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Found 5 results

  1. dasCKD

    Albany VS Smith

    Due to recent developments mostly in regards to running the Mahan without the acquisition captain skill, it has become clear to me that I will be needing some USN premiums. In interest of being a cheapstake however, I did not want to really invest in an Atlanta or a Saipan. Fortunately for me, the recent events allows for me to request a premium ship as one of my treasures so I would like to put this to the forums: what ship should I pick to retrain my captain? The Albany or the Smith.
  2. VeryRisky

    Albany premium ship

    I thought it might be a reasonable use of gold and it seems to play OK but the short range is tough to work with. Anyone else tried it much?
  3. PanNickt

    Urodziny WG

    Rok temu, na urodziny WG, w portach graczy pojawiła się Albania. Jak sądzicie, czy w tym roku można również spodziewać się jakiejś niespodzianki? Patrząc na listę zaimplementowanych premek 2T, to chyba nie za bardzo jest co (roz)dać
  4. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Grand Naval Battles - Ships on offer

    So i've been wanting to collect some of these ships for a while now that they have put on offer in the treasures tab in the Grand Naval Battles section. To get all 4 ships on offer it is required to get 1350 diamonds. Is it even possible to get that many diamonds within the allotted time that the event runs? I know it's possible to get 100 diamonds from beating the Armchair Admirals in a team battle but let's be honest what are the chances that you will bump in to them and also win. From what i've heard it is only possible to get 1000 diamonds from all the missions that will run during the event.
  5. SENAdmiral

    Albany vanished from my ships ?

    So, I got Albany some time ago, played a bit, then just sell for a new port slot. Never used again. Today,. I try to have some fun on lower tiers : to my huge surprise, Albany its gone ! I mean, its not even showing on the tree, like any other ship I sell on my advance trough tiers... Its this normal ?....