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Found 15 results

  1. I don't know how widespread this issue is or how many are suffering from it but its becoming a game stopper. Dsync is under investigation by the Devs, with no timescale for a fix (confirmed in the last WoWs stream). Normally if you know its happening, you add about 20% to your aim distance. This allows for the lag of what you see, compared to where the ship really is. You know its happening when you see ships get destroyed and then shoot forward to the actual resting place, post explosion. Today, its got worse, its becoming random in matches, sometimes occurring, other times not. Its making it almost impossible to aim accurately. I'm see the opposition struggling too, I get focused and the shells fly everywhere but don't hit me. Originally you could almost "count" on it and adjust accordingly, however today whilst in a match (more than one match too) it dsync'd and later sync'd. I noticed it by accident but it happened in 3 matches this evening. Sorry WoWs but its becoming unplayable at times.
  2. the_Arkain

    Richtig Vorhalten/Zielen

    Hallo Zusammen, ich weiß, ich bin nicht gerade ein Anfänger aber ich habe dazu jetzt nichts gefunden und denke einem Anfänger hilft dies auch. Abgesehen von den ganzen Youtube Videos, gibt es eine Seite bei der man nachlesen kann, wie genau "richtiges" Zielen funktioniert. Man anschaulichen Bildern. Danke sehr.
  3. Der_WulfmanJack

    Cheaten warum Eigentlich ?

    Dieser Beitrag wurde von dem Moderatorenteam aufgrund des folgenden Verstoßes bearbeitet: Verstoß gegen Regel 1
  4. Immortal_Pete

    I can't aim with my mouse

    Yesterday everything was functioning, but for some reason when I logged on this morning and started playing, my cannons wouldn't lock onto where my mouse was aiming. I can shoot, but I cant choose where I shoot, I have to hold the shoot button and move the cannons to where I want to shoot, but then I have to wait for the reload and I've already given away my position. Please help me!!!
  5. Lupin_IIl

    How do I hit more often?

    What am I doing wrong? When I check my stats on warships today (not that I care much about them, but it is nice for comparison), I see that I have a below average hit rate with my main battery on pretty much any ship I play. On the other hand I'm WTR "Great" lately and a daily unicum (even had super-unicum on DD class once in a while) quite often. I have (for some ships significantly) above average win rate, damage, K/D and surviveability. (don't ask me what's up with the winrate of the Yorck though; I blame MM ;) , because my damage, K/D and survival is still much higher than average). So what should I do to improve my hit chances? Judging by the other stats, I already am doing something right, but it looks like I could do much better and I must be doing something fundamentally wrong, because it does not seem related to practice (not really much change in a thousand battles).
  6. primi3

    It's all about the aim!

    Guys, best luckshot ever! Unfortunately I don't have a replay
  7. Verence196

    Dynamic crosshair change?

    Did something happen to the dynamic crosshair in one of the last patches? It feels a lot less reliable than it used to - and not in a way which I can explain away by the enemy suddenly getting better at dodging. Now, I'm not certain if Wargaming have ever confirmed this, but the community consensus (and my personal experience) was that the dynamic crosshair was calibrated at 30kn - i.e. that you used the seconds to target to predict where the target would be if the target traveled at 30kn (it's a bit more complicated than that, but you get the picture). However, from around when 0.6.4 hit it feels as if the calibration speed has been lowered, as enemy ships now appear to be outracing my shells more often than not. Unless I'm not much mistaken, that should only happen if their speed was much greater than 30kn - and for a number of the ships where this has been happening that is simply not possible. They haven't suddenly buffed the Omaha to 40kn top speed, have they? =p Another possibility is that the dynamic crosshair is calibrated differently at lower tiers. I've been playing a lot of that lately (especially since Wargaming put the König Albert back on sale), and that's where I've mainly noticed this issue. So, is this just me, or have anyone else felt their aim being somewhat off lately? Is it either one of the explanations above, or something else entirely?
  8. by aim meter i mean the horizontal meter that you have when you zoom in. (no mods) i used to aim quite well in my ships before the current patch. but recently i feel like my shots do not lead enough and always land at the stern of the target or even totally off. Especially in the warspite. another issue is that it is much less likely to hit ships behind an island. i make sure i lock on the target, but shells still hit the mountain. anyone feel the same?
  9. After a period of absence, i come back and thought to buy the t8 soviet criser to have fun, u know - mikhail kutuzov one. Today i had a weird experience and here is what happened: Suddenly in the chat someone start to complain ( in "ALL" section ) that aim assist mod now screw the manual aim and if anyone else have the issue. I was sure that people will curse him and threaten to report however on my surprise on both side people respond about like it was the most normal thing in life. I dared asked how many are using the thing and turn out most of them had. In a tier 9 match... about 18 of them were using it and i got advised to install it too. Now,in the next match in asked directly and again most of them were using it, the match was tier 6. Is this aim assist now legal AND mandatory ? I did a bit of research on forum, i could not find anywhere that is legal and mandatory.. Whats going on ?
  10. TomBombardil

