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Found 18 results

  1. HMSBarakVarr

    Quel est le plus puissant ?

    Bonjour à tous. Dans le dernier numéro du magazine Guerre et Histoire se trouvait un dossier sur la guerre du Pacifique. Dans les références bibliographiques se trouve une étude, publiée sur Internet, qui tente de déterminer quel est le cuirassé le plus puissant, parmi les cuirassés les plus modernes ayant participé à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Voici le lien de l'étude en question (en anglais) : http://www.combinedfleet.com/baddest.htm Le classement peut réserver quelques surprises, même si le trio de tête ne surprendra personne parmi les plus féru d'histoire du forum. En revanche, l'outsider a de quoi surprendre... Et du coup, que pensez-vous de cette étude ? Le classement vous semble-t-il juste ou complètement bidon ? Et quel serait le vôtre, basé sur des critères objectifs ? (Bien qu'on parle de groooos Kanons, il n'y a pas que cela à prendre en compte )
  2. SniperWolf90

    New Ishizuchi model, AA buff?

    Was looking at my Ishizuchi when I discovered that there are guns on top of the main turrets. Is this new? I have not seen them before, there is 10 of them in total, two for every turret. They are not in the equipment list of the ship, they seem to be the same type (they look the same) as the AA guns mounted on the vessel (AA Guns 80 mm / 40 3rd Year Type). I have not tested them them yet, but since they are not in the list of weapons on the ship, I doubt they work. Sooooo, is this an AA buff in the works?
  3. Toivia

    Bots or utter stupidity?

    Just had 4 battles in a row in the Amagi (mostly Tier 9 battles), where all of the friendly BBs actually retreated further back from spawn and then ran to a corner of a map with CVs. Most of the cruisers along with them (ocassionally, I've even seen a DD go along). Now, I just can't explain why anybody sane would do that. Obviously those few players trying to cap were soon overwhelmed and sunk one after another, including me, who just tried to support them. Clearly those cowering in the corner were soon besieged from all sides with the enemy holding all caps --> obvious loss. I would have though (as unbelievable as it is) that they might just all be bots, if it weren't for them to ocassionally post in chat. Obviously they wouldn't react on my queries. I'm just at a loss here, obviously angry. What the heck am I supposed to do when half the team or more basically runs from the battle before it even starts? Since the battle is lost from the start, should I just go with them and hope we'll lose (by points) before I get sunk?
  4. Or.. You know... rename it to World of Battleships (WOBS?)
  5. - for those that lacks or dont have pacience to either go PT or find it at forum/youtube. So far pics where all been posted here and i apologise if this link was puted alredy, All credits for BaronVonGamez , thx for sharing.
  6. Warspite - tips for dealing with enemy BBs that are of the same or higher tier? I am currently having fun with my Warspite at the moment but I am finding that the Grand Old Lady can be a bit fragile when I'm dealing with enemy BBs such as the New Mexico, Fuso, Colorado, Nagato, and the Tirpitz (I rarely see Amagis and North Carolinas). I understand that as a premium ship, the Warspite should be less effective than equal tiered BBs, and obviously it should be much less effective vs. higher tiered BBs. Nevertheless, I often encounter such BBs and I am wondering if anyone can offer advice on how to best deal with (or to survive) these encounters. I try to target enemy cruisers first if they're in range as they're easier to sink but there are times when I have to go toe-to-toe with these BBs. I use the damage repair ability to the best of my ability (4 charges with captain skill) and I armour-angle but i'd rather take less damage if possible. Fuso Normally I try to close the distance to avoid plunging fire and keep my armour angled. I find that I can deal citadels/penetrations fairly well when the Fuso is broadside on to me, aiming for waterline near funnels and rear turrets. Nevertheless, I still take a hefty amount of damage from the Fuso whilst maneuvering to close the distance. New Mexico Again I try to close the distance to avoid plunging fire and keep my armour angled but I vary rarely achieve citadels against this ship. I try to aim for the waterline near the front turrets as I haven't had much success with waterline near funnels and rear turrets. More accurately I try to close the distance to 6km for my secondaries to take effect but the closer i get to the New Mexico, the higher the chance that I won't be able to keep my armour angled without colliding with it or I'll eventually exposing my broadside (which is pretty easy to citadel/penetrate) by turning away. Ideally I would have the New Mexico following closely behind me at an angle but it's difficult to achieve that position without exposing my broadside at close quarters at least once. Colorado, Nagato With these ships I still try to close the distance and angle but their larger calibre guns take their toll. For some reason i've found it easier to citadel these ships compared to the New Mexico but it's a struggle to survive an encounter with them and still be functional enough to continue the battle afterwards. The range of the secondaries of the Nagato can be equal to the Warspite so I tend to hang back between 6km and 11km. Tirpitz My first tactic is to try and run away/evade Tirpitzes as their plunging fire is deadly to my Warspite, whilst their armour and torps are most effective at close range. If I need to engage them to help my team then I'll try to dodge as many shots as possible whilst making myself a nuisance for the Tirpitz and throwing the Warspite around and only firing off a few return shots to try to survive for as long as possible. I really don't know what the best way to deal with the Tirpitz. Any advice from fellow Warspite owners?
  7. b_2k

