweaking it) as i have seen, and been told and experienced myself, the main reason of borderhugging BBs is the ridiculously high repair cost of their ships (mostly on tiers 7 and above) i clearly had a Yamato captain today say this exact thing to me (as i was flaming him for running away of the fight): "do you know how much these things cost for a full repair? i pay 300k every time i die..." so i propose a meaningful balancing in WG economy... two main proposals here, please add your own in the comments if you have a good and meaningful idea: 1) make it so that in a defeat they pay full repair cost, no matter the hp they survived with. as an incentive to actually play like a man in this game, trying to actually win it, rather than survive unscathed, and make Wins give even more Credits to compensate for the defeat credit loss. that way, players will struggle more to win, rather than stay alive in order to not lose too much Credits... the defeats will feel very punishing, and the wins will feel very rewarding 2) make it so that wins give much more Credits that defeats, and Defeats much less than they do now. Still, defeats will feel punishing, and wins will be more rewarding and therefore sought after I believe 1) is much more straightforward approach and will actually end up solving the problem that many people are complaining about and are driving us brave captains TOTALLY NUTS! i get the concept of having to farm with my lower tier ships in order to play my high tiers, and i support that, really. i dont ask to actually farm Credits from high tier games, but the way this is going now, all it does is create cowardice, frustration, and low winrates.... and in this game that is so teamplay based and personal performance cannot secure you a win, i believe WG HAS to make a change. what are your thoughts?
  5. SovietFury43

    What the hell is wrong with BB players?!

