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Found 4 results

  1. SAVO ISLAND ORDER OF BATTLE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY 8th Fleet Striking Force --- Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi Flagship Heavy cruiser Chokai Sentai 6 --- Rear Admiral Goto Aritomo Heavy cruisers Aoba, Kinugasa, Kako, Furutaka Sentai 18 Light cruisers Tenryu, Yubari Destroyer Yunagi UNITED STATES NAVY Task Force 62 --- Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner Southern Group --- Rear Admiral Victor Crutchley, RN Heavy cruisers Australia (RAN), Canberra (RAN) [versenkt], Chicago Destroyers Bagley, Patterson Northern Group Captain --- Frederick Riefkohl Heavy cruisers Astoria [versenkt], Quincy [versenkt], Vincennes [versenkt] Destroyers Helm, Wilson Eastern Group ---- Rear Admiral Norman Scott Light cruisers San Juan, Hobart(RAN) Destroyers Monssen, Buchanan Picket Ships Destroyers Blue, Ralph Talbot The Battle of Savo Island (HBO) Quellen: + www + http://pwencycl.kgbudge.com/S/a/Savo_Island.htm + https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schlacht_vor_Savo_Island + Fight to the Death - Battle of Guadalcanal (Graphic History) + THE NAVAL BATTLES FOR GUADALCANAL 1942 Clash for supremacy in the Pacific + http://www.welt.de/kultur/history/article108496055/Savo-Die-schlimmste-Niederlage-der-US-Navy.html
  2. One of those games with 2 cv.s each side, clev guys rushing in and hunting BB.s, and our CV abandoned.... I switch my sonar ability for the AA one - and I just feel was the right decision ! 13 flies out of game, both our CV survive the game, a red DD and an New Mexico challenge the Aoba aiming skills: The DD die on first shot - single turret, HE right on bow, surgical precision, at 7,6 km. New Mexico burn all day long so bad (he was closing on our CV.s bow ahead, like a buffalo who saw red (on this case, CV.s ) and he use only his bow turret.... not so well, but he offer an huge target for my HE; At 12 km I put some fishes on water toward him (he was closing full speed) and he saw them at 6 km - moment when he turn at me BUT his guns toward the CV.s - so, I just make a fast spin and use the other pair of launchers - hit him with 2 torpedo when his health was at 1/3 from my HE .... I took some damages but at the end of day, I fall in love with this girl - Aoba.
  3. __GUILLE__


    Abro este hilo para que los Skinners de la comunidad empecemos a poner nuestros barcos personalizados. Esta es una primera toma de contacto con el Iwaki que nos han regalado a los Alfa Testers, aún falta mucho trabajo y muchos cambios pero lo pongo para que lo veáis y opinéis al respecto. Algo mas bonito y no tan chillón. Adjunto el archivo, por cierto para instalarla solo tenéis q reemplazar el archivo existente por este en esta dirección de vuestro pc c:\juegos\World_of_Warships\res\content\gameplay\japan\ship\cruiser\textures cambiando la ruta donde tengáis instalado el juego. Por cierto y muy importante, que se me ha olvidado comentarlo, si queréis conservar el barco original haced una copia de seguridad del archivo original del barco. JSC026_Iwaki_1944_a.rar
  4. LordMaddyzzz

    How to play - The Aoba

    Here is my latest video in my how to series hope you guys enjoy! Greetings Maddon