    Amagi vs NC

    Moin Community, ich habe seit einigen Tagen nun die Amagi, die NC habe ich bereits etwas länger und auf ihr auch die bisher meisten Runden aller BBs. Bisher war die NC mein absoluter liebling, doch seit ich jetzt die Amagi voll ausgebaut im hafen habe, hat sich das bild zu gunsten der Amagi verändert. Für mich ist die Amagi ganz klar der bessere BB auf Tier 8, zwar ist ihre maximale Reichweite mit 19,1 Kilometer geringer aber ein wirkliches "Problem" stellt das in meinen Augen nicht da. Wo sind die Vorteile des Japaners? - Bessers Schadensbild, weit bessere penetrations leistung - Agiler -Schneller - Bessere MA Nachteile: - Weniger AA - Weicher als die NC Besagten Nachteile haben für mich allerdings bisher kein Problem dargestellt. Besonders der Damage mit der Amagi ist nicht nur Gefühlt höher, er lässt sich nachweisen. Die Stats sprechen hier eine ganz deutliche Sprache. Auch gereichen der Amagi drei Geschützte im Heck bei Rückzügen ganz klar zum Vorteil, gegen über nur einem Geschützt der NC. Und auch wenn die AA schwächer ist, so holt sie trotzdem das ein oder andere Flugzeug vom Himmel. Bei den Vorteilen kommen ganz klar ihre Geschütze zum tragen. Durchschnittstreffer machen mehr schaden als die der NC, Citas kommen ebenfalls viel öfters vor. Insgesamt scheinen die Granaten auch eine weit bessere durschlagsleistung zu haben. Wo ich bei der NC schon mal verzweifl, das, trotz treffer, null schaden rum kommt, haut die Amagi mit 5-8K Damage rein. Und sollte sich mal jemanden in den Nahbereich der Amagi trauen, bricht die Hölle los. Die MA der Nagato war schon episch, die Amagi steht hier in nichts nach. Bei der NC kommt es auch mal zu treffern und sogar abschüssen der MA, aber auch hier punktet die Amagi. Ich muss es leider einfach sagen: Die Amagi ist in allen belangen der NC überlegen und macht, zumindest mir, ganz klar viel mehr Spaß als die NC. Wie sieht es bei euch aus, liebe BB Kevins? Meine Stats dazu im vergleich: Amagi: Erfahrung 1.815,75 Schaden verursacht 77.214,67 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 1,42 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 4,25 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 26% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00 NC: Erfahrung 1.665,34 Schaden verursacht 53.506,62 Zerstörte Kriegsschiffe 0,91 Flugzeuge abgeschossen 5,86 Trefferleistung der Hauptbatterie 28% Basiseroberung 0,00 Basisverteidigung 0,00
  8. who_dares_wins

