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Found 36 results

  1. As the Topic says the option to change the battle voiceover between the ARP caotains is gone! Now i can only choose Standart, Pirate and National. But somehow the ARP vioceover that i was using before the patch is still active. Now I am stuck with that one except i actually choose a ARP ship with another captain (even though its Haguro so it is not that bad) Is it just me or did WG screw this one up? (I am playing with the vanilla client btw) I just wanted to change to my new Captain Ashigara Edit: oh damn forget that i just figured it out myself that it's because i was in the Birthdayport by default - it actually works if i change back to yokosuka port Sorry for the failed Threat >_> Admin delete please
  2. ABED1984

    ARP Voices

    Some ARP voices are missing like "Hiei" and "Ashigara" in the "Voiceover" tab. Not sure if that is intentional or not. Do you have that same issue? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, How many of you finished or are about to successfully finish "Captain Extraction" in order to get 16 points "Hiei" captain? http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/sse-sisters-of-fog/ EVENT OVERVIEW - Captain Extraction Mission Chain Mission: Captain Extraction I Restrictions: Random battles, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per Account Any ship Tier VII or higher Conditions - Over any amount of battles: Destroy 100 enemy ships Rewards: 500,000 Credits Mission: Captain Extraction II Restrictions: Random battles, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per Account Any ship Tier VII or higher Captain extraction I mission must be completed Conditions - Over any amount of battles: Deal 10,000,000 damage Rewards: 1,000,000 Credits Mission: Captain Extraction III Restrictions: Random battles, Team battles, Ranked battles Once per Account Any ship Tier VII or higher Captain extraction II mission must be completed Conditions - In a single battle: Be among the top 2 experience earners Win the battle Rewards: Highly experienced commander Hiei (16 skill points) 5 Papa Papa Signals Leo "Apollo11"
  4. brutus007

    Why no camo for ARP ships?

    Why is it not possible to put camo on ARP ship? It would make ships playable for many anti-anime people around... It would make WG money with so many ARP ships around...
  5. arnauklero

    Buques ARP

    Alguien sabe que pasa si con las nuevas missiones de los ARP consigues un barco ARP que ya tienes? Yo tengo el Ashigara, el Kirishima, el Haruna y el Hiei que me saqué la primera vez que estaban disponibles. Me lo compensan de alguna manera con oro, creditos o algo?
  6. Hi ! I am very disapointed ! The ARp harun i have won is the exact same ship (except for the design color) that the ARP Kongo... Why don't you offer us a NEW ship ? I don't undestand the inadequate philosophy of the conceptors team... Next time : PLEASE offer us BRAND NEW SHIPS ! Thank you for all mankind !
  7. Hi So I have competed those misions and it told me that i have unlocked the ARP Haruna, I switched to the Yokosuka and it is not there.
  8. piritskenyer

    Can I sell the ARP ships?

    I think this was asked before, if so, apologies, but I just couldn't find a satisfying answer. While I don't mind the ARP ships, I don't exactly am in awe at their presence either. I mean they look good (some), but I don't really play them. I'm not opposed to anime stuff in any way shape or form (okay, some stuff that really ought not be mentioned here IYKWIM), but the ships are basically surplus in my port. I have 4 Kongos and 3-4 Myokos (lost count there). If and when Takao comes along I'll get that one too, but I don't see the point of having more than one of any one class in port (totaling 3 ships), so basically I'd like to get rid of the rest, to turn them into resources for my shipyards (credits, in layman's terms), and free up their port slots. Is there a way to do that? I seem to recall that you could at some time sell them (might be wrong), but I'm not sure if you can now? Cheers, and don't beat me if this is a repeat thread
  9. HP_Belgium

    ARP Missions (Q for Mods)

    HelloI don't know if i should ask that to the forum so, if this doesn't apply to this branch, then please write me where i should ask.It's about the ARP Missions, they are way too hard for players like me that only play time to time, it took me a month for the 1st stage and another one to get halfway trough the 2nd stage of the Kongo.I really like the Arpeggio Of Blue Steel anime and manga and when i heard about this "event" i tough i might play WoWs again and get it. But between the game and life stuff, you know wich is more important.I would have been able to get it if it wasn't for my terrible luck lately in this game, i'm rarely into a situation where i can fulfill the mission and so it has become impossible for me to get even to the 3rd stage.I even bough the Atago to be able to get it done in time (even tough i would still have bough it, i love this ship)So i was wondering, no, begging you, as a casual player, if it wouldn't be possible to put the ARP Kongo/Maya into the Premium shop for exemple for players like me who love this game concept but can't play that often.I know there's skins, i do use them, but it's not the same feeling that gives off the ingame one, especially that commander. And i'm even more worried that i wouldn't be able to see Yokosuka's port wich has been my favorite so far.I really sorry if this is just meaningless, but again, i love this manga and i'm really sad that i can't get anything, but i really want it and i shall try everything that i can do to be able to sail it.Thanks for your attention if you readed this to the end, and thanks in advance for your answer.Sincerely, HP_Belgium
  10. ARP Ashigara unlocked, next please WG! On a more serious note, with Ashigara knocked down we can only get Nachi of the Myoko class cruisers unless we get Takao.... frankly I'm hoping we get to have Takao and maybe some of the manga ships after that? (Since the show/movie are pretty limited compared to the manga, the manga having Lexington, Zuikaku, Atago, Nagato and more.) Or will we end up just getting the previous ships in different combinations? What do you guys think? :3
  11. CaptJack_Sparrow

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: What's next?

    As some of you may know the current ARP event ends on the 1st of May (Today) to make space for hopefully a new ARP mission filled with goodies to be had very soon. At this current stage we've had: Battleships Kongou (ARP Kongo) Haruna (ARP Haruna) Hiei (ARP Hiei) Cruisers Myoko (ARP Myoko) So does anyone have any preferences on what they'd like to see next? Disclaimer: This was created to talk about the next ARP ship release and what you would like to see.
  12. Sorry if this should be somewhere else, but the Yokosuka port needed to show my new ARP ship I have just got is not showing. So I have no ship/commander. The mission was 1mil damage tier5+. Any help? *The ship is tier 5 premium, but im not sure of its name
  13. Salkeaner

    Bitte ändert die Nachi Mission

    Hallo Leute, endlich sind die letzten ARP Schiffe erspielbar. Die T9 Mission von Takao wurde ja nun auf T8 gesenkt. Daher wollte ich WG darum bitten, auch die Mission für Nachi von 20 Kills pro Nation auf 80 belliebige Kills zu ändern. Ich weiß wir haben einen ARP Thread, da ich aber nicht möchte, das dieser Post in der dortigen Debatte über T8 oder T9 MIssion untergeht haben ich ein extra Thema eröffnet. Lasst mich bitte kurz erklären, weshalb ich um diese Änderung bitte. Die Mission setzt vorraus, dass man jeweils 20 Schiffe der Deutschen, Amerikaner, Japaner und Russen versenkt. Das Hauptproblem hierbei ist, dass die russichen Schiffe nicht in jedem Gefecht vorhanden sind. Dies kann meiner Meinung nach zu einem richtigen wettrennen führen, wer nun das Russenschiff versenkt. Das habe ich auch schon ein paar mal erlebt. Solche Wettrennen führen meistens dazu, dass Spieler in dem Versuch diese einzelne Schiff zu versenken entweder Ressourcen verschwenden (z.B CV der Russen Kreuzer angreift trotzt Luftabwehr) oder ihr Schiff absichtlich in Situationen bringen, aus dennen sie nicht mehr lebendig heraus kommen können. Hierdurch entstehen Situationen in dennen klare Siege verschenkt werden. Dies ist für den Rest den Teams ein Ärgernis. Kurzum in der jetzigen SItuation stört die Mission das Teamplay eher und fördert ein Spielverhalten, welches eher Kontraproduktiv ist. Daher sollte meiner Meinung nach die Mission abgeändert werden. Entweder wie oben beschrieben, 80 beleibige Kills oder die Möglichkeit, die Mission in Botgefechten abzuschließen. Da letzteres aber eine Vereinfachung wäre, würde ich die 80 Kills bevorzugen. Übrigens auf den Russischen Server durften sie sogar die Takao im Botgefecht erspielen, also bitte fangt keine Debatte über einfachheit der Mission an.
  14. _Eurasia_

    ARP Flag and last three captains.

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anybody heard about the ARP Flag and the last set of three captains we should recieve if we completed the entire ARP content. From what i know they would deliver those withing 14 days after the ARP content was over and it is now exactly 14 days later. Yet i havent recieved the Flag nor the last three captains so i was wondering if anybody else already have them or WG EU just forgot about it. I tried searching through the forum but couldnt find any topic about it hence the new post. Sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere else P.s. I know that allot of people dont like animu in the game with historical ships but please keep the flaming on low, thanks.
  15. Salkeaner

    Torpedo Mission verbugt?

    Hi Leute, kann es sein, dass die ARP Mission mit den Torpedos verbugt ist? Ich habe gerade 5 Torpedotreffer mit der ARP Takao gemacht aber mein zähler hat sich für die Mission von 170 nicht auf 175 verändert. Hat das PRoblem sonst noch wer? Ok Problem gelöst.. hat nur 2 weitere Missionen gebraucht um das ganze zu aktualisieren.. bitte löschen
  16. urr027

    ARP ship names

    I understand that many people don't want to see ARP ships ingame but it creates confusion that some people see your ship as ARP Takao and some as Atago, for example. Confusing in chat where people often address others by their ship name. I wish the same ARP names were visible for everyone while the ships could still look like regular ships for those that don't have Yokosuka selected. Plus, today I had to explain in chat why I don't have a camo mounted.
  17. Kancolle_Kongou

    Can i do this? Takao mission,Haloween event,

    I dont know if a post like this already exists or if im asking inn the right place. So Today the Takao mission came out and you need 50 wins (making it so that its not 100% inn your hands if you will progress or not unlike the asian server where you needet exp making it so that you are still working on it even if you lose but thats not what i am asking about im just mad that the EU devs can make it the same for us and that we dont want it harder then others, What i wantet to ask was you need to be inn a T9+ to work on it and the Haloween event ships are T9. Could you play the Haloween ships and win inn there to get progress? My reason for asking is i only have Yamato thats t9+ and bismarck isnt close to finishing up to a t9 and becasue i wanna get the Haloween camos and still get progress. And becasue lets say every match goes to its time limit 20 min. You need 50 wins. That would make it 16 hours and about 30-40 min if you only win and the time is close to done. For 1 what if i/someone doesnt have the credits for repair and ammo. That would leave us trying to play low tier ships getting credits and not getting any progress. Sorry if i repeated myself a lot and that i wrote about that im mad that the EU devs are making this a pain instead of making it like the other regions. Thx for reading.
  18. Torsten1982

    Schwestern des Nebels

    Hi ich weiß erst Forum lesen den beitrag gibt's vlt schon aber ich hab kein nerv weil ich hab jetzt endlich die 2000 hits gemacht doch nur fehlt mir die Belohnung wo ist das schiff was versprochen wurde ?
  19. brutus007

    ARP ships - wasted potential?

    First the statement - I LIKE anime. But I also understand there are people (and lot of them) who does not. It makes me bit sad that (probably) because of this there will be no more ARP missions. But to be honest whole ARP ships implementation is not very good. This all "enable Yokosuka if you want to see them" thing is bit half-a**ed IMHO as what it actually does is - if you do not like anime then you do not have to see it - but you also get no reward for big set of missions..... So why not make Fog look of the ship possible to cover (replace) with any camo for their IJN counterpart? This will make the ARP ships interesting for lot of players and will also make WG money as people will buy gold camo to get rid of skins they do not like? To take it even step forward - why not give Fog its tab in tech tree?
  20. ltnFurry

    Les bateaux ARP

    bonjour, je ne comprends rien aux systèmes des bateaux ARP. PAr exemple je viens d'avoir l'arp Hiei mais il n'est pas dans mon port. si quelqu’un aurait la gentillesse de m'expliquer tout cela. J'en serais très heureux merci d'avance
  21. So before the update I am pretty sure the ARP Myoko has pink LEDs and such, or it just shines. But after the update, it's not lighting up anymore and seems to be replaced with just paint.
  22. DenmarkRadar

    Excess ARP Commanders

    Hi WarGaming. Thanks for running some seriously fun and rewarding (if you are a geeky person) missions for the ARP Ships and Commanders. However the fact that you have run some of the ships several times leaves me with 8 (so far - but up to 9) excess ARP Commanders, that serve nearly no purpose. Here's my suggestion for a "fix": Allow people to convert the nation of the "excess Commanders". My suggestion for "rules": You can only convert the commanders of lower XP than the commander of the same name with the maximum amount of xp. Conversion is irreversible. Conversion is a one-time per Commander. Conversion costs a nominal amount of credits - not dubloons. Conversion also costs something like 50% of the XP of the Commander. Alternative to point 5: Conversion costs 1-2 skill-points, that are not allocated. If you want to be "restrictive" then only allow conversion to Japanese Commanders. Conversion can also change name/picture/voice - if possible. Else people can just live with the ARP voices. Sincerely, DenmarkRadar
  23. (enfin un topic dont le titre indique son contenu) Bonjour, je tenais à signaler que depuis le patch, la coque du ARP Kongo n'est pas affichée correctement dans la vue "éléments". Quand on se connecte, la coque est affichée comme étant non installée (c'est impossible il n'y en a qu'une) et si on sélectionne un autre navire et qu'on retourne sur le ARP Kongo, l’icône de la coque est remplacée par une du navire sélectionné précédemment avec son descriptif associé. Je précise que j'ai testé avec le jeu en "sans echec" pour être sûr que ce n’était pas dû à un mod, c'est pareil.
  24. Capt_Husker

    ARP Stimmen

    Hallo Ich und ein guter Freund von mir Rätseln seit ein paar Tagen darüber wieso er in den Sound Settings keine ARP Stimmen auswählen kann. Ich habe jedes ARP Schiff freigeschaltet und konnte direkt von Anfang an von jeden Freigespielten ARP Schiff die Gefechtstimmen des Kapitäns auswählen. Er hat bis auf die nachi und Kirishima auch jedes ARP Schiff und kann nicht eine der Stimmen auswählen. Er würde zu gerne die ARP Stimmen auswählen, vielleicht weiß einer von euch woran das liegen könnte.
  25. Salut ! J'ai un pote qui vient de commencer à jouer à Warships, et il ne dispose d'aucun navire ARP. Bon jusque là tout va bien. En revanche, il ne peut pas les voir. Je sais qu'on peut les activer avec le carrousel, mais la possibilité n'est pas disponible pour lui... (La colonne "supplémentaires" avec la case Arpeggio à cocher n'est pas apparente) Donc si quelqu'un a une idée quant à la façon de pouvoir les voir, ce serait cool ! (parce que j'aimerais bien me la péter en lui montrant ma collec )