    [edited] Here is an example: First match today, encounter on Two Brothers we have 3 BBs on each team, a Fuso, New Mexico and a Kongo. Our Cruisers and DDs disperse more or less evenly to D and A caps, the Kongo goes to A while the Fuso and New Mexico start moving to D. Thinking D is going to be our main push i go to D in my Aoba ready to screen the Fuso and New Mexico but half a minute into the match i see that the Fuso and New Mexico both were not in fact going for D but broke off (not in a division) to form a neat Napoleonic era two ship line of battle about 18 km behind D (and all of us Cruisers and 2 DDs) and stand still (literally STAND STILL, i crap you not) and snipe at the enemy DDs and Cruisers in D. Needless to say we (the Cruisers and DDs) got annihilated at D, and as soon as our brave BB heroes saw that the enemy is breaking through they of course promptly turned tail an ran back into our spawn to yet again form a Napoleonic era battle line there. Even worse, the Kongo (who was holding pretty well at A) noticed that the enemy was breaking through at D and promptly left A and joined our two brave heroes sniping from the spawn and causing A to collapse as well. Needles to say the match ended in defeat and me almost punching a hole through my monitor in rage. When i told them (in a not so polite way) in chat that they just lost the match for our team, they (all three of them) called me a noob saying how BBs are supposed to use their range and how we lost because our Cruisers and DDs were noobs. But ok, bad matches happen i think to myself and press the Battle button again. This time it was Fault Line, encounter again but 4 BBs on each team. Most of the match both teams went more or less even, it was not until the end that your typical BB player managed to again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Were were wining by points, holding 2 out of 3 caps with 4 cruisers left on the enemy team and 1 DD, 1 BB (New York) and 2 Cruisers left on our team both fighting over the middle point. The 4 remaining enemy Cruisers all attack more or less at the same time with our two cruisers trying to hold the middle and the DD flanking around an island and getting himself killed (should have gone for the third cap while the enemy Cruisers were occupied). So now only our 2 cruiser were left (badly damaged) against 3 enemy cruisers. Why only our 2 Cruisers i hear you wonder, "what happened to the New York?" i hear you ask. Well our brave BB player was the entire time hiding behind an island literally (i crap you not) trying to peek-a-boo against the enemy Cruisers. "Can't get any worse then that" i hear you say, well it god damn can! The worst part was that the idiot was doing that the whole match! He had 100% hp left at the end, not a single scratch on him! Two almost perfectly balanced (in terms of ships and tiers) matches ruined by the cowardice and outer stupidity of the BB players on our teams. And those two matches are just an example, this seems to occur more and more often. I suggest a serious reduction to accuracy of all BBs at long range, maybe if they can't hit anything while sniping and shitting their pants at 20km they will try to get closer and actually participate in the battle. Also somehow restricting below average players to Co-op mode only might work.
  6. With the ongoing development of the game, I expect that we are sooner or later going to see a tree of Russian / USSR battleships sailing down the server. I am sure that I am neither the first, nor the most qualified, to make a guess as to what they are going to be like. I am curious as to which stray thoughts on the matter might be about. To start off a discussion, here are some of mine. Most USSR ships so far have had excellent guns, across all the lines. They have better range and shell velocity than their peers, they have good AP and HE damage, and they have good or even excellent accuracy. Their destroyers - but not so much the cruisers - have balanced this with slow turret traverse. It would be reasonable to expect some take on this feature to appear in a future battleship line. I find it likely that USSR battleships will have better range than their counterparts, at least in the lower to mid-tiers. While I don't believe that the accuracy will be any better at close range, it might be a bit better at maximum range. This might be balanced out by slower turret traverse and/or weaker armour layout. An alternative to longer base range might be access to spotter aircraft at lower tiers than their peers. With better stats at long range, speed might suffer. They would not have to be able to close the distance as fast as, say, a German battleship, and they would prefer heavier armour to speed as a defensive measure. They might possibly have good turning characteristics, at least at the lower tiers. They would likely have the biggest (i.e. worst) detection ranges of all the battleship lines. On lower-to-mid tiers we will probably see pre-dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts like the Imperator Nikolai I, although presumably with more balanced stats. From there on might follow the Arkhangelsk and the Novorossyisk, built in USA and Italy but on loan / claimed as reparations respectively. These will probably have the same stats as their national counterparts but with better main armament range (like the current Murmansk light cruiser outranges the Omaha). As for the higher tiers, having googled a bit for actual historical information leads me to hypothesize that we might see some really big USSR "only on paper" battleships, with lots of armour and hit points, bigger than the Yamato but with weaker guns. Something along the lines of the Friedrich der Grosse and Grosser Kurfürst, but more focused on medium to long range than close-quarters brawling, maybe. Future USSR battleships will not have torpedoes. I hope. Please note that these thoughts are not based on any kind of actual game information, from Wargaming or any other source. And they are certainly not suggestions - I, personally, see no great appeal in a possible line of "sniper battleships" that would further discourage battleship drivers from seeking to be in close contact with the enemy. And so, over to the community. Any thoughts on this?
  7. This is from a game I just had. I have a standard account. The thing is that I ended this game with 15K to 20K Hit Points because I was fighting multiple ships during the game. How's even possible to loose credits in a tier8, not dying and having such good stats into this one battle? My brain sometimes explodes to nonesense like this. Thats why I usually dont play my amagi, cause I know I'll end up loosing credits even if I end up first in the classification of my team and doing loads of damage... Edit: sorry that the thumbnails are in spanish but I guess you can differenciate whats written on the screen cause you play this game.
  8. SovietFury43

    A guide to playing Battleships.

    This comprehensive guide will (hopefully) help you become the undisputed ruler of the oceans, one of the elite few (or some 60+% of the playerbase depending on the server), the legendary unsinkable steel fortresses! Cruisers will cower in terror at the sight of your massive main battery, Destroyers will not dare venture into range of your numerous secondary guns and hydrophones/radar, and Carriers (provided you ever encounter this rare breed of self-loathing sadomasochistic player) will have their planes swatted out of the sky by an endless barrage of AA fire from you guns! The first step is to pick a tech tree. Unfortunately there is not much choice here as there is only one tree in the game that is worthy of the glorious title "Battleship" and that is the German tree! Forget all those underpowered US and IJN ships that can't even spot DDs by themselves. In order to become the true terror of the oceans you need to equip yourself with the best possible tools. And every non [edited], unbiased historian knows that there can't possibly be anything better then glorious Kruppen Stahl German engineering! And of course no true Battleship player can play without the absolute best Battleship ever built, the Bismarck! Now that we have picked a tree lets move on to gameplay. Now sadly since World of Warships is such a terrible historically inaccurate game Battleships can actually be sunk (i know, right?!?!). Thankfully small bastions if realism still exist so Battleships have the longest main battery range in the game. This allows you to shoot at ranges where most other ships can't shoot back. So make sure that you are ALWAYS at least 20km away from the enemy because god knows there could be a wall of OP torps coming around every island or capture point! Always keep in mind that capture points are none of your concern! Your job is to get those juicy citadel hits on cruisers, everything else is only distracts you from that purpose! Your team is obsolete, they are just there to distract the enemy so you can citadel them. You are a team of one, and you are all that team needs to win! Never look at the map! Much like capture points it is just there to distract you. The precious seconds you spend looking at the map a cruiser could be showing his citadel somewhere. Never look around you for torpedoes or Destroyers! As a legendary Battleship if you do not spend most of the match in full zoom you are not doing it right. Never change course or shift your attack in any way! Dodging and maneuvering is for cowardly Cruisers and Destroyers, you are a floating fortress and your only job is to shoot citadels. Remember that as a Battleship you are an unsinkable fortress, and in the off chance that somebody kills you they are most likely hacking or abusing an OP ship. Make sure to call them out on it in the in-game chat, and of course don't forget to point out how unbalanced their ship is on the forum. Carry the legacy of legendary Battleships like the Bismarck and become the ultimate terror of the seas! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Keep those citadel hits coming!
  9. strangers123

    [Guide contest] Tier 8-10 IJN BBs!

    Ahoy captains! Last week we released the Specialists Global Warships Academy learning community, and to go along we would like to host a contest! The goal: Create an awesome Battleship Guide for tier 8 to 10 IJN Battleships! And I mean a serious guide, not just: Dont play BBs! The contest will run for 2 weeks until the: 31st of March The guide should cover everything from setting up the ships, the benefits of the different upgrades researchable in the tech tree, captain skill, floatplane fighter or floatplane scout and so on. The guide must cover how BoringBoat ehr I mean Battleships plays in PVP Random Battles such as positioning on maps, targets to focus, which targets your guns work best against and which they don't, what to shoot Armour Piercing ammo at and what to shoot High Explosives at and what to do in situations you commonly find in Random Battles. The guides will be judged by a few main criteria, primarily: Depth of information Detail Structure Shiny graphics The guides will be judged by the Instructors and Staff of SGWA, supervised by Wargaming staff Please post submissions in this thread One last note: By participating in the guide contest, you agree that your submission may be published with credit, be it on Official Wargaming Forums or elsewhere. Prizes: There is one main prize: The winner gets the awesome WARSPITE, tier 6 British Royal Navy Battleship! If there are more good guides we feel deserve an honourable mention, there may just be Signal Flag packages (with 20x each signal) for you too! Happy guide-writing and may the best guide writer win!
  10. DrCaesar

    Max amount of BBs in a team

    We have a limitation on amount of CVs in a team, something like this will come to DDs as i know(maybe already came, sorry if i don't know).Right now we need limitation on BBs too.Already %35 of players were playing with BBs before releasing of German BBs(thats a bigger number than other classes) and i'm sure that numbers are increased since we get German BBs.Bottom tiers are full of German BBs but thats not the biggest problem.High tiers are full of BBs too.And they are not German BBs most of the time.This really discourages people about playing cruisers.So problem grows more and more
  11. Khorosho_Hibiki

    Fire damage

    Fire damage... burns for 500 damage a second on battleships. is it just me or does anyone else think that when your on fire in 3 places because of a Cleveland or similar he spam, 1500 damage a second is pretty overpowered. Use damage control you say? Ok, fires are out for around 10 seconds before all the fires are back due to cruiser HE spam. It wouldn't be right for me to just come on here and complain without posing any solutions. As i see it, there are several 1. Scale down fire damage on battleships or make them more resistant to it, this would reduce the average damage taken by fire in a battle with both different ways. 2. Make it so that fire damage scales depending on what shell ignited it. it seems a bit silly that a destroyers 5 inch shell sets a fire that does the same damage as one set by a 15 inch shell. 3. In reality (a concept i am still to get to grips with) battleships had multiple damage control crews just for fire, so you could give the battleships a extra repair crew or two with increased cool down but the ability to put out fires, and ONLY put out fires. For instance have the current damage control crew would be unable to put out fires but still able to fix anything else and have 2 other fire damage control crews which would be able to put out the fires only with a increased cool down over the normal crew, say 1.5x the cool down. This would give a major quality of life buff to battleships and make it much more fun when you come across the infamous american cruiser, the Cleveland. which can set you on fire in 3 places in about 4 salvoes. All in all this would help the battleships be a force to be reckoned with that is capable of doing more than burning to death in the first few minutes and generally being a burden to the team. as at the minute BB captains fear: cruiser HE spam, carrier bourne torp and dive bombers (which can be dealt with by turning, a concept not many battleship captains are familiar with) and destroyer torps, which can also be countered with skill. however, fire cannot be avoided by simply using skill, this means that fire is the only unbalanced factor that battleships have to fight as it cannot be countered by using any degree of skill. Tell me what you think about this, im actually interested to hear about what other think on this topic
  12. British Battleship line WOWS 2017 Predictions at higher tiers. Tier 3-6 wealth of designs to choose from, battlecruisers may also have seperate line up to tier 6 ending with HMS Renown or Tier 7 if Hood is not premium. Tier 7- HMS Rodney. Logical contemporary of Nagato, poor speed, moderate guns and good armour for the tier. Tier 8- HMS KGV. Reasonable fit, problematic in firepower department that could be aided by superchargers or given planned 15” guns although unlikely. Probably compensated with excellent consumables to reflect advanced systems, reasonable speed and well protected even against Bismarck class. Tier 8 Premium/ Tier 9- HMS Vanguard. The last battleship ever launched could work at tier 8/9 once again firepower is somewhat lacking at Tier 9 that makes her more welcome in Tier 8, good speed and reasonable armour at either tier. Tier 9- HMS Lion 1938. Well suited design that holds water in every department despite being lower tonnage than contemporaries at the tier, good speed, reasonable firepower and good protection level. Tier 10- HMS Termarmerie/Thunderer 1942/44. No other battleships beyond Lion were conceived, however numerous iterations were designed throughout the war increasing the protection, secondary firepower and overall displacement by more than 10,000 tonnes. These later designs are difficult to pin down but wargaming have no problem taking liberties with exact specs in favour of a well fitting ship for the tier and this is doable with later lion designs, adequate firepower, good speed and protection once again. Overall theme of higher tier battleships appears to be very good armour protection unlike the British Cruiser line however quality and size of firepower varies wildly. Interested to see what others might predict!
  13. cro_pwr

    World Of Battleships

    OK WG this gotta stop. this game is turning into world of battleships. Battleships are clearly OP. Nerf plx
  14. WG probably already have a Battleship line for the Royal Navy as a WIP project, in which case this proposal would probably be useless speculation, however I just wanted to share my idea for a Royal Navy Battleship line, which splits off into two different lines at tier VII, meaning two tier X battleships: Players have a choice between choosing the classic-style Battleships with 2 front turrets and 2 rear turrets in the form of HMS Revenge, HMS King George V (exception as it only has 1 rear turret), HMS Vanguard and HMS Lion. Alternatively, players could choose the Nelson-style Battleship with 3 front turrets and 0 rear turrets starting with the Battlecruiser HMS Anson at tier VII (Similar to HMS Hood and therefore being an exception to the Nelson-style) moving to HMS Nelson at tier VIII, the G3 Class Battleship at tier IX and the N3 Class Battleship at tier X with 18-Inch guns. So what does everyone think?
  15. Since BB players want the game to be "realistic" so badly lets add AI controlled planes and subs that randomly spawn and torpedo BBs. Just like real life!
  16. dash_lonestarr

    North Carolina's time to shine

    Love this game's relaxed play style with moments of high blood pressure and then back to calm
  17. King_Nidge

    Unplayable 4/5 games

    I don't understand how this game is playable? Yes I am new enough and only have to tier 4/5 but I found WoT enjoyable and fun at that stage. WoW is slower and therefore less easy to get into. Games can be over before you get into them, which is hugely frustrating. The game is packed with players who don't know how to use their ship, noticeably more-so than WoT, they just run off or lemming train and the battle is lost in the first 2-3 minutes. So if I am in a Battleship I may not get to engage the enemy for long before the battle is already lost by idiot cruisers and destroyers who just die on their own or carriers who fail to launch fighters in time to protect ships. Also, final gripe, cruisers, OP to the max. Anytime I take on a battleships with a cruiser I generally cripple them or sink them before they can hit me. Is that realistic? That Battleships gets raped by cruisers most of the time? I see it ever game, Cruisers getting the most XP or kills. Battleships which have such a low RoF, while Cruisers can generally maintain constant HE fire keeping a Battleship alight and they also appear to be more accurate even at long range. Does it get any better?
  18. aquiles7389

    Seriously concerned.

    Hi. In the last couple days I noticed how most of the BBs are camping in the back, not pushing and not tanking. I saw some threads about this befor, but they were isolated cases, lately, in 20 out of 20 games most of the BBs are camping in the back, caliing it strategy. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  19. - for those that lacks or dont have pacience to either go PT or find it at forum/youtube. So far pics where all been posted here and i apologise if this link was puted alredy, All credits for BaronVonGamez , thx for sharing.
  20. Hello, please can some more experienced player clarify for me what is the point of battleships at low tiers (3,4) ? Because in my small experience so far this is the scenario: "battle starts, everyone goes to objectives, except battleships, they just crawl through the sea up to the objective, by the time they arrive they shoot 1 series of fire, they miss it all, and then they are surrounded and die, uselessly, aimlessly" OR if their team wins the first engagement they just cap something or again start wondering around without actually ever reaching anything. Maybe in high tier games they are usefull but in low tier they are just xp pinatas.
  21. Reyte


    Is it just me, or is the amount of camping battleships skyrocketting? I see many battlehips players not moving, staying behind friendly ships or shooting at maximum range without even taking significant damage at all. I thought Battelships are supposed to tank against enemy ships, and not the other way around (Cruiser tank for Battleships). This is my best example for today, this guy came never closer to enemy ships despite me asking him what he was actually doing in the middle of nowhere. 5 minutes earlier he was actually still at A. As you can clearly see he took 0 damage. He remained undamaged till the end of the battle. Such A BB does not deserve the term "Battleship", hence the new term "BoringBoats". Its really difficult for Cruiser to be actually usefull under those conditions.......
  22. VelocityTracer

    World of money grinding

    One thing i have noticed about World of Warships is the increased income of credits and the extra rewards for doing well, even on a defeat, which has been a nice change of pace from the other game where income is decided based on how the team performs as a whole. But there is still that dark cloud looming over the economy, if you want to upgrade your ship, progress to the next, or generally want to re-buy an old ship because you ran out of Port-slots. Selling price is also severely reduced from the price you bought the ship for Upgrades for ships in the higher tiers have a tendency of costing more than a ship as a whole, take the last hull upgrade on the Izumo for example, it almost costs as much as the tier 7 Colorado So in hindsight we're back to square one, World of Tanks pricetags for upgrades and at quadruple the price for a new ship. And then there is that decade long XP grind which should be covered in a stand-alone topic of itself
  23. who_dares_wins

    Italian Battleships: What to expect

    Hello everyone! I did a bit of quick research on Italian Battleships (don't worry, I didn't just google it), and so, here is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of RIN BBs and how they could be implemented. Strengths: + Outstanding range main battery guns with high velocities and penetration + Powerful gun broadsides + Generally high speed + Large amounts of guns + Large array of secondary armaments Weaknesses: - Poor armour - Low barrel life leading to poor dispersion values - Poor gun arcs, requiring the ships to expose more of their broadside to fire all their guns - No dual purpose guns, meaning that while the secondaries are good on paper, in practice they are at best mediocre. - No DP guns leads to weak AA Overall, the Italian BBs in their historical format would play rather like the Dunkerque, except trading gun arcs for a larger broadside. If Wargaming wanted to give the line a unique "flavour", what they could do is give them a unique Defensive AA fire consumable. Before all the CV players get up in arms about more ships getting the anti CV "I win LOL" button, let me explain what I mean. Duilio class BBs and later received anti-aircraft shells for their secondaries for barrage purposes only, due to the lack of a high enough elevation to properly engage aircraft. Because of this, RIN BBs could get a Def. AA that boosts the AA efficiency by 0-25%, and only lasts 30 seconds (regular version boosts AA efficiency by 300%). This means that CVs could "bait" use of the consumable without getting their squadrons vaporised. The tree could look something like this: Tier III: Dante Alighieri (12 12-inch guns, but no superfiring turrets) Tier IV: Leonardo Da Vinci* Tier V: Duilio (add unique def. AA here) Tier VI: Cavour** Tier VII: Francesco Caracciolo (Never completed 8 15-inch gun battlecruiser) Tier VIII: Vittorio Veneto (9 15-inch guns) Tier IX: Wargaming might do some fantasy upgrades nonsense on the uncompleted Impero Tier X: ??? (As this was done only using quick research, I was unable to find candidates for tiers 8-10. if somebody could find some it would be appreciated) *I cheated a little here. Leonardo Da Vinci was a Cavour class BB that was sunk before the class was refitted (and therefore never got it). Leo is at tier IV to free up the Cavour for tier 6 (see **). **What?! the tier VI is the Tier V but with weaker secondaries and AA? Yes and no. Cavour, when stock, is indeed that. However, the upgraded hull could be the planned final refit that was never completed, replacing the double 4.7 inch turrets with the triple 5.3 inch turrets from the Duilio class. This results in the ship having 9 5.3 inch guns per side, compared to the Duilio's 6. It would also have received a new, improved AA suite, including 65mm dual purpose guns. The end result it a Duilio with much stronger AA and secondaries.
  24. SebBrady6602

    Whats going on with the Iowa?

    Right im not going to sit here and take ages going through things but ive been playing this game since the Beta so ive played a lot of this game, and i tend to sit in my favourite ship ever which is the Iowa class. But recently since the last patch what on earth is going on with this ship?! The guns are pea shooters. I came up against a one on one fight with a colorado class and we were both at full health. I was aiming exactly between his citadels and getting perfect hits, 7 out of 9 hits usually. And i was doing 2000hp of damage. What on earth is that about?! When he returns fire im just wiped out. Its across all games im noticing my damage output is horrendous getting 40 50 hits every game doing about 10K damage. An atago side onto me using AP rounds should be a good hit. Well it was. Now id be lucky to even do the overpen damage to him. This is ridiculous and is making me very frustrated with this game. Whats the point in playing tier 9 games losing so much money when everything will damage you far quicker than i can damage it. That isnt right. This is meant to be a tier 9 battleship not a tier 2 cruiser. Whats going on?