    Italian Battleships: What to expect

    Hello everyone! I did a bit of quick research on Italian Battleships (don't worry, I didn't just google it), and so, here is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of RIN BBs and how they could be implemented. Strengths: + Outstanding range main battery guns with high velocities and penetration + Powerful gun broadsides + Generally high speed + Large amounts of guns + Large array of secondary armaments Weaknesses: - Poor armour - Low barrel life leading to poor dispersion values - Poor gun arcs, requiring the ships to expose more of their broadside to fire all their guns - No dual purpose guns, meaning that while the secondaries are good on paper, in practice they are at best mediocre. - No DP guns leads to weak AA Overall, the Italian BBs in their historical format would play rather like the Dunkerque, except trading gun arcs for a larger broadside. If Wargaming wanted to give the line a unique "flavour", what they could do is give them a unique Defensive AA fire consumable. Before all the CV players get up in arms about more ships getting the anti CV "I win LOL" button, let me explain what I mean. Duilio class BBs and later received anti-aircraft shells for their secondaries for barrage purposes only, due to the lack of a high enough elevation to properly engage aircraft. Because of this, RIN BBs could get a Def. AA that boosts the AA efficiency by 0-25%, and only lasts 30 seconds (regular version boosts AA efficiency by 300%). This means that CVs could "bait" use of the consumable without getting their squadrons vaporised. The tree could look something like this: Tier III: Dante Alighieri (12 12-inch guns, but no superfiring turrets) Tier IV: Leonardo Da Vinci* Tier V: Duilio (add unique def. AA here) Tier VI: Cavour** Tier VII: Francesco Caracciolo (Never completed 8 15-inch gun battlecruiser) Tier VIII: Vittorio Veneto (9 15-inch guns) Tier IX: Wargaming might do some fantasy upgrades nonsense on the uncompleted Impero Tier X: ??? (As this was done only using quick research, I was unable to find candidates for tiers 8-10. if somebody could find some it would be appreciated) *I cheated a little here. Leonardo Da Vinci was a Cavour class BB that was sunk before the class was refitted (and therefore never got it). Leo is at tier IV to free up the Cavour for tier 6 (see **). **What?! the tier VI is the Tier V but with weaker secondaries and AA? Yes and no. Cavour, when stock, is indeed that. However, the upgraded hull could be the planned final refit that was never completed, replacing the double 4.7 inch turrets with the triple 5.3 inch turrets from the Duilio class. This results in the ship having 9 5.3 inch guns per side, compared to the Duilio's 6. It would also have received a new, improved AA suite, including 65mm dual purpose guns. The end result it a Duilio with much stronger AA and secondaries.
  9. Crusherheads

    Tiers 8 to 10 US BB Gun buff, question.

    Seems that NC has a extra accuracy number, and seems they reducing the Arc between the tiers. Though according to those numbers at what i have read Source: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51753-056-patchnotes-anyone/ "North Carolina: secondary range buffed (4.5 > 5km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 2, basically more accurate), AA buffed (twin oerlikons changed to singles, 40mm duals changed to quads)Iowa: secondary range buffed (4.5 > 6km), main gun turret arcs buffed, main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), AA buffed (40mm duals changed to quads, 20mm singles changed to duals), speed buffed (30.5 > 33kts)Montana: secondary range buffed (5 > 6km), main gun sigma increased (1.8 > 1.9), speed buffed (28 > 30kts), AA buffed (20mm singles changed to duals)" How small or big those numbers are to make a diference ?
  10. TheFegelein

    Arizona vs Warspite

    Is it only me or is the Arizona superior to the Warspite in almost every way? If not, what are the differences between the two? Warspite hardly has any rights to be in this game anymore,
  11. Flukeyluke

    How i got my 1st report....

    Just recieved a message saying i got reported after my last match, lol,What for you ask? simple. i refused to enter a cap circle that had 3 smoke screens and 4 DDs inside while i was driveing a fuso >_< sorry allies i wasent in the mood to throw away my ship for nothing. and on top off this the DDs in my team fired torps at me but the other team capped the base before they reached me said to our DDs (who were moaning in chat about every one but themselves) that they should off done something about our base being capped> They promply responded by saying my bb was a tier higher than the other teams DDs and was there fore immune to there torpedos and the fuso can *apparantly* turn on a dime and dodge 4 torp volleys from at least 2 directions fired from stealth DDs..... oh well, i will admitt i aint a team player unless it comes to the platoon i am in but i did find this battle rather funny
  12. [edited] Notice the two BBs at I 7 and 8? Yep they moved a total of 2m from the spawn pretty much the whole match
  13. CleverViking

    High tier matches favor BBs?

    I feel that matches on T8 or higher is heavily dominated by the BBs through little effort on their part. As someone that mainly plays cruiser I feel that I'm much more dependent on my team to do well and every mistake is punished harshly while BBs usually can get away with just sitting just outside their spawn and still have a decent match. Even when I try to be stealthy and move up (so I can get my puny 15.7km guns in range) I inevetiably get spotted by a DD and have 3-4 BBs instantly dropping everything to shoot at the floating japanese citadel. Don't get me wrong, I have had decent matches in the Mogami, but that's usually when I get a decent team or am top tier. The main issues I feel make the BBs strong: 1.Lack of cover, especially on high-tier maps. With their massive range BBs can be lethal from spawn and only need a lone ship to spot. In most high tier maps there's a lack of cover and when you get spotted you're almost always in range of at least 2 BBs. 2.No high-tier carriers, the lack of high tier carriers let BBs be at relative peace most of the time since DDs rarely go on suicide runs at a cluster of BBs and will tend to stay in cover. 3.The insane amount of damage cruisers take, the Mogami is about the size of a BB and turns like a BB but still lose insane amounts of damage. While this may make sense historically it ruins game balance. 4.The amount of BBs you can get in a match, the fact that you can get 4-5 BBs in a match is a bit too much imo as you'll never be safe from all of them. While I think it's fine that BBs counter cruisers and the I don't mind the damage too much I'd really like some damn cover on the high tier maps so I don't get focus fired by all the BBs on the enemy team and everything in a 200m radius is eradicated completely. I don't think they're wildly OP but I do think they need some balance adjustments. This could possibly be done if high tier carrier gameplay became more viable but I'm not really experienced enough on the game to make any concrete statements.
  14. 1000guns

    Penetration for no dmg?

    Hey guys! I was away from the game for about 2+ months now and I just recently returned. I saw the new dmg counting mechanic which is nice, yet there seems to be an issue: I seem to get penetrating hits on targets and they register for 0 dmg. Especially when I get it on my BBs it's really frustrating to see a nice salvo going to waste, is this something new?
  15. Quetak

    How many BBs in enough?

    We had this pretty nice battle today...Im playing quite lot and dont remember such high tier MM ever. Is it enough BBs?
  16. Fonfalks

    So i returned to BBs...

    Long, long time ago in far far away sea i quit BB tree entirely at Nagato (was going via IJN tree) due to its crazy dependency on RNg, but today because i had somehow accumulated enough money to buy brand new BB i decided to try Amagi to see how are BBs after all these patches (been like 4 months since i last played BBs). Long story short - stock Amagi is unplayable and BBs are as much RNG based class as they used to be, patches have changed nothing. Shells fly where they want, this "BB" has no armor, guns have range almost same as cruisers and overall its a really really bad ship. My advice to anyone considering it is this - dont buy it and if you really really have to because of Yamato use free XP and just skip it. AMAGI is like tier 3 DD made 10 times bigger, with Nagato guns, but with less range. Enjoy....
  17. RoyalFTH

    [edited] North Carolina

    Hi, I am playing the North Carolina for a few weeks now and in the beginning I was loving the ship. Nice battles, good xp. All of a sudden I don't get many hits on enemy ships. When I hit I only do little damage. Most of the times I use AP, like I Always did. Sometimes a citadel but everything else only 1310 hitpoints after a hit. Meanwhile I am getting anihalated by every other ship. When I use my older BB's there is not a problem at all. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced these kind of problems.
  18. dasCKD

    Preventing camping

    WG has attempted to once again prevent camping, this time by nerfing battleship bow armor. This comes across as a government effort to boost the consumption of locally produced products by lacing the produce with the scent of raw sewage. This is old news however, so I thought I might create a list of some things that would prevent camping. I have noticed that the engagement levels on my threads is quite low, and I suspect it might be because I write too much. I will therefore keep this thread short and on point. This is a list of things that WOULD prevent battleship camping. Reduce AP penetration at long ranges Battleships who sit at long ranges sometimes scores a random citadel hit at long ranges with plunging fire and this bolsters their desire to camp and camp hard. If the effectiveness of plunging fire is drastically reduced, battleships would be encouraged to close in to do more damage. Significantly improve cruiser ballistics at long ranges (USN included) If cruisers had better ballistics, they would be able to engage SN DDs at longer ranges and the most recent nerf wouldn't have been needed. It would also mean that if battleships insists on sitting bow on at maximum range, they won't be able to sit safely at the back anymore because the bow on thing will make themselves an easy target for just about every single cruiser on the enemy team. Think of the Zaos but everywhere. Make incoming fire alert a first line skill If incoming fire alert did become a line one skill, then more cruiser captains would be able to take it and avoid hits at long ranges. This would mean that battleships would need to get closer before they can start scoring any significant damage. Improve battleship concealment, increase battleship concealment penalties when firing The first change will allow battleships to get closer before alerting their prey. The latter would mean that those who just fires randomly would just make themselves an easy target with the improved cruiser ballistics suggested above. Many may have criticism of the suggested ideas, but all of this would either stop or at least disincentive battleship camping by making back line camping a much more dangerous prospect for them.