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Found 21 results

  1. Kaseko

    USS Alabama

    Hier bitte alles zum kommenden Eventpremium USS Alabama rein
  2. justin129

    Alabama feels horrible ..

    So I tried to play Alabama again but I do not understand how someone can stand this ship. I do not hit anything, I was 6km away from a slightly angled North Carolina and all my shots went around the ship. I can not hit anything sadly and I wanna know why or whats the secret with this ship. Before any of you Guys check my Stats, I know they are horrific. I bought this ship when I had like 400 Battles (Coming from WoT I knew I will need a t8 prem plus I like to collect ships in this game :) ) But even tho I watched guides and read forum posts I simply cant get along with it. Nowadays I play way better than before because I actually care about my stats but somehow this one ship will not work. Need help. Urgent :(
  3. Hi, I am struggling to finance all the ships I have researched by the time I got the experience to unlock them. Thus I figured I would like to buy a premium ship to speed things up vastly. My question is, what ship does earn the most credits in an average game ( I am not that great of a player ) when all factors such as shell-cost, repair-cost etc are considered? I lean to towards Alabama or Tirpitz however I am not set on any particular nation as this will be a ship ONLY to farm credits, the crew training aspect is secondary at best.
  4. So WG has listened to all the voices from the WOWS community Now the space camos are available separately for purchase in the premium shop, and I presume that means you can own the camos before you have the TX ship !! Interestingly the new premium ship offers of the week is Prinz Eugen, Alabama and Harekaze. Not much to complain here and grabbed myself a Prinz Eugen while browsing. But, but, but... I thought April is supposed to be about torpedoes... I mean WG even made a ... ermmm, let's say "interesting" video. Where is T-61, Z-39 and Assashio? Reminder : free exp conversion event is now online. But seeing now I can grab the space camos first, I suddenly see no point in spending the money for conversion and will just slowly grind my ship lines. How much are you guys considering to spend with these new changes of premium shop to support WOWS? And what items interests you the most?
  5. Captain_Riley

    American battleships' Gun Director bug

    Why do the Mark 37 gun directors (4 can be found on most battleships and on destroyers like the Fletcher, Benson, etc.) on American battleships turn with the main batteries? The Mark 37s guided the dual purpose 5" guns. It was only the Mark 38s that guided the main batteries (the ones on the two highest points of US BBs: can be observed on Iowa-class, Montana-class, North Carolina-class, South Dakota-class). Wargaming only got the Alabama's directors right as they don't turn with the main batteries, only the Mark 38s do. Although it would be cool if the Mark 37s did turn with the Mark 28 5" dual turrets on BBs.
  6. Hallo an Alle, Mich würde mal interessieren, wie lange es dieses Paket zu Kaufen gibt. Ich bin ein gestandener Familienvater mit mehreren Enkeln und pflege außer WoWs noch weitere Hobbys, wie Motorrad, Dampfen (E-Zigarette), Haus und Garten. Auf gut deutsch, da ich einen von mir festgelegten Finanzierungsplan habe, kann ich mir diese Schiffe in diesem Monat nicht mehr leisten. Da bei diesem Angebot, kein Ablaufdatum zu sehen ist, frage ich Euch, wie lange solche Angebote (ohne Ablaufdatum) im Allgemeinen gültig sind. Ich würde dieses Paket gerne kaufen, aber eben erst Anfang Mai. Liebe Grüße noch und viel Erfolg!
  7. I dont mind either, I am a seasoned player, over 4k battles, I can play ships to their strengths quite easily. Either one is great, but I wanted to know which one I should get first? I am thinking Roma right now and then Alabama but wanted others opinions. Any input is appreciated thank you. I already have the Missouri btw. So I dont need them for earning credits, I just want a nice tier 8 premium battleship to play and enjoy. I will eventually get them both, but I just want to know which one to get first. Also, I have 14 out of the 17 tier X's that are currently in the game, so I am experienced. Feel free to check my stats to see what I am good in to help you make a decision and help me decide.
  8. Captain_Riley

    Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  9. Captain_Riley

    Alabama bug

    I possess the American Tier 8 Premium battleship, the USS Alabama, I have played many many games with her seeing as how it's my favorite ship inside and outside of the game. I have observed that the forward and aft Mark 37 Fire Directors do not turn with the guns towards the target as they would on other battleships like the North Carolina, Iowa, etc.It's a small graphic issue, but it has been bugging me for quite a while. I hope that this issue will get a fix.
  10. Is there a book or any source material on what the Royal Navy thought of the South Dakota and the Alabama while they were attached to Home Fleet?
  11. Is there a book or any source material of what the Royal Navy thought of the South Dakota and the Alabama while they were attached to the Home Fleet?
  12. Bracciofortebraccio

    Pacchetto navi US Navy

    Per chi è più "navigato" di me, conviene come pacchetto? Lo chiedo perchè non ho proprio idea di come possa essere l'Alabama, mentre immagino l'Arizona sia simile alla New Mexico. La mia idea non è solo fare soldi, ma anche avere navi divertenti e facili da usare, da relax. Non essendo poi tipo da DD, l'idea di avere due BB nel pacchetto invece che una mi intrippa. Ignoro la Saipan, non sono capace di usare le portaerei, troppo variabile il risultato che ottengo. Ancora, come se la cava l'Arizona nelle rank battle?
  13. Redcap375

    How to "Bama"

    Some advice if you please chaps Background When i finally decided to grind the US BB line long ago (and BB lines in general), I found myself stopping at the NC. This was the one BB that i wanted as lets be honest, she's lovely. At that time, i was a out and out Cruiser player and getting used to CV's and thought that this ship would be perfect for my "Support the fleet" play-style. Well, i found out that BB (at that time) arnt cruisers and just couldn't get the NC to work for me. 1) Got set on fire ALOT (invis fire and the like) 2) Long range sniping wasn't doing anything for me (this might have been my problem ) 3) Citadel at that time was high 4) long reload 5) Torp soup with the turning circle of the titanic I know some of the above have been fixed but i think the problem was just not being used to US BBs or even BBs in general at that time. I down right HATED the Colorado as it just seemed to eat every shell thrown at it and the rest was SOOOOOOOOOO SSSLLLLLOOOOOOWWW and boring. 2 years (ish) later Then I was introduced to the German BB line when it popped out of the ground. Suddenly i found my BB play style. Brawling, in your face, turtle back armour and secondary action. Ships like the Sharn is still my fav BB as lets be honest, its just a up-scaled cruiser so i immediately loved it. But when i'm in port and i see a gap that used to dock my NC, i think about what could have been. I wanted to make this lovely ship work but couldn't. I had a total of 52 Battles with a win rate of 54%. Present Too much of a good thing is bad so they say. Well, German BBs for all their easy-to-play style can get boring. I always had the NC in the back of my mind but always remembered that i didnt do well in it. Maybe i played it wrong? Maybe i didn't give it enough time? Maybe is just wasn't my play style? Like DDs for me (that line is, IMHO, is one of the hardest to play correctly) Then a stroke of luck happen 2 days ago...The Alabama The most i have ever got was something like 1 months premium, but this was the first ship i have ever won in a super container!! And i love it gents Its a bad [edited]NC that wants to brawl. What i think is different from the NC: 1) Its tanky! More than the NC was IMHO and i have had only ONE cit hit in 10 battles. 2) Its turning circle is a dream, which helps with the torps alot, much more than the NC did. 3) Its a small target and i seem to dodge alot more fire than i did in the NC I currently have a win rate of 60% in this thing after 10 battles and a Avg Damage of 80.0000. I want to to get better in this thing so i thought you chaps might have some tips for me? I love to brawl in this and i think it should be played in this way. Why else would you make it more tanky, thick torp belt and turn on a penn? Its guns are....Well, ok. The first 2-3 games i was getting used to the shell arch which wasn't too bad as ive had about 800+ game in the Cleveland. When they hit they HIT and cause a good amount of damage to anything. Cit a Yam yesterday no problem. The accuracy is hit and miss. I remember the NC being better accuracy wise but that was ages ago. Sometimes you land all your shells on a Neptune at 14.km and sometimes you miss a full broadside Hipper at 6.km (like yesterday!). Its aright and compared to the Bis and the like, its alot better. Captain skills (running Seven Segul) 1) Prevent maintenance (like to have aa and secondary working) 2) AR (always had it on the German ones and i think its an auto include) 3) BFT (More seconday range and more aa damage, yes please) 4) AFT (As above but with more range) I plan to have the remaining points on Man AA and Man Secondary. Well that's what i plan to do but there are so many others to choose from (Fire prevention, thanks RN BBs and CE) I love using secondary fire and they have always served me well in German Ships. I know people's opinions are split regarding them but with the extra penetration skill (will not be using this skill on the Alabama), they murdered cruisers and DDs and got me out of so much trouble. Plus the new RN BBs have 25 mm deck armour. What can pen that? Hell yeah, 150 mm secondary fire every what, 4 secs with perks!!! This i cant do with the Alamaba, but hey ho. Are the further 8 captain skill points worth putting it on Man AA and Man secondary? Be honest with me lads. I want to brawl with this ship and i think its how it should be played. A least closer than i was in the NC. Has anyone ran 7.4 km secondary with this? Even if its used to warn off or even kill, which it can (19 mm armour with the secondary 127 mm which can pen 22mm?), DDs that slip the net and cant wait for your 30 secs main gun reload? What's you experience with the fire chance? 5% isn't too bad when your spitting them out? As i'm currently missing the man aim skill, i dont know just how good/bad they can be. So, any tips and play styles that you have? Thanks
  14. For a long time I refused to spend money on a F2P game. After 500 battles or so I bought a tirpitz. 2 Days later my girlfriend bought me the scharnhorst. Since then I am more interested in spending money on F2P games. I was too late for the alabama. I really think the late tier ships of the US are amazing. But as I'm a college student with barely enough time I will have to grind years before I can get one. (or the public test server but it's not as much fun) So I was wondering if the alabama would ever return to the store. And if it will be affordable, I mainly eat noodles everyday and I only have around 48 USD to spend on it. Best of luck, Aaradorn
  15. W tym wątku będą umieszczane zagadki i odpowiedzi na nie. Tutaj również będą publikowane powiadomienia o terminach ukazywania się zagadek. Obserwujcie ten wątek uważnie, aby nie przeoczyć szansy na dublony oraz okręt USS Alabama! Wszelkie pytania prosimy zadawać w wątku z regulaminem konkursu, który znajduje się tutaj.
  16. Po dużym sukcesie niedawnego konkursu poetyckiego klan PLO ma przyjemność ogłosić kolejny konkurs, tym razem logiczno-ortograficzny. Będzie on wymagał od uczestników umiejętności logicznego myślenia, kojarzenia, sporej wiedzy ogólnej oraz znajomości języka polskiego (i nie tylko polskiego ) W podanym wcześniej terminie w specjalnym wątku konkursowym zamieszczone zostanie jedno zdjęcie. Zadaniem uczestników będzie odgadnięcie, jaki okręt z WoWs ono przedstawia. Przedstawia w przenośni, gdyż na zdjęciach będą różne przedmioty, miejsca, sceny, wszystko oprócz okrętów. Odpowiedź należy uzasadnić, nie wystarczy podać samej nazwy okrętu. Przykład: Odpowiedź: okręt New York, gdyż zdjęcie przedstawia miasto Nowy Jork. Zasady: - zagadek będzie 10, będą publikowane w podanych wcześniej terminach; terminy będą podawane z wyprzedzeniem, gdzie będzie podana data i godzina rozpoczęcia i zakończenia danej rundy - w odpowiedzi należy napisać nazwę okrętu i uzasadnienie wg wyżej podanego przykładu - wygrywa pierwsza osoba która zamieści poprawną odpowiedź. O tym, że taka odpowiedź padła poinformujemy dopiero gdy ona padnie; nie będziemy informować, czy odpowiedź jest niepoprawna. Przykład: Piątek, godzina 20:00, pojawia się zdjęcie z serialu Baywatch: godzina 20:01 Gracz A: Moskwa, bo tam jest dużo ładnych dziewczyn takich jak na zdjęciu godzina 20:02 Gracz B: Diana, bo tak ma na imię moja była dziewczyna, która jest trochę podobna do tej z obrazka godzina 20:03 Gracz C: Missouri, bo występuje w nim Erika Eleniak która zagrała z Seagalem w Liberatorze PLO: I to jest poprawna odpowiedź, gratulujemy. - za nazwę okrętu uznajemy nazwę, która widnieje na jego burcie/rufie. Muszą to być nazwy napisane w oryginalnym zapisie! - błędy w nazwach, zapisie, gramatyczne oraz ortograficzne oznaczają dyskwalifikację, odpowiedź będzie nieważna - gracz, który jako pierwszy poda prawidłową odpowiedź wygra 500 dublonów - gracz, który w całym konkursie najwięcej razy odpowie jako pierwszy poprawnie, wygra dodatkową nagrodę: dowolny okręt premium w cenie do 100 zł - gracz, który odpowie poprawnie jako pierwszy na wszystkie 10 pytań zdobędzie nagrodę specjalną: USS Alabama! (jeżeli w dniu zakończenia konkursu będzie on jeszcze dostępny w sklepie; jeżeli nie, zwycięzca będzie mógł sobie wybrać dowolną nagrodę ze sklepu premium o równowartości USS Alabama w najtańszej wersji) - zdjęcia będą dobierane a ten sposób, aby móc z danym zdjęciem skojarzyć tylko jeden okręt. Jeżeli jednak ktoś wskaże inny okręt i logicznie lub w sposób bardzo humorystyczny wyjaśni, dlaczego akurat taką odpowiedź podał, jury w składzie Radeckij, Dark_Havoc i ja oceni, czy odpowiedź uznajemy czy nie. Wówczas będzie dwóch zwycięzców danej rundy. - jeżeli po 10 rundzie będzie remis, wówczas odbędzie się dogrywka między graczami, którzy okazali się zwycięzcami najwięcej razy - pytanie finałowe wyłaniające zwycięzcę Dodatkowo Radeckij funduje nagrodę w wysokości 1000 dublonów za najśmieszniejszą (wedle jego spaczonego poczucia humoru) nieprawidłową odpowiedź. Wkrótce zostanie otwarty wątek konkursowy, gdzie będą zamieszczane zagadki i odpowiedzi. Link do tego wątku będzie podany tutaj. Czekamy na Wasze pytania i zapraszamy do zabawy! PLO
  17. Verence196

    The reviews: USS Alabama

    USS Alabama Other collected reviews: Duca d'Aosta - Mutsu - Okhotnik I'm continuing trying to gather all the reviews of new premium ships from the main community contributors in one easy-to-view post. The next ship up is the Alabama! The by now (in)famous American premium tier VII battleship Alabama is now available! Alabama is not a paper ship. In fact you can still go and visit her, as she's docked permanently as a museum ship in Mobile, Alabama. She's a South Dakota-class battleship, being an intermediate design between the North Carolina and the Iowa classes. As such she is shorter than the NC, and armed with nine 406mm(16")/45 cal guns. Her top speed is 28.9 kn. The reviews *Aerroon Armada (Wargaming) Flamu *iChase *LittleWhiteMouse Naval Legends (Wargaming) *Notser *NoZoupForYou *NoZoupForYou, Lert & LittleWhiteMouse *PointyHairedJedi Qckslvrslash *Yuzral I'll keep updating the overhead as new reviews are released. If you find one which I haven't posted yet, please put it in a comment and I'll update the list.A star * indicates that the review predates the lowering of the Alabama citadel. The review is thus somewhat out of date. Aerroon Armada (Wargaming) Flamu iChase LittleWhiteMouse Premium ship review: Alabama Naval Legends (Wargaming) Notser NoZoupForYou NoZoupForYou, Lert & LittleWhiteMouse PointyHairedJedi Qckslvrslash Yuzral Note: All credit for content goes to the relevant community contributors. They certainly have my personal thanks for all their hard work.
  18. Not : 3:35 ve 4:45 arası kararma vardır. Resmi kullanmak isteyen olursa alttan alabilirler İyi Eğlenceler
  19. MajorBlack74

    Bismarck vs Alabama (ST)

    Was meint ihr, wer stärker ist?
  20. CptMinia

    Alabama ST

    Just ran into an Alabama ST in a game after being focused like crapin the yamato... Gosh the camo was horrible, but she looked beautiful.
  21. HMS_Antelope

    Super testers

    Hi Captains This is not a whine post I am genuinely curious about the latest news that the Super Testers will be getting the USS Alabama and will not go on general release. I would be interested to know how much time goes into being a super tester, what rewards they get and why they do it. I am also curious that WG always claim to be so busy with development that they don't have time to do certain things, but they have made time to create a Premium ship for a small number of people, is that the best way to reward the super testers? I have most premium ships and buy premium time will I be rewarded in some way for this? I populate the server a lot is this worthy of a reward? So as I stated before this isn't salt but just a search for the reasoning behind the effort to do this. So please if you can give an insight to the amount of effort goes into this so I don't feel left out at what would be a popular Premium. Thanks