    Mod Request

    Hey. Since wargameing does a lousy job of inproving there game in terms of setting wise and i realy cant program i would like to do mod request Any sugestions where i might post this request also for more probbabilaty someone great modder will make this will be helpfull 1. Normal crosshair scaling I use a 1600X900 settign becouse the crosshairs of 1920X1210 are just realy far off and bad. THERE TO SMALL! (i like to normal crosshairs) 1.1 UI scaling Or better A way to scale the UI becouse everything is just TINY, in better resolutions setting. 2. Darker Funnel smoke. For far away targets there funnel smoke is just not visable. so any speed they have is just a great guess. ofcourse i could just use an aim-assist mod. but i dispise those. ofcourse the longer the frustration the lesser this dispise becomes. Hopefully someone will be abel to make this and add to Aslans mod pack or a singel release. but this will help greatly with the UI frustration I (and probbably many with me) have. Yours Sincerly TomBombardil
  11. CaptainHexo

    Aiming without binocular view

    I love sailing around in my cruiser, but I spend like 90% of the time in binocular view, because I find it near impossible to hit anything in 3rd person view. So here's a suggestion for an optional mini-binocular while we are in 3rd person view. Like a part of the screen zooming in and showing us where we are aiming. This would make it possible to line up shots, and see our ship at the same time
  12. Patch version 5.0.1 has just gone in and I am really enjoying the Random Battles. This is not because the patch includes major changes to Random Battles, no! it is because the patch meant most mods no longer worked so the huge number of players using an aim assistance mod now have to rely on their shooting skill. The battles are longer and more fun to play. Long do I hope this continues.
  13. Oorah, I will probably be called a Whiner for this, but I feel like I am missing something. When I aim at a ship lets say i'm aiming at mid-ship (under the smokestack) with AP and i'm in a Kawachi (which I own, and kind of hate because of this) I shoot 1 gun it comes close (ok RNG, fine) second shot comes close again (ok rng, fine) ... I adjust to aim a minute amount above the waterline, my shot flies over, so I adjust again and i'm in the water again. If I fire everything my shot flies Verticaly and I hit maybe 1 shot. The point i'm trying to make (and probably failing to make) is why are my guns so super duper crap, in 10 shots i hit 1, 4 hit the water 5km in front of the boat and 5 hit the water above the boat. Why is there no system in place like an aimcircle so I know my spread? (that's probably it i'm missing VITAL information, namely spread/aimcircle/information) Also if even if my guns are off axis, my aim circle tells me i'm all aimed at the waterline (RNG = fine, but missing 5km isn't) how can I then miss if all my guns are aimed at the same spot. please help, I feel really let down by the game so far. -Killatones
  14. TribbleOz

    Aiming Bugged?

    The game auto 'lock' the aim, indicated by the cross-hair around the ship icon above the enemy ship. You can manualy change this lock with the default key 'X'. This is a good featuer, however it seems to be also locking your guns with in a area around it aswell. In the sence that when ever the reticle is locked at a enemy ship that is 10km away from you but you manualy train your guns at a enemy ship at 15km, w/o the reticle on the target further away, you shells drop at 11km either way. This limitation have lost me a couple of games. Where i need to finnish off a one volley target 3km behind my primary target(primary has reticle lock) and all my shells fall short even though i have aimed with the sight 3.1km behind the primary target. Is this working as inteneded, if so. change it please. That feature might help new pepole, if thats what it is for. limit this feature to the Co-op battle/begginners part of the game. or make it disabable for PVP. Sorry if some of the above sometimes doesn't make sence. English isn't my primary language.
  15. Okay, guys, I had an idea, and I wanted to get it down into written form because it might be a good idea. It's about aiming, and the UI used for that. There's been a lot of discussion about the aim mod, but thinking about the topic I had one idea for torpedo aim that might improve team play (and take at least some friendly fire out of the equation) and one idea that might make it a tad more intuitive to aim, especially at long ranges, without using data derived from what the other ship is doing, just for the player himself. Idea 1: Torpedo range estimate indicator To me it always seems like the torpedo aim indicators (where you're going to shoot and where your target is likely going to be) aren't doing a very good job at telling the player how far their torpedoes are actually going to run. So I'd like one more element to make clear "your torps aren't going to travel anywhere beyond this point", and/or possibly the target lead indicator being changed somewhat if the target, at its present heading and speed, will stay outside of torp range. That could at least stop people from launching their 5.5 km range torpedos at a ship 8 km in front of an ally, while they're 2 km behind that ally themselves. (So the enemy is some 10-ish km from them.) Idea 2: Flat 2D target spread indicator for main guns I don't mind shooting at a dot in the air (and with ALT I can compare the distance of the ship I have in my sights with the distance I'm currently aiming at), but sometimes it's hard to really guess if the range is right. That's why I'd like a 2D bent circular shape imposed on the water surface, kinda like the SPG aiming reticule in World of Tanks, or the Dive bomber target area for CVs in WoWs. Another advantage would be that the shape of the circle would give a bit of feedback on impact angle and it would visualize the accuracy RNG a bit more (for better or worse). The shape would only have to be visible in sniper mode or at distances that would be considered "indirect" fire. Advantage over aim mod would be that it doesn't include any data about the enemy ship or its movement, including the nasty part about aim mod actually having more up-to-date info on enemy ship movements as the client, since it feeds of movement data directly and can even tell you if the rudder is shifting, quite a bit before you would be able to see that with the naked eye. (At least as far as I understood those workings.) In my head, these ideas seemed rather good, but now I would like feedback of the esteemed WoWs beta community... do these ideas actually have merit, or is me thinking so a sign that I'm slowly losing it? What do you